❄️ Stranded in the Cold: Boyfriend Refuses to Help! 😱

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Imagine being stranded on a remote road in freezing weather with your car broken down, and the one person you'd expect to come to your rescue is your boyfriend. But what if he says no? That's exactly what happened to one woman, who found herself in this chilling situation. She was just trying to run a quick errand when her car's alternator failed, leaving her shivering in the cold. Desperate for help, she called her boyfriend, who lived nearby, only to be met with a shocking response. 😨

Car Trouble in the Cold 🚗❄️

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Not Dressed for the Weather 🥶

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Calling the Boyfriend for Help 📞

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The Unbelievable Response 😳

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"Can't You Ask a Friend?" 🤯

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Towing Plans and Lost Phone 🚛📱

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Emailing for Help 📧

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Apologizing for the Inconvenience 🙏

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Boyfriend's Panicked Messages 😰

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Car Heat is Broken," 🚗❄️

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Accusations of Being Petty 😒

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Setting the Record Straight 💁‍♀️

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Boyfriend's Worries and Accusations 🤦‍♀️

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Breaking Things Off 💔

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The Cold Truth: Boyfriend's Priorities Revealed 😤

After being left stranded in the cold with a broken-down car, our protagonist had to rely on a friend who was 35 minutes away to come to her rescue. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, who lived nearby, refused to help because he had a friend visiting. The next day, he found her car abandoned and accused her of being petty for not contacting him. But she wasn't being petty - she was just trying to handle the situation on her own after he brushed off her plea for help. In the end, she decided to break things off with her boyfriend, realizing that his priorities were clearly not in the right place. Let's see what the internet thinks of this frosty tale... ❄️🤔

Boyfriend refuses to help in the cold. NTA suggests social media.

Key-Tensio | Key-Tensio

Dump him! 🚫👨‍❤️‍👨 Post the exchange on social media! 📱

Choano | Choano

Trust is key in a relationship. Don't settle for less. ❤️

bullzeye1983 | bullzeye1983

Partner refuses to help stranded girlfriend in the cold. NTA.

NadirofMind | NadirofMind

Boyfriend refuses to help stranded girlfriend in freezing cold. NTA.

Ardeeke | Ardeeke

Boyfriend refuses to help in the cold, gaslights girlfriend. NTA 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Boyfriend refuses to help in a hazardous situation. NTA.

WaDaEp | WaDaEp

Dump the boyfriend and cook dinner for the helpful friend! 😍

nannylive | nannylive

Boyfriend refuses to help, commenter suspects shady behavior. 🤔

StructureEmbarrassed | StructureEmbarrassed

Boyfriend refuses to help, calls girlfriend stupid. NTA.

stares-motherfuckily | stares-motherfuckily

NTA but dump him! He cared more about his friend 😒

Winnie_mcgone217 | Winnie_mcgone217

Boyfriend prioritizes friend over freezing girlfriend. NTA stands her ground.

aquasaurex | aquasaurex

Decoding his excuse: Another woman? Good call on breaking up.

FrugalForLife | FrugalForLife

BF prioritized friend over stranded GF with broken car and heater 🤯

sassybsassy | sassybsassy

True friends always have your back 👍

ObamaGuava | ObamaGuava

A heartwarming story of kindness in contrast to the boyfriend's behavior ❤️

ruby0220 | ruby0220

Boyfriend refuses to help stranded girlfriend in the cold 😱

photosbeersandteach | photosbeersandteach

Basic decency is not leaving people stranded in the cold 😱

TragedyPornFamilyVid | TragedyPornFamilyVid

Dump him! A good partner would help in a crisis. 👍

Maleficent_Ad_3958 | Maleficent_Ad_3958

Clever revenge plan against unhelpful boyfriend. 😎

jtillery1 | jtillery1

Ex-boyfriend? NTA. If he cared, he'd be there right away. 😱

PrivateEyes2020 | PrivateEyes2020

Dump him! 👋🏼 You deserve better. 💞

DrKrash38 | DrKrash38

Boyfriend refuses to help girlfriend in freezing weather. NTA.

ConnectMost2 | ConnectMost2

"Blaming you for making him worried is so stupid" 😱 NTA

LizzyrdCE | LizzyrdCE

Boyfriend refuses to help stranded girlfriend. Commenter suspects ulterior motives.

PrinceRepo | PrinceRepo

Gaslighting and abandonment in a potentially deadly situation. NTA 😱

SlartieB | SlartieB

BF's true colors revealed in cold. NTA, he's the a-hole 👎

zeusmom1031 | zeusmom1031

Boyfriend prioritizes friend over freezing girlfriend. You deserve better. ❄️

revmat | revmat

Partner refuses to help in cold, NTA stands up.

AussieinHTown | AussieinHTown

Experienced a similar situation, advises breaking up with the AH. 👍

bluestocking220 | bluestocking220

Friend won't help in the cold. Is he cheating? 🤔

thedaybefore1 | thedaybefore1

Prioritizing partners in emergencies is crucial for healthy relationships. ❤️

Luv2Dnc | Luv2Dnc

Boyfriend prioritizes video game over girlfriend's safety. She's NTA. 👍

EatButterflies | EatButterflies

Dump him! 👋 You deserve better than a selfish ex.

wind-river7 | wind-river7

Don't settle for someone who leaves you stranded in the cold 😢

TheOrphicOne | TheOrphicOne

NTA. Partner prioritizes friend over safety. Red flag 🚨

CBlack5R | CBlack5R

Dumping him was the right choice 👍. Friends > selfish exes.

RipleyB | RipleyB

Partner leaves commenter stranded in the cold. NTA.

Lovegivingadvice | Lovegivingadvice

Supportive comment receives no replies, but encourages self-worth 👏

Vertigote | Vertigote

Heartless boyfriend prioritizes jam session over sick girlfriend 😒

Brizzleberry | Brizzleberry

Boyfriend refuses to help girlfriend stranded in the cold 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment about leaving unsupportive boyfriend. ❤️

Impossible-Yellow92 | Impossible-Yellow92

Ex-boyfriend chose video games over girlfriend in need. Good riddance! 💯

introvertedszechuan | introvertedszechuan

Dump the a**hole, keep the friend 👍

Medievalmoomin | Medievalmoomin

Selfish boyfriend refuses to help freezing girlfriend. NTA.

ellegreenaway15 | ellegreenaway15

Boyfriend prioritizes friend over girlfriend's safety in the cold. 😱

Eened | Eened

Dump him! 👋🏼 You deserve someone dependable. ❤️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Refusing to help in the cold = major red flag 🚨

Blue_petunia | Blue_petunia

Friendship goals: tobogganing your friend to save your SO! 😂

Westiria123 | Westiria123

Heartless boyfriend chooses video games over girlfriend in winter storm 😱

tmchd | tmchd

A heartwarming story of a good partner and encouragement for OP ❤️

fdbw03 | fdbw03

True friends prioritize your safety ❤️🙌 #NTA

TeamChaos17 | TeamChaos17

Glad she dumped him! 💯 No one deserves that treatment. ❤️

1each4me | 1each4me

Dump your SO and find someone who won't leave you stranded 👌

endearinglysarcastic | endearinglysarcastic

Curious about why the boyfriend refused to help in the cold 🤔

Secret4gentMan | Secret4gentMan

NTA. Always be there for your S/O when they need you. ❤️

Rexille | Rexille

Ex-husband prioritized barber over wife's safety during storm. 😱

Auntie-Noodle | Auntie-Noodle

Supportive commenters applaud OP's decision to dump unsupportive ex 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Choose yourself first 👍, not someone who won't help in need.

The_Mikeskies | The_Mikeskies

NTA. Boyfriend not a friend, glad you have good ones 😊

Apprehensive-hippos | Apprehensive-hippos

Boyfriend refuses to help girlfriend in trouble. Commenter supports her. 👍

Threadheads | Threadheads

🚩 Don't count on him for a long term commitment. Break up.

Seguefare | Seguefare

Dumped boyfriend fails to search for stranded girlfriend 😱

pinewise | pinewise

Dumping him was the right move. You deserve better 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dumping him was the right call 👏❤️ You deserve better!

[deleted] | [deleted]

"Friend" leaves girlfriend stranded in the cold. NTA deserves better. 💯

sjlegend | sjlegend

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