31-Year-Old Man BLOWS UP at Younger GF Living Rent-Free After Restaurant Incident 😡🏠

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🍿 Grab your popcorn, folks, because we've got a juicy story of a seafood allergy, a forgetful boyfriend, and a restaurant fiasco that'll leave you wondering who's really the a-hole here! 🤔 Our protagonist, a 23-year-old woman, has been "dating" Eric, a 31-year-old commitment-phobe, for 8 months. 📅 Despite his reluctance to label their relationship, she's been holding out hope for a romantic gesture. 🌹 But when Eric finally takes her on a "real date" to a fancy seafood restaurant, things take a fishy turn... 🐟😱

🚩 Red Flag Alert: Boyfriend Brings Allergic GF to Seafood Restaurant! 🐟😱

aitafishyproblems | aitafishyproblems

🤔 Commitment Issues or Just Not That Into You? 💔

aitafishyproblems | aitafishyproblems

😢 Hurtful Words Lead to a "Real Date" Promise 🍽️

aitafishyproblems | aitafishyproblems

🤧 Allergy Alert: GF Can't Stand the Smell of Seafood! 🦐🙅‍♀️

aitafishyproblems | aitafishyproblems

🍽️ Seafood-Free Menu? Not a Chance! 🙅‍♂️

aitafishyproblems | aitafishyproblems

😂 Waiter to the Rescue: Stifling Laughter and Whipping Up a Special Dish! 🍠

aitafishyproblems | aitafishyproblems

🙏 Grateful GF Tips Big and Thanks the Chef! 💰👨‍🍳

aitafishyproblems | aitafishyproblems

😠 BF Loses It Over Being Called "Boyfriend" 🤬

aitafishyproblems | aitafishyproblems

⏩ Fast Forward: Living Rent-Free in BF's Apartment 🏠💸

aitafishyproblems | aitafishyproblems

🗣️ BF Airs Dirty Laundry in Group Chat with Friends 📱💬

aitafishyproblems | aitafishyproblems

🤔 AITA for Calling Out Forgetful BF to the Waiter? 🍽️😬

aitafishyproblems | aitafishyproblems

🍤 Seafood Allergy Showdown: GF vs. Forgetful BF! 🤔💔

Our heroine, allergic to seafood, finds herself at a fancy fish restaurant courtesy of her label-averse beau, Eric. 🐟😱 When the waiter arrives, she explains her predicament, accidentally calling Eric her "boyfriend" and causing him to flip his lid. 🤬 The waiter saves the day with a special seafood-free dish, earning a big tip from the grateful gal. 🙏💰 But the drama doesn't end there! Eric accuses her of humiliation, can't handle being called "boyfriend," and even airs their dirty laundry in a group chat with friends. 🗣️📱 Now, the internet must decide: who's the real a-hole in this fishy fiasco? 🤔 Let's dive into the juiciest responses and see what the verdict is! 🍿👀

Why stay in a toxic relationship? YTA to yourself. 😒

TXpheonix | TXpheonix

Dating a guy who yelled at you for your allergies? 🤔😬

happygal222 | happygal222

Insensitive boyfriend disregards girlfriend's allergy at seafood restaurant 😒 NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't let a savage ruin your life, girl. You deserve better 💁‍♀️

Kompottkopf | Kompottkopf

Leave him! 👋🏼 You deserve better than this a**hole. NTA

s0ftgh0ul | s0ftgh0ul

NTA sees red flags in controlling relationship & restaurant incident 🍭

Roonil_Wazlib97 | Roonil_Wazlib97

NTA! Eric seems like a massive a-hole. You deserve better 👏

LucilleNotLucille | LucilleNotLucille

Observation on problematic age gap in toxic relationships. 🤔

thiswillsoonendbadly | thiswillsoonendbadly

You deserve better 🙌 Get out of that toxic situation

CentralJ22 | CentralJ22

Protect yourself from his predictable anger and red flags 😡

Fleurming0z | Fleurming0z

NTA, younger GF living rent-free, but emotionally unsupported by older BF. 😡

SometimesFar | SometimesFar

NTA questions the normalcy of behavior of entitled boyfriend.

koalabear20 | koalabear20

Allergic reaction at seafood restaurant raises red flags in relationship.

Clairegeit | Clairegeit

GF defends herself after seafood restaurant incident. Is free rent enough?

Genderflux-Capacitor | Genderflux-Capacitor

🚩🚩🚩 Move on! This relationship is not healthy.

UnsightlyFuzz | UnsightlyFuzz

Find someone who won't feed you bad food and BS.

RudyRoo2017 | RudyRoo2017

Age difference and lack of commitment suggest time to move on 🚶‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dump his crusty a** ASAP! 🚩👋

Princess-Pancake-97 | Princess-Pancake-97

Dump his a** as soon as possible. He disregarded your health.

Deliriums_BabelFish | Deliriums_BabelFish

NTA and how to deal with a crybaby boyfriend 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Find someone who cares about your health, not just the title ❤️

FormerLurker0v0 | FormerLurker0v0

Girlfriend living rent-free with older boyfriend causes concerns 🤔

thepoisedduchess | thepoisedduchess

Late to the party, but why blame OP? Others agree.

frenziedmonkey | frenziedmonkey

Unlabeled live-in 'f**kbuddy' causes explosive argument 😡🏠

WeeTater | WeeTater

Partner embarrasses them at restaurant, doesn't care about food allergy. NTA 👍

johnnyg8024 | johnnyg8024

NTA! Waiter and chef saved the night. Boyfriend messed up.

Tiaexz | Tiaexz

Standing up for yourself is important 💪. Don't settle for less 👍.

Extremely-mediocre13 | Extremely-mediocre13

Time to label relationship; BF overreacted about waiter incident and driver

RO489 | RO489

Reconsider your inconsiderate relationship with a narcissistic ex-boyfriend. NTA 👍

KindHearted_IceQueen | KindHearted_IceQueen

NTA. Fragile ego boyfie looks like the real a-hole.❌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Relationship advice: Move on, he doesn't respect you 💔

stephylococcus7 | stephylococcus7

Girl, run for the hills! 🏃‍♀️ NTA, he doesn't care about you.

Heidi739 | Heidi739

Unsure why she's living with him if not in relationship 🤔

freehand1980 | freehand1980

NTA for not wanting to be embarrassed in public.

furansisu | furansisu

Red flag alert! Run away from the a**hole boyfriend 😡

raccunt_ | raccunt_

Red flags raised with selfish boyfriend, prioritize your safety 🚨

lolak1445 | lolak1445

Defending NTA commenter who questions unhealthy relationship and communication.

jootuu | jootuu

Defending a misunderstood comment about a relationship altercation 🤷🏻‍♂️

MarMarNi | MarMarNi

Escape a toxic relationship, NTA for prioritizing your well-being ❤️

AkumaMonsuta | AkumaMonsuta

Find someone who would be proud to call you his girlfriend 💪

iluvcats17 | iluvcats17

Defending the innocent: Commenter stands up for the girlfriend 👏

taralundrigan | taralundrigan

NTA for not speaking up to a stranger 👏

Phebedavis1 | Phebedavis1

🤨 YTA for accepting such treatment for free rent.

bikeitphl | bikeitphl

NTA. Savage P.S. might save younger GF from selfish prick.

gdubh | gdubh

Savage response shuts down entitled boyfriend. #NTA 💯


Red flags in a relationship, time to reevaluate 🚩💔

kostis12345 | kostis12345

Leave him now! 👋🏻 You deserve better. 👑

bitcheslovemybody | bitcheslovemybody

NTA comment suggests leaving immature and commitment-phobic boyfriend.

QueenBee0414 | QueenBee0414

Dump his toxic a**. Allergies can kill 😡

IntrovertedPixels | IntrovertedPixels

NTA for wanting to avoid allergic reaction, red flags everywhere 🚨

AllHailTheNod | AllHailTheNod

Girl expresses concern for OP's safety in toxic relationship 👀

EzraDangerNoodle | EzraDangerNoodle

Confusion over YTA label sparks NTA agreement in comments.

missy-scribbles | missy-scribbles

NTA. Boyfriend overreacted to restaurant incident. Communication needed for resolution. 👍

d3_tvl | d3_tvl

Support for the girlfriend, condemning the boyfriend's behavior. 👍

sammyjo7001 | sammyjo7001

Leave him! 🚶‍♀️ You deserve better than this abusive situation.

SandyCheesewater | SandyCheesewater

Warning signs of an emotionally abusive relationship. 🚩

MishySquishy96 | MishySquishy96

No room for narcissists and manipulators in healthy relationships 👍

nmckinney86 | nmckinney86

Advice to leave toxic relationship and prioritize self-worth 👍

LG227 | LG227

NTA for calling out toxic behavior. Find someone who cherishes you 💞

Moon-Cookies | Moon-Cookies

Dump him and don't look back 👋🏼

Schattentochter | Schattentochter

Age gap debate in the comments 👀👴👧

jolla92126 | jolla92126

You deserve better than a thoughtless, narcissistic & rude 31yo. 💪

rumoursaretrue | rumoursaretrue

Allergic girlfriend called out for 'humiliating' remark at seafood restaurant. NTA.


Age gap or not, dump him! He's acting like a child 😡

Gemsie94 | Gemsie94

Encouraging reply to victim of emotional abuse 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA advice: Don't waste time on a guy who won't commit 👍

Muloulou | Muloulou

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