Roommate Walked In On Me NAKED...AGAIN 😱

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Buckle up, folks! 🚨 We've got a juicy roommate tale that's sure to make you gasp, giggle, and maybe even blush a little. 😳 Our leading lady, a 20-year-old fiancée, thought she was doing her man's BFF a solid by letting him crash in their spare room. 🏠 But little did she know, this freeloader would turn out to be a boundary-crossing, unsolicited advice-giving, moment-ruining machine! 🤖 Get ready for a wild ride filled with awkward encounters, interrupted intimate moments, and a whole lot of frustration. 😤 Will our heroine resort to drastic measures to teach this clueless roomie a lesson? 🙊 Let's dive in and find out! 🏊‍♀️

🏠 Roomie Dilemma: Boundaries Crossed! 😱

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

🤝 Win-Win Turned Lose-Lose? 🤨

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

🚪 Knock, Knock... Who's There? Mark! 😠

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

🐶 Unsolicited Advice: How to Live & Dog 101 🙄

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

🚿 No More Naked Chill Sessions 😒

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

🗣️ The Talk: Will It Stick? 🤞

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

👘 Robe Life: Interrupted 😤

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

🛏️ Intimate Moment Ruined 🙈

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

📱 "Just Wanted to Show a Video" 🤦‍♀️

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

🎥 Movie Night Instead 😴

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

🛌 Déjà Vu: Barged In On Again! 😡

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

🙈 Barely Covered in Time 😳

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

😤 Annoyed & Over It 🙅‍♀️

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

💥 The Ultimate Boundary Enforcer? 🤔

crazycabbage87 | crazycabbage87

😱 Naked Ambush: The Ultimate Boundary Enforcer? 🚪

Well, well, well... looks like our girl is at her wit's end with this boundary-challenged bestie! 😤 Despite multiple talks and promises to knock, Mark just can't seem to grasp the concept of privacy. 🙄 From barging in during intimate moments to catching our heroine in her birthday suit, this guy's timing is impeccably awful. 🙈 But now, she's considering fighting fire with fire... or should we say, fighting no-knocking with no-clothing? 😏 The ultimate question remains: would purposely letting Mark walk in on her in the buff make her the a-hole, or is it a justified last resort? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this spicy situation! 🌶️

Set boundaries with Mark and Nate, fiancé should support you. NTA 😊

SyntiumWasTaken | SyntiumWasTaken

Suggests getting a lock, BF needs to set firmer boundaries 🚨

Saurus_M | Saurus_M

Set boundaries with your intrusive roommate to feel comfortable at home.

EdutechLugie | EdutechLugie

Set boundaries to protect your privacy and safety. NTA.

velkana | velkana

Roommate learns to knock after catching OP in the act 😏

CrazyCabbage87 | CrazyCabbage87

Get locks ASAP! Your roommate is either rude or creepy 😔

pookguyinc | pookguyinc

Giving in to roommate's behavior makes it worse. YWBTA 🤷🏻‍♀️

beebsaleebs | beebsaleebs

Roommate walked in on OP naked, NTA suggests setting boundaries.

Full_Worldliness1480 | Full_Worldliness1480

Roommate walks in on naked person and won't clean up. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate intentionally trying to see you naked? It's time to go 😱

jimrow83 | jimrow83

Be careful, Mark might be a Dwight Schrute 🙈

OhOkay______________ | OhOkay______________

Roommate walks in on naked couple, Redditors suggest kicking them out

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate lacks boundaries and respect. Time to confront and evict? 🤔

TheDreadPirateJeff | TheDreadPirateJeff

Solutions for a naked roommate dilemma. 💡👀

BentBent12 | BentBent12

Fiancé shouldn't dismiss your problems and housemate should respect boundaries. NTA 👍

LoPanDidNothingWrong | LoPanDidNothingWrong

Stand up for yourself and set boundaries with an ultimatum 💪

benfranklin-katniss | benfranklin-katniss

Roommate accused of trying to see her naked, needs to go 😳

Double-dutcher | Double-dutcher

Setting boundaries with a roommate who lacks them 🚫

soft__peaches | soft__peaches

Set boundaries with your voyeur roommate or kick him out. 😱

BlackberryNo3478 | BlackberryNo3478

Reminder note on door to prevent more awkward encounters 😳

Pretty_Yellow_9601 | Pretty_Yellow_9601

Roommate's creepy behavior goes unchecked, causing discomfort. 😓

ricebasket | ricebasket

Lock your door and teach him a lesson 🚪👀

Padloq | Padloq

Roommate and boyfriend are A-holes, NTA needs to take action 😒

kab200 | kab200

Set a physical boundary, life's too short to not sleep naked 💁‍♂️

Graphomaniacle | Graphomaniacle

Fiancé's refusal to act on roommate's behavior is dangerous 😱

Big_b00bs_Cold_Heart | Big_b00bs_Cold_Heart

Enforce boundaries with your boyfriend and roommate 🔒

Zoenne | Zoenne

Fiancé's behavior also questionable, confront both about boundaries 😑

sighhawaii | sighhawaii

Navigating intimacy with a walk-in-prone roommate 😏

machinezed | machinezed

Setting boundaries with roommate who keeps walking in on you.

luminous60 | luminous60

Roommate's invasion of privacy, fiancé's lack of action. NTA 😠

insomniafog | insomniafog

Freeloading roommate walks in on naked OP, needs to leave 😡

Lady_Ellie119 | Lady_Ellie119

Assert dominance by scolding like a little boy 👶 NTA

[deleted] | [deleted]

"Purposely walking naked in front of your roommate is not reprimand" 😱

That_Contribution720 | That_Contribution720

Roommate's creepy behavior needs to stop. Kick him out! 😡

creatingastorm | creatingastorm

Roommate's repeated intrusion may be intentional. He's a creep. 🤭

rougarousmooch | rougarousmooch

NTA, but watch out for possible grooming by your fiancé 🤯

BoulevardHoopty | BoulevardHoopty

Stand up for yourself! 🙅‍♀️

Just_a_reader_ | Just_a_reader_

Protect yourself with this discreet lock 🔒

FunOnAita | FunOnAita

Stand up for your rights! Don't let him walk over you 💪

Beautiful_mistakes | Beautiful_mistakes

Use your roommate as an excuse to skip sexy times 😏

VivianCold | VivianCold

Set boundaries with your roommate and make your expectations clear. ESH.

ajeansco0 | ajeansco0

Assert yourself! NTA suggests throwing a book at roommate.

Significant-Set8457 | Significant-Set8457

Mark needs to respect boundaries. Time for a job search.

OtterStrawbs | OtterStrawbs

Navigating awkward roommate situations and intimacy 😍

IndicationWarm4038 | IndicationWarm4038

Assertive response to intrusive roommate. 🙅‍♀️🚪

sandra_luna_me | sandra_luna_me

Suggesting a conversation with Mark and setting boundaries 👍

Sea-Tea-4130 | Sea-Tea-4130

Living with best friend and boyfriend, ESH, friend is lazy

Peacekage | Peacekage

Roommate's repeated behavior raises suspicion of ulterior motives 🤔

box_of_randomness | box_of_randomness

Roommate's repeated boundary crossing makes for uncomfortable living situation. 😓

Comfortable-One8520 | Comfortable-One8520

Don't mess with her, she's confident and in control! 😎

DiarrheaShitLord | DiarrheaShitLord

Roommate walked in on naked OP, NTA. Fiance needs talking to.

lacyreif | lacyreif

Revenge ideas for caught naked roommate 😈

Karma2508 | Karma2508

Roommate repeatedly walks in on naked OP, Mark may have ulterior motives.

SomethingClever70 | SomethingClever70

When your roommate is a creep 🤫

ms-anthrope | ms-anthrope

Stand up for yourself and set boundaries with your roommate 🙌

thesammae | thesammae

Roommate barges in on naked OP, fiance needs motivation 🤬

MeromicticLake | MeromicticLake

Navigating boundaries with a creepy roommate 🤯

Blunder_Woman | Blunder_Woman

NTA. Get locks and confront him for barging in 😠

pumpkinthighs | pumpkinthighs

Stand up for yourself and set boundaries with your roommate! 💪

herbalit | herbalit

Roommate's perverted behavior causing tension between friends. 🤦‍♂️

Impressive_Drama_377 | Impressive_Drama_377

Roommate's intentions questioned, commenter supports original poster. 👍

sugarland588275 | sugarland588275

Creative way to avoid getting walked in on while naked 😏

brimstone404 | brimstone404

Suggests ultimatum if SO can't protect from disrespectful friend 😑

TheAlabasterWizard | TheAlabasterWizard

Boundary issues? 🤔 Knock before entering, folks! 🙈

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate's creepy behavior sparks dilemma: to expose or not?

Remarkable_Yak_883 | Remarkable_Yak_883

Set boundaries with roommates to avoid awkward encounters 😎

bambamkablam | bambamkablam

Roommate's creepy behavior needs to stop or he leaves 🙄

Throw_Away_Students | Throw_Away_Students

Roommate is a creepy AH and boyfriend needs to stand up.

saucynoodlelover | saucynoodlelover

Roommate constantly barges into your room while you're naked? YWNBTA. 🚪🙅‍♀️

RoksanaLyasin | RoksanaLyasin

Roommate's creepy behavior is concerning, NTA for feeling uncomfortable 😱

theMarianasTrench | theMarianasTrench

Roommate may be intentionally walking in on you, flash him! 😉

zipper1919 | zipper1919

Mark is a creep, lock your door to stay safe! 😱

justcallmeallison | justcallmeallison

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