Entitled Roommate Lets Homeless BF's PARENTS Stay in Off-Limits Room! 😠

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Buckle up, folks! 🚗💨 We've got a juicy roommate tale that's sure to make you cringe, laugh, and maybe even relate! 😅 Our protagonist, a 25-year-old apartment owner, found himself in quite the pickle with his awkward and quiet 23-year-old female roomie. 🥒 But wait, there's more! Enter: the roommate's boyfriend, a.k.a. the human embodiment of that creepy silent kid from high school. 👀 Brace yourselves for a wild ride filled with boundary-crossing, guest room invasions, and an eviction that'll leave you questioning who's really the a-hole here! 🤔

🏠 Roommate Drama: The Awkward Silence 😬

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👫 Enter: The Quiet Roomie 🤫

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🌅 The Struggle of 'Good Morning' 😅

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💑 Boyfriend Alert: He's ALWAYS There! 😲

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☕ Morning, Noon, Night... He's Still There! 🙄

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👀 The Creepy Silent Kid Vibes 😳

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🏖️ A Much-Needed Break Turns Into a Surprise 😮

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😡 The Off-Limits Guest Room Fiasco 🚫

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🤬 Boyfriend's Angry Outburst 😠

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🚪 The Eviction: Was It Too Harsh? 🤔

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👕 The Stained Shirt Analogy 🧺

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🏠 Roommate Eviction: Was Our Protagonist Too Harsh? 😬

In this rollercoaster of a roommate saga, our apartment-owning hero found himself at odds with his quiet and awkward female roomie. 😶 Things took a turn for the worse when her boyfriend, the human equivalent of a creepy stare, practically moved in without permission. 👀 The final straw? The boyfriend's parents crashing in the off-limits guest room! 😱 Cue an angry confrontation, tears, and a 30-day eviction notice. But wait, was our protagonist too quick to kick her out? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this juicy drama! 🍿

Roommate's entitled boyfriend overstepped boundaries and screamed in face. NTA.

Mars1040 | Mars1040

Entitled roommate invites guests after being asked to limit BF's presence. NTA.

dreadedbeedee | dreadedbeedee

Standing up for yourself is never a**hole-ish 💪

Responsible_Dealer_8 | Responsible_Dealer_8

Kicking out entitled roommate for breaking contract 👏

alybear567 | alybear567

Kicking out during pandemic is a-hole move but NTA here 😊

CheerilyTerrified | CheerilyTerrified

Kicked out entitled roommate and homeless BF's parents. NTA 😊

waspymaz | waspymaz

Good call on shutting down entitled roommate's disrespect. NTA 👍

Amazing-Ladder | Amazing-Ladder

Roommate's entitled behavior called out, commenter deemed not the a**hole

SnooGuavas4531 | SnooGuavas4531

NTA, entitled roommate overstepped boundaries by letting homeless BF's parents stay 😠

[deleted] | [deleted]

Evicting tenant for breaking agreement, NTA. Risky to property.

Mission-Cloud360 | Mission-Cloud360

NTA. Roommate's dishonesty and irresponsibility led to a nightmare situation 🤯

Breatheme444 | Breatheme444

Setting boundaries is important, even if her boyfriend is homeless. NTA ✌️

awholeunit | awholeunit

NTA, but roommate may be in abusive relationship 🤷‍♀️

grae23 | grae23

NTA. You have a right to feel safe in your home. 🚩

DiligentPenguin16 | DiligentPenguin16

Clarification on rental agreement and guest room usage. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate's entitled behavior ruins friendships and living situation. NTA.

Happylittlepinetree | Happylittlepinetree

NTA. Roommate needs to communicate and not take advantage 🚡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate disobeys rules, pays the price. NTA 😊

aliendystrophy | aliendystrophy

Tenant crosses line, OP handles it well. 👍

Lullaby37 | Lullaby37

Homeless BF's parents violate rental agreement, OP stands their ground. NTA 👍

Limerase | Limerase

Setting boundaries with entitled roommate who ignored warnings. NTA 😠

starienite | starienite

Roommate disregarded agreement, NTA for enforcing boundaries and eviction. 💪

Yellowsunflowerlover | Yellowsunflowerlover

OP not an AH for kicking out entitled roommate breaking rules.

ArtemisJTRH | ArtemisJTRH

Communication is key! NTA for setting boundaries with entitled roommate 👌

OftheSea95 | OftheSea95

Taking no crap from entitled roommate and her homeless BF's parents. 👊

HoratioKane | HoratioKane

Tenant violates trust by letting BF's parents in off-limits room 😡

RedCorundum | RedCorundum

Uninvited tenants and entitled roommates make for a toxic mix 😠

Unblued | Unblued

Respectful roommate sets boundaries and shows gratitude. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Being too nice can have consequences. NTA stands firm.

oOo_a_Butterfly | oOo_a_Butterfly

Communication is key - NTA for kicking out bf 👏

Goepe | Goepe

Concerned commenter suggests checking up on roommate's well-being. 🚧

Frau_Totenkinder | Frau_Totenkinder

NTA: One strike and eviction notice was warranted for extreme breach.

Diddly_eyed_Dipshite | Diddly_eyed_Dipshite

Avoiding a roommate's entitled scheme to avoid housing 3 extra people 😠

LurkerNan | LurkerNan

Breaking up any relationship that doesn't work out is ok 👍

MamaFen | MamaFen

Boundaries crossed by entitled roommate's boyfriend. NTA holds firm.

MoodyStarGirl | MoodyStarGirl

NTA and a lesson on adult communication. 👍

sassyandsweer789 | sassyandsweer789

Roommate's entitled BF's parents violated clear boundaries. You're NTA 😠

LandShark4567890 | LandShark4567890

Roommate invited 3 guests, let two use your space. NTA 😠

Vsthegreat | Vsthegreat

Roommate's entitled BF's parents overstay welcome. NTA sets boundary.

greenwaysnewbitch | greenwaysnewbitch

Roommate's entitled actions have consequences. NTA.

PhantomStrangeSolitu | PhantomStrangeSolitu

NTA, entitled roommate's reaction seals the deal. Not your problem 🙌

catzrob89 | catzrob89

Limit overnight guests to avoid future entitled behavior 😊

SpookySugarSkull | SpookySugarSkull

Annoying roommate's girlfriend takes over, NTA for moving out! 🙌

steph109 | steph109

Uninvited guests and no respect for boundaries? NTA for sure! 🙌

toffee_queen | toffee_queen

Setting boundaries with roommates and visitors 🙌

griseldabean | griseldabean

OP not the a-hole for calling out entitled roommate. 😤

trilliumsummer | trilliumsummer

Roommate's entitled move: letting homeless BF's parents invade private space. NTA!

NeverRarelySometimes | NeverRarelySometimes

Setting boundaries is key. NTA for standing your ground.

Moist_Sheeets | Moist_Sheeets

Uninvited guests during a pandemic? NTA for being upset. 😷

Jubeiradeke | Jubeiradeke

Inviting entitled boyfriend's parents causes chaos, NTA handles gracefully. 😠

Calmandwise | Calmandwise

Roommate's entitled boyfriend's parents overstay without permission, NTA stands firm

meifahs_musungs | meifahs_musungs

Setting healthy boundaries isn't impolite. NTA 👍

DutyValuable | DutyValuable

Boyfriend effectively a tenant, but entitled roommate crossed the line 😠

Credible333 | Credible333

Trust is key. NTA and drama-free decision to cut ties. 👌

throwRA90809 | throwRA90809

Sharing space with a roommate is different than a stranger. NTA 👍

hecknono | hecknono

Roommate's homeless BF's parents stayed in off-limits room. NTA for eviction.

knapen50 | knapen50

Roommate's entitled BF and parents overstep boundaries. NTA.

Depressive-Cookie | Depressive-Cookie

Taking a stand against entitled roommates and their abusive behavior 💪

spicybEtch212 | spicybEtch212

Enraged tenant evicts entitled roommate's boyfriend's parents from guest room. NTA.

Tasty-Tale-3390 | Tasty-Tale-3390

Roommate's entitled behavior crosses a line, but letting his parents stay is just weird. NTA.

HealthyBox5 | HealthyBox5

NTA. Kicking entitled roommate out for breaking boundaries. 💯

mfruitfly | mfruitfly

Roommate's entitled behavior leads to house guests overstaying their welcome. NTA.

evanjw90 | evanjw90

Demanding rent from entitled boyfriend could have saved relationship 💰💔

aftercloudia | aftercloudia

Judgmental OP called out but ultimately NTA for boundary-setting. 👍

Ianjh | Ianjh

Roommate in manipulative relationship, slight ESH, banning BF kinder move 😐

CommentThrowaway20 | CommentThrowaway20

Roommate sneaks in homeless BF's parents, NTA wants communication 🚡

throneaway2015 | throneaway2015

Standing up for yourself and your home, NTA 🙌

dart1126 | dart1126

NTA. Good communication is key in any living situation. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't be a doormat, you're NTA for setting boundaries! 😊

Viperbunny | Viperbunny

NTA for not allowing entitled roommate's homeless BF's parents stay.

Jollydancer | Jollydancer

Roommate's entitled behavior invites confrontation with homeless BF's parents. NTA.

itsJussaMe | itsJussaMe

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