Brother Banned from Seeing Son Over Ballet Drama 😱💃

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Picture this: a talented ballerina, her supportive boyfriend, and an adorable 7-year-old nephew who dreams of becoming a ballet dancer. Sounds like a heartwarming story, right? Well, not when the boy's father enters the scene, spewing toxic masculinity and causing a massive family conflict. 😡👨‍👦

The Ballerina Girlfriend 🩰

balletnephew | balletnephew

Nephew's Ballet Dreams 💭💃

balletnephew | balletnephew

The Absent Father 👨‍👦

balletnephew | balletnephew

Family Support 💕

balletnephew | balletnephew

Nephew Moves In 🏠

balletnephew | balletnephew

Father's Visit 🚪

balletnephew | balletnephew

Toxic Masculinity Strikes ⚠️

balletnephew | balletnephew

Ballet Lessons Begin 🎓

balletnephew | balletnephew

Father's Outburst 😡

balletnephew | balletnephew

Aftermath 💔

balletnephew | balletnephew

Ballet Dreams vs. Toxic Masculinity 🎭

Our protagonist's girlfriend is a talented ballerina, and her 7-year-old nephew dreams of becoming a ballet dancer just like her. However, when the boy's father (who had been absent for most of his life) finds out about his son's passion, he lashes out, accusing the girlfriend of turning his son gay and claiming that ballet is too feminine. The situation escalates, leading to a major confrontation and the father being told he can't see his son anymore. 💔😢 Let's see what people have to say about this intense family drama...

Parent defends NTA judgement despite potential bias 😏

FoxUniCarKilo | FoxUniCarKilo

Ballet isn't just for girls! Shutting down homophobia 💯

LuvMeLongThyme | LuvMeLongThyme

Brother demands control over son's interests, NTA suggests discussing with mom 👍

UltimateBe | UltimateBe

Brother's hypocrisy called out in NTA comment.

Lively_Sally | Lively_Sally

Supportive comment shuts down homophobia in ballet drama 💯

LoveBeach8 | LoveBeach8

Homophobic dad banned brother from son's ballet, NTA comment supports.

PinkedOff | PinkedOff

Brother banned from seeing son over ballet drama. NTA wins!

Nay_nay267 | Nay_nay267

Encouraging support for nephew's ballet passion, condemning homophobia. 💃🏻👏

TheRestForTheWicked | TheRestForTheWicked

NTA shuts down bigoted dad's fun-time with son 👏

chucker23n | chucker23n

Supportive comment advocating for nephew's emotional growth and passion for ballet.

AreYouSureHe | AreYouSureHe

Supporting nephew's interests and healthy lifestyle > backward thinking brother 👏

LogicalJudgement | LogicalJudgement

Father banned from seeing son over homophobic beliefs. NTA called out.

haveitgood | haveitgood

A comment about Baryshnikov's love affairs, no drama here 😊

witch59 | witch59

Protecting a child's dreams is crucial. NTA 🙌

Dotfromkansas | Dotfromkansas

Toxic masculinity at its finest. Sad to see this attitude.

BaymaxIsMyPatronus | BaymaxIsMyPatronus

NTA for protecting nephew, suggest guardianship papers for safety 🙌

Nickyx13 | Nickyx13

Encouraging nephew's passion for ballet 💃

princessofperky | princessofperky

Breaking gender stereotypes is important for male dancers 💃

DitaVonPita | DitaVonPita

Breaking gender stereotypes: NTA for being a caring parent 👏

pixierambling | pixierambling

Suggests recording homophobic outbursts to protect child's safety 👍

ForestFlower13 | ForestFlower13

Legal advice for gaining custody of nephew, with encouraging message 😉

Giffy85 | Giffy85

Ballet isn't just for girls! NTA for supporting son.

Glamma1970 | Glamma1970

Breaking gender stereotypes: Liking feminine stuff doesn't make you gay 💪

Ok_Composer_9458 | Ok_Composer_9458

Male ballet dancers are strong and not feminine. NTA comment.

Diamond-TTB | Diamond-TTB

Ballet is for everyone, nephew should be allowed to choose 🩰👨‍👦

whoozywhatzitnow | whoozywhatzitnow

Homophobic brother banned from seeing son. NTA OP.

Appropriate_Pressure | Appropriate_Pressure

Supportive comment applauding the OP for being a responsible guardian 👏

icebluefrost | icebluefrost

Father encourages kids to pursue diverse interests for success 💪

miss_hush | miss_hush

Former dancer shuts down toxic masculinity in brother's parenting approach 👏

fishmom5 | fishmom5

Encouraging a child's interests is good parenting 👍

daaimp | daaimp

NTA. Commenter calls out brother's toxic behavior and lack of responsibility.

Snoo_68114 | Snoo_68114

Supportive comment on nephew's passion for dance. 💃

MadGeller | MadGeller

Male ballet dancers are masculine AF 💪🩰

Millie1419 | Millie1419

When football meets ballet 🤣

Minflick | Minflick

Ballet is athletic and your brother is homophobic. NTA 👏

Rosyface_ | Rosyface_

NTA encourages nephew to pursue ballet despite absentee father's objections 💃😱

Danger-puddle | Danger-puddle

Clever clapback to homophobia in ballet drama. NTA wins.

GuardianOfFreyja | GuardianOfFreyja

Brother's absence and abusive behavior make him NTA.

rochan71 | rochan71

Male ballet dancers are tough and desirable, NTA.

madmaxextra | madmaxextra

Brother forfeited his right to decide how to raise his son. NTA 👏

Proud_Hotel_5160 | Proud_Hotel_5160

Brother's toxic and homophobic attitude towards ballet is harmful. NTA.

RealisticSquirrel705 | RealisticSquirrel705

Supportive comment suggests legal action against controlling father. 💪

cubbies1016 | cubbies1016

Support for father protecting son from toxic masculinity 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries with family can be tough 🤷‍♂️

ununonium119 | ununonium119

Encouraging use of ballet in sports, calling out bad parenting.

Which-Month-3907 | Which-Month-3907

Defending ballet and rejecting toxic masculinity. 💃😱

BodaciousBonnie | BodaciousBonnie

Former dancer defends boys in ballet and calls out brother's ignorance.

SquirrelBowl | SquirrelBowl

Breaking gender roles is not harmful. NTA, male ballet dancers are in demand 💃

deadlyhausfrau | deadlyhausfrau

Brother has no say in nephew's hobbies/careers. NTA 👍

tawohlebanna | tawohlebanna

Breaking toxic masculinity: NTA for wanting to be a dancer 💃

Eviltechnomonkey | Eviltechnomonkey

Ballet can enhance athletic performance. NTA and bro IS tah 👍

CommercialExotic2038 | CommercialExotic2038

Ballet doesn't make men gay, says successful ladies' man. 🩰👨‍❤️‍👨

James42785 | James42785

Father's absence has consequences, NTA keeps him away. 🚫

EbonyUmbreon | EbonyUmbreon

Encouraging nephew's interests and shutting down toxic masculinity 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Be careful denying access to nephew, brother may have legal grounds. 🚨

DrawToast | DrawToast

Tenley from the Bachelor lookalike approves of NTA situation 👍

Mermaid89253 | Mermaid89253

Ballet doesn't make you gay. Jean Claude Van Damme did ballet 💃

thiswitchisabitch | thiswitchisabitch

Debunking the myth that all male dancers are gay 🙌

photofaeriee | photofaeriee

Passionate male dancer defends girlfriend and son, calls out sexist father.

Poke13000 | Poke13000

Homophobia used as default slur; brother=massive a**hole. NTA OP.

BlueCarnations12 | BlueCarnations12

Supporting nephew's passion through legal means, NTA. 👏

deeme5-4 | deeme5-4

Ballet isn't just for girls 💃 pro footballers do it too!

Zoroc | Zoroc

Defending ballet as a manly sport. NTA for abandoning son.

AduroTri | AduroTri

Standing up for family against hate and abuse. NTA 👏

MotherofDaleks | MotherofDaleks

Defending family from a bully dad. NTA 👏

Renbarre | Renbarre

Football player's ballet comment supports NTA's argument.

sullg26535 | sullg26535

Supportive comment calls out homophobic absent father, praises loving family.

Hasminae | Hasminae

Male ballet dancers are popular and muscular, according to commenter.

whiskeysour123 | whiskeysour123

Homophobic brother banned from son's life. NTA wins.

Educational-Okra-392 | Educational-Okra-392

Homophobic father banned from seeing son over ballet drama 💃

auntiope3000 | auntiope3000

Support for nephew's happiness and disapproval of absent brother's control.

Uncertain_Lemon | Uncertain_Lemon

Homophobic brother banned from seeing nephew over ballet drama 😱

ADG1983 | ADG1983

Brother's homophobia and absence make him a major a**hole. NTA.

donuts_are_tasty | donuts_are_tasty

Being a present parent matters more than just being a donor 👨🏻‍💻. Good riddance, brother.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending ballet and questioning masculinity in sports. 🤔

Ninja_Bandit | Ninja_Bandit

Secure legal rights to avoid sticky custody situation. 👍

beth_da_weirdo | beth_da_weirdo

Homophobic brother banned from nephew's life over ballet drama 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Rockstar Tommy Lee praised for defying gender stereotypes with ballet.

scabbytoe | scabbytoe

Male dancers are badass! NTA brother, keep supporting your son 💪

Flaky_Tip | Flaky_Tip

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