💥 Car Accident Drama: Driver Refuses to Pay Teen's Medical Bills - Right or Wrong? 🤔

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Picture this: you're driving home from work, obeying all traffic laws, when suddenly a teenager walks right in front of your car, causing a serious accident. You're found not at fault, but the teen's parents are struggling with six-figure medical bills and expect you to pay. What would you do? 🚗💥🤕 One woman is facing this exact dilemma, and her decision has sparked a heated debate. Let's dive into the story and see what happened...

A Dangerous Road 🛣️

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Teens on the Divider 🚸

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Unexpected Collision 💥

antique-parsley-9270 | antique-parsley-9270

Teenager Seriously Injured 😢

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Guilt and Therapy 🥺

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Lawsuits and Defenses ⚖️

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Not at Fault 🚫

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GoFundMe and Financial Struggles 💸

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Moral Obligation? 🤔

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Inheritance and IVF Plans 💰

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Husband's Moral Conflict 😕

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Payment Plan and Debates 💵

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Cruel or Justified? 🧐

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To Pay or Not to Pay: The Ultimate Dilemma 🤷‍♀️

So, here we have a woman who was involved in a car accident with a teenager who walked in front of her car. Despite being found not at fault, she's facing pressure from the teen's parents and others to help pay the six-figure medical bills. With a recent inheritance, she and her husband could technically help, but they had planned to use the money for IVF treatments to start their own family. Her husband is now morally conflicted, and she's left wondering if she's cruel for refusing to pay. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🌐💬

Seek legal advice before making anonymous donation to avoid guilt.

0biterdicta | 0biterdicta

Pedestrian caused accident, witness testifies in driver's favor. NTA 👍

milee30 | milee30

NTA commenter suggests talking to a lawyer and donating to GoFundMe.

CopsaLau | CopsaLau

Driver found NTA, no obligation to pay medical bills. Husband's inheritance?

Mysterious-System680 | Mysterious-System680

Pedestrian not at fault, reckless kid shouldn't expect payment. 🚶‍♂️💰

SWGoodToes | SWGoodToes

Don't let guilt force you to donate anonymously. NTA.

idiom6 | idiom6

👍 Driver found not at fault, no need to pay medical bills.

governmentefficiency | governmentefficiency

Driver not responsible for pedestrian's medical bills. NTA 🚫💰

Dszquphsbnt | Dszquphsbnt

Legal expert advises against paying medical bills, suggests legal action 🚫💰

ISeeJustNoPeople | ISeeJustNoPeople

NTA: Boy caused accident, lucky you're not suing. Sucks for them.

aPenguinGirl | aPenguinGirl

Legal verdict favors driver, but is it morally right? 🤔

somissmatched | somissmatched

NTA commenter refuses to donate to teen's medical bills. 👍

wind-river7 | wind-river7

NTA: Commenter suggests bankruptcy as a viable option for medical debt 💸

Penetrative | Penetrative

Teen broke traffic laws, not at fault. Don't donate. NTA 👍

Flippn_Freddy | Flippn_Freddy

Kid walked into traffic, NTA. 🤷‍♂️

ScionTheAncientOrder | ScionTheAncientOrder

Teen hit by car, not entirely at fault. Healthcare system sucks.

CheerilyTerrified | CheerilyTerrified

Don't let anyone guilt you into paying medical bills 💰

CopsaLau | CopsaLau

NTA. It's not your fault. Donating is optional. 👍

the805daddy | the805daddy

Medical bills shouldn't ruin lives. NTA for feeling frustrated. 😡

Messerschmidty | Messerschmidty

Driver not obligated to pay medical bills. Suggestion to donate anonymously.

Arnesis | Arnesis

Driver not at fault for pedestrian's reckless behavior. NTA 👍

Luna-Strange | Luna-Strange

NTA. Giving money could be a sign of guilt. Get a lawyer.

bmoreskyandsea | bmoreskyandsea

Teen not at fault but shouldn't pay medical bills. Legal action?

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA: Don't give up your future for someone else's mistake. 👍

NorthernLitUp | NorthernLitUp

Don't pay a dime! Talk to a lawyer now 👨‍🗫💻

generic_bitch | generic_bitch

Inheriting money doesn't make you responsible for someone else's mistake. 💰

emotionally_autistic | emotionally_autistic

Empathetic commenter suggests website for support, advises caution and compromise.

LopsidedCauliflower8 | LopsidedCauliflower8

Parent defends driver, blames parents for teen's poor decisions 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA legally and morally, but still traumatized by the accident. 😢

piney2364 | piney2364

Don't take the blame! NTA, it was 100% his fault 💯

MrSilverSkunk | MrSilverSkunk

Legal ruling favors commenter, but husband's donation could imply guilt 🤔

Biteme75 | Biteme75

Driver not at fault for pedestrian's poor decision. NTA 🚦

[deleted] | [deleted]

Driver refuses to pay teen's medical bills. Moral obligation or not?

spicybEtch212 | spicybEtch212

Driver not responsible for teen's medical bills, NTA 👍

shelbyknits | shelbyknits

Driver not at fault but should take responsibility for actions 🤔

BlackfyreWraith | BlackfyreWraith

NTA. The teen's mistake doesn't make you responsible for bills. 💰

aSeaPersonByNight | aSeaPersonByNight

NTA refuses to pay medical bills, warns of dire consequences. 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Compromising on inheritance for IVF may be a fair solution 👍

brooklyn_bae | brooklyn_bae

Driver found NTA for refusing to pay medical bills. 🤷‍♂️

depressivedarkling | depressivedarkling

NTA - Multiple lawsuits have proven you're not at fault. Don't pay.

Forward_Squirrel8879 | Forward_Squirrel8879

Driver refuses to pay teen's medical bills after car accident. NTA.

jpcats | jpcats

Donate to save a life for $3k instead of paying bills? 👍

ApprehensiveBrief8 | ApprehensiveBrief8

Driver not at fault for jaywalker's injuries. NTA. 🙅

Goody3333 | Goody3333

Driver not responsible for pedestrian's actions. NTA. 👍

Louie7890 | Louie7890

NTA but consider making a small donation to their GoFundMe 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Be generous, but protect yourself from potential legal issues. 👍

saymynamebastien | saymynamebastien

Legal and moral obligation fulfilled, NTA. File harassment charges. 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't pay medical bills, it can be used against you later. 👍

Alienne8r | Alienne8r

Fight back against false accusations with a legal cease & desist ⚖️

SWGoodToes | SWGoodToes

Refuse to pay and contact a lawyer to avoid future litigation 💰👨‍⚖️

ImSoSpiffy | ImSoSpiffy

Donating to a charity for kids may help more children 🧒🏻❤️

EmbarrassedFigure4 | EmbarrassedFigure4

Teen's careless mistake shouldn't cost couple chance at family. NTA ❤

ObviouslyObsessed18 | ObviouslyObsessed18

Careless driver refuses to pay medical bills, called out for sociopathic behavior 😠

sentinelsexy | sentinelsexy

Driver not at fault for teen's injuries. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Victim of car accident harassed for medical bills. Set boundaries. 🙏

haemaker | haemaker

Driver not at fault for teen's medical bills. NTA 👍

NeverRarelySometimes | NeverRarelySometimes

🤔 Commenter questions if cognitive issues were preexisting conditions.

Pvt_Lee_Fapping | Pvt_Lee_Fapping

Don't pay for medical bills, it could be seen as guilt 😬

miithwork | miithwork

Juror shares similar experience, calls husband out for being TA. 😠

muzikmaker17 | muzikmaker17

Canadian healthcare system praised, blame healthcare system, not driver.

Hindsight_DJ | Hindsight_DJ

Don't donate without legal advice, NTA for not paying bills.

millenialbullshite | millenialbullshite

Consult a lawyer before helping the kid. NTA. 👨‍💻✅

Tacomancer42 | Tacomancer42

NTA for refusing to pay but should offer aid with compassion 💰❤️

JaCastro | JaCastro

Driver's refusal to pay medical bills sparks debate on morality. NTA.

ThrowAway19813759 | ThrowAway19813759

Pedestrian hit by car refuses to pay medical bills. NTA.

DreamieKitty | DreamieKitty

Woman defends herself against accusations of not paying medical bills 💰

indi50 | indi50

🚗💥 NTA. Don't feel guilty for the accident, it wasn't your fault.

menchekia | menchekia

Driver not responsible for kid's mistake. Manipulative family. 💸

krendyB | krendyB

🤔 A thought-provoking comment about the healthcare system.

Sandman64can | Sandman64can

Driver refuses to pay teen's medical bills, calls moral responsibility BS 😠

axiswolfstar | axiswolfstar

NTA. The family fought a legal battle and lost. Husband needs therapy.

PartyHorse17610 | PartyHorse17610

Don't pay! It could be seen as admitting fault. You're NTA 👍

Rockrz6 | Rockrz6

👍 NTA, don't pay a cent. Contact your lawyer for protection.

peppermintvalet | peppermintvalet

Protect yourself from harassment. Contact a lawyer for a cease & desist letter. Consider changing your name on social media. Don't respond.

ilikefluffypuppies | ilikefluffypuppies

Driver not at fault for accident, shouldn't pay medical bills 🙅

trytryagainn | trytryagainn

Driver not at fault for accident, should not pay medical bills 🚫💰

wobblyzebra | wobblyzebra

Don't pay and move on with your life. You're not guilty. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't give in to their demands, it could be used against you. 🚫

Ignarp999 | Ignarp999

Driver not at fault for pedestrian's injuries. NTA. 👍

cyclingaddiction | cyclingaddiction

Don't pay a dime. NTA. You're not responsible for stupidity. 🙌

Christopher_Kaiba | Christopher_Kaiba

NTA. Driver not responsible for medical bills. Husband's reasoning flawed.

Morrigan-71 | Morrigan-71

Get a lawyer and stand up for yourself 💪🏼👩🏻‍⚖️

RonStopable80 | RonStopable80

🚗🤕 Driver steps in front of car, blames driver, NTA.

CrazyMomof3teens | CrazyMomof3teens

Systemic healthcare problem causes moral dilemma for car accident victim. NTA.

Piriper0 | Piriper0

Driver claims NTA, says kid had cognitive issues before accident 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Token payment may imply liability and invite scrutiny. Be cautious. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

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