Dad REFUSES to Pay for Son's College After Years of Being REPLACED! 😤💔

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a doozy of a story here. 😳 A dad's world is turned upside down when his wife cheats and leaves him for a richer man. 💔 Despite his best efforts, he barely sees his son and feels replaced. 😢 Devastated, he moves away to start over. Years later, he's thriving with a new family, but then... his long-lost son calls out of the blue. 📞 The catch? He wants dear old dad to pay for college! 💸 The audacity! 😤 Get ready for a wild ride of betrayal, heartbreak, and tough decisions. 🎢 Let's dive in! 👀

💔 A Heartbreaking Betrayal: Wife Cheats and Leaves for Richer Man 💸

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

😢 Distant Dad: Barely Seeing His Own Son

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

💔 The Ultimate Rejection: Son Calls Stepdad 'Dad', Bio Dad by First Name 😞

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

🏃‍♂️ Devastated Dad Moves Away to Start Over

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

💔 Accepting the Painful Reality: 'I Wasn't His Dad Anymore'

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

💰 Business Booms: Dad Finds Success and New Love ❤️

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

👨‍👧 Loving His New Family: Adopting Wife's Kids as His Own

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

😲 Surprise Call from Son... But There's a Catch 💸

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

😞 Years of Neglect, Now Calling for Cash

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

🙅‍♂️ Dad Refuses to Pay: 'I Told Him How I Felt'

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

😡 Son Lashes Out: 'Useless' Dad Hangs Up

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

🤔 Divided Opinions: Wife Stays Out, Friends Support, Family Disapproves

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

📞 Dad Tried to Connect, Son Wasn't Interested

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

💰 Financial Success Came Later for Dad

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

🚫 Dad Denies Abandoning Son, Cites Mental Health Struggles

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

💸 Continued Child Support Despite Difficulties

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

🩺 Dad's PTSD Diagnosis Since Leaving

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

🧠 Mental Health Struggles: Dad's Ongoing Battle with PTSD

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

🌎 Stepdad's Worldly Trips vs. Dad's Modest Vacation Offers

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

🏡 Leaving to Heal: Moving Closer to Support System

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

🇫🇷 Son Chooses Stepdad's Exotic Vacations Over Dad's Modest Trips

throwawayrichdad1234 | throwawayrichdad1234

🤔 Deadbeat Dad or Wronged Father? You Decide! 👨‍⚖️

Well, well, well... what a tangled web we weave! 🕸️ This poor dad has been through the wringer - cheating wife, distant son, and a whole lot of heartache. 💔 He tried to stay connected, but his son just wasn't having it. 🙅‍♂️ Fast forward a few years, and dad's living the high life with a new family and a booming business. 💰 But then, plot twist! 😲 The long-lost son comes calling... for college money! 💸 The nerve! 😤 Dad's not having it, but his family thinks he's being an a-hole. 🍑 So, what do you think? Is this dad a deadbeat or a wronged father? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this juicy drama! 🍿

Father finds happiness elsewhere, son only calls for money. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Opinion varies on family over everything mentality. Don't take it personally.

eilig | eilig

User questions father's narrative and lack of self-reflection. NTA.

BitiumRibbon | BitiumRibbon

Poisoned relationship: Son values dad only for money 💸

TheCookie_Momster | TheCookie_Momster

Empathetic response suggests talking to son before making decision. 👍

Currycarib | Currycarib

A father struggles to connect with his son and refuses to fund college 💰

JackNotName | JackNotName

Father denied college fees, deemed NTA for financial abandonment

lloyd9929 | lloyd9929

NTA. Father withdrew, son can't expect financial support now. 👍

savethepangolins90 | savethepangolins90

Family isn't just about blood, it's about love. NTA 💕

singforfood | singforfood

NTA for not paying for uninterested son's college 👏

AndromedaGreen | AndromedaGreen

Divorced dad not paying for son's college due to ex's actions 💰

probably_not_carole | probably_not_carole

Being NTA, forgiving the son could lead to reconciliation 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Engaging with your son would have been better than accusing him. YTA 😔

phan801 | phan801

Moral dilemma: father should support his son despite past hurt. 👍

escape777 | escape777

Father refuses to pay for estranged son's college tuition. NTA 👍

From_The_Heart1020 | From_The_Heart1020

Ex-wife may have poisoned son's opinion of great father 🤔

cheesypuzzas | cheesypuzzas

NTA for refusing to give money to a distant son. 👍

teresajs | teresajs

Suggesting a compromise and offering support to improve relationship 👍

knixatemylunch | knixatemylunch

Son asks for college money, but dad refuses. NTA.

BlackWaygook | BlackWaygook

Cutting ties doesn't entitle anyone to money. Guilt-tripping is unacceptable 👍

Tired-and-stressed | Tired-and-stressed

NTA. Not obligated financially and may try reaching out later. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

User questions authenticity of post, suspects trolling or bias. 🤔

EggBoyandJuiceGirl | EggBoyandJuiceGirl

Father didn't invite son to graduation, but wants his money? NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Karma's a b*tch and he's paying the price. 😈

Fishyburn | Fishyburn

NTA for not paying, step-dad who abandoned kid is TA 👏

nifflersvault | nifflersvault

Building a relationship is important, but he's not entitled to money 💰

SoSayWeAllx | SoSayWeAllx

Heartfelt response from a 16-year-old offering sympathy and support ❤️

UniKing45 | UniKing45

The delicate balance of parental relationships and manipulation. 🤔

poyorick | poyorick

NTA for refusing to pay for son's college expenses!

-your__mom- | -your__mom-

Curious about where child support went? Let's find out! 🤔

Zenopus | Zenopus

Father refuses to pay son's college fees due to estrangement. NTA.

Horror-mrs | Horror-mrs

Ex-wife's wealthy ex could've paid for son's college, NTA.

sexylassy | sexylassy

Supportive comment on tough situation. NTA. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Compromise suggested for paying for son's college education. 👍

tinymechanist | tinymechanist

Rebuilding relationship after toxic grandparents. Empathizing with NTA's choice. 👏

MadGod1210 | MadGod1210

Son's entitlement leads to father's college funding withdrawal. NTA 👏

Dirtydirtyfag | Dirtydirtyfag

NTA. No obligation to pay but a gesture could help relationship 👍

aclockworksmorange | aclockworksmorange

Son tries to exploit dad for college money, NTA!

DrLilyPaddy | DrLilyPaddy

NTA by a slim margin but an opportunity to reconnect with son ❤️

BeTheChange_Engage | BeTheChange_Engage

Trying to reconnect with son who chose money over him. NTA.

SrBillion | SrBillion

NTA. Many students pay for college through loans or military.

Morbidylia | Morbidylia

Father stands his ground against son's financial manipulation. NTA 👍

tylernazario | tylernazario

Son wants money after years of no contact? NTA.

Mediocre_Omens | Mediocre_Omens

18-year-old son not entirely to blame, keep that in mind 😕

tandoori_taco_cat | tandoori_taco_cat

Neutral commenter suggests paying for son's college could re-bond them.

s2786 | s2786

Mother's alimony should pay for son's college, NTA comment

KBPredditQueen | KBPredditQueen

Nailed it! You're NTA and they're just leeching off you. 👏

Vaermina44 | Vaermina44

Son abandoned dad then asked for money. NTA wins 🏆

TasteTheGraveyard | TasteTheGraveyard

Father denies payment for son's college, comment approves. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA, but difficult family relationships can be heartbreaking. 😢

asian-disappointment | asian-disappointment

Divorce agreement and laws may override NTA status. 🤔

valjpal | valjpal

Choosing not to pay for college doesn't make you TA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Son ditched dad for money, now wants college funds? NTA.

Hutchoman87 | Hutchoman87

Reconnecting without money pressure, NTA all the way! 👏

chablis3 | chablis3

NTA, son replaced dad with stepdad, now expects money? 🤔

narniasreal | narniasreal

Father not responsible for ungrateful son's college tuition. 👍

Ak40-couchcusion | Ak40-couchcusion

Give him a chance but not a blank check. NTA.

judge1492 | judge1492

Rejected father deserves better than being an ATM 🙏

makeshiftmarty | makeshiftmarty

Bio dad not responsible for college after being replaced. 💸

CountrySax | CountrySax

Biology doesn't make the relationship. NTA for not paying.

sovereignsekte | sovereignsekte

Heartbreaking story, but NTA for not paying for son's college.

Svelva | Svelva

Son wants money after abandoning dad. NTA shuts it down.

casicapa22 | casicapa22

After years of no contact, son only reaches out for money. NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Father not obligated to pay for son's college due to estrangement.

slayer991 | slayer991

Opinionated comment deems both parties are in the wrong. 🤷🏼‍♀️

justapairofjeans | justapairofjeans

NTA. Commenter supports dad's decision to not fund son's college.

N3ssaW | N3ssaW

Son chooses stepdad over dad. NTA dad won't pay tuition.

ivana-sarevska | ivana-sarevska

Ex-wife caused a rift. NTA for not paying for college. 👍

aquara_themermaid | aquara_themermaid

NTA for not paying for ungrateful son's college tuition 👏

Mickey_MickeyG | Mickey_MickeyG

Stepfather's absence reveals son's true intentions. NTA wins.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Empathetic commenter offers support and relates to OP's experience. ❤️

bluenette23 | bluenette23

Divorce is messy and rarely has a clear victim or villain 😠

tofarr | tofarr

Father's bitterness towards ex-wife is hurting his son. YTA 😒

strnbll | strnbll

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