Boyfriend Tries to FORCE Drunk GF Onstage! 🤬 She Gets Last Laugh With EPIC Breakup! 💁‍♀️

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🎲 What happens in Vegas... doesn't always stay in Vegas! 🙊 Imagine going on a wild night out with your boo, only to have it turn into a relationship-ending fiasco! 💔 That's exactly what happened to our sassy protagonist, who found herself in a sticky situation at a hypnotism show. 😵 Buckle up, because this story is a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and some serious boundary-crossing! 😤 Let's dive in and see how this Vegas adventure unfolded... 👀

🍸 Tipsy in Vegas: A Night Out Gone Wrong 😵

wiffithepines | wiffithepines

🥴 Feeling the Buzz: Drunk and Not Ready for the Stage 🙅‍♀️

wiffithepines | wiffithepines

😠 Boyfriend Ignores Boundaries: Dragging Me to the Stage 😤

wiffithepines | wiffithepines

🙌 Crowd Goes Wild: Cheering for the Boyfriend's Antics 😒

wiffithepines | wiffithepines

😡 Double Standards: Being the 'Bad Guy' for His Sake 🤐

wiffithepines | wiffithepines

🍝 Going Full Noodle: Collapsing on the Stairs 😂

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💪 Bros Struggle: Trying to Lift the Noodly Girlfriend 🤣

wiffithepines | wiffithepines

❓ Concerned Spectator: 'Are You Okay?' 😲

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🎭 Hypnotist's Quip: Vegas, the Place to Find Yourself Single 😏

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🏨 Retreating to the Hotel: Sleeping It Off 😴

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☀️ Morning After: Ex-Boyfriend Wants to Talk 😬

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😡 Consent Is Not a Joke: Ignoring My 'No' 🚫

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🤔 Making a Bigger Scene: Avoiding the Unwanted Spotlight 🎪

wiffithepines | wiffithepines

😤 Pushing Boundaries: Not Okay in My Book 📕

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🎭 Hypnotism Hijinks: When 'No' Means Nothing to Your Man 😡

Well, well, well... looks like our girl's Vegas vacay took a turn for the worse when her boyfriend decided her 'no' was just a suggestion! 😒 Despite being drunk and uncomfortable, he tried to drag her on stage for a hypnotism show, ignoring her protests and even getting his brother to help manhandle her! 💪 Talk about a lack of respect! 🙅‍♀️ But our sassy queen wasn't having it - she went full noodle, collapsing on the stairs and making a scene that had the crowd in stitches! 🍝😂 The hypnotist even got in on the action, cracking jokes about Vegas being the perfect place to find yourself suddenly single. 😏 And that's exactly what happened - our girl dumped her man on the spot, much to his shock and anger. 😲😡 But hey, when your partner thinks it's funny to ignore your consent and push your boundaries, it's time to say 'bye Felicia!' 👋 Let's see what the internet thinks of this wild situation... 👀

Stage hypnotist should have screened for drunk people. NTA wins!

JansTurnipDealer | JansTurnipDealer

Consent is key! NTA stands up against forced participation. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect boundaries, even in birthday shenanigans. 🙌

313Wolverine | 313Wolverine

Girlfriend stands up to controlling boyfriend and ends relationship. ✌🏻

somewhat_pragmatic | somewhat_pragmatic

Consent is key! 👍 Good on you for standing up.

StellaSaysSo | StellaSaysSo

Dragging your girlfriend where she doesn't want to go? NTA wins

MsJamieFast | MsJamieFast

Dumping a controlling boyfriend in public: 😍💯

Oldlady0 | Oldlady0

NTA stands firm against abusive boyfriend's unacceptable behavior.

Chelular07 | Chelular07

Girlfriend stands up for herself and dumps pushy boyfriend. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breaking up with him on the spot was an EPIC response 👏

Gyrgir | Gyrgir

Boyfriend's selfishness backfires as girlfriend gets hilarious revenge. #NTA 🎤💔

MeadowEstelle | MeadowEstelle

BF ignored GF's 'no' at a show. She dumps him with wit 💁‍♀️

ClothesQueasy2828 | ClothesQueasy2828

Empowering response to hilarious NTA comment. 💪

devlin94 | devlin94

Respecting boundaries is key in a healthy relationship. 👍

brokeanail | brokeanail

Ignoring consent? Deserves humiliation. NTA gets last laugh 👏

mmahowald | mmahowald

Being NTA, commenter praises GF's awesomeness at the show. 👏

Jorbarip | Jorbarip

Girl stands up for herself and ends a bad relationship 💪

sharp-Yarn | sharp-Yarn

Don't let anyone tell you your boundaries are up for discussion 👏

jkelsey84 | jkelsey84

Respect and autonomy are crucial in relationships. 🙌

Cassinys | Cassinys

Defending oneself in humiliating situations with social anxiety. 🤬

FlakeyGurl | FlakeyGurl

NTA. Dragging a non-consenting girlfriend on stage? Good riddance! 💯

jaynsand | jaynsand

Don't let anyone pressure you into doing something uncomfortable 🙌

survival-nut | survival-nut

Respectful rejection leads to epic breakup. 👌

Conscious_Air_2466 | Conscious_Air_2466

Empowering comment on setting boundaries and leaving toxic relationships. 👏

PittieLover1 | PittieLover1

NTA. You go. All power to the noodle queen! 💯

Etoiaster | Etoiaster

Defending the girlfriend who refused to be forced onstage 💪

SJoyD | SJoyD

Ex's lack of awareness is shocking. NTA 😱

bikerbackpack | bikerbackpack

Dumping a controlling boyfriend? NTA and well done! 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex-boyfriend's actions described as predatory and non-consensual. #NTA 👏

ThePatriarchyIsTrash | ThePatriarchyIsTrash

Breaking up with him like that makes you an absolute legend! 🎉

NotUsingMyRealName16 | NotUsingMyRealName16

Forced onstage by drunk boyfriend, NTA dumps him. 👏

notrightmeowthx | notrightmeowthx

🙅‍♀️NTA, don't ignore red flags. You made the right call.

asfinfrock | asfinfrock

Boyfriend's inappropriate behavior defended by no one. 💯

Nietvani | Nietvani

NTA. He tried to humiliate her on stage. Epic breakup!

laughingBaguette | laughingBaguette

👏 Standing up for yourself and being a class act. #NTA

VerminJerky | VerminJerky

Empowering reply to a woman who stood up for herself 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respectful commenter refuses to be dragged on stage by boyfriend.

FormalJellyfish4683 | FormalJellyfish4683

Boyfriend tried to force drunk GF onstage, NTA, what a jerk! 🤬

LadyKlepsydra | LadyKlepsydra

Girlfriend shares similar experience and stands up against peer pressure.

stephers85 | stephers85

Epic breakup steals the show in Great Moments history 😂

rocketeerH | rocketeerH

Hypnotist didn't handle it well, NTA for wanting out.

squigs | squigs

Dumping your ex was the right move 💪🏼 Consent is crucial

FPFan | FPFan

Empowering response to assault, sets clear boundaries. ✊

Malgorath666 | Malgorath666

Dumping controlling boyfriend after drunk incident 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries and breaking up in style! You go girl! 🙌

Live-Courage-3091 | Live-Courage-3091

Dumping controlling boyfriend who tried to force drunk GF onstage 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Boyfriend forced drunk GF on stage. Deserves better partner. 👏

FormalRaccoon637 | FormalRaccoon637

Don't mess with a woman's autonomy 👊🏼

Substantial-Bee122 | Substantial-Bee122

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