Friendship Put to the Ultimate Test by a CRAZY Ketchup Scheme 😳

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🚨 Buckle up, folks! We've got a juicy tale of friendship, dreams, and... ketchup?! 🍅 Meet our protagonist, caught in a sticky situation with their ketchup-crazed bestie, Zoltar. 😱 This condiment connoisseur has cooked up a wild scheme to launch his own ketchup empire, but not everyone's on board with his saucy shenanigans! 🙅‍♂️ Will our hero join the ketchup caper, or risk losing a friend over a few tomatoes? 🤔 Let's dive into this tangy drama and find out! 🍿

🍅 Meet Zoltar: The Ketchup-Obsessed Dreamer! 🌟

ketchupinquiry | ketchupinquiry

🚀 Zoltar's Ultimate Creation: The Best Ketchup Yet? 🤔

ketchupinquiry | ketchupinquiry

🎯 Zoltar's Grand Plan: Conquering the Ketchup Game! 😈

ketchupinquiry | ketchupinquiry

🎭 The Ketchup Caper: Zoltar's Restaurant Scheme! 🍟

ketchupinquiry | ketchupinquiry

📜 Memorizing Lines: The Script for Ketchup Domination! 🎬

ketchupinquiry | ketchupinquiry

🗣️ The Ketchup Critic: Butting In for Better Condiments! 😅

ketchupinquiry | ketchupinquiry

🎩 Enter the Ketchup Chef: Zoltar's Big Reveal! 😲

ketchupinquiry | ketchupinquiry

🎺 Trumpeting the Triumph: The Best Ketchup Ever Made! 📣

ketchupinquiry | ketchupinquiry

🤝 The Ketchup Pitch: Convincing the Manager! 💼

ketchupinquiry | ketchupinquiry

💰 The Ketchup Conquest: Zoltar's Master Plan! 🏆

ketchupinquiry | ketchupinquiry

🙅‍♂️ Saying No to the Ketchup Show: My Refusal! 😬

ketchupinquiry | ketchupinquiry

💔 Friendship on the Rocks: Zoltar's Disappointment! 😢

ketchupinquiry | ketchupinquiry

🤷‍♂️ Torn Between Friends: Am I the Jerk? 😕

ketchupinquiry | ketchupinquiry

🍅 The Great Ketchup Caper: A Friendship on the Brink! 😱

Well, well, well... looks like Zoltar's ketchup dreams have landed our protagonist in a pretty pickle! 🥒 With friends divided and a restaurant scheme that's sure to raise some eyebrows, it's no wonder tensions are running high. 😬 But hey, who hasn't had a crazy friend with a wild idea or two? 🤪 The real question is, how far would YOU go for your bestie's condiment-fueled fantasies? 🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this saucy situation! 🗣️

Hilarious ketchup scheme gets called out by NTA commenter.

Bethany0821 | Bethany0821

A witty comment on ketchup genius and lesser minds 🤣

desperately_lonely | desperately_lonely

Calling out fake script in a hilarious ketchup scheme NTA.

jseqtor12 | jseqtor12

Regulations and cottage laws - this ketchup scheme is doomed 😞

GardenCookiePest | GardenCookiePest

Ketchup chefs always scheming 😒 NAH, just walk in and show them the ketchup 🍅

ZweiDunkleJungen | ZweiDunkleJungen

Encouraging NTA comment suggests alternative plan for friend's ketchup business 👍

iheartyourpsyche | iheartyourpsyche

Zoltar takes on Big Ketchup with organic, $10-a-bottle scheme. 😎

daughterofervin | daughterofervin

Friend's ketchup scheme gets wild support for epic story potential 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Embrace the awkwardness and make a memorable story for years 😂

a-base | a-base

Starting small with local farmers markets is a smarter move 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

A skeptical comment about homemade ketchup inspired by Seinfeld.

dex1984 | dex1984

User declines to record friend's terrible ketchup scheme pitch.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Support for grandiose ketchup marketing plan with humor and creativity.

ketchup-is-gross | ketchup-is-gross

Reminiscing about Parks and Rec's Snake Juice catastrophe 😂

megdonalds | megdonalds

Homemade ketchup scheme gets roasted for poor planning and understanding.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Bonding over food - the ultimate friendship goal 🍕

Spotzie27 | Spotzie27

Ketchup chef passes friendship test, no a-hole here 😊

geminiyas | geminiyas

Ketchup was mushroom sauce? Mind blown! 🤯

NotManicAndNotPixie | NotManicAndNotPixie

Friend's ketchup scheme is deluded, no restaurant would buy it 😒

therealalicejane | therealalicejane

Former chef explains why friend's ketchup scheme is doomed 🤷‍♂️

Icmedia | Icmedia

A commenter jokingly criticizes the poster for not sharing the crazy ketchup scheme and missing the opportunity to be a ground floor investor. 😂

PeterM1970 | PeterM1970

Friend's ketchup scheme might backfire, better distance yourself. NTA.

about2godown | about2godown

Restaurant manager appreciates creative ketchup scheme that won't work.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Permission needed! Suggests creative solution with toothpicks and Costco 😊

implodemode | implodemode

Not the a**hole for recommending a delicious sandwich 🥪👍

pigsfly34 | pigsfly34

Reader finds hilarious post cringy and wants video evidence

[deleted] | [deleted]

NAH, friend is a hilarious weirdo, but I'm out 🤣🍅

witchylux | witchylux

Salesman's ketchup scheme gets him blacklisted from restaurant ops

monsignorbabaganoush | monsignorbabaganoush

Support your friend's ketchup scheme! Today Heinz falls 🙌

Ravager55 | Ravager55

Ketchup scheme gets roasted for being idiotic and childish 😳

henchwench89 | henchwench89

Hilarious ketchup scheme stress test, NTA for extra-ness 😂

well_now_what_dude | well_now_what_dude

Building a following can help his ketchup business succeed 🍅

Orchidpeanuts | Orchidpeanuts

Ketchup scheme fun but bad business strategy. NTA decision.

Thelonius16 | Thelonius16

Accusation of fake submission and ableism in comments

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supporting a friend's crazy scheme - NTA with a warning

Samurai_PR | Samurai_PR

Hilarious ketchup scheme: commenters can't stop laughing 😂

risasmiles18 | risasmiles18

Skeptical commenter thinks ketchup scheme is NUTS. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Support your friend's magical ketchup scheme and his dreams 🙌

freakwent | freakwent

Concerned about friend's mental health, suggests possibility of bipolar disorder 😔

whita309 | whita309

Organic ketchup may find a market in farm-to-table restaurants 🌱

Zafjaf | Zafjaf

Hilarious comment leaves readers in stitches 🤣

Jessbies | Jessbies

Hilarious comment shuts down ketchup sale gone wrong. 🤣

cheesecleh | cheesecleh

Hilarious fake story inspires aspiring writer compliment 🤣👌

cranialdrain | cranialdrain

Skeptical commenter warns against CRAZY ketchup scheme. Hilarious anticipation ensues 😂

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ketchup lover praises homemade ketchup in engaging way 😍

catsdontsmile | catsdontsmile

One friend wants a wild night, others stick to beer 🍺

Lodalo33 | Lodalo33

Tomato flavor crusade against ketchup tyranny 🥓

GrooveBat | GrooveBat

Skepticism towards fake post, karma grabbing accusation 🤔

_stringtheory | _stringtheory

Ketchup madness! NTA for finding it hilarious and ridiculous.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Laughter unites NAH in epic ketchup scheme post 😂

jmgreen5 | jmgreen5

Doubting the authenticity of a crazy ketchup scheme. NTA.

Sluaghlock | Sluaghlock

Feeling the cringe while reading this crazy ketchup scheme 😳 #NTA

pillmayken | pillmayken

A funny and harmless ketchup scheme that could make a great commercial 😂

chosenoname | chosenoname

Embrace the chaos and become Ketchup-Craving Diner #2 🍔🍟

foobarney | foobarney

NTA suggests alternative to ketchup scheme for nervous friend.

brice587 | brice587

Ketchup obsession reaches spiritual level for commenter. 🤩

Zeck683 | Zeck683

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