Girl's Dreams CRUSHED by Overbearing Parents' Invasive 'Editing'! 😡

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🖊️ Imagine being a young, passionate writer, pouring your heart and soul into your stories... only to have your parents crush your dreams with their overbearing "editing" and invasion of privacy! 😱 This poor soul's love for writing was snuffed out by the very people who should have been nurturing it. 💔 Buckle up, because this tale of parental overreach is a wild ride! 🎢

🖊️ A Young Writer's Passion 📚

confused_aita | confused_aita

📝 Ambitious Novel at 13 ✨

confused_aita | confused_aita

👀 Parents Insist on Reading Everything 🧐

confused_aita | confused_aita

🖨️ Printing & Marking Up Pages with Red Pens 🔍

confused_aita | confused_aita

❌ Crossing Out Paragraphs & Reworking Characters 😤

confused_aita | confused_aita

😢 Mom's Tears & Lectures on "God Given Talent" 🙏

confused_aita | confused_aita

🕵️‍♀️ Parents Snooping Through Notebooks 📓

confused_aita | confused_aita

😡 Hating the Invasion of Privacy 🚫

confused_aita | confused_aita

📔 Dad Reads Diary, Thinking It's a Story 😱

confused_aita | confused_aita

✍️ Desire to Write Officially Killed at 16 💔

confused_aita | confused_aita

🤐 Sparing Parents' Feelings with Excuses 😶

confused_aita | confused_aita

😠 Parents Lose It, Screaming & Yelling 🗣️

confused_aita | confused_aita

🏃‍♀️ OP Leaves, Gets Texts from Relatives 📱

confused_aita | confused_aita

🙏 Thank You for the Support! 🤗

confused_aita | confused_aita

😢 Traumatizing Diary Incident 📔

confused_aita | confused_aita

🗣️ Parents Take Turns Screaming for an Hour 😱

confused_aita | confused_aita

😔 Passion Dead for Good, Feeling Humiliated & Violated 💔

confused_aita | confused_aita

😢 Parents' Pushy "Editing" Kills Young Writer's Passion 💔

Well, well, well... looks like we've got a classic case of parents taking their "support" way too far! 🙄 Our young writer poured their heart into their stories, only to have Mom and Dad tear them apart with red pens and boundary-stomping snooping. 🚫📝 It's no wonder the poor thing's passion for writing was snuffed out like a candle in a hurricane! 🌪️✍️ Let's see what the internet has to say about this parental overreach fiasco... 👀💬

Empathetic support for a victim of controlling parents 😢

hallec19 | hallec19

Heartbreaking story of overbearing parents crushing their child's dreams 😢

sgdoherty | sgdoherty

Aspiring writer gets crushed by overbearing parents' harsh editing. 💔

WolfGoddess77 | WolfGoddess77

A heartbreaking story of parental criticism and its lasting impact 😢

Davor_Penguin | Davor_Penguin

Your parents don't deserve your talents. NTA 👏

paramoist | paramoist

Parents killed her talent, NTA for speaking truth. 👏

pablo5280 | pablo5280

Parents forced commenter into choir, kicked them out for quitting.

coniferous-1 | coniferous-1

Supportive commenter empathizes with OP's struggle with invasive parents.

AlunWH | AlunWH

Respect privacy and give space for artistic growth 🤓

duurrrplant | duurrrplant

Writer validates OP's NTA status and advises to emotionally distance.

darthvadersbanana | darthvadersbanana

Writer shares personal experience, offers support and encouragement. 👏

evilsir | evilsir

Encouraging comment suggests cutting out toxic family and pursuing writing 📝

Theresajanehall | Theresajanehall

Overbearing parents ruin child's dreams, reminiscent of crazy dance moms. 😱

OpossumExpert | OpossumExpert

Encouraging comment, empathizing with OP's situation and complimenting their guinea pig story. 📝👍

adshef | adshef

Editing is about helping the story, not controlling the writer 👍

Wordnerdinthecity | Wordnerdinthecity

Supportive comment offers advice and shares personal experience. 👍

in_the_sunshine_i_am | in_the_sunshine_i_am

Encouraging comment supporting OP's decision to control their own work.

SqueaksBCOD | SqueaksBCOD

Supportive comment from parent, empathizing with OP's struggles. 😟

verygoodusername789 | verygoodusername789

Standing up for boundaries and refusing to be taken advantage of! 💪

LitheXD | LitheXD

Overbearing mom ruins daughter's passion for photography 😢

SoulonFire13 | SoulonFire13

Impressive writing skills, but overbearing parents ruined the dream 🤦

ChangeTheFocus | ChangeTheFocus

Sibling's laughter killed my confidence, can't imagine parent's harsh editing. 😔

SaicoSandwich | SaicoSandwich

Don't let others steal your joy in creating art 🙌

Enlightened_Gardener | Enlightened_Gardener

Parents' controlling notion that 'everything you create is theirs' is bizarre 😕

awill237 | awill237

Invasive parents forced editing & sharing. So many questions 🤔

quincess | quincess

Overbearing parents crush child's passion for writing. NTA for speaking up. 😢

Lodgik | Lodgik

Heartfelt encouragement to pursue passion despite parental discouragement. ❤️

proassassin00 | proassassin00

Overbearing parents ruin child's passion for music. Heartbreaking. 😢

pukui7 | pukui7

Parents ruin child's hobby by forcing it into a business 😢

S8tanicToaster | S8tanicToaster

Heartbreaking story of overbearing parents and their obliviousness to damage caused.

JadeSpade23 | JadeSpade23

Honesty isn't always easy, but it's better than invasive editing 🙏

bluebell435 | bluebell435

NTA - Overbearing parents crushed girl's dreams for their own bragging rights 😡

Wolfy-Corpse | Wolfy-Corpse

Long walks can help recapture creativity. NTA.

Arsenicinchickenmeat | Arsenicinchickenmeat

Don't let overbearing parents crush your dreams! Cut them out. 👏

CrypticBogBadger | CrypticBogBadger

Invading a child's privacy is a major AH move 😡

TiMe2KiLL1313 | TiMe2KiLL1313

Encouraging comment suggests alternative route for writing career. 👍

AnimalLover38 | AnimalLover38

Overbearing parents crushed girl's dreams by editing her writing. NTA.

sukinsyn | sukinsyn

Protect your writing with Google Docs' secure password feature! 👍

Asobimo | Asobimo

Encouraging comment to get back to writing with a positive outlook 👍

Hollybanger45 | Hollybanger45

Overbearing parents crush daughter's dreams of writing. Friend relates.

justcallmephil35 | justcallmephil35

Parents' overbearing editing killed poster's passion for writing 😢

thenodemaster1 | thenodemaster1

Supportive comment against abusive parents' invasive editing. 👏

Lemon123-- | Lemon123--

NTA. Share the post on Facebook to show the truth. 👍

Cyb0rg-SluNk | Cyb0rg-SluNk

Supportive comment and relatable experience with empathetic tone. ❤️

babamum | babamum

Supportive comment suggests low contact with possibly mentally ill parents.

JaneRenee | JaneRenee

Parents overstep boundaries, commenter suggests alternative career for mother.

flci | flci

Constructive criticism is important, but this is invasive and terrible. NTA 👏

kaitou1011 | kaitou1011

Encouragement matters. Lack of it can kill creativity. 👏

LadyCatTree | LadyCatTree

Overbearing parents crushed girl's creativity and deserve accountability. 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Overbearing parents destroy child's passion, NTA empathizes. 😢

Kissing_Stars | Kissing_Stars

Helicopter parents can scar their kids for life. NTA.

dissociated97 | dissociated97

Parental censorship of creative work is a violation of privacy 👏

ArcWolf713 | ArcWolf713

Overbearing parents killed her spirit, NTA for blocking relatives 😡

FondofFrogs | FondofFrogs

Invasive parents crushed their child's love for writing. NTA. 😡

nerdalesca | nerdalesca

Parents ruin girl's writing dreams. Commenter supports her. 😡

Laxilus | Laxilus

Regain your passion and share it with the world! You're NTA 👏

aspiegamer95 | aspiegamer95

Overbearing parents crushed girl's dreams of writing. NTA.

pandora_0924 | pandora_0924

Don't force your help onto others, offer advice instead! 🙏

yerroslawsum | yerroslawsum

Supportive comment with angry tone. Empathy for OP's situation.

ApostatePipe | ApostatePipe

Empathetic reply sympathizes with oppressive parents' behavior.

simmithemon | simmithemon

Writing a book to spite abusive parents? NTA, just brilliant! 📖👌

Qwerty-03 | Qwerty-03

Heartbreaking stories of overbearing parents crushing their child's dreams 😢

Aftermath82 | Aftermath82

Respectful boundaries are crucial, NTA for standing up.

Unidentifiedten | Unidentifiedten

Don't let nitpicky corrections crush the creativity in you! 💫

Traveling_Piggy | Traveling_Piggy

Sharing personal writing with overbearing parents: NTA, they took it too far 😢

Luwe95 | Luwe95

Don't give up on writing! NTA. Your parents invaded your privacy 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

"Raised by narcissists" sub can help identify toxic behaviors 👍

geishageishageisha | geishageishageisha

Writing is a personal outlet, not a battleground for criticism 👍

Clickforfreebeer | Clickforfreebeer

Supportive comment offers hope to writer, asks about parents' motives.

chunkychapstick | chunkychapstick

Parents editing a child's hobby writing, NTA comment sympathizes.

ImAlreadyTracerBoii | ImAlreadyTracerBoii

Overbearing parents crushed girl's writing dreams. Sympathetic commenters offer support. 😢

Book_Hoarding_Dragon | Book_Hoarding_Dragon

Encouraging comment hopes OP rediscovers passion for writing 🙏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment validates OP's experience with narcissistic parents. 👏

amandaflash | amandaflash

Heartfelt support for victim of invasive parents. 😢

Suedeltica | Suedeltica

Supportive comment encourages OP to continue programming despite overbearing parents 🙏

Iwilleaturnuggetsuwu | Iwilleaturnuggetsuwu

Parental editing crosses a line. NTA gets negative points 👍

AngelDust1234 | AngelDust1234

Encouraging comment, reminding to create freely. NTA.

hazebaby | hazebaby

Overbearing parents crushed dreams, NTA for keeping love secret 😡

CJsopinion | CJsopinion

Parents crush child's creativity for personal gain. NTA.

IWannaManatee | IWannaManatee

A helpful recommendation for support and resources. 🙏

iambapy | iambapy

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