Vegetarian POISONED by Roommate's Sneaky Cooking! 🍚😱

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🍚 Buckle up, folks! We've got a spicy story straight from the kitchen of drama! 🔥 When a vegetarian guest helps herself to a seemingly innocent bowl of rice, little does she know it's hiding a meaty secret! 😱 Our protagonist, a meat-loving chef, finds themselves in a sticky situation when accusations of poisoning and fake allergies start flying around! 🤢 Will this culinary catastrophe tear apart friendships and leave a bitter taste in everyone's mouths? 😬 Let's dive in and find out! 🍿

🍚 The Rice Incident: A Vegetarian's Nightmare! 😱

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🧹 Alice: The Tidy Guest Who Overstays Her Welcome? 🤔

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🍽️ The Roommate Food Pact: Sharing is Caring! 😋

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🥗 Alice's Alleged Allergy: A Vegetarian's Dilemma! 😰

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🧪 OP's Allergy Protocol: Going Above and Beyond! 👨‍🍳

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🥩 OP's Meaty Meals: A Carnivore's Delight! 🍗

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🍚 The Chicken Broth Bombshell: Alice's Shocking Discovery! 😲

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😡 Alice's Anger: The Note That Never Was! 📝

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🍽️ The Fridge Fiasco: Alice's Secret Snacking Exposed! 😳

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🤢 The Poisoning Accusation: OP's Defensive Reaction! 🗣️

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🤒 Alice's Dramatic Display: Is She Really Sick? 🤨

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🗳️ The Friend Jury: Should OP Have Left a Note? 🤔

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🍽️ OP's Food, OP's Rules: Was Alice Lied To? 🤥

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🤷‍♀️ The Roommate's Dilemma: To Apologize or Not to Apologize? 😕

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🗳️ The Final Verdict: Is OP the A-hole? 🤔

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🍚 The Great Rice Debate: Vegetarian Vs. Meat-Lover! 🥩

Well, well, well... looks like we've got ourselves a classic case of miscommunication and misunderstanding! 😅 Our protagonist, the meat-loving chef, thought they were doing their due diligence by accommodating their vegetarian guest's alleged allergy. 🥗 But little did they know, their guest had been secretly snacking on their meaty creations all along! 😱 When the truth came out, accusations of poisoning and fake allergies started flying faster than a chicken in a butcher shop! 🍗💨 Now, the internet is divided on who's really at fault here. 🤔 Should our protagonist have left a note warning their guest about the meaty contents of their fridge? 📝 Or was the guest in the wrong for assuming everything was vegetarian-friendly? 🥦 One thing's for sure, this culinary catastrophe has left everyone with a bad taste in their mouths! 🤢 Let's see what the internet has to say about this saucy situation... 🌶️👀

Roommate with fake allergy complains about meat in vegetarian's food 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Vegetarian roommate eats food without checking, blames cook. NTA.

maybenomaybe | maybenomaybe

Roommate apologizes for poisoning vegetarian with chicken leftovers 😊

SnowlessWhite | SnowlessWhite

Bait-and-switch title, but OP is NTA for not policing fridge 🍴


Allergy responsibility: NTA comment shuts down accommodating culture. 👍

SharpNectarine8 | SharpNectarine8

Roommate not at fault for vegetarian's extreme food preferences. 😒

dreadedbeedee | dreadedbeedee

NTA. Roommate stealing food and faking allergy for sympathy. 🙄

Dusty_Old_Bones | Dusty_Old_Bones

Roommate sneaks meat into veggie's food; commenter defends cook's actions.

heyuiuitsme | heyuiuitsme

Vegetarian roommate not entitled to your food, NTA 👍

Argent_Magpie | Argent_Magpie

Vegetarian defends self after roommate fakes meat allergy. NTA 👍

Savefunction | Savefunction

Respect boundaries, even if you're a vegetarian. 🚫

orangelego | orangelego

Misleading title, but NTA for not labeling your food 👍

allabouttheUke | allabouttheUke

Roommate's sneaky cooking backfires, commenters side with the vegetarian. 🥦

WretchedFilthDay | WretchedFilthDay

Roommate's drama queen behavior not your fault. NTA. 💯

dumpsterfireofalife | dumpsterfireofalife

Stand your ground! You're not her personal chef 💪

jelqlord | jelqlord

Food allergy rule reminder: Know what you eat. NTA

redsetded | redsetded

Roommate accused of faking allergy, tensions rise in apartment 🤔

narutodeservesbetter | narutodeservesbetter

Don't eat food without knowing the ingredients 🙄

bookwyrmnotworm | bookwyrmnotworm

NTA for not catering to roommate's food needs. 🤷‍♀️

Agirlnamedsue2 | Agirlnamedsue2

Roommate's allergy, roommate's responsibility. NTA 👍


Vegan sister claims milk allergy but eats non-vegan food. NTA.

sabreyna | sabreyna

Taking food allergies seriously. Don't trust others with cooking! 🚫🍴

Befub14435 | Befub14435

Roommate's allergies not yours, NTA for not accommodating her.

JazzDad48236 | JazzDad48236

Roommate gets what she deserves for eating someone else's food.


Being vegetarian doesn't mean being a chef. NTA 🌱

Snowfall2457 | Snowfall2457

Vegetarian not at fault for roommate's sneaky cooking! 🌱🚫🍲

shiboopee | shiboopee

Gluten-free roommate shares cautionary tale about communal fridge mishap 🤯

GFdesserts | GFdesserts

Respect dietary restrictions and avoid offending others. 🙌

Weaksoul | Weaksoul

Being NTA doesn't mean dismissing allergy concerns 🤔

Joshuainlimbo | Joshuainlimbo

Being a vegetarian doesn't mean others have to cater to you 🌱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Vegan praises accommodations, suggests personal responsibility for dietary restrictions.

realtimetimereal0605 | realtimetimereal0605

Compassionate NTA accommodates roommate's diet, but still gets poisoned. 🤢

Dark_Phoenix25 | Dark_Phoenix25

Vegetarian not the a**hole for roommate's sneaky cooking!

tfb885 | tfb885

As a vegan of 2 years, NTA. It's her responsibility to check food.

glowingsnakeplant | glowingsnakeplant

Assuming all unlisted food is off limits. Good advice! 👍

MagicianNew | MagicianNew

It's fair game policy but safety is her responsibility. 😊

RagaMuffinSun | RagaMuffinSun

Vegetarian accidentally eats meat, NTA says accidents happen, ignorance is bliss.

flowers4u | flowers4u

Roommate's sneaky cooking not cool. NTA for keeping meat.

MinFarshaw- | MinFarshaw-

Vegetarian roommate eats non-vegetarian food, NTA refuses to apologize.

annie0wilkes | annie0wilkes

Sharing a fridge doesn't mean sharing dietary responsibility 👍

cp2895 | cp2895

Respectful vegan comments on food privacy and accountability. NTA.

Hyponeutral | Hyponeutral

Stand up for yourself and your food. NTA 👍

aspiringwriter21 | aspiringwriter21

Being considerate of dietary restrictions avoids roommate conflicts 😊

NuggetTheSundew | NuggetTheSundew

Misunderstood comment leads to NTA judgement. Ask before eating.

Rule34TookMyName | Rule34TookMyName

Responsibility of vegetarian to ensure veggie-friendly food. NTA.

MistakesForSheep | MistakesForSheep

Roommate accused of poisoning vegetarian, commenter doubts allergy claims 😑

rumf00rd | rumf00rd

Guest expects too much, commenter not the a**hole 👍

RyanKennedy911 | RyanKennedy911

Don't be a doormat! Stand up for yourself. 👊

SnowWhiteCampCat | SnowWhiteCampCat

Don't apologize, NTA. Roommate should tell their friend, not you. 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Roommate lies about allergy, vegetarian not responsible for her accommodation 😐

privlaged-and-white | privlaged-and-white

Roommate's sneaky cooking poisons vegetarian, commenter says NTA

bambamkablam | bambamkablam

Offering an apology to crazy roommates for closure. 🤝

Djcool1000 | Djcool1000

Vegetarian defends OP, deems roommate self-centered. #NTA 🌱

LimeAF | LimeAF

New vegetarian's roommate sneaks in non-veg food. YTA or NTA?

BadAxxJames | BadAxxJames

Roommate lies about allergies and steals food, but blames OP? 😱 NTA

RStyleV8 | RStyleV8

Understanding the different types of meat allergies and reactions 👨‍⚕️🍖

wildlyn | wildlyn

Roommate's cooking poisons vegetarian, but accommodating. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Vegetarian shares tips on living with non-vegetarian roommates. 🥕

lklemps | lklemps

Stand up for your dietary needs. NTA 🌱

pandab00p | pandab00p

Vegetarian blamed for being poisoned by non-vegetarian roommate.

And3riel | And3riel

Allergies are serious, lying about it is unacceptable. Don't cook for them.

SweetCakeShy | SweetCakeShy

Debunking meat allergy and questioning roommate's actions. 😕

bcvickers | bcvickers

Roommate accuses vegetarian of stealing food; internet divides. 💪

[deleted] | [deleted]

Respect dietary restrictions or pay the consequences 😜

Aniram93 | Aniram93

Allergy responsibility is on the individual, not the roommate. 💁‍♀️

thtbtchcrlbskin | thtbtchcrlbskin

Calling out a lying roommate's sneaky poisoning! 😱

deadhoe9 | deadhoe9

Set boundaries with roommates to avoid food-related conflicts. 😊

Steampunk_Batman | Steampunk_Batman

Roommate's sneaky cooking backfires, vegetarian not at fault. 😊

[deleted] | [deleted]

No good deed goes unpunished! NTA 🙌

ebwoods1 | ebwoods1

Roommate's sneaky cooking leads to vegetarian getting poisoned. Commenter believes the roommate is NTA and the vegetarian is a drama queen. 😱

shinyalcremie19 | shinyalcremie19

Vegetarian takes responsibility for not asking, doubts roommate's honesty 🥦🤔

TestyParasite | TestyParasite

Context is key! NTA for not poisoning your vegetarian roommate 😊

KyliaQuilor | KyliaQuilor

Roommate eats vegetarian's food, gets sick, blames them. NTA 👍

UnDeadPuff | UnDeadPuff

Food allergy awareness and roommate etiquette. NTA 😊

compassionfever | compassionfever

Roommate serves meat to vegetarian, NTA suggests asking ingredients politely.

Dana07620 | Dana07620

Don't apologize! 🙅‍♀️ Allergy or not, she ate YOUR food. NTA.

delightful_butterfly | delightful_butterfly

Roommate's dietary restrictions don't obligate you to cater to them. 👍

WetMonkeyTalk | WetMonkeyTalk

Roommate poisons vegetarian, but commenter says NTA for calling them out 🤢

TB_Agent8 | TB_Agent8

Roommate takes advantage of hospitality and complains about free food. NTA.

Unit-Healthy | Unit-Healthy

Roommate learns a spicy lesson about food theft 😂

WW76kh | WW76kh

Responsibility of food restrictions lies with the eater, not cook. 👍

crystalnoellyn | crystalnoellyn

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