Mom TRICKS Daughter into Babysitting Unruly Kids! 😠 The Disastrous Result...

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Picture this: you're a 16-year-old girl who agrees to babysit your little sister for some extra cash. Sounds simple, right? 😏 Well, not quite. Our protagonist finds herself in a whirlwind of chaos when her mom springs a surprise on her: she'll be babysitting not just her sister, but her three young cousins as well! 😱 Talk about a plot twist! As if that wasn't enough, her mom's reasoning for this sudden change is... questionable, to say the least. So, is our young heroine justified in feeling betrayed, or should she just suck it up and deal with the unexpected challenge? 🤷‍♀️ Let's dive into the story and find out...

A Simple Babysitting Request 🍼

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Money on My Mind 💰

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Unexpected Cleaning Day 🧹

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Cousins' Surprise Visit 🤯

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Miscommunication or Manipulation? 🤔

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Cousins: The Ultimate Challenge 💥

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Sisterly Support... or Lack Thereof 😒

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Feeling Betrayed 😠

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Payment Negotiations 💸

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Mom's Ultimatum 🚨

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

The Payment Plan 🤑

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Babysitting: The Aftermath 😵

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Hide and Seek Gone Wrong 🙈

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Broken Snow Globe and Headaches 🤕

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Never Again 🚫

SeungminSeason | SeungminSeason

Babysitting Gone Wild: A Tale of Betrayal and Chaos 😰

Our 16-year-old protagonist thought she had a simple babysitting gig lined up, only to discover her mom had invited her three young cousins over as well, turning her night into a living nightmare! 😱 With her mom using her grades as leverage, she's left feeling cornered and betrayed. The night unfolds with broken snow globes, lost children, and a pounding headache. 💥 With payment uncertain and the experience leaving her scarred, she swears off babysitting forever. But was she in the right to feel so wronged? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

Don't let anyone take advantage of you! You're NTA 👏

StonewallBrigade21 | StonewallBrigade21

Teen babysits 4 toddlers, NTA for refusing. Double NTA?

RevRagnarok | RevRagnarok

Deceived by mom, justified in anger. Refuse work without compensation. 👍

Cei-U | Cei-U

Stand up for yourself and don't let anyone change terms 💪

redhoratio | redhoratio

Not even for one, let alone four toddlers! 💸

No-Locksmith-8590 | No-Locksmith-8590

Mom pulls bait and switch on daughter for babysitting. #NTA

Ok_Childhood_9774 | Ok_Childhood_9774

Creative solution to avoid babysitting unruly kids! 😂

Successful_Bath1200 | Successful_Bath1200

Experienced educator refuses to babysit unruly kids. NTA 👍

Ok_Stable7501 | Ok_Stable7501

Charge upfront to avoid future babysitting trap. 💰

JollyForce9237 | JollyForce9237

Stand your ground and refuse to babysit. 💪 Let her figure it out.

Tranqup | Tranqup

16-year-old refuses to babysit 4 kids 5 and under. NTA.

arachnia730 | arachnia730

Stand up for yourself and say no to free labor! 💪

LostBody3801 | LostBody3801

Babysitting five young kids at once is overwhelming and exhausting. #NTA

Reese9951 | Reese9951

Don't let anyone trick you into babysitting, stand your ground! 🙏

TabbyTuxedo06 | TabbyTuxedo06

Babysitting 4 unruly kids for free? NTA says demand payment! 💪

takatine | takatine

Fair point 🤔 Shouldn't be taken for granted

Agitated_Ad_5774 | Agitated_Ad_5774

Set boundaries and say no! Don't be taken advantage of.

yoshi320 | yoshi320

Teenager stands up to parents, refuses to be unpaid babysitter.

Traditional-Bag-4508 | Traditional-Bag-4508

Set up strict rules so Mom doesn't trick you again 😠

wlfwrtr | wlfwrtr

NTA mom refuses to babysit 4 kids under 5, including an infant

Slow_Nature_6833 | Slow_Nature_6833

Creative solution to ensure fair treatment and payment. 💡💰

ContributionIcy5832 | ContributionIcy5832

Asserting boundaries with parents as a teenager is tough 😢

similar_name4489 | similar_name4489

Creative pay scale suggestion for babysitting. 💰

LetMeFixDat4u | LetMeFixDat4u

Experienced grandma refuses to babysit unruly kids. NTBA 🙌

Illustrious-Mind-683 | Illustrious-Mind-683

Suggests forming a babysitting team with friends instead of cousins. 👥

latents | latents

Mom lied to trick daughter into babysitting unruly kids 😠

RugbyKats | RugbyKats

Standing up for yourself against manipulative parents 💪

My_friends_are_toys | My_friends_are_toys

Stand your ground and know your rights when it comes to babysitting 👊

flotiste | flotiste

Setting boundaries with family and getting paid for babysitting. 👍

Cannabis_CatSlave | Cannabis_CatSlave

When your mom sees a C grade and thinks free labor 🤪

samann12 | samann12

Creative ways to get revenge on bad babysitting gigs 😅

kuken_i_fittan | kuken_i_fittan

Redditor defends student forced into babysitting - NAH

Sweetie_Ralph | Sweetie_Ralph

Demanding $50 per hour for 4 kids - NTA's power move 💪

JJQuantum | JJQuantum

Stand up for yourself and don't let her manipulate you 💪

Nevilicious | Nevilicious

Stand your ground and demand a fair wage 💰💪

PenBoom | PenBoom

Daughter stands up to manipulative mom in babysitting fiasco 🙏

impossibleoptimist | impossibleoptimist

Mom treats daughter like a nanny, NTA for refusing. 🙅

slendermanismydad | slendermanismydad

Don't fall for it! Stand up for yourself. 🙏 NTA.

Outrageous-forest | Outrageous-forest

Leaving 4 kids to a child is irresponsible and dangerous 😠

daeiakara | daeiakara

Babysitting 4 kids between 2-5 years old would be difficult for most adults let alone a teenager 😬

magentatwilight | magentatwilight

Fair pay for extra work as a babysitter. #RespectNeeded 💰

bmyst70 | bmyst70

Stand up for yourself and demand fair compensation! 💪

Diasies_inMyHair | Diasies_inMyHair

Baited & switched! 4 toddlers for 1 babysitter is nuts 😱

VinylHighway | VinylHighway

Mom tricks daughter into babysitting, comment suggests asking for more money

Midlife_Crisis_46 | Midlife_Crisis_46

When trust is broken with parents 😢

Worried-Presence559 | Worried-Presence559

Don't fall for the 'bait and switch'! Refuse to babysit!

werebuffalo | werebuffalo

Mother tricks daughter into babysitting too many kids. Commenter sympathizes.

No_Tough3666 | No_Tough3666

Stand your ground and calmly explain why free childcare is unfair 😊

KyssThis | KyssThis

Stand up to biased mom and mediocre grades? NTA wins!

Auroraburst | Auroraburst

Redditor suggests calling CPS on negligent family member 🚨

OpportunityCalm6825 | OpportunityCalm6825

NTA gets creative with hilarious tips for negotiating with a difficult boss 😂

indiajuliettkilo | indiajuliettkilo

Mother manipulates daughter with grades to babysit, commenter outraged. 🤬

1Preschoolteacher | 1Preschoolteacher

Standing up for oneself against unfair punishment for babysitting.

AffectionateMarch394 | AffectionateMarch394

NTA suggests calling the cops and demanding payment for babysitting

Acta_n0n_verba_ | Acta_n0n_verba_

NTA, Mom's manipulation over an average grade is unfair. Any swear words taught yet? 😂

EnchantedGlitter | EnchantedGlitter

User calls out unfair treatment by mom in babysitting situation.

arachyd | arachyd

16yo forced to babysit 4 kids under 5 for $10/hr 😡

CrazyCranberry3333 | CrazyCranberry3333

A revengeful suggestion for avoiding future disastrous babysitting gigs. 😠

kiwikween80 | kiwikween80

Knowing your limits with kids is important for safety 🙌🏻

squeakylittlecat | squeakylittlecat

Stand up for yourself and set boundaries. Don't be a doormat 🙌

Sparkly_Unicorn_Hair | Sparkly_Unicorn_Hair

Frustrated commenter questions mom's parenting skills. 🤔

Cheerymee | Cheerymee

NTA commenter advises OP to confront lying mom and set boundaries 👏

RecipeRare4098 | RecipeRare4098

Savvy babysitting pricing strategy shared in the comments. 💰

OutStack | OutStack

Trick your family into paying exorbitant fee for babysitting! 😈

hotmumma7 | hotmumma7

Limited options for refusing parents. Tough situation for child.

Derwin0 | Derwin0

Rebelling against your mom's trickery with a disappearing act 🙈

Azure_W0lf | Azure_W0lf

Don't be a doormat! 🚪 Stand up for yourself.

Illuminate90 | Illuminate90

Mother puts daughter in unsafe situation babysitting unruly kids. YWNBTA.

CoppertopTX | CoppertopTX

Demanding higher pay after being tricked into babysitting 💪

song_pond | song_pond

Set your boundaries and fees with confidence and assertiveness. 💪

CosmoKkgirl | CosmoKkgirl

Unfairly tricked into babysitting. Parents can be jerks 😠

Apart-Dragonfly8540 | Apart-Dragonfly8540

Pricing dispute for last minute babysitting turns ugly 🤪

Outrageous-forest | Outrageous-forest

Mom exploits daughter as punishment 😠 NTA demands fair pay. 👍

AlternativeForm7 | AlternativeForm7

Don't take on responsibility that's not yours! 🙅 NTA.

Wendi1018 | Wendi1018

Setting boundaries with consequences for babysitting consent 🙌

Puzzleheaded_Big3319 | Puzzleheaded_Big3319

Take charge of the situation and stick to your guns! 💪

stobert | stobert

Family should not exploit underage members. Not the a-hole. 👍

Hedgehog-Plane | Hedgehog-Plane

Asserting independence from overbearing mother, 🙅🏻‍♀️🚫 babysitting duties.

UrbanDryad | UrbanDryad

NTA - Mom exploiting daughter's grades to underpay for babysitting. Refusal recommended.

Busy-Cat8099 | Busy-Cat8099

Mom using babysitting to avoid parenting and punish daughter. 😠

Fluid_Response_6062 | Fluid_Response_6062

Stand up for yourself and demand respect. Say no to babysitting.

orangeupurple1 | orangeupurple1

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