Boyfriend Has a MELTDOWN Over Unfolded Laundry... Is She Wrong? 😠

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Picture this: you're a hardworking 24-year-old woman who's just moved in with her 37-year-old boyfriend. Things are going well, except for one tiny issue... the laundry. He has a mountain of clothes that you've been trying to tackle for weeks, but it's just too much. One day, you need to do your own laundry, so you take his clothes out of the dryer and put them on the bed without folding them. And that's when the drama begins... 😱🧺

Laundry Drama Begins 🧺

opportunityaway2303 | opportunityaway2303

Moving In and Bickering 🏠

opportunityaway2303 | opportunityaway2303

Garbage Bags and Laundry Baskets 🧳

opportunityaway2303 | opportunityaway2303

Laundry Overload 😫

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One Washer, One Dryer 🔄

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Time for My Laundry! ⏰

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Working Girl Problems 💼

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Laundry Meltdown 😡

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Rewash Everything? 🤔

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Full-Time Work and Chores 🧹

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Laundry Standoff 🤷‍♀️

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Laundry War: Fold or Face the Wrath! 😤🧺

Our protagonist finds herself in a laundry war with her boyfriend after moving in together. She's been folding and hanging his clothes for weeks, but it's just too much to handle. One day, she decides to take matters into her own hands and removes his clothes from the dryer to make room for her own, without folding them. This leads to an explosive argument with her boyfriend, who claims she's not doing him any favors and that he'd never do that to her. She works full-time and does most of the cleaning and cooking, so she feels it's not fair for him to expect her to fold all his clothes or wait days for him to do it. Let's see what the internet thinks of this laundry standoff... 🕵️‍♀️💬

Age difference raises red flags. Don't enable his incompetence. 🙅🏼

residentcaprice | residentcaprice

Boyfriend hogs dryer, gets mad when laundry moved. 🤦‍♂️

0biterdicta | 0biterdicta

Red alert! Commenter warns of emotionally abusive relationship. Run! 🚨

designated_floater | designated_floater

NTA. Don't be his maid. Consider if this relationship is healthy. 👍

mikey_weasel | mikey_weasel

Toxic boyfriend brings another woman home and she's YTA? 🤔

MamaFen | MamaFen

NTA. You're not his maid or mother 👏

Crafty-Addition9105 | Crafty-Addition9105

Partner's meltdown over laundry exposes manipulation tactics. NTA 😎

Livid-Flan | Livid-Flan

Red flag alert! Needy boyfriend assigns you mom's duties. NTA 😠

clusterf_ck | clusterf_ck

Dump him 💔 You deserve better 🙌

bicciesx | bicciesx

Age doesn't define maturity. NTA, ditch him 👋

Badger-of-Horrors | Badger-of-Horrors

Unfolded laundry causes meltdown, commenter calls partner an idiot. 😠

dwells2301 | dwells2301

Discussing responsibilities is key for a harmonious household. 👭👍

marissa1090806 | marissa1090806

37-year-old man throws fit over unfolded laundry 🤬

literalgarbageyo | literalgarbageyo

Dump him 🚮. He's petty, manipulative, disorganized and lazy 💩.

capmanor1755 | capmanor1755

Set clear boundaries and don't cave to his demands. 🙏

Linglover | Linglover

Roommate's dryer habits = Boyfriend's laundry meltdown. NTA wins.

Oopiku | Oopiku

Don't let him make you do his housework 😠

zeroaegis | zeroaegis

Partner expects maid service? NTA. Communication is key 👍

Dry-Hearing5266 | Dry-Hearing5266

Don't be a house elf! Grab a sock and run! 😂

Brittaya | Brittaya

Stand your ground! 💪 You're not his mommy 👭

motyler0477 | motyler0477

Survivor shares story of emotional abuse and liberation. 👏

rissey10 | rissey10

Dump his butt and put his clothes back in garbage bags 💅

sammotico | sammotico

Stop babying him! NTA, he is acting like a child 😒

Lifekeepshappening2 | Lifekeepshappening2

Set ground rules for household chores to avoid laundry meltdowns 👍

AbbyBirb | AbbyBirb

Taking out ex's clothes from washer: NTA and independent 😎

[deleted] | [deleted]

Dump the BF and his clothes 👋🤷‍♀️

Forward_Squirrel8879 | Forward_Squirrel8879

Stand your ground! Time for an adult conversation. 👍

Bubbyscranky | Bubbyscranky

Boyfriend's laundry meltdown exposes his manipulative behavior. 🤣

NotTheJury | NotTheJury

Dump him before it escalates: You deserve better. 🚩

GothamGreenGoddess | GothamGreenGoddess

NTA comment defends OP against expected accusations of abuse

[deleted] | [deleted]

Air-dried laundry causes a heated debate about folding etiquette 🤔

LordofToomay | LordofToomay

Partner's laundry meltdown is ridiculous, NTA for not folding clothes.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Age gap, red flags, and childish behavior. NTA, let him move out 🚩

Potential_Speech_703 | Potential_Speech_703

Folding clothes isn't rocket science, NTA 👌🏽

Psychological_Tap187 | Psychological_Tap187

Savage breakup advice from a no-nonsense commenter 🤪

coffeebean823113 | coffeebean823113

Fold your clothes properly or you're the a**hole? NTA!

lokihen | lokihen

Age gap relationships may not be built on mutual respect. NTA 😊

Deerpacolyps | Deerpacolyps

NTA, stand your ground and let him fold his own laundry 💪

SinfulHunter | SinfulHunter

Don't let him steamroll you over laundry 🧺🚂

OldKindheartedness73 | OldKindheartedness73

Mature man at 37 knows how to do laundry 💪

brazentory | brazentory

Don't sort his clothes, let him pout in the streets 😤 #NTA

IllustratorNew8801 | IllustratorNew8801

Run, don't walk, away from this controlling 'man-child'. 😱

FairyRabbit | FairyRabbit

Age-gap relationship with laundry meltdown: NTA, kick him out 👋

conuly | conuly

Don't let him take you for granted! Stand up 👏🏼

LiLadybug81 | LiLadybug81

A messy move-in leads to laundry meltdown. ESH 😠

J0sey_W4les_23 | J0sey_W4les_23

Grown man can't handle unfolded laundry, but who's really TA? 🤔

Knitsanity | Knitsanity

Possible compulsions or manipulation? NTA for unfolded laundry. 🤔

ShmamBo88 | ShmamBo88

Lazy boyfriend throws a fit over laundry, red flag warning 🚨

Lee2021az | Lee2021az

Take a stand! Don't apologize for his ridiculous behavior. 💪

Fritemare | Fritemare

NTA! 🙅‍♀️ You're not his mother, he needs to man up! 💪

Stitchapuss | Stitchapuss

Stand up for yourself! Don't be his bang-maid 💪

anathema_deviced | anathema_deviced

Setting the record straight on laundry etiquette. 📚

Learning-Paper | Learning-Paper

Empowering response to gendered household chore expectations. 💪

Upbeat_Carry4987 | Upbeat_Carry4987

Don't do his laundry and set boundaries 👍

ClubSoda98 | ClubSoda98

Harsh but true: age gap, no luggage, and abusive behavior 🤔

LittleRedCarnation | LittleRedCarnation

Age gap and 'bangmaid' comment. Get out, honey. 😠

OneCraftyBird | OneCraftyBird

Share the load equally, no need to be a maid 💪

Haunting-Aardvark709 | Haunting-Aardvark709

👏 Standing up for yourself and setting boundaries! NTA

TheWelshMrsM | TheWelshMrsM

Don't let him manipulate you into being his Bangmaid™. NTA 😠

ImFinePleaseThanks | ImFinePleaseThanks

Age gap, red flags, and verbal abuse. NTA, run girl! 💪🏼

nana_banana2 | nana_banana2

NTA. Boyfriend needs to contribute and respect boundaries. 💪🏻

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Boyfriend's laundry meltdown is a major red flag 🚨❌. Consider his actions carefully 🤔

Boredread | Boredread

Age gap, gender, and chore conflict? 🤔 NTA, stand firm.

FumiPlays | FumiPlays

Perfectionism-based procrastination doesn't lead to good housekeeping. 🙄

re_nonsequiturs | re_nonsequiturs

Dump the loser 👍. Age difference not working.

[deleted] | [deleted]

OP's boyfriend has a laundry meltdown, but her post history says leave 🚶‍♀️

biancastolemyname | biancastolemyname

Age gap and laziness concerns raised, NTA, put foot down 👍

AtraActa | AtraActa

Lazy boyfriend gets mad over unfolded laundry, NTA 🤷‍♀️

Opagea | Opagea

Assertive NTA comment promotes equality and household responsibilities. 👏

Resagarden | Resagarden

NTA. Let him fold his own laundry 👍

DrPhysicsGirl | DrPhysicsGirl

NTA. Boyfriend can re-dry clothes. Women his age won't tolerate.

barbaramillicent | barbaramillicent

Dump him! 🚮 You deserve better than a controlling partner.

spaceyjaycey | spaceyjaycey

🚩🚩🚩 NTA. Red flags galore. Kick him out and find better.

Nic0kami | Nic0kami

You're not his mother, NTA. He's manipulating you, be careful! 😠

concernedreader1982 | concernedreader1982

Don't freeze in fear, run away from the laundry tyrant! 😱

Kayliee73 | Kayliee73

Partner not maid. Red flag alert. Draw firm boundaries 👍

butterfly-14 | butterfly-14

Don't be his maid, he needs to grow up 🤷‍♀️

[deleted] | [deleted]

🚩 Red flags everywhere: 37-year-old can't do laundry, moved in garbage bags

FS23457 | FS23457

Lazy boyfriend complains about unfolded laundry, NTA for sure 😠

RevolutionaryTreat52 | RevolutionaryTreat52

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