Husband's SHOCKING Request During Intimate Moment Leaves Wife in Tears! 😢

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Imagine being newlyweds, enjoying the honeymoon phase, and discovering that your partner has an interesting habit during intimate moments. 🙈 Our protagonist, a 46-year-old woman, found herself in this exact situation when she noticed that her husband watches porn during their sexy time. 😳 Living with his mom and long-term guests, they both agreed to watch less porn and have sex every other day. But what happens when he asks to watch porn during a late-night rendezvous? 💔 Grab your popcorn and tissues, because this story is filled with conflict, drama, and emotional impact that'll have you questioning your own relationships! 🍿😭

🔥 Newlyweds and Porn 📺

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💨 Quick and Quiet Solution

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💪 'Motivation' to Cum

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🤔 His Preference

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👀 Porn During Intercourse

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📆 A New Schedule

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🌙 Late Night Request

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🎥 Video Request

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😢 Tears and Sleep

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🥄 Spooning and Silence

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❓ The Big Question

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📣 Update: Communication

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🚫 No More Porn

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👩‍⚕️ Therapy If Needed

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🙏 Gratitude and Blessings

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🚨 Late Night Request: Porn During Pleasure? 😱

Our 46-year-old heroine is in a pickle when her hubby asks to watch porn during their intimate moments. 😰 They agreed to cut back on porn and have sex every other day, but on the same day, he asks to watch a video during a late-night BJ. 💔 She stops, cleans up, and cries herself to sleep. 😢 After some serious communication, they decide to work together, stop watching porn, and focus on quality over quantity in the bedroom. 🛏️ They're even open to therapy if needed. 🤗 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🌐💬

Wife not at fault for husband's porn addiction. NTA.

delray2000 | delray2000

Porn has warped his perception of sex, and he needs help.

MangoSalsa89 | MangoSalsa89

A comment advocating for intimacy over porn use.

Java4452 | Java4452

Partner's addiction to visual stimulation affecting intimacy, NTA suggests detox.

eurotrash4eva | eurotrash4eva

User calls out husband's disturbing behavior during intimacy 💔

DiscoStewStew | DiscoStewStew

A heartbreaking situation, with a possible solution involving VR.

SatanicDickSlap | SatanicDickSlap

Feeling like a vessel during intimacy? NTA for leaving.

No_Reaction_646 | No_Reaction_646

Creative revenge suggestion leaves readers stunned 🤯

MathematicianMain941 | MathematicianMain941

Supportive comment suggests seeking help for porn addiction and offers resources.

Bit_Sorcerer | Bit_Sorcerer

Overcoming porn addiction is crucial for a healthy relationship 👍

PhysicalGSG | PhysicalGSG

Pornography use affecting intimacy. NTA suggests porn abstinence.

TwoBionicknees | TwoBionicknees

Spouse's porn addiction during intimacy causing hurt and discomfort. 🤯

Carpsonian22 | Carpsonian22

Ignoring partner's discomfort during intimacy is a major red flag 😡

nannerooni | nannerooni

Partner's porn addiction affecting intimacy, NTA suggests change needed. 🤯

Itchy_Passion_8165 | Itchy_Passion_8165

Partner's selfish behavior leads to dead bedroom and relationship demise. 😔

Cobalt_blue_dreamer | Cobalt_blue_dreamer

Heartbreaking story of a spouse's addiction to porn 😢

No-Tomorrow1576 | No-Tomorrow1576

Wife's husband has a serious issue. She needs an out.

dubious_unicorn | dubious_unicorn

A cautionary tale about the dangers of desensitization to pornography. 😢

Strange_Mine2836 | Strange_Mine2836

A bold response to an uncomfortable request 😂

boofangia | boofangia

Cheers to healthy libidos and finding porn strategies! 🍻👍

piecyclops | piecyclops

A powerful comment on the impact of porn on intimacy. 😢

randuski | randuski

Porn addiction can be destructive. Helpful resource available. 👍

maryh567 | maryh567

Porn addiction affecting relationship, NTA suggests seeking help ASAP! 😡

Mattreddittoo | Mattreddittoo

Sex as a chore? Therapy might help, alone or together.

Fanclock314 | Fanclock314

Scathing comment calls out porn-addicted loser living with mom 😈

Texan628 | Texan628

Encouraging response to wife experiencing husband's porn addiction. 👏

PandaMime_421 | PandaMime_421

Porn addiction affecting intimacy in marriage. 🤯

Athika | Athika

Porn or partner? The damaging effects of choosing the former.

jasonhn | jasonhn

Reddit user comments on a shocking request during intimacy. 😳

Unmindedmusic | Unmindedmusic

NTA. Addiction to porn is no joke. Have conversations & seek help. 😢

[deleted] | [deleted]

Selfish man child husband leaves wife unsatisfied. Leave him! 👋

ticklechickens | ticklechickens

A resounding NO to an absurd request during intimacy 😡

Successful_Ad_7438 | Successful_Ad_7438

Porn addiction affecting intimacy, advice on therapy and education. #NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Suggests husband has porn addiction and advises communication with love ♥️

Lipkapasha | Lipkapasha

Suggests abstaining from porn for 2 weeks to achieve pregnancy. 🙏

Early_Lawfulness_921 | Early_Lawfulness_921

Breaking free from porn addiction and improving sex life. 🙌

Patient_Rabbit_3801 | Patient_Rabbit_3801

User sympathizes with wife's situation, shares own experience, and shows support. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Spice up your marriage or no more b******s? 😏

Kay-Kay05 | Kay-Kay05

The impact of porn on relationships: a cautionary reminder. 😔

LiteratureSome7958 | LiteratureSome7958

NTA. Commenter suggests considering own needs in intimacy too. 😊

ConfusedNewGirl | ConfusedNewGirl

Supportive comment urges young woman to leave toxic relationship 🙏

thirtysev | thirtysev

Husband suggests watching their own clips to avoid porn fights 😇

Exciting-Courage4148 | Exciting-Courage4148

Porn addiction can destroy intimacy. Take a break 🙏

tphickey2000 | tphickey2000

Discussing porn addiction with partner: NTA comment section

Reikix | Reikix

Porn addiction affecting emotional intimacy, counseling recommended. 😔

contrarian1970 | contrarian1970

A husband's weird request during intimacy, and a helpful solution.

danda319 | danda319

User suggests professional help for porn addiction in marriage. 🤔

NightsofWren | NightsofWren

Couple's decision to stop watching porn strengthened their relationship 😍

JoyfulDelivery | JoyfulDelivery

Communicating openly but NTA's partner's request hurt their feelings 😢

Fredierick_Granskog | Fredierick_Granskog

Overcoming porn addiction for a better intimate connection 👍

itlostlove | itlostlove

Porn addiction affecting intimacy, empathy from commenter and empathy back.

Moxy_1995 | Moxy_1995

Overcoming porn addiction in a relationship, advice and resources 👍

theblazedwarrior | theblazedwarrior

Caught in a lie? Redditors doubt authenticity of post.

steinmas | steinmas

Love to see healthy communication resolving conflicts in relationships! ♥️

somedoofyouwontlike | somedoofyouwontlike

Partner's porn addiction affecting intimacy, NTA, communicate concerns 🚫📱💔

Suspicious_Peanut_13 | Suspicious_Peanut_13

Tips for mutual pleasure during intimate moments 😏

SirChoGath | SirChoGath

Self-pleasure is normal but not a substitute for intimacy 😞

Over-Standard273 | Over-Standard273

Viewer accuses husband of too much porn, suggests he stay single. 😳

Neptune703307 | Neptune703307

Supportive comment encourages self-care and healthy boundaries. 👍

StarGuardianVi | StarGuardianVi

Maintaining balance and building anticipation in a long marriage. ❤️

Schmoey456 | Schmoey456

A man explains why enthusiasm is key in sexual relationships 😏

Sudden_Mobile_1022 | Sudden_Mobile_1022

A compassionate NTA comment advises on porn addiction and communication.

DMC1001 | DMC1001

Porn addiction is harmful and not a reflection of love 😢

NoMix459 | NoMix459

Understanding partner suggests communication to solve porn issue. ❤

MizzezZee | MizzezZee

Confusion arises over OP's age in previous post 🤔

Sparky101101 | Sparky101101

Breaking a habit is difficult, even during intimate moments 😢

Brave_Exchange4734 | Brave_Exchange4734

Playful intimacy turned into serious relationship issues. 😕

lost_in_humidity | lost_in_humidity

Exploring the science behind male sensitivity during sex 🤓

imsooldnow | imsooldnow

Watching porn together is okay, but not as a necessity 😕

Ok-Challenge-4142 | Ok-Challenge-4142

When intimacy is one-sided 🤷‍♀️

morningcalls4 | morningcalls4

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