He Cheated on Her... Using the Sex Toys SHE Bought! 🤬

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Imagine being in a loving, kinky relationship for almost 9 years, only to discover your partner has been secretly engaging in online sessions with a dominatrix using the toys you bought! 💔😱 That's exactly what happened to our protagonist in this story. After catching her boyfriend in the act, she's left wondering if she's overreacting, if she should take back the toys, and whether their relationship can be salvaged. 🤔💭 Join us as we dive into this rollercoaster of emotions, betrayal, and spicy bedroom antics. 🎢🌶️

9 Years of Love and Kink 🌶️

Moonlight_Snake | Moonlight_Snake

Toys, Toys, Toys! 🎁

Moonlight_Snake | Moonlight_Snake

BDSM Relationship Dynamics 💥

Moonlight_Snake | Moonlight_Snake

Money Matters 💸

Moonlight_Snake | Moonlight_Snake

Caught in the Act! 😱

Moonlight_Snake | Moonlight_Snake

Shocked and Hurt 💔

Moonlight_Snake | Moonlight_Snake

Taking Back the Toys 🧸

Moonlight_Snake | Moonlight_Snake

Unfair or Justified? 🤔

Moonlight_Snake | Moonlight_Snake

Is It Really Cheating? 🕵️‍♀️

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To Use or Not to Use 🤷‍♀️

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Confrontation and Confessions 😰

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The Truth Comes Out 😢

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Years of Deception 🐍

Moonlight_Snake | Moonlight_Snake

Sorting Out the Toys 🔄

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New Friend and Coffee Plans ☕

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Apologies and Exchanges 🤝

Moonlight_Snake | Moonlight_Snake

Addressing Assumptions 📝

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Kinks and Clarifications 🖤

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Not a Punishment, Just Hurt 😞

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Rebuilding Trust and Therapy? 🧩

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Toys, Betrayal, and Online Dommes: A Kinky Relationship Gone Wrong 😵‍💫

Our protagonist, a 28-year-old woman, has been in a loving, kinky relationship with her 31-year-old boyfriend for almost 9 years. They've explored various aspects of their sex life, including BDSM and using anal toys. But when she catches him on FaceTime with an online dominatrix, using the toys she bought, her world is turned upside down. 💥 She takes the toys and leaves to stay with a friend, unsure if she's overreacting or if this is a dealbreaker. Her boyfriend claims it's not cheating since it's online, but she's not so sure. 😕 As the story unfolds, we learn he's been cheating with other dommes for years and even met one in person. She confronts him and eventually reaches out to the online domme, who's apologetic and agrees to buy the toys. They plan to meet for coffee to exchange the goods. 🤝💔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this wild situation...

Leave the cheat who cares more about sex toys than you 👏

jessica_mig | jessica_mig

He cared more about sex toys than her. He's cheating.

DetectiveSudden281 | DetectiveSudden281

Dump this cheater who cares more about sex toys than you 👋🏻

ChonkyJelly | ChonkyJelly

Cam girl convinces man she's a friend for money 🤬

Ecstatic-Passion8542 | Ecstatic-Passion8542

Partner cheats, only cares about sex toys? NTA for leaving.

bettytomatoes | bettytomatoes

Setting clear boundaries is crucial in any relationship 👍

skullyfrost40 | skullyfrost40

Cheating is cheating, no matter what you call it. 😠

idahononono | idahononono

Starting over at 35- NTA made the right decision! 👏

Jaded-Kitty87 | Jaded-Kitty87

Virtual cheating and materialistic partner. You deserve better! 👏

blexvilleacct | blexvilleacct

NTA. Hilarious way of calling out the cheating a**hole 😂

357Magnum | 357Magnum

Toys were meant for us, not for him to cheat. NTA

PandaMime_421 | PandaMime_421

Professional dominatrix or not, cheating is cheating. NTA.

Bee_Angel710 | Bee_Angel710

Cheating via zoom is still cheating. Get out now. NTA 👏

These_Mycologist132 | These_Mycologist132

Partner shouldn't cheat, maybe even paid the dominatrix. NTA.

Feisty-Self-4046 | Feisty-Self-4046

Cheating partner gets called out, time to break up. 👍

lookingForPatchie | lookingForPatchie

Partner cheating? Worrying about toys is a red flag. 😑

RWAdvice | RWAdvice

His only concern was the sex toys? 🤔 Dump him!

TranquilChaos314 | TranquilChaos314

Porn vs Cheating debate. Guy cheated, dump his ass. 👍

TwoBionicknees | TwoBionicknees

Possession is nine-tenths of the law... even with ice trays 🤬

Ok_but_youre_wrong | Ok_but_youre_wrong

Move on, he doesn't want to be in the relationship 👋

mad0666 | mad0666

Priorities straight? Commenter thinks NTA for cheating with toys 👀

Lerkylerkerson | Lerkylerkerson

Avoid buying sex toys for your partner, or else... 🔥

SpaceBitchh | SpaceBitchh

Keep the toys, you never know who might be into them 😉

Legitimate-Science32 | Legitimate-Science32

Emotional cheating is serious and this went beyond that 💫

Professional-Salt175 | Professional-Salt175

Define your boundaries. 9 years wasted is better than 20. 👍

littlest_barbarian | littlest_barbarian

Petty but satisfying revenge on ex's Costco membership.

Ok-Principle-3754 | Ok-Principle-3754

Dump him and the toys. Find someone who treats you better. 👍

neenerfae | neenerfae

NTA requests return of sex toys, wants ex back. 😳

RutzButtercup | RutzButtercup

Decide if it's worth saving, set clear boundaries, keep toys! 👍

zaylee | zaylee

Stand your ground and reclaim your power 👊

Informal-Smile6215 | Informal-Smile6215

Protect yourself and your stuff, dump the cheater 👍

Direct_Buyer_1102 | Direct_Buyer_1102

Moving on from a sunk cost fallacy and addressing infidelity. 🤬

MaximumTemperature25 | MaximumTemperature25

Don't let the sunk cost fallacy trap you in a bad relationship 🚫

KelsoTheVagrant | KelsoTheVagrant

NTA, but cheating with sex toys she bought is unacceptable. 💔

whoisaname | whoisaname

Toys over apology? 9-year relationship shows true colors. NTA 💯

Mythic-Rare | Mythic-Rare

NTA for leaving after finding out he cheated with toys.

princessmem | princessmem

Leaving and taking things is not the issue here ❌. You deserve better 👏

venturebirdday | venturebirdday

Heartbreaking 9 year relationship ends due to cheating partner 🥺

Jinx_X_2003 | Jinx_X_2003

When he only cares about his toys, it's time to leave 👋

wardahalwa | wardahalwa

Breaking the cardinal rules of kink: consent. NTA 👍

Chibiboomkitty | Chibiboomkitty

Leave his a**. And keep the toys. NTA 👏

Gundoggirl | Gundoggirl

Cheating with the sex toys she bought him? Time to leave 👋

Septembeoi | Septembeoi

Toys bought for him used by him on someone else 😕

Similar_Bet_3381 | Similar_Bet_3381

Facetiming another woman using her toys? Definitely NTA, break it off. 💔

Conscious_Reading_16 | Conscious_Reading_16

Savage advice: Keep the toys away from the cheater! 😎

anonredditorofreddit | anonredditorofreddit

Suggests confronting partner, setting boundaries and acknowledging feelings. 👄

74UWetter | 74UWetter

Don't let him gaslight you! You deserve better 👏

Stella_Clementine430 | Stella_Clementine430

A humorous take on the dangers of virtual infidelity. 😂

Disastrous_Day5111 | Disastrous_Day5111

Cheater wants sex toys back, suggests buying a cucumber instead 🍒

sickBhagavan | sickBhagavan

Full communication is key in BDSM relationships. Cheating is unacceptable. ✌🏻 Find someone who prioritizes you.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Ex's sex toy infidelity leads to bad dragon purchase recommendation.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Leave him, you deserve better. Find someone who loves you ❤️

scootdaddie | scootdaddie

When sex toys take priority over your partner 😱

Hakanese | Hakanese

Cheating with sex toys. Move on, it will happen again. 😢

Paperfish1984 | Paperfish1984

Cheater caught, left with *her* toys. NTA.

Shanbo88 | Shanbo88

Divorced commenter advises to leave cheating partner before more pain. 👍

Admirable-Compote810 | Admirable-Compote810

Taking back the sex toys and dumping the cheater 👌

GrumpyWampa | GrumpyWampa

9 years and sex toys? Kick him to the curb! 🚪👋

dev___dawg | dev___dawg

Caught him once, who knows how long it's been going on. 🤔

Almost_last | Almost_last

Webcams are porn, but if it involves cheating, it's wrong. 👍

DevilinDeTales | DevilinDeTales

NTA. His priorities were questionable. 🤔

daisybrekker | daisybrekker

Toys over love? Relationship is better off ended. 💔🚫

Malpraxiss | Malpraxiss

Cheating with partner's sex toys. NTA. Time to choose: commit or leave.

entity330 | entity330

Toys over love? NTA for leaving a cheating partner. 🚫

cburns1975 | cburns1975

Digital cheating? That's a whole new level of betrayal 😱

Yugikisp | Yugikisp

Sunk cost fallacy: don't let it keep you in a cheating relationship 💔

theCaityCat | theCaityCat

Cheating is cheating, even with sex toys. NTA for leaving.

honeypeppercorn | honeypeppercorn

End it, sis! 🙅‍♀️ Secrets and lies for years? 🤥

Desperate_Comfort_92 | Desperate_Comfort_92

Toys bought for him, NTA. Only AH if gifts taken back.

Altruistic-Rope-614 | Altruistic-Rope-614

Online BDSM relationships require trust and communication. NTA.

jaypaw28 | jaypaw28

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