Sister's VICIOUS ATTACK on Brother's Relationship: 'He's Just a Gold Digger!' 😠

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Picture this: you come from a well-off family, but your dad has always taught you the value of hard work and class. You meet a wonderful person named Kim, and you fall in love. You both enjoy cooking together and eventually move in together. But when it comes to finances, things get a bit tricky. Kim wants to contribute, but you're the breadwinner. Your sister, who's also the breadwinner in her relationship, seems to resent her own situation and starts projecting her frustrations onto you and Kim. 😒 When she calls Kim a 'glorified gold digger', you snap and yell at her. But now you're wondering... did you go too far? 🤔

💼 Hard Work and Family Business

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

👨‍💼 Taking Over the Family Business

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

💕 Meeting Kim

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

👨‍🍳 Cooking Together

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

🍽️ Weekly Cooking Ritual

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

💘 Falling for Kim

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

🏠 Moving In Together

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

💰 Kim's Financial Contribution

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

⚠️ Overworking

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

🤗 Supporting Kim

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

🏡 Housework and Projects

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

👩‍🦰 Sister's Resentment

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

💔 Sister's Financial Frustration

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

🎁 Kim's Birthday Gift

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

💥 Sister's Gold Digger Accusation

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

😡 Yelling at My Sister

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

🤔 Second Thoughts

KimSisterGoldDigger | KimSisterGoldDigger

💔 Family Feud: Gold Digger Accusations and Yelling

Our protagonist has worked hard to take over his family's business, and he's in a loving relationship with Kim. They're happy, but Kim's financial contributions (or lack thereof) become a point of contention for our protagonist's sister. She's unhappy in her own situation and starts projecting her frustrations by calling Kim a 'glorified gold digger'. 😡 Our protagonist loses his cool and yells at her, but now he's left wondering if he was too harsh. Was it fair for him to defend his relationship and Kim's contributions, or should he have been more understanding of his sister's feelings? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

Sister's insecurities are not your problem! 👏

Comfortable-Sea-2454 | Comfortable-Sea-2454

Ignore sister, protect assets if marrying Kim. NTA, she's pushing.

ClareSwinn | ClareSwinn

Sister disapproves of relationship, but commenter defends partner's motives. 😊

Artistic_Tough5005 | Artistic_Tough5005

Defending SO against jealous sister earns Gryffindor 10 points ⚡

PandaLand447 | PandaLand447

Sibling jealousy over brother's relationship orientation. 🙄

Impact-Jaded | Impact-Jaded

Don't let anyone shame you for your relationship choices 👏

Electrical-Art-8641 | Electrical-Art-8641

Sibling jealousy? NTA, ignore her baseless accusations and enjoy love ❤

bendytoepilot | bendytoepilot

Defending partner from sister's projection. NTA 😊

Bimodal_Shrimp | Bimodal_Shrimp

Setting boundaries with family to protect your relationship ♥️

Over-Signature-781 | Over-Signature-781

Sibling jealousy and projection. Also, we're all a little nosey 😉

Blahaj_shark_boy | Blahaj_shark_boy

Sibling projecting relationship issues. Don't call your partner gold digger! 🚫

atealein | atealein

Sibling rivalry or genuine concern? Consider family dynamics in judgement 🤔

AmericanMissionary99 | AmericanMissionary99

Supportive comment encourages gift-giving in unconventional relationship 😘

Visible-Scientist-46 | Visible-Scientist-46

Sibling support FTW! Shutting down jealousy with kindness. 😊

Ok_Snow_5320 | Ok_Snow_5320

Sibling rivalry over inheritance and finances, not just gift-giving. 🤔

RevolutionaryYouth88 | RevolutionaryYouth88

Planning for financial independence in relationships is key. NTA 👍

lavaeater | lavaeater

Defending against baseless accusations of a gold digger 🤬


Supportive comment, defending partner. NTA 👏

ladidah_whoopa | ladidah_whoopa

Sibling rivalry at its finest! You go, NTA defender! 😎

Row_dW | Row_dW

Envious of a cute origin story - NTA holds onto man 😍

GoldenFaeWattle | GoldenFaeWattle

NTA and sister might be projecting her own insecurity.

Internet-Dick-Joke | Internet-Dick-Joke

Sibling rivalry meets finances. NTA, keep money matters private.

aj_alva | aj_alva

NTA claps back at jealous sister with a reality check 😍

RealHumanFromEarth | RealHumanFromEarth

Sibling's jealousy over finances causes relationship tension. #NTA

rendar1853 | rendar1853

Defending partner against family judgement - NTA 👏

JonesBlair555 | JonesBlair555

Sister disapproves, but commenter sees perfect match. Love wins 💖

Deep_Rig_1820 | Deep_Rig_1820

NTA shuts down unsuccessful gold digger sister. 💯

lilithskitchen | lilithskitchen

How to handle a judgmental family member without ruining your relationship 👍

theborgblog | theborgblog

Sibling rivalry reaching new heights. NTA for defending partner 👏

RoTheRiv | RoTheRiv

Don't let anyone else's loud opinions bring you down! 🙌

AnAmbitiousMann | AnAmbitiousMann

Sister's jealousy crosses the line, commenter defends dating standards. 😎

KartlindWitch | KartlindWitch

Sibling drama and social security implications - NTA prevails. 😔

Buckupbuttercup1 | Buckupbuttercup1

A heartwarming perspective on being the breadwinner in a relationship. ❤️

ArtemisStrange | ArtemisStrange

Stand up for your healthy relationship and don't apologize 💪🏼❤️

Careless_Web4097 | Careless_Web4097

Don't let her bring you down. NTA 😊

Debjohnson23 | Debjohnson23

Partner's financial contribution is a joint decision and optional. NTA 👍

Worth-Dragonfruit-56 | Worth-Dragonfruit-56

Sisters can be harsh critics. NTA for keeping privacy 🙅

SuggestionIll2192 | SuggestionIll2192

Sibling drama can't dim the love story. NTA 🥰

mexicansilvertoday | mexicansilvertoday

Sister's judgmental behavior towards brother's relationship is not okay. NTA

nashebes | nashebes

Cut off toxic sister, prioritize partner over her 🚫💔

Maleficent-Bottle674 | Maleficent-Bottle674

Is Kim really a gold digger? 🤔

Boring-Magazine-1821 | Boring-Magazine-1821

Sibling support! Commenter defends OP and calls out sister's projection.

AchilleasAnkles | AchilleasAnkles

Don't let Kim's bitterness ruin your relationship 😊

Purplesnowstorm215 | Purplesnowstorm215

Sibling drama: NTA shuts down sister's gold digger accusations. 😎

Ok_Possibility2812 | Ok_Possibility2812

Sibling support for partner, calling out sister's toxic behavior. 👏

wlfwrtr | wlfwrtr

Supportive comment applauds standing up for partner in relationship 👏

imnotk8 | imnotk8

Standing by your spouse, NTA. Sister needs therapy 🙏

The_Death_Flower | The_Death_Flower

Celebrate your happiness with Kim! You're NTA and winning 🎉

Particular-Try5584 | Particular-Try5584

Defending partner against gold digger accusation. NTA wins 🏆

seeemilyplay123 | seeemilyplay123

NTA commenter empathizes with brother's situation and calls out sister's bitterness. 🙏

Kooky-Today-3172 | Kooky-Today-3172

Partner defended against sister's insult, NTA wins this round. 👏

Ok-Coyote-8529 | Ok-Coyote-8529

Supportive comment, advises setting strong boundaries with sister. 👏

buttpickles99 | buttpickles99

Sister wants lavish gifts but shames brother for doing same. 🤣

Thrwwy747 | Thrwwy747

Don't let her spoil your arrangement, you're not the a-hole! 😊

PhotographSavings370 | PhotographSavings370

Sibling rivalry taken to a new level 🤪

Miss-Mizz | Miss-Mizz

Relationship as transactional? NTA for not feeling same 😊

JustALurker-- | JustALurker--

Sister projected her anger on partner, attacked both; NTA.

GaidinDaishan | GaidinDaishan

Projection alert! NTA for ignoring sister's relationship envy 😏

Chance-Contract-1290 | Chance-Contract-1290

Sibling drama! NTA sets sister straight about relationship boundaries. 🙌

RetreadRoadRocket | RetreadRoadRocket

Defending your partner is always the right move! 🙌

ellohir | ellohir

Sibling rivalry over gold diggers 🤑

goddessofspite | goddessofspite

NTA commenter defends healthy relationship and suggests sister's projection.

Empathic-witch | Empathic-witch

NTA, being a stay-at-home spouse is not a full-time job. 😊

Ok-Raspberry7884 | Ok-Raspberry7884

Mind your own business: NTA happy with relationship choices 🙌

Neena6298 | Neena6298

Supportive comment, encourages healthy relationships and individual choices. 👍

Carolann0308 | Carolann0308

Sibling projecting their own insecurities onto brother's relationship 😕

Lunaswitchytake | Lunaswitchytake

Defending love against money-centric sibling with helpful points. ❤

delorf | delorf

Sibling rivalry at its finest, with a sprinkle of therapy.


Sibling rivalry at its finest, but love conquers all. 💖

Jerseygirl2468 | Jerseygirl2468

Relationship defended against family's gold digger accusations. #LoveWins 💖

Initial_Potato5023 | Initial_Potato5023

Don't let her jealousy ruin your relationship. NTA 👏

FreakyTot | FreakyTot

Sibling feud over gold digging allegation leads to heated argument.

ta_mataia | ta_mataia

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