LIAR LIAR! BF Exposes GF's Mom's Sneaky 'Forgot Wallet' Scheme 💸😠

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Imagine dating the love of your life, only to find out one of her moms has a lying problem! 😱 Our protagonist (23M) is dating Kelly (25F), who has two lovely moms, Gina (64F) and Stacy (71F). While the family gets along well, there's one issue: Stacy has a history of lying about things, both big and small. This bothers our protagonist, especially since it hurts Kelly's feelings and stresses her out. Kelly, however, has come to accept it as part of her mom's personality. But what happens when our protagonist gets caught in one of Stacy's lies? Let's dive into the story...🍿

Meet the Family 🏡

Sea_Temporary_7637 | Sea_Temporary_7637

Stacy's Little Problem 😬

Sea_Temporary_7637 | Sea_Temporary_7637

Kelly's Struggle 😔

Sea_Temporary_7637 | Sea_Temporary_7637

The Wallet Incident 🤔

Sea_Temporary_7637 | Sea_Temporary_7637

The Shocking Truth 😲

Sea_Temporary_7637 | Sea_Temporary_7637

The Wallet Scam Exposed 🕵️‍♂️

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The Money Situation 💸

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Round Two with Stacy 🛍️

Sea_Temporary_7637 | Sea_Temporary_7637

The Wallet Check 🧐

Sea_Temporary_7637 | Sea_Temporary_7637

The Drug Store Dilemma 💊

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Confrontation Time ⚔️

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The Lies Continue 🤥

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Denial and Deflection 🙄

Sea_Temporary_7637 | Sea_Temporary_7637

The Cold Hard Truth ❄️

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The Aftermath 😠

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Lying Mom Gets Called Out! 😤

Our protagonist finds himself running errands with Stacy, who conveniently 'forgets' her wallet and asks him to pay for her purchases. Later, Kelly reveals that this is a common trick Stacy pulls on people. 😲 Our protagonist is not amused. Fast forward to another day of errands, and Stacy tries the same trick again! But this time, our protagonist confronts her about her lies. The conversation gets heated, with Stacy denying any wrongdoing and our protagonist standing his ground. 💥 In the end, Stacy is left fuming and giving him the cold shoulder. So, did our protagonist go too far, or was he right to call out Stacy's lies? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...🔥

Exposing a sneaky 'forgot wallet' scheme leads to embarrassment and anger.

1962Michael | 1962Michael

Elderly scammer exposed! NTA for calling her out 👏

Ready-Replacement181 | Ready-Replacement181

Assertive response to sneaky mom's forgotten wallet scheme 👊

Rye_One_ | Rye_One_

Taking responsibility for lies and theft. NTA. 👍

New-Comment2668 | New-Comment2668

Refusing to be scammed, good for you! Wake-up call delivered 💪

extinct_diplodocus | extinct_diplodocus

Setting boundaries with a lying family member. 👍

MyAskRedditAcct | MyAskRedditAcct

Maturely handling sneaky schemes, setting firm boundaries. NTA 👍

Good_Pea_7294 | Good_Pea_7294

Setting boundaries with a manipulative mother-in-law. Good move! 👍

Revolutionary_Let_39 | Revolutionary_Let_39

Calling out a liar and enabling behavior 🤣

MoetNChandon | MoetNChandon

Setting boundaries with sneaky family members. NTA 👍

IKnowWhoYouAre99 | IKnowWhoYouAre99

Teaching a lesson: NTA's response to sneaky scheme 👏

OlderMan42 | OlderMan42

NTA catches GF's mom in sneaky scheme, gives lesson learned 💪

Fearless-Day1842 | Fearless-Day1842

Managing lying behavior with The Bank of SheaShea strategy. 👍

HistrionicSlut | HistrionicSlut

Handling the situation with concern instead of aggression. 😊

NotSoAverage_sister | NotSoAverage_sister

Standing up against lies. NTA won't tolerate unacceptable behavior.

goldenfingernails | goldenfingernails

Exposing sneaky 'forgot wallet' scheme leads to NTA victory 👍

No-Personality5421 | No-Personality5421

NTA shares advice on handling manipulative behavior from GF's family 👍

Helpful_Dig8079 | Helpful_Dig8079

Outsmarting the sneaky 'forgot wallet' scheme 🤔

Food-On-My-Shirt | Food-On-My-Shirt

Engaging response suggests clever counter-scam with playful tone 🤑

InfiniteBlessings247 | InfiniteBlessings247

NTA and LOL! Let her have her tantrum and peace 🤣

Owenashi | Owenashi

Confronting GF's mom about her sneaky scheme - NTA wins 👏

CypherBob | CypherBob

Consequences of lying: Losing friends, family, and relationships. 👍

Icy_Fox_907 | Icy_Fox_907

NTA calls out GF's mom for scamming, ends wallet duty 💶

TossingPasta | TossingPasta

Calling out lies: empowering or unnecessary? NTA comment.

IwouldratherNotSorry | IwouldratherNotSorry

Suspicious mother-in-law caught in 'forgot wallet' lie 🤔

StAlvis | StAlvis

GF's attempted deflection fails, OP is NTA for not falling for it.

PuddleLilacAgain | PuddleLilacAgain

Set boundaries and follow through, NTA 👍

Ambystomatigrinum | Ambystomatigrinum

BF exposes GF's mom's sneaky 'forgot wallet' scheme. No sympathy!

buttpickles99 | buttpickles99

Calling out sneaky behavior, but laughing at relatable fibs 😂

Ok-Music-8732 | Ok-Music-8732

Could Stacy's behavior be a result of dementia? 🤔

Guilty-Base-8899 | Guilty-Base-8899

Stand your ground! 💪 Don't let her get away with it.

Hawk833 | Hawk833

Be the bigger person, apologize for tone, not words. NTA 👍

Tharwaum | Tharwaum

Mom's childish lie exposed by BF, commenter agrees. 🤥👶

JessicaAtterib | JessicaAtterib

Sassy reply to sneaky mom's 'forgot wallet' scheme. 😏💰

InfiniteBlessings247 | InfiniteBlessings247

Honesty is the best policy, no exceptions. 👍

Just-Comfortable2230 | Just-Comfortable2230

Tips for dealing with liars from a former mental health worker

HistrionicSlut | HistrionicSlut

Standing up to long-standing manipulation, expect backlash. #NTA 👏

Ok_Effect_5287 | Ok_Effect_5287

BF confronts GF's mom over sneaky 'forgot wallet' lie 🤥

getfukdup | getfukdup

NTAH. Confronted liar mom, don't buy into manipulative behavior. Reconsider relationship. 😠

Advanced-Prompt3237 | Advanced-Prompt3237

Caught her red-handed! NTA, no need to tip-toe 🕵️‍♀️

Eastern_Condition863 | Eastern_Condition863

NTA exposed GF's mom's 'forgot wallet' scheme. Maybe she's stealing.


Escape from the sneaky mom and her wallet scheme 💸

Odd-Device-3509 | Odd-Device-3509

Run away from this family, you deserve better 💔

Odd-Device-3509 | Odd-Device-3509

Honesty pays off! NTA stands up to habitual liar.

Jinxypop13 | Jinxypop13

Clever idea to expose sneaky 'forgot wallet' scheme 🤔

smallassbigheart_ | smallassbigheart_

Calling out a liar and thief, the consequences of truth-telling 🤷🏻‍♂️

50CentButInNickels | 50CentButInNickels

Call out 'forgot wallet' every time 🤥🤚

dawdreygore | dawdreygore

Well done! NTA executed a wallet scheme, mom's embarrassed stewing. 💯

genericmovievillain | genericmovievillain

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