Husband's INTIMACY Needs IGNORED on Couples' Trip! 💔 Wife Sides with Friends Instead...

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Picture this: you're a busy parent with a stressful job and equally stressful kids. Your spouse gets invited to a fun trip to Vegas with friends, and you decide to tag along. But then, you find out you're expected to share a hotel room with your sister-in-law. How would you feel? 😲 Today's story is about a husband who's caught in the middle of a room-sharing dilemma, and he's not too happy about it. Let's dive into the details and find out what went down! 🍿

Busy Parents and a Vegas Trip 🏃‍♀️🎲

Odd_Spell1670 | Odd_Spell1670

Half-Marathon Invitation 🏅

Odd_Spell1670 | Odd_Spell1670

Joining the Trip ✈️

Odd_Spell1670 | Odd_Spell1670

Backing Out and Rejoining 🔄

Odd_Spell1670 | Odd_Spell1670

Excited to Go! 😃

Odd_Spell1670 | Odd_Spell1670

Room Sharing Dilemma 🛏️

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Saving Money? 💰

Odd_Spell1670 | Odd_Spell1670

Privacy vs. Savings 🤔

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Unresolved Fight 💥

Odd_Spell1670 | Odd_Spell1670

Lack of Intimacy 🚫❤️

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A 4-Day Trip 🌆

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The Girls' Trip 🙋‍♀️

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Crashing and Privacy 🌙

Odd_Spell1670 | Odd_Spell1670

Opportunity for Intimacy 💕

Odd_Spell1670 | Odd_Spell1670

Unhappy Wife 😠

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Pre-Decision 📱

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Cold Days ❄️

Odd_Spell1670 | Odd_Spell1670

Forced Will? 🤷‍♂️

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Vegas Trip Turns Sour: Room-Sharing Drama 🎭

Our busy parents, Dena and her husband, find themselves in a heated debate over their upcoming Vegas trip. Dena's husband initially backed out of the trip, thinking it was a girls-only affair, but later rejoined when he learned another husband was going. However, the excitement quickly turned sour when he discovered they were expected to share a hotel room with Dena's sister to save money. He argued that the lack of privacy would take away the opportunity for intimacy during their rare time away from the kids. 😤 After a few arguments, Dena finally agreed not to share the room, but now she thinks her husband is the one in the wrong for forcing his will on her. 💔 Was he right to stand his ground, or should he have compromised for the sake of the trip? Let's see what the internet has to say about this Vegas room-sharing drama! 🗣️

Wife wants girls trip, plan romantic trip later. ESH.

Fun-Wallaby6872 | Fun-Wallaby6872

Man intrudes on wife's girls' trip, complains about sleeping arrangements. YTA.

indiscreve | indiscreve

Husband gets YTA verdict for ignoring wife's girls trip plans 💔

OkBoss3435 | OkBoss3435

User suggests planning own date nights instead of guilt-tripping wife 🙄

sanzy7 | sanzy7

YTA. Don't ruin the trip you invited yourself on 🙄

malibuklw | malibuklw

Don't hijack her girl's trip and make it about you! 🙅🏼

Significant-Bad657 | Significant-Bad657

Don't ruin her trip with your needs, YTA 🙄

Murky-Initial-171 | Murky-Initial-171

Don't expect your wife to handle all the planning. YTA 🙄

Notdoingitanymore | Notdoingitanymore

Advice on visiting the city + NTA judgment. 💦

LeamhAish | LeamhAish

YTA for not liking how the girls' trip turned out. Plan your own couple's trip instead. 🙄

Witty-Stock-4913 | Witty-Stock-4913

Jealous husband invites himself, ruins wife's girls trip 💔

momofklcg | momofklcg

Husband's intimacy needs ignored on girls' trip. YTA for throwing tantrum.

Fromasha | Fromasha

User calls husband out for being jealous and selfish.

rheasilva | rheasilva

Friendship over intimacy? Commenter calls out husband on girls trip

PauinhaN | PauinhaN

Don't wine about Vegas if you haven't been invited yet 🤷

justmeandmycoop | justmeandmycoop

Take a break with the boys, bro! You deserve it! 🍻

Sweaty-Consequence65 | Sweaty-Consequence65

Entitled husband accused of ruining wife's friend trip 🤯

justloriinky | justloriinky

Bullying wife for intimacy needs on girls' trip? YTA 😒

stabbyhousecat | stabbyhousecat

Different perspectives causing intimacy conflict on couples' trip. NAH.

Disastrous-Nail-640 | Disastrous-Nail-640

Marathon complaints on a girl's trip? YTA, give it up 🙄

Yosemite_Pam | Yosemite_Pam

You were excluded for a reason. YTA. Do better. 👍

ForeignAssociation98 | ForeignAssociation98

Tagging along and not considering others makes YTA.

KesselRun73 | KesselRun73

Wacky sexcapades on a half marathon? YTA gets roasted 🔥

Effycrush | Effycrush

Controlling behavior backfires: Redditors agree, YTA in this situation 🙅

SWG_138 | SWG_138

Husband's selfishness ruins wife's annual girls' trip. YTA.

JJQuantum | JJQuantum

YTA. 'You have literally ONE thing on your mind for this trip', says comment.

BeachinLife1 | BeachinLife1

Adding and removing yourself from the trip and expecting intimacy? YTA.

feb021921 | feb021921

YTA: Commenter suggests the husband should stay home and let his wife have a good time 🙄

Present_Amphibian832 | Present_Amphibian832

Letting your wife go on her girls trip is the way to go YTA 🤷

WrongCable3242 | WrongCable3242

User calls out husband for expecting privacy on group trip.

AureliaCottaSPQR | AureliaCottaSPQR

YTA for imposing and dictating; handle it like an adult. 👍

IceBlue | IceBlue

Couples' trip turns into big fuss over intimacy needs. ESH.

Flustered-Flump | Flustered-Flump

Wife's girls' trip, not a couple's trip. YTA, plan vacation.

soph_lurk_2018 | soph_lurk_2018

Your romantic expectations are not the focus of the trip.

Nice-Money1657 | Nice-Money1657

Husband is the a**hole for hijacking wife's girl's trip 🤦‍♂️

periwinklenimbus | periwinklenimbus

Husband accuses wife of ignoring intimacy needs on trip. Commenter calls him out for gaslighting and entitlement, suggests taking wife on a trip he's excited about instead. YTA.

GoodGirl99999 | GoodGirl99999

Husband's selfishness ruins couples' trip, needs to apologize 😔

Frequent_Advice3710 | Frequent_Advice3710

Husband's demands on girl's trip make him TA 👎

purplehippobitches | purplehippobitches

Support your wife's achievements, don't be jealous. YTA 🙄

tombiowami | tombiowami

Husband accused of being self-centered on wife's girls trip.

mspotatohead22 | mspotatohead22

Gatecrasher gets what they deserve. Book your own romantic trip.

NandoDeColonoscopy | NandoDeColonoscopy

Plan a romantic trip with your wife, don't invite yourself.

Green_Seat8152 | Green_Seat8152

Plan a separate romantic trip and stop hijacking girls trip 🛫

External_Expert_2069 | External_Expert_2069

Communication is key for a healthy relationship 💍

miflordelicata | miflordelicata

Forced intimacy on wife during half marathon trip. YTA. 👎

MedievalHag | MedievalHag

Don't ruin your wife's trip and demand a romantic getaway. YTA 👎

panic_bread | panic_bread

Husband prioritizes intimacy on wife's girls' trip; called exhausting YTA.

One-Importance3003 | One-Importance3003

Husband's selfishness ruins wife's girls' trip. YTA 👎

slithytove5 | slithytove5

YTA: Commenter advises husband intimacy won't happen on trip.

shansbox | shansbox

Butting in on pre-made plans? YTA for ignoring intimacy needs 💔

crumbling_cake | crumbling_cake

Wife wants girls only trip, husband invited himself, ESH.

NightSalut | NightSalut

Inviting yourself on a trip and trying to decide the rules? YTA 🤷‍♂️

dattogatto | dattogatto

Husband ignores wife's independence and intimacy needs on trip 💔

mollyodonahue | mollyodonahue

Husband wants romantic trip, but wife's sister is there. YTA.

SikatSikat | SikatSikat

Wife's trip, wife's rules. Husband needs to communicate better. 😒

landphier | landphier

YTA for expecting intimacy on a girls' trip with wife's sister.

SlightlyVicious101 | SlightlyVicious101

Spouse's sibling? No thanks. NTA has a point.

Worldly_Act5867 | Worldly_Act5867

OP stands up for himself on couples' trip, wife ignores needs. NTA.

georgesDenizot | georgesDenizot

Couples' trip turns into a mess. ESH for being intrusive.

duckieglow | duckieglow

Half-marathon trip with friends vs reconnecting with spouse. NAH.

Ihateyou1975 | Ihateyou1975

Husband invites himself on wife's girls trip, prioritizes sex. YTA. 🤷‍♂️

FishingWorth3068 | FishingWorth3068

Girls' trip is for bonding, not babysitting a pouting husband. 💁‍♀️

letsberealyall | letsberealyall

Don't be selfish, plan an intimate trip for yourself instead! YTA 🙄

YoureMyFavoriteColor | YoureMyFavoriteColor

Assertive comment shuts down entitled friend's opinion on couples' trip.

_gooder | _gooder

Don't guilt-trip your wife into inviting you on her trips. YTA 🙄

Cakedupcherries | Cakedupcherries

Plan a trip, express your needs, don't guilt-trip. YTA 👎

darkchocolateonly | darkchocolateonly

User calls out husband's selfish behavior on couples' trip. 👏

82momma | 82momma

Plan your own trip for intimacy, don't spoil her girl's trip. 👍

throwRA094532 | throwRA094532

Husband's inappropriate request on wife's girl's trip. YTA.

Griffy_42 | Griffy_42

Wife's girls trip isn't about intimacy, YTA needs reality check 😑

mscherche | mscherche

User sympathizes with husband, suggests wife is prioritizing friends over spouse.

momof20408 | momof20408

Husband mad about lack of intimacy on wife's girls' trip 😤

WholeAd2742 | WholeAd2742

NTA comment calls out the absurdity of the situation.

Federal-Subject-3541 | Federal-Subject-3541

Pity invite or not, he's the a**hole for butting in 🙄

Sad-Kale-8179 | Sad-Kale-8179

Wife neglects husband's needs for sisters, but compromise is possible 👍

Few_Ebb9489 | Few_Ebb9489

Take control of your life, plan a guys trip 👤

nikobunni | nikobunni

No a-hole here- Confusing vacation plans lead to mixed expectations.

GabrielVonBabriel | GabrielVonBabriel

Man butts into wife's Vegas trip, makes her feel guilty. YTA 👎

RealisticFood3657 | RealisticFood3657

Gender shouldn't affect judgement. Agree with NTA. 👍

AmenMyBrother | AmenMyBrother

You were TA for gatecrashing a girls' trip. 👎

Logical-Cost4571 | Logical-Cost4571

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