Best Friends Turned Foes: A Weight Loss Journey Gone Wrong 😱

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Picture this: you and your childhood friend have been through thick and thin together, but now you're both in your 40s and facing a new challenge - weight gain. 😩 You and your wife decide to try a plant-based diet, and the results are amazing! 🌱💪 But when you share your success with your friend, things don't go quite as planned... 🤯🥺 Let's dive into this story of friendship, diet drama, and a dinner party that went off the rails! 🎢

Old Friends, New Challenges 😅

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Weight Gain Struggles 🏋️‍♂️

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Diet Attempts 🥗

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Not Quite Vegan 🧀

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Wife's Progress 💪

JHW7753 | JHW7753

James' Reaction 😬

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Dinner Party Drama 🍽️

JHW7753 | JHW7753

James' Accusations 😠

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Heated Argument 🔥

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Hitting a Nerve 😳

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Friend's Exit 🚪

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Aftermath 💭

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Friendship Survival 🤝

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Clarification 🌱

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Not Forcing Anything 🙅‍♂️

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Personal Experience 💡

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Plant-Based Success 🌿

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Misunderstandings 😕

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Supportive Messages 💌

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Apologies and Resolution 🍻

JHW7753 | JHW7753

All is Well ❤️

JHW7753 | JHW7753

Diet Drama: Friendship on the Line? 🌱🥩

Our protagonist and his wife have found success with a plant-based diet, shedding pounds and feeling great! 😁 But when they share their journey with their childhood friend James, things take a turn for the worse. 😱 At a dinner party, James gets defensive about his meat-eating ways, accusing our protagonist of starving himself and pushing his lifestyle on others. 😤 Our hero stands his ground, but the friendship is left hanging in the balance. 💔 The internet weighs in on this dramatic tale, with many sharing their own experiences and thoughts on the matter. 🌐🗣️ Will apologies be exchanged and the friendship restored? Read on to find out! 🕵️‍♀️

NTA but debate on meat misses the point of healthier choices 💪

Didntlikedefaultname | Didntlikedefaultname

ESH. Lengthy descriptions of plant-based diets can come off as preachy 🤬

Affectionate-Show331 | Affectionate-Show331

A justified clapback or childish lack of impulse control? ESH.

consolelog_a11y | consolelog_a11y

Overweight friends' negativity towards weight loss journey 😔

ElGato6666 | ElGato6666

A justified response to a rude, insulting clown. NTA 👍

CoverCharacter8179 | CoverCharacter8179

One person's experience with tough love and weight loss.

SirTogy | SirTogy

Going plant-based helped me lose weight and keep it off 🌱

K3Y_Mast3r | K3Y_Mast3r

Defending a plant-based diet from an aggressive friend 👊

owls_and_cardinals | owls_and_cardinals

Standing up to a bully, NTA comment wins the day 💪

buttpickles99 | buttpickles99

Friendship turned sour over diet advice. ESH, but empathy needed.

Active-Anteater1884 | Active-Anteater1884

Stand your ground! NTA for not wanting to discuss weight loss 💪

Astra_Bear | Astra_Bear

Friendship tested by weight loss honesty 😱

FightTheDemons | FightTheDemons

NTA stands up to toxic masculinity and offers olive branch 👏

bloodorangejulian | bloodorangejulian

Friendship and honesty with a hint of drama. NTA wins.

ilanallama85 | ilanallama85

"The pot calling the kettle fat" - No room for negativity! 🙌 NTA

JMarchPineville | JMarchPineville

A diet debate gone wrong – ESH, but tofu rules! 🥦

beewoopwoop | beewoopwoop

Heartbreaking reminder to prioritize health before it's too late ❤️

banjolady | banjolady

The unnecessary escalation of a conversation about veganism 🌱

Ahjumawi | Ahjumawi

Don't let cultural norms discourage you from achieving your goals! 🌱

pinkpastries | pinkpastries

🌱NTA. Complimenting OP's use of 'plant-based diet'. Brutal honesty hurts.

ivekilledhundreds | ivekilledhundreds

Both parties need to apologize and drop the topic 🙏

DueIsland2983 | DueIsland2983

Standing up for yourself: Not the a**hole in this situation 👏

Kerplonk | Kerplonk

A weight loss journey turned sour with mutual insecurities 😧

VisionAri_VA | VisionAri_VA

Friend's jealousy led to weight loss journey gone wrong 🤯

elsie78 | elsie78

ESH, but a positive approach to dieting is key 👍

Ok_Olive9438 | Ok_Olive9438

Friend's jealousy and fear of change led to end. NTA 👍

arocks1 | arocks1

Losing 4 lbs a week isn't healthy, friend might be right 😕

angelerulastiel | angelerulastiel

Respectful comment about finding the right diet for oneself 👏

Vivid-Berry-559 | Vivid-Berry-559

Jealousy leads to insults: NTA wins and friend loses.

FancyStay3660 | FancyStay3660

When compliments turn into traps 🤪

lucyloochi | lucyloochi

Sustainability is key for weight loss, not fad diets. 🙌

wes0103 | wes0103

Eye-rolling conversation at dinner party turns into a war zone 🤬

TwoCenturyVoid | TwoCenturyVoid

Weight loss argument leads to immature behavior and hurtful comments 😢

marspalm | marspalm

Friend with a chip on his shoulder needs to apologize 😒

K_M_Taylor | K_M_Taylor

Congratulations on your health journey! NTA 👏

Chance-Ad7900 | Chance-Ad7900

When diet talk goes wrong... ESH apologizes for crossing line 😢

RO489 | RO489

Being preachy and judgemental isn't helping anyone 🤐

realworldnewb | realworldnewb

Supportive comment defending plant-based diet and calling out overweight friend.

No_Chance5369 | No_Chance5369

Weight loss turned friendship sour, but ESH needs healthier lifestyle 🙏

Odd-Phrase5808 | Odd-Phrase5808

Both sides at fault. Friend mocked weight loss, OP retaliated.

justnotthatwitty | justnotthatwitty

You're NTA! He's toxic and secretly jealous 🤪

DnDRobynUK | DnDRobynUK

Being the bigger person after a friendship fallout 😊

BreadMaker_42 | BreadMaker_42

Weight loss debate turns into mutual preaching, ESH 😕

abscessions | abscessions

Friend jealous of weight loss success, NTA! Keep shining 💪

MojoJojoSF | MojoJojoSF

Honest response to friend's weight control with positive outlook 🙌

9lobaldude | 9lobaldude

Weight loss feud ends in mutual apologies. ESH 🤝

tiredx2695 | tiredx2695

ESH but there's more to it than meat vs no meat 🥦

Many-Meaning-1420 | Many-Meaning-1420

Being the bigger person? Apologize? NTA, but maybe...🤔

FairyFartDaydreams | FairyFartDaydreams

Navigating food addiction and weight loss with a troubled friend 🤔

stephied333 | stephied333

Weight loss feud turns ugly with name-calling. ESH.

NotFunny3458 | NotFunny3458

Supportive comment advocates for OP's weight loss, calls friend an ass 👍

General-Visual4301 | General-Visual4301

Personal weight loss journeys vary. Insecurity breeds unsolicited advice. 🙏

Ihateyou1975 | Ihateyou1975

Going vegan worked for them, but calling someone an a**hole? 🤨

KingLeoric01 | KingLeoric01

NTA, friend is attacking out of jealousy and insecurity 😒

Chance-Dragonfly-583 | Chance-Dragonfly-583

Meat-eating debate turns ugly, friend's rudeness justifies OP's actions. 🍔🥩

ummmmmmmmmqueen | ummmmmmmmmqueen

Don't let meat eaters bring you down 🌱 You got this!

Known_Witness3268 | Known_Witness3268

Both parties were wrong, but losing 4lbs a week? 😱

bltwithmilk | bltwithmilk

The stigma surrounding weight and genetics. A personal experience. 😢

sasclayson | sasclayson

User calls out plant-based dieter for being condescending 🙄

matzillaX | matzillaX

A vegetarian's perspective on the meat vs. non-meat debate 🤷🏼‍♀️

Dreamworkscast97 | Dreamworkscast97

Weight loss journey turned sour. Mutual apology recommended. 🙏

sheerstress | sheerstress

User calls out ESH behavior in weight loss argument.

legolaswashot | legolaswashot

Plant-based diets and weight shaming: both friends were inconsiderate. 🤷

No-Entertainment3435 | No-Entertainment3435

Friend turned foe in weight loss journey. NTA retaliates 🤬

kitten_huddle | kitten_huddle

Adding meat worked for me, might not for him. ESH.

Rude-Flamingo5420 | Rude-Flamingo5420

Friend's envy is the root of his criticism. Apologize.

alancake | alancake

Benefits of a plant-based diet: more energy, no constipation, healthier skin 🌱🍌

False-Pie8581 | False-Pie8581

Navigating extreme political beliefs in a friendship gone wrong 🤔

ScotchWithAmaretto | ScotchWithAmaretto

Overcoming food addiction and discussing dietary differences with friends 👍

Ambitious-Cover-1130 | Ambitious-Cover-1130

Speaking the truth can be tough, but necessary. 🤷‍♂️

Atribecalled_420 | Atribecalled_420

Apologize for slighting him. Insecurities can make us lash out 🤷‍♂️

Usernamesbehardd | Usernamesbehardd

Friend's toxic behavior due to insecurity about OP's weight loss 😕

StruggleTiny | StruggleTiny

Your success triggered his emotional landmine of food abuse. NTA 👍

piccolo181 | piccolo181

Choosing a plant-based diet for weight loss. NTA or ESH?

BalloonShip | BalloonShip

Caloric deficit is key, NTA for losing weight. Sad story.

scottyd035ntknow | scottyd035ntknow

Keto diet advice for weight loss sparks discussion 🤔

RejectorPharm | RejectorPharm

Healthy choices and public shaming in weight loss feud. NTA 👍

newprairiegirl | newprairiegirl

Suggesting a carnivore diet challenge for weight loss rivalry 🤔

Miserable_Damage_ | Miserable_Damage_

Apologize to your friend, remember you can be right and a**hole 🙄

Jorge-O-Malley | Jorge-O-Malley

ESH, but weight loss is complex. Low-carb diets can work 🤷‍♂️

kamahaoma | kamahaoma

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