Groom Saw Her NAKED! Stripper Excluded from Wedding, Ditches Family Christmas 🎄

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Picture this: you quit your stressful job and find a new career that you love, only to have it cause a rift in your family. 😱 Our protagonist, a 30-year-old woman, made the switch from a white-collar job to being a self-employed exotic dancer. 💃 She was loving her new career until she ran into her family member's significant other at her workplace. They agreed to keep it a secret, but when the couple got married, our dancer found herself excluded from the wedding. 😢 Now, she's questioning her family's loyalty and wondering if she's in the wrong for skipping Christmas with them. 🎄 Let's dive into this dramatic tale and find out what's going on!

💃 The Big Career Change

srirachanips | srirachanips

👀 Surprise Encounter!

srirachanips | srirachanips

🤐 Our Little Secret

srirachanips | srirachanips

🚫 No Touching!

srirachanips | srirachanips

💍 Wedding Time!

srirachanips | srirachanips

🤔 The Mystery Unfolds

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Attends, Except...

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😕 Feeling Bothered

srirachanips | srirachanips

🤷 The Reasoning

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🌞 Summer Wedding

srirachanips | srirachanips

🎄 Skipping Christmas

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🤔 So...

srirachanips | srirachanips

💔 Family Wedding Drama: Excluded for Being a Stripper?

Our protagonist, a 30-year-old exotic dancer, found herself in a sticky situation when she ran into her family member's significant other at her workplace. 🙈 They agreed to keep it a secret, but when the couple got married, our dancer was the only family member excluded from the wedding. 😔 Her parents decided not to attend in solidarity, but the rest of the family went without a second thought. Now, she's feeling hurt and questioning her family's loyalty. To make matters worse, her family is suddenly concerned about her absence when she decides to skip Christmas with them. 🎄 Is she in the wrong for feeling excluded and hurt? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 💭

Defending a stripper's right to be invited to a wedding 💃

Hazbomb24 | Hazbomb24

NTA for defending stripper and cutting off judgmental family. 💯

tariland | tariland

Ex-stripper excluded from wedding for groom's actions. NTA.

LelandHeron | LelandHeron

Double standards? Stripper judged, groom visits strip club. Sexist indeed. 👏

Odd_Task8211 | Odd_Task8211

Double standards at play here. You're not the a-hole. 👍

noncit | noncit

The bride and groom have the right to choose who to invite. NAH.

slackerchic | slackerchic

Protect your peace and career, NTA. Their judgement is horrible. 💯

midwest-honey | midwest-honey

Empathetic response to stripper being excluded from wedding.

New-Comment2668 | New-Comment2668

Suggesting it may not be about her job, but family drama 🤔

Usrname52 | Usrname52

NTA and Bob is the one who should be excluded for opening his big mouth 😠

mynameisnotsparta | mynameisnotsparta

Stripper defends herself against hypocritical family, calls out objectification 🙌

HalcyonDreams36 | HalcyonDreams36

Cut off toxic family? NTA. Cruelty not a value 👍

AndSoItGoes24 | AndSoItGoes24

Not everything is about you. Don't make it personal 🙄

Antelope_31 | Antelope_31

Defending against judgment: Stripper shaming and family exclusion 👏

Nurse_1308_ | Nurse_1308_

Invited wedding guests are ESH, but OP should let it go.

cuervoguy2002 | cuervoguy2002

Consider talking to your siblings before ditching family Christmas 🎄

kipsterdude | kipsterdude

NAH for skipping family Christmas but consider not holding grudges.

Kakfins | Kakfins

Family drama resolved with mutual understanding, NAH.

DrummerAutomatic9523 | DrummerAutomatic9523

NTA defends strippers and challenges anti-strip club sentiment.

Personal-Listen-4941 | Personal-Listen-4941

Respecting client's privacy? Bob sucks and parents are supportive. 💁‍♀️

heyuinthebush | heyuinthebush

Double standards at play. NTA for standing up for yourself.

Inevitable-Slice-263 | Inevitable-Slice-263

Excluded stripper feels hurt, but family not to blame. Bride and groom are the a**holes.

Elros22 | Elros22

You're not the only one who matters 🙄 Enjoy Christmas!

ccrush | ccrush

No love lost in this family. NTA wins.

CupertinoHouse | CupertinoHouse

Respectful comment on the couple's wedding and personal choices.

hello_reddit1234 | hello_reddit1234

You did your job, NTA. Beth has no right to be angry.

hardcandy8923 | hardcandy8923

Opinion on why the bride excluded the stripper from wedding 😐

Jmovic | Jmovic

Ex-stripper excluded from wedding due to cultural disrespect, ESH

Grrrmudgin | Grrrmudgin

Calling out misogyny and corporate accountability in a powerful comment.

JForKiks | JForKiks

Ex-stripper excluded from wedding questions entire family's actions 🤔

jbuckets44 | jbuckets44

NTA defends stripping as a valid job, calls out double standards.

GoodIntelligent2867 | GoodIntelligent2867

NTA defends stripper's exclusion from wedding and criticizes double standards.

Nedonomicon | Nedonomicon

Occupational hazard? OP needs to talk to family. YTA 👎

excel_pager_420 | excel_pager_420

Reconsider your actions. Don't cut off your entire family 😔

ToxicEnabler | ToxicEnabler

Choosing to attend family events is your call. Spend time with parents.

Exotic-Praline4026 | Exotic-Praline4026

Bridezilla alert! Groom saw a stripper naked before the wedding 😱

JJengaOrangeLeaf | JJengaOrangeLeaf

Boundaries at wedding vs. Christmas. Who sets the rules? 🤔


Supportive comment about stripper career choice and skills.

jersey8894 | jersey8894

Empathetic support for woman shamed for stripper incident. ❤️

Pretty_Fairy_Queen | Pretty_Fairy_Queen

Excluded stripper receives support after family's Christmas snub. #NTA 🙌

DoIwantToKnow6417 | DoIwantToKnow6417

NTA, but job puts you in an unfortunate situation. Toughen up 💪

mspooh321 | mspooh321

Being a stripper isn't a normal job, but skipping family events?

Sailor_Venus_99 | Sailor_Venus_99

Family judgements and exclusions for stripper job? NTA, set boundary.

sharkbiscut | sharkbiscut

Respect Bob's decision, don't let it ruin your relationship 🙏

vibe--cat | vibe--cat

Partner's possessiveness and blaming the woman is sexist bullshit. NTA 👏

ginger_ryn | ginger_ryn

Choose your company wisely, NTA and NAH.

Consistent-Ebb-3943 | Consistent-Ebb-3943

Family excluded her from wedding, but stands by her now 🤝

Impossible-Action-88 | Impossible-Action-88

NAH, but the groom should've been honest about the stripper incident 🤷‍♀️

manacle101 | manacle101

Being excluded from a wedding can hurt, but respect boundaries 🙏

bbutter55 | bbutter55

Embrace your body, don't be ashamed. Stripper life pays well.

60s_girlie | 60s_girlie

Being excluded from family events for being a stripper is wrong 👍, and she should let her family know how it made her feel 😊.

Professional_Fee9555 | Professional_Fee9555

Body-shaming groom excluded stripper from wedding. Commenter supports her. 👏

Little_Penguin13 | Little_Penguin13

Empathetic reply supporting the commenter's independent choices. 👏

ugh_idfk | ugh_idfk

Respectful response acknowledging the couple's right to choose their guests 🙏

iforgotmyedaccount | iforgotmyedaccount

Questioning the extent of exclusion and family's knowledge and reaction.

chula198705 | chula198705

71-year-old defends strip club tradition and criticizes exclusion of worker

unrepentantrebel | unrepentantrebel

Excluded stripper not the a**hole, but family drama continues 🤔

Suchafatfatcat | Suchafatfatcat

NTA for being offended, but talk with siblings for context 👥

Character-Toe-2137 | Character-Toe-2137

Consider if your family truly supports your decision to exclude.

pppjjjoooiii | pppjjjoooiii

Excluded stripper's NTA comment sparks no reply discussion.

Oneoldbird | Oneoldbird

A comment calling out the husband's hypocrisy and suggesting Beth dig deeper.

Subject-Driver8127 | Subject-Driver8127

Redditor points out the nuance in family dynamics 🤔

DiverFriendly4119 | DiverFriendly4119

Excluded from wedding, excluded from Christmas. NTA claps back.

Pauscha580 | Pauscha580

Ex-stripper excluded from family wedding, spends Xmas alone. NTA?

gniwlE | gniwlE

Former stripper calls out groom's hypocrisy and exclusion of her.

TheScarlettLetter | TheScarlettLetter

Live your best life and don't feel guilty for your career 👏

Acrobatic-Duck7738 | Acrobatic-Duck7738

Excluded stripper gets empathy from commenter despite incident. 😊

DukeRains | DukeRains

Supportive parents for the win! 👏

leviathianlaroux | leviathianlaroux

Pole dancing is mainstream, but not for weddings apparently 🤔

alicat0818 | alicat0818

Standing up against double standards and hypocrisy. 👏

Midlife_Crisis_46 | Midlife_Crisis_46

Being excluded from family events without communication is hurtful. #NTA

Bhimtu | Bhimtu

Highlighting the double standard towards sex workers. 😒

IAmTheLizardQueen666 | IAmTheLizardQueen666

Family embraces sister's profession, OP not the a**hole.

Fancy_Introduction60 | Fancy_Introduction60

Excluded stripper's experience highlights double standards in social norms.

Useful-Anywhere3091 | Useful-Anywhere3091

Wedding exclusion justified, Christmas dinner optional. Not the a-hole. 🎄

manilenainoz | manilenainoz

Family excluded her from wedding, she ditches Christmas 🎄

uberkintar | uberkintar

Supportive comment applauds OP for standing up against family hypocrisy 👏

Zealousideal_Safe542 | Zealousideal_Safe542

Exotic dancer excluded from wedding due to bride's insecurities, advised to move on.

MissJoey78 | MissJoey78

Excluded stripper not obligated to be 'the bigger person' 🙌

Wise-Ad8633 | Wise-Ad8633

Stripper excluded from wedding, ditches family Christmas 🎄

Jinx_X_2003 | Jinx_X_2003

Family fails to stand up for OP, understandable to distance.

WantToBelieveInMagic | WantToBelieveInMagic

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