Mom CHOOSES New Husband Over Daughter's Misery! 💔 Is She Wrong?

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Picture this: you're a 16-year-old girl, and your life is turned upside down when your parents divorce and your mom remarries. Suddenly, you're living in a new house with three stepbrothers who seem to have made it their mission to make your life miserable with constant pranks. Your mom brushes it off as sibling bonding, but you're at your wit's end. One day, after a particularly disgusting prank involving your toothbrush, you snap and confront your mom and stepdad. But are you in the wrong for losing your cool? 🤯🤬

New Family, New Problems 😤

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Divorce and Remarriage 💔

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Nice Stepdad, Horrible Stepbrothers 😈

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Surprise Siblings 🙄

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Prank Wars: Level Up 📈

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Mom's Reaction: Just Bonding? 🤔

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No Privacy, No Fairness 😠

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Double Standards 🚫

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The Last Straw: Toothbrush Terror 😱

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Toilet Revenge 🚽

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Confrontation Time ⚡

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Mom and Stepdad's Reaction 😓

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Not Enough Punishment? 🤷

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Explosive Argument 💥

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Stepdad's Response 😠

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Grounded and Guilt Tripped 😔

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Not My Siblings! 😤

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Sister and Dad Call 📞

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Sister's Take on the Situation 🧐

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Feeling Lost and Conflicted 😢

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Toothbrush Terror: A Family Feud with No End in Sight? 😱🥊

Our protagonist, a 16-year-old girl, is living in a nightmare with her three stepbrothers who constantly torment her with pranks. From switching her eczema cream to scrubbing the toilet with her toothbrush, these boys have no boundaries. When she finally confronts her mom and stepdad, they ground the boys, but she feels it's not enough. She lashes out, calling her mom selfish and her stepbrothers horrible. Now, she's grounded and her family is in turmoil. Did she go too far, or is she justified in her anger? Let's dive into the top responses from the internet to see what people think of this family feud... 😬🍿

Mother prioritizes new relationship over daughter's well-being. NTA advice given.

just_go_to_sleep | just_go_to_sleep

16-year-old encouraged to live with father after mom chooses new husband

TeddyMarvel17 | TeddyMarvel17

NTA. This is abuse. You're entitled to be sad and scared. Contact other family members or child protective services for help. 😢

Lbrobi11 | Lbrobi11

16-year-old girl's stepdad enables boys' abusive behavior, N.T.A.

918Paige | 918Paige

Mother's neglect and toxic masculinity led to daughter's misery. NTA.

extraterrestrial23 | extraterrestrial23

NTA. Empathetic comment supporting OP's frustration with immature mother.

StaresWithDisbelief | StaresWithDisbelief

Survivor advises to leave abusive stepmom, mom enjoys daughter's misery?

Exystredofar | Exystredofar

Daughter sets boundaries for pranks. NTA 🚫🃏

Moggetti | Moggetti

Document and fight for custody. NTA. 👊

CauldronFire | CauldronFire

Mom chooses new husband over daughter's misery. NTA for daughter.

AshtrayAnnE | AshtrayAnnE

Sad reality of some parents prioritizing sex over their kids. NTA.

shontsu | shontsu

Mom married a guy with kids **without telling** her own daughter?! NTA, leave ASAP! 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom prioritizes new husband over daughter's happiness. NTA is right.

Bug_a_boo_Mama | Bug_a_boo_Mama

NTA calls out abusive step-family, advises OP to call CPS. 💪

Queen_Cheetah | Queen_Cheetah

Daughter expresses frustration with mom's prioritization of step-family over her. #NTA 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Prioritizing mental and physical health over abusive pranks. Move out.

Apoliticalbear | Apoliticalbear

Take control of your life, leave the toxic environment ✊

Blue_petunia | Blue_petunia

NTA. Your mom has chosen her happiness over your safety.

MistbornOtter | MistbornOtter

Stepbrothers are harassing her! NTA. Leave for your safety.

nikkkiz | nikkkiz

Daughter suggests leaving and distrusts stepdad's kids 😐

Bookaholicforever | Bookaholicforever

Mother prioritizes toxic relationship over daughter's safety and well-being. 🤷🏻‍♀️

nattiey2002 | nattiey2002

NTA chooses her safety, advises to contact CPS for abuse 😔

bibbiddybobbidyboo | bibbiddybobbidyboo

Protect yourself and get out of there. NTA.

DeckardCaining | DeckardCaining

Supportive comment suggests involving dad to stop abuse. *hugs*

awonder1608 | awonder1608

Redditor sympathizes with daughter, calls stepbrothers out for cruel prank. 👏

misagrl | misagrl

Documenting abuse: Tips to protect yourself 👍

mspuscifer | mspuscifer

NTA teen advises on how to have a calm conversation with mom to move out of toxic environment due to stepbrothers' pranks. Emphasizes using 'I feel' statements, proposing to still communicate, and stressing one-on-one bonding. Also acknowledges the severity of the situation by suggesting a lawyer as a last resort. 🙌

Ophyria | Ophyria

Using toothbrush to scrub toilet and tampering with medication is wrong. Go live with dad. 👍

xavacid | xavacid

Daughter can legally move back to dad's. NTA.

dca_user | dca_user

Mother neglects duty to prioritize daughter's safety for new husband 💔

Subarashi44 | Subarashi44

Get out of there, love. Your mother is not on your side. NTA 👍

TrippleColore | TrippleColore

User empathizes with OP's situation and suggests leaving or confronting stepbrothers 🤜

rosesthorns180 | rosesthorns180

Protect yourself from harmful pranks, NTA 👏

Grudge-Queen | Grudge-Queen

Daughter's trauma ignored by controlling mother. 🤷‍♀️

Apoliticalbear | Apoliticalbear

Protect yourself! 💪‍♀️

Liitleblueghost | Liitleblueghost

NTA suggests leaving the toxic environment and seeking advice. 👍

PoohBear2008 | PoohBear2008

Mother prioritizes relationship over daughter's misery. Commenter suggests seeking custody.

Imaginary-Squirrel-6 | Imaginary-Squirrel-6

Prank gone wrong, NTA, and custody battle advice 👀

Imadethiscauseihadto | Imadethiscauseihadto

NTA concerned about stepsiblings' hygiene and health, advises seeking help 🙏

Ehvyxo | Ehvyxo

Prioritize yourself and get out of there. 👍

mochaluvr1 | mochaluvr1

Consent is key in pranks, and this goes beyond bullying 👍

iWizblam | iWizblam

Fight for your right! Seek legal and emotional support. 💪🏼

debdeb13 | debdeb13

NTA's mom chose new husband over daughter's misery. Lawyer up! 👏

bluecarnallove | bluecarnallove

Step-siblings bond, but gas-lighting mom prioritizes new husband. NTA.

xObscenex | xObscenex

Daughter not the a**hole for not wanting to share computer.

Scarboroughwarning | Scarboroughwarning

Choose your child, not your partner! NTA for sure.

Machanidas | Machanidas

Mother neglects daughter's needs in new relationship. NTA suggests father custody.

mydoghiskid | mydoghiskid

Teen daughter wants a say, mom prioritizes new family. NTA

wackawacka78 | wackawacka78

Step-siblings go too far with 'pranks', NTA threatens to call CPS. 👊

GrannyWeatherwaxscat | GrannyWeatherwaxscat

Daughter threatened with misery chooses dad over mom's husband.

woolyskully | woolyskully

NTA suggests taking revenge on step-siblings; advises talking to mom.

nebula4621 | nebula4621

Mom prioritizes stepkids' comfort over own daughter's health concerns 😑

cultqueennn | cultqueennn

Toothbrush scrubbed with toilet cleaner? 😱 NTA's mom in trouble!

CrSkin | CrSkin

Bullying stepdad? 🤔 NTA has a case to leave home.

MikkiTh | MikkiTh

Revenge isn't the answer, but communication is key. 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Put your well-being first 👍 and move out. #NTA

DubiousPeoplePleaser | DubiousPeoplePleaser

NTA and please seek help. Your mental health is more important 🙏

here-n-bored92 | here-n-bored92

NTA. User suggests getting revenge on step-family with hilarious method.

CheshireCat232 | CheshireCat232

Mom prioritizes new husband over bullied daughter. NTA seeks help.

annoyedpotatolady | annoyedpotatolady

Daughter shares heartbreaking experience with stepfather and offers advice. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Choose your parent: NTA suggests a way out 👍

kassw86 | kassw86

NTA victim of bullying. Family therapy needed for long-term solution. 👍

Surfer_wave_dolphin | Surfer_wave_dolphin

Teen wants to cut ties with mom. NTA, Dad should file custody

luckydidi18 | luckydidi18

Setting boundaries with abusive family members. 🛑

Hereswitha | Hereswitha

Choose your own home. Mom's prioritizing new husband over daughter. NTA

iamthemomx2 | iamthemomx2

Serious situation of abuse and neglect, call CPS immediately! 🚨

FaeMonNyx | FaeMonNyx

Speak up and tell your father everything. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Mom needs to stand up for her daughter and stop the pranks 😡

seba_make | seba_make

Sibling prank or assault? Commenter draws a line 🤔

goshyarnit | goshyarnit

Toxic family, unsafe living conditions & lack of parental responsibility 😡

Hellopitty1 | Hellopitty1

Escape from your harassers. Move out and stay safe! 🏃‍♀️

AliveAndKickingAss | AliveAndKickingAss

Mother's prioritization of new husband over daughter is unacceptable. Take action. ✊

Molenium | Molenium

Toothbrush assault? Definitely NTA in this messy situation! 🦷🚫

J_D09 | J_D09

NTA, leave the house for your safety and boil the toothbrush!

ComSilence | ComSilence

"Pranks" are dangerous and she's NTA for wanting to leave 💪🏼.

Vivid_Wings | Vivid_Wings

Document and act. 📝 NTA suggests calling CPS to change custody.

LizzieSalt | LizzieSalt

Supportive comment encourages daughter to leave toxic household 🏡

TruthRelativism | TruthRelativism

Concerned commenter advises getting tested for STDs or infections.

Wian4 | Wian4

Nurse expresses concern for girl's safety and offers legal advice. 😘

soph_nurse | soph_nurse

Acknowledging fault and learning from mistakes 👍

just_go_to_sleep | just_go_to_sleep

Supportive comment validates daughter's decision to leave toxic family. 👏

heckyouyourself | heckyouyourself

16-year-old daughter can choose to live with dad. #NTA

henchwench89 | henchwench89

Get revenge with pranks for a 'bonding experience' 😏

Dinorexcf | Dinorexcf

Daughter's mother prioritizes new husband over her daughter's misery. NTA.

DizzyHeron3 | DizzyHeron3

Supportive comment suggests drastic action with a twist of revenge! 😉

wacko-warlock | wacko-warlock

Desperate advice from a hurting child. 😢

wacko-warlock | wacko-warlock

Urgent advice for abused stepdaughter, NTA. 🚨

stegopteryx | stegopteryx

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