From Prison to Success: Man's INSPIRING Journey 🙌 - But Ex-Wife Wants a Piece! 😠

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Picture this: a man with a troubled past turns his life around for the sake of his children. He's got it all now - a good job, a nice house, and two amazing kids. But when his ex comes back into the picture, demanding help for her own children, he's faced with a moral dilemma. Should he help the kids who haven't done anything wrong, or stand his ground against his manipulative ex? Grab your popcorn, folks, because this story is filled with drama, conflict, and emotional impact! 🍿😮

Trailer Trash Past 🚮

Familiar-Paint-426 | Familiar-Paint-426

Addiction and Hardships 😔

Familiar-Paint-426 | Familiar-Paint-426

Toxic Relationship 💔

Familiar-Paint-426 | Familiar-Paint-426

Incarceration and Separation ⛓️

Familiar-Paint-426 | Familiar-Paint-426

Life Moves On 🔄

Familiar-Paint-426 | Familiar-Paint-426

Mom's Support 🙏

Familiar-Paint-426 | Familiar-Paint-426

Discovering a Passion 🔬

Familiar-Paint-426 | Familiar-Paint-426

New Beginnings 🏠

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Ex's Involvement 🤷

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Cars for the Kids 🚗

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Ex's Demands 😠

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Not My Responsibility 🙅‍♂️

Familiar-Paint-426 | Familiar-Paint-426

Standing My Ground 💪

Familiar-Paint-426 | Familiar-Paint-426

Ex's Manipulation 🐍

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Kids' Response 😂

Familiar-Paint-426 | Familiar-Paint-426

Moral Dilemma 🤔

Familiar-Paint-426 | Familiar-Paint-426

Ex's Demands vs. Dad's Dilemma 🥊

Our protagonist, a reformed father of two, has turned his life around after a toxic relationship and a stint in prison. He's now a successful mechanical engineer, providing a better life for his kids and his supportive mom. But when his ex, Trisha, comes back into the picture, she demands that he help with her own struggling children. She even threatens to cut off contact with their twins if he doesn't comply! 😱 Our dad stands his ground, but he can't help but wonder if he should help her kids, who haven't done anything wrong. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔

NTA! Inspiring story of turning life around after prison 🙌

Pretty_Little_Mind | Pretty_Little_Mind

Ex-wife demands money, but commenter advises to stay away.

Broad-Discipline2360 | Broad-Discipline2360

Focus on kids, not money 💰. Blessing if mom stays away 🙏

Glass_Ear_8049 | Glass_Ear_8049

Protecting fatherhood: A badass response to an entitled ex-wife! 💪🏻

chaingun_samurai | chaingun_samurai

Don't let them guilt you into giving money 💸 NTA

Safe-Candy-2734 | Safe-Candy-2734

Former corrections officer praises man's growth despite ex-wife's greed 👏

NickandKem | NickandKem

Encouraging comment applauding the man's turnaround and family values. NTA 👏

Secret_Bar_142 | Secret_Bar_142

Ex-wife wants a piece? NTA! Don't give her sh*t! 💯

sheissonotso | sheissonotso

Ex-wife needs to figure it out 💰🤷‍♂️

Adventurous-travel1 | Adventurous-travel1

Ex-wife guilt-trips ex-convict for money 🤑 despite his success 🏆

okileggs1992 | okileggs1992

Don't give in! Keep that money for your own kids 👏

Brave_Ad1901 | Brave_Ad1901

Gen Z'ers will survive winter with empathy. Ex-wife delusional. NTA

DivineTarot | DivineTarot

Empathetic comment - great advice for setting boundaries with ex-wife 👍

Ok-Reply9552 | Ok-Reply9552

Inspiring journey, not his responsibility to provide for stepkids 👏

xchellelynnx | xchellelynnx

Empathetic comment on toxic ex-wife, encourages no contact and custody.

Storman1977 | Storman1977

Offering advice on government programs to help ex-wife and kids 👏

Sufficient-Meet6127 | Sufficient-Meet6127

Ex-wife demands more money despite man's success 🤔

TheSilkyBat | TheSilkyBat

Ex-wife takes advantage of good deeds, commenter advises against giving in.

Ok_Swim_3028 | Ok_Swim_3028

Ex-wife wants money for new guy's child? NTA, get custody

MadSpaceYT | MadSpaceYT

A fiery comment with no love lost for ex-wife and husband 🔥

Fooglephish | Fooglephish

Congratulations on turning your life around, you're a role model 🙏. And yeah, f**k your ex 🙄

HIdude14 | HIdude14

Congrats on your success! Don't give in to the ex-wife's demands. NTA.

blondeheartedgoddess | blondeheartedgoddess

Generous gesture without funding ex-wife's lifestyle. Buy groceries 🥔

hockey-house | hockey-house

A sensible suggestion for a non-asshole parent 👍

GrowlingAtTheWorld | GrowlingAtTheWorld

Inspiring journey from prison to success. NTA, take care of your own.

Ninjurk | Ninjurk

Firm advice against enabling ex-wife's bad habits 🚫

Separate-Okra-2335 | Separate-Okra-2335

Empathetic NTA comment shuts down ex-wife's entitlement 🙏

biteme717 | biteme717

Congratulations on your inspiring journey and being NTA. Your kids know the truth about your entitled ex 👍


Not your circus 🎪, not your monkeys 🐒. Her problem 🤷‍♀️.

Vandreeson | Vandreeson

NTA comment shuts down ex-wife's greed with humor 😂

Cinnamon0480 | Cinnamon0480

Ex-wife wants a piece of ex-prisoner's success, but commenters support him

SpidyFreakshow | SpidyFreakshow

Ex-wife wants money? Don't give her any! You're better off 👏

dubh_righ | dubh_righ

Protect yourself and your kids, cut her out of life 💪

neurospicyferal | neurospicyferal

Heartwarming success story with overwhelming support from commenters ❤️

YepIamAmiM | YepIamAmiM

Generous but cautious commenter advises not to reward abusive ex-wife.

mayfeelthis | mayfeelthis

Don't give in to ex-wife's demands for money! 🙌

mother-of-dragons13 | mother-of-dragons13

Ex-wife using you and kids to get what she wants 😠

BecGeoMom | BecGeoMom

Hilarious response to an ex-wife's ridiculous message 😂

TRathOriginals | TRathOriginals

A fiery call for justice against an absentee mother. 👊

Jazzlike_Quit_9495 | Jazzlike_Quit_9495

Protect your kids from their toxic mother! Get full custody 💪🏻

Sailuker | Sailuker

NTA. Focus on your kids and your success 👏

moeman1996 | moeman1996

Cutting off toxic exes for a better life 👍

SadSack4573 | SadSack4573

Don't give in to demands. Seek help from authorities 🙏

TiredRetiredNurse | TiredRetiredNurse

Ex-wife's mistake could cost her custody? CPS involved 🤔

NannerMinion | NannerMinion

Ex-wife wants money, but NTA comment says she should work. 👏

angryomlette | angryomlette

Be careful, revenge might be coming. Secure your assets! 🔒

facinationstreet | facinationstreet

Ex-wife wants a piece? Laughably absurd. NTA.

Smarterthntheavgbear | Smarterthntheavgbear

Ex-wife's behavior towards kids concerning. Call CPS for help? 🙁

Longjumping_Bid_447 | Longjumping_Bid_447

Support and appreciation for a man's inspiring turnaround story 🙏‍♂️ and shoutout to his MVP mom 💛.

Mum_of_rebels | Mum_of_rebels

Overcoming poverty and addiction, but enabling ex-wife won't help 🙏

-ghostCollector | -ghostCollector

NTA, commenter advises to get full legal custody and protect kids 🙌

simplymuggle1 | simplymuggle1

Ex-wife wants money, but commenter suggests better help for kids 🙌

char_red | char_red

Sarcastic comment demands money for unrelated kids and car 🙄

Fooglephish | Fooglephish

Focus on rebuilding your life and live happily. 🙌

waaasupla | waaasupla

Ex-wife wants a piece of inspiring ex-convict's success 💰

bmt76 | bmt76

Ex-wife's entitlement causes family rift 😠

DivisiveByZero | DivisiveByZero

Divorced dad praised for taking care of kids despite ex-wife's greed 👍

Strong-Obligation107 | Strong-Obligation107

Not your kids, not your responsibility. Tell her politely 👍

Sassorita | Sassorita

Recovering addict wins custody battle against vindictive ex-wife. NTA 🙌

epicenter69 | epicenter69

Ex-wife wants money, but NTA says help kids directly 🤑💸

DawnShakhar | DawnShakhar

Divorced man not responsible for ex-wife's children. 🙅‍♂️

SewRuby | SewRuby

Don't give in to the ex-wife's demands! 🙌

Throwawaystwo | Throwawaystwo

User suggests threatening ex-wife with lawyer for child support. 😏

WillaLane | WillaLane

Overcoming obstacles and toxic relationships to find success 💪

prepostornow | prepostornow

Tough love: Enabling a junkie won't benefit anyone 🙏

AskMeAboutPigs | AskMeAboutPigs

NTA OP turned his life around, but ex-wife's kids need help. 🙏

chuchofreeman | chuchofreeman

Congrats on your success, focus on yourself and your kids 💪

Average_JoeNI | Average_JoeNI

Don't let guilt force you to give money. NTA 🙌

TexasNerd81 | TexasNerd81

Ex-spouse demands money, commenter advises against enabling behavior. 🙅

Jakunobi | Jakunobi

Don't give in to your ex-wife's demands! NTA 👏

Spiel_Foss | Spiel_Foss

Proud of ex-con's success but not responsible for stepkids 👏

Wh33lh68s3 | Wh33lh68s3

Ex-wife wants a piece? NTA. Congrats on turning life around! 🙏

Spiritual_Ad_7162 | Spiritual_Ad_7162

👏 Respect for prioritizing kids & working hard. Choices matter. Keep going.

jaquelync11 | jaquelync11

User refuses to help ex-wife's kids, suggests legal action.

Maleficent_Theory818 | Maleficent_Theory818

Ex-wife's greed will harm kids. NTA should teach boundaries. 🙏

SnooSketches63 | SnooSketches63

Ex-wife's entitlement exposed, Reddit amused 😂

GoldGuard2242 | GoldGuard2242

Ex-wife can't bring down inspiring journey to success 🙌

JTD177 | JTD177

Don't enable her. Send necessities, not sellable items. NTA 👍

Sure_Flamingo_2792 | Sure_Flamingo_2792

NTA's inspiring success story triggers ex-wife's jealousy 😠

Round-Performance-70 | Round-Performance-70

Inspiring turnaround from prison to engineer, who needs the ex? 🙌

zn1075 | zn1075

NTA stands their ground against entitled ex-wife and family 💪

MaxV331 | MaxV331

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