Evil Sister Tells Teen: 'Mom Wishes You DIED Instead of Dad!' 😨 Now She Needs a Favor...

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Hey there, Facebook fam! 😊 We've got a juicy story for you today. It's about a 16-year-old girl who's been living in the shadow of her younger sister, thanks to her mom's blatant favoritism. It's a tale of family drama, resentment, and standing up for oneself. So, grab your popcorn and get ready for some serious family conflict! 🍿🔥 But first, let's dive into the story...

Family Dynamics 😔

Fine_Cut6784 | Fine_Cut6784

Mom's Favoritism 🙄

Fine_Cut6784 | Fine_Cut6784

Naming Mystery 🤷

Fine_Cut6784 | Fine_Cut6784

Resentment Revealed 😞

Fine_Cut6784 | Fine_Cut6784

Unfair Treatment 😡

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Double Standards 🚫

Fine_Cut6784 | Fine_Cut6784

No Consequences for Sister 😤

Fine_Cut6784 | Fine_Cut6784

Mom's Excuses 🙅

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Sister's Gloating 🤬

Fine_Cut6784 | Fine_Cut6784

Heartbreaking Words 💔

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Money Matters 💸

Fine_Cut6784 | Fine_Cut6784

Sister's Lies 😒

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Mom's Unfairness 🤦

Fine_Cut6784 | Fine_Cut6784

Tutoring Request 📚

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Refusing to Help 😤

Fine_Cut6784 | Fine_Cut6784

Standing My Ground ✊

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Mom's Demands 🚨

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No Help for Them 🙅‍♀️

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Tension Rises 😠

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Sister's Reaction 😏

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Sisterly Struggles and Mom's Favoritism 😢

Our protagonist, a 16-year-old girl, has been dealing with her mom's favoritism towards her 14-year-old sister for years. From unfair treatment to heartbreaking words, she's been through it all. 😔 Her sister even gloats about being the favorite, and our protagonist has had enough. When her mom demands that she tutor her struggling sister, she refuses, saying they don't deserve her help. 💔 The tension in the family rises, and her sister seems to be enjoying the drama. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

Stand your ground and avoid her. Don't take responsibility. 💪

nobrainer_duh | nobrainer_duh

Escape from a toxic family! NTA 👍

omgplatypus | omgplatypus

Suggests a white lie to avoid being responsible for sister's grades. 😱

Particular-Try5584 | Particular-Try5584

Encouraging comment on taking GED and moving out of family home 🙏

74Magick | 74Magick

Take college classes in high school to earn early credits.

CoolCucumber_11 | CoolCucumber_11

Savage plan to escape toxic family. NTA wins.

AbsoluteIllusion | AbsoluteIllusion

Standing up for oneself and setting boundaries. 🙌

DameofDames | DameofDames

Encouraging response to a difficult family situation. Stay strong! 💪🏻

ItWouldntWorkAnyway | ItWouldntWorkAnyway

College far away from toxic family? NTA's got the plan 😎

Yellow-beef | Yellow-beef

Protect yourself from toxic family members. NTA. 🙌

Suspended_Accountant | Suspended_Accountant

Sibling rivalry taken to the extreme 🤬 NTA wins.

_Sierrafy | _Sierrafy

Escape toxic family, hold firm and go no contact. 🙏

Ornery-Calendar-2769 | Ornery-Calendar-2769

Motivational advice for a tough situation. Keep grinding! 💪

dogfishfrostbite | dogfishfrostbite

Savage NTA response to manipulative sister wanting free tutoring 🤭

Birdbraned | Birdbraned

Take control of your life, prepare to leave abusive family. ✍🏻

Sagah121 | Sagah121

Focus on school, find new job, and protect college fund. NTA.

Special_Lychee_6847 | Special_Lychee_6847

Seek help from guidance counselor and CPS. Protect yourself 🙌

chaosisnormal94 | chaosisnormal94

Plan ahead to move out and cut contact with toxic family.

Owlvivid420 | Owlvivid420

Escape from a toxic mother and seek therapy 💚

Lyzab77 | Lyzab77

Heartwarming offer of support for a teenager in need ❤️

Kjpmrp626 | Kjpmrp626

Resenting a child for keeping parents together? 🤔 Definitely NTA.

Ima_Little_BeanBun | Ima_Little_BeanBun

Resourceful commenter suggests checking college fund, aiding struggling teen.

excel_pager_420 | excel_pager_420

Kind stranger offers helpful advice and support to struggling teen 😢

TwinZylander214 | TwinZylander214

Standing up to toxic family members. Good for you! 👏

Alone-Firefighter283 | Alone-Firefighter283

Sister's cruel words come back to haunt her. NTA wins.

goshidontknow1395 | goshidontknow1395

Empathetic comment supports OP's decision to cut ties with toxic family.

princesscraftypants | princesscraftypants

Encouraging comment advises the OP to prepare for worse scenarios. 👍

aquavenatus | aquavenatus

Supportive comment with practical advice for a tough situation.

Too_Tired_To_Cry | Too_Tired_To_Cry

Legal and emotional advice for teen dealing with toxic family 👍

Situation-Mediocre | Situation-Mediocre

Survive toxic family with 'grey rock' technique, build a better future. 👍

DottedUnicorn | DottedUnicorn

Get help from a teacher, family, and save money to move out 💰

Secret_Double_9239 | Secret_Double_9239

Don't fall for it 🙅️. Your sister needs a real tutor.

syboor | syboor

Advice on how to disengage from toxic family and seek opportunities 👍

Amazing-Wave4704 | Amazing-Wave4704

NTA. OP's mother or sister might blame them if sister fails 🤔

Andravisia | Andravisia

Strategies to get out of a toxic household. 👏

Adorable-Substance21 | Adorable-Substance21

NTA. Prepare to leave home by focusing on scholarships and confidence. 💪

baobab77 | baobab77

A relatable story about a golden child and a scapegoat 😢

The1Eileen | The1Eileen

Advice on how to safely leave a toxic home environment.

Storms_and_Rainbows | Storms_and_Rainbows

User sympathizes with the OP and condemns the mother's actions. NTA 👍

Z_is_green13 | Z_is_green13

Don't waste time tutoring your sister if she won't listen 🙄

PNL-Maine | PNL-Maine

Secretly record your evil sister and show mom. NTA.

Achimouser | Achimouser

Protect your credit! Tips to prevent family member fraud. 💳

books_and_crafts | books_and_crafts

Going no contact with toxic family members is important. NTA 👍

Over-Marionberry-686 | Over-Marionberry-686

Take legal action against abusive family 📈


Create your own family, invest in relationships, and don't engage.

McSkill7864 | McSkill7864

Scapegoat child becomes self-reliant, golden child dependent. Learn to say no.

EdwinaArkie | EdwinaArkie

Sometimes violence is not the answer... but maybe it is. 😬

Boring-Steak4593 | Boring-Steak4593

Sibling favor turns into parents' parasitic mindset. NTA comment.

curiousity60 | curiousity60

Encouraging advice for a struggling teenager's future plans 👏

hadMcDofordinner | hadMcDofordinner

Fellow scapegoat advises bargaining with mom for fair treatment. NTA 👍

TyrionsRedCoat | TyrionsRedCoat

Teach her the wrong way 🤣 and remember your potential 💪

Neena6298 | Neena6298

Teen's mom favors sister and sister's an AH. NTA, seek support.

Spiritual_Channel820 | Spiritual_Channel820

Taking matters into your own hands with a punch 🥊

Vocem_Interiorem | Vocem_Interiorem

Golden child syndrome can lead to entitlement and mistreatment of others.

Consistent-Stand1809 | Consistent-Stand1809

Virtual hugs and encouraging words for a grieving and mistreated teen.

Simple-Plankton4436 | Simple-Plankton4436

Standing up to toxic family members 💪🏼

SelfTechnical6771 | SelfTechnical6771

Standing up for yourself is not being selfish. ✊ NTA.

Sad_Ninja_539 | Sad_Ninja_539

Student warns against sister taking advantage of 'tutoring' request.

BostonBling | BostonBling

Don't keep silent, expose the abuse and move on. 💪🏻

fruuduk | fruuduk

NTA. Your mom and sister don't deserve your help. Survive.

Night_Umbreon_1993 | Night_Umbreon_1993

Focus on getting a scholarship and getting out of there 💪

Ok-Independence5335 | Ok-Independence5335

Encouraging advice for teen in toxic family 👏

wisebirdcaseycasey | wisebirdcaseycasey

A heartfelt message to a person going through parental resentment ❤️

JojiBot | JojiBot

Sibling rivalry takes a dark turn. NTA stands up.

AwkwardFortuneCookie | AwkwardFortuneCookie

Seek help from a trusted adult outside of family ASAP 🚨

Diligent-Register-99 | Diligent-Register-99

Sister's evil plan backfires, leaving mother to dislike her even more 😊

vinz_drs_SG | vinz_drs_SG

Survive until graduation, consider joining Air Force for college money. 💯

No-Concentrate-8108 | No-Concentrate-8108

How to deal with toxic family members like a pro 🤘

Curious_Activity_494 | Curious_Activity_494

Focus on studies to secure future, leave toxic family behind. 💪

Intelligent_Shine_54 | Intelligent_Shine_54

Savage revenge? Tutor her poorly and watch her sink! 😈

WartOnTrevor | WartOnTrevor

Escape toxic home: seek help, plan, scholarships, Air Force/Navy?

TexanMaestro | TexanMaestro

NTA, run far away and be happy doing whatever you want ❤

alancake | alancake

Be careful, record everything & stay alert. They hate you. 🚨

Curious_Activity_494 | Curious_Activity_494

Don't tutor your lying sister, karma will get her eventually 😉

ILoveRegency | ILoveRegency

Don't let toxic family bring you down. NTA 🤣

rlrlrlrlrlr | rlrlrlrlrlr

Seek support from trusted adults and school counselor. You're NTA.

NothingSpecialAbout | NothingSpecialAbout

Generous commenter offers financial and legal help for teen.

SAD0830 | SAD0830

Assertive NTA puts mom in her place with humor 🤣

OCessPool | OCessPool

Seeking help from a trusted adult 💪🏼👍🏼

TheMartialArtsWitch | TheMartialArtsWitch

Encouraging comment, reminding the OP of their strength 💪

Mahgenta | Mahgenta

Escape toxic family, stay independent, work hard for college 🎓

Repulsive-Option-646 | Repulsive-Option-646

Escape toxic family and thrive. You deserve better. 👏

Not_Great_at_This_19 | Not_Great_at_This_19

Leave toxic people behind and don't look back 👋

Creative_Peanut5338 | Creative_Peanut5338

Infuriated commenter empathizes with victim, offers practical advice.

CounterfeitChild | CounterfeitChild

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