😲 You Won't BELIEVE the Name This Mom Chose for Her Daughter!

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Picture this: you've been friends with someone for 17 years, and they're about to have their first child. You're excited and can't wait to meet the little one. But then, they reveal the baby's name, and it's... well, let's just say it's unique. 😳 Would you speak up and risk ruining your friendship, or keep quiet and let the parents make their own choices? One woman found herself in this exact situation, and she decided to speak her mind. 💬 Let's dive into her story...

Longtime Friendship 🤝

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

The Name Reveal 😲

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Concerned Friend Speaks Up 😟

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Honesty Strikes a Nerve 🤭

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Why, Oh Why? 🤔

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Friendship on the Rocks 😢

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Banned from Baby's Life 😱

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Unique or Just Cruel? 🤷

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Seeking Validation 🙏

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Update: Apology Sent 📲

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Sharing Opinions 🗣️

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Update 2: Progress with Loreen 🌱

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Name Stays, but Understanding Grows 🌺

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Husband's Doubts 😒

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Godmother Status: Reinstated ✅

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Relationship Status: It's Complicated 😬

addie_maylen | addie_maylen

Baby Name Drama: Friend or Foe? 👶📛

Our protagonist, a 21-year-old woman, has been friends with Loreen for 17 years. When Loreen gave birth to her daughter, she revealed the baby's name: Ghiuliyette (pronounced Juliet) Mahriya. Concerned for the child's future, our protagonist spoke up, telling Loreen that the spelling of the name could cause problems for the little girl. This led to a falling out between the friends, with Loreen's husband even getting involved. 😱 After apologizing and sharing other people's opinions on the name, the friendship slowly started to mend. However, the husband remains upset, and the baby's name remains unchanged. 🤷‍♀️ Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

A high school teacher confirms how messed up spellings affect kids 😞

Astute_Primate | Astute_Primate

Choosing a unique name for a child can have lasting consequences 😐

theworldisonfire8377 | theworldisonfire8377

NTA commenter expresses concern for child's future with controversial name.

Lelianah | Lelianah

Creative spelling leads to hilarious name; commenter approves NTA.

VegetableBusiness897 | VegetableBusiness897

Naming a child can be a sensitive topic, but NTA.

wackyvorlon | wackyvorlon

Naming your child is important, don't make it a joke 😒

MerelyWhelmed1 | MerelyWhelmed1

NTA comment slams friend's selfishness in parenting decisions. 👏

Silver_Bulleit204 | Silver_Bulleit204

A spicy comment about a wild baby name choice 😱

bittyberry | bittyberry

Don't get it twisted, changing the spelling doesn't equal uniqueness. 🤔

Ilumidora_Fae | Ilumidora_Fae

Naming your child something overly complicated is unfair and selfish 😔

floopdoopsalot | floopdoopsalot

Unique name may cause issues but commenter supports choice. 👍

TheSquanderingJew | TheSquanderingJew

Choosing a difficult-to-read name for your child: YTA according to a teacher.

StacyB125 | StacyB125

A commenter explains how the name Ghiuliyette is incorrectly spelled and pronounced. 🤔

BabyLetTheGamesBegin | BabyLetTheGamesBegin

NTA. Unique baby names: attention-grabbing or just personal expression? 🤔

mifflewhat | mifflewhat

User strongly disagrees with the name chosen for the baby. NTA.

NoNumbersNoNations | NoNumbersNoNations

Naming your child something unique can be more harm than good. 💔

jetttward | jetttward

Naming disputes can strain friendships, be kind and move on 🙏

Recent_Data_305 | Recent_Data_305

ESH for mom's spelling choice, commenter for texting repeatedly.

ariesgal11 | ariesgal11

NTA tries to warn mom about daughter's name; weird spellings=teasing 😱

Diasies_inMyHair | Diasies_inMyHair

Unique baby names can lead to bullying and teasing 😕

EdenCapwell | EdenCapwell

Friend calls out horrendous spelling of baby name. NTA 👍

No_Yak_6887 | No_Yak_6887

Naming your child a unique name can lead to spelling issues 😕

Izzy_the_penguin | Izzy_the_penguin

Choosing a unique name for your child may have consequences. 😔

NeverCadburys | NeverCadburys

Debating phonics and pronunciation...this comment section got spicy 🌶️

CatPesematologist | CatPesematologist

A comment on unusual baby names and unpopular spellings. 👶

WyomingVet | WyomingVet

Parent's choice of name ridiculed, nurse refuses to comply. 💊

Little_Penguin13 | Little_Penguin13

Spelling makes her yeighouniik...but you can't change their minds 😅

Normal-Height-8577 | Normal-Height-8577

NTA for feeling bad about the name, but let it go 🙏

JustForKicks16 | JustForKicks16

Redditors support comment advising against unusual baby name choice. 👍

Naughty_PilgriM | Naughty_PilgriM

Beautiful name vs mishmash letters. NTA's opinion on naming.

BiteyBabey | BiteyBabey

Giving advice is good, but don't overdo it. 🤔

ClimbaClimbaCameleon | ClimbaClimbaCameleon

🤣 Commenter finds friend's baby name 'Ghuliyette' ridiculous, NTA

Appropriate-Dream711 | Appropriate-Dream711

Naming your child with a 'you-neek' spelling can be problematic 😬

SiroccoDream | SiroccoDream

Unique name choice leads to a lifetime of spelling explanations! 😅 NTA

lumpychicken13 | lumpychicken13

Controversial name choice sparks laughter and concern among commenters 😅

Scragglymonk | Scragglymonk

Naming your daughter after Ghislaine Maxwell? NTA or ESH?

Economy_Upstairs_465 | Economy_Upstairs_465

Traditional names deserve respect, don't butcher them with 'cute' spellings. NTA.

Mundane-Corner-5738 | Mundane-Corner-5738

Unconventional spelling leads to potential social stigma. NTA.

Qui3tSt0rnm | Qui3tSt0rnm

Discrimination against unique names? NTA for using one.

mariruizgar | mariruizgar

Parental vanity leads to potential bullying victim. NTA.

Agitated_Zucchini_82 | Agitated_Zucchini_82

Cat hairball sound named child, commenter NTA.

MouseAndLadybug | MouseAndLadybug

NTA with a relatable comment 👍

Mellykitty1 | Mellykitty1

Opinions on baby names can be divisive. Let's respect decisions. 🙏

Malibucat48 | Malibucat48

Friend calls out immature baby name choice, hopes for change 👏

Valuable-Spare-7164 | Valuable-Spare-7164

Naming your child is not a game of Scrabble 🤓

Jason_Wolfe | Jason_Wolfe

Unique name choice leads to a lifetime of corrections. NTA.

Emotional-Lead-2677 | Emotional-Lead-2677

Naming your kid this? 🤦‍♀️ NTA comments agree.

Kei9Online | Kei9Online

Unique baby names may cause issues with legal documents 😔

JForKiks | JForKiks

Parent's selfishness leads to cringe-worthy name for child. NTA.

TiaHatesSocials | TiaHatesSocials

Unique names: a professional limitation or personal expression? 🤔

hiketheworld2 | hiketheworld2

🤦‍♀️ Poor kid, her parents made this inevitable. #NTA

VisualHuckleberry542 | VisualHuckleberry542

Naming a human Phred puts them in an awkward position 😒

TronnertheAwesome | TronnertheAwesome

Misspelled name sympathy, NTA for initial reaction. 🤓

Doggondiggity | Doggondiggity

Debating the consequences of 'youneek' baby names. ESH.

HugeNefariousness222 | HugeNefariousness222

Opinions on unique spellings and moving on from criticism.

forte6320 | forte6320

🤬 Outraged commenter slams parents for terrible baby name choice.

Askew_2016 | Askew_2016

NTA defends classic name choice against bad spelling criticism 🤩

Interesting-File-557 | Interesting-File-557

Retired educator shares unbelievable student names 😱

Radiant-Project-6706 | Radiant-Project-6706

An unexpected comment about unique bowel movements and a NTA judgement.

HomemPassaro | HomemPassaro

Controversial name choice criticized for potential long-term consequences. 😬

The_Guide_ | The_Guide_

Naming committee needed to prevent 'brainless' parents ruining lives. 🤦‍♀️

tunaricelemonjuice | tunaricelemonjuice

NTA comment: Unique baby names can be controversial and inappropriate.

D3xnDinah | D3xnDinah

Misspelling your child's name: YTA, friend of OP agrees.

Cool-Clerk-9835 | Cool-Clerk-9835

Friend chose a terrible name spelling, NTA suggests low contact.

CrazieIrish | CrazieIrish

Unique spelling of name may lead to bullying. NTA.

mirandagarciaxx | mirandagarciaxx

Having a unique name can be an icebreaker, but also frustrating 🙄

ineedalltheadviceplz | ineedalltheadviceplz

Unique name choices can lead to practical issues. #NTA 😱

Pollywoggle16 | Pollywoggle16

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