Son, 16, Has NOWHERE to Go After Mom Downsizes! 🏠💔

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Picture this: a mom trying to balance her life after a divorce, going back to school, and sharing custody of her son. She does her best to make her home welcoming, but it's never enough to compete with the fun at dad's house. Fast forward a few years, and she's remarried, pregnant, and living in a condo. The son, now 16, wants to move back in, but there's no room in the condo. What's a mom to do? 🤷‍♀️ Let's dive into this emotional rollercoaster of a story.

Divorce and Custody Battle 🥊

Scary-Literature-835 | Scary-Literature-835

Balancing Act ⚖️

Scary-Literature-835 | Scary-Literature-835

Juggling School and Motherhood 📚

Scary-Literature-835 | Scary-Literature-835

Household Chores 🧹

Scary-Literature-835 | Scary-Literature-835

Competing with Dad's House 🏡

Scary-Literature-835 | Scary-Literature-835

Gaming and Internet 🎮

Scary-Literature-835 | Scary-Literature-835

Custody Battle Escalates ⚔️

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Counseling and Heartbreak 💔

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New Relationships and Pregnancies 🤰

Scary-Literature-835 | Scary-Literature-835

Marriage and Moving 🏢

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Ex's New Girlfriend and Living Situations 🏠

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Selling the House and Condo Life 🌆

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Nursery and Office Space 🍼

Scary-Literature-835 | Scary-Literature-835

Son's Unhappiness 😞

Scary-Literature-835 | Scary-Literature-835

Son's Request and Living Room Offer 🛋️

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Son's Anger and Moving Plans 🚚

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Temporary Solution and Grandparents 🧓

Scary-Literature-835 | Scary-Literature-835

Six Month Plan ⏳

Scary-Literature-835 | Scary-Literature-835

Son's Discontent and Car 🚗

Scary-Literature-835 | Scary-Literature-835

Accusations and Ex's Call ☎️

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Standing Up to the Ex 💪

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No Room at the Inn: Mom's Dilemma 🏠

After a tough divorce and custody battle, our protagonist tries her best to make her home welcoming for her son, but he ends up choosing to live primarily with his dad. Years later, she's remarried, pregnant, and living in a condo with no room for her son. Now, the 16-year-old wants to move back in, but there's no space. Mom offers the living room couch as a temporary solution, but the son is not happy with that. They discuss moving to a bigger place in six months, but the son opts to live with his grandparents instead. Accusations fly, and the ex-husband even calls to tell mom to make room for their son. But mom stands her ground, saying it's not her fault. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...💭

Mother urged to rekindle relationship with son despite legal issues. 👥

aj_alva | aj_alva

NTA for not holding a place for son. Lose-lose situation. 😕

akzcinzow | akzcinzow

Supportive comment defending OP as NTA with 👏

MikeDropist | MikeDropist

NTA defends herself against accusations of being a villain 😒

giantbrownguy | giantbrownguy

Paralegal weighs in and advises to prioritize relationship with son. 👍

disconnected2121 | disconnected2121

Condo downsizing leaves son homeless. Commenter asks valid question.

No_Lavishness_3206 | No_Lavishness_3206

Defending the OP's decision to not let her son back home. 💪

JstMyThoughts | JstMyThoughts

Mother not the a**hole for son's choices and actions 👍

bluepvtstorm | bluepvtstorm

User sympathizes with OP's struggle and offers practical advice. 💡

Something-bothersome | Something-bothersome

Safe living arrangements for son, 16. NTA parenting stance.

ItIsWhatItIs_4_6 | ItIsWhatItIs_4_6

A strained mother-son relationship leads to homelessness. NTA.

naked_nomad | naked_nomad

Parent criticized for language and behavior in custody battle. YTA 👎

popcornwithparmesan | popcornwithparmesan

Heartbreaking situation for son due to dad's infidelity. 💔

MadameNorth | MadameNorth

Lesson learned: be careful what you wish for. 🤔

SnooCakes8914 | SnooCakes8914

Ex got full custody, now it's his problem. NTA.

PyrBox02 | PyrBox02

Ex-husband's role questioned in 16-year-old son's homelessness 👉🤔

armoredalchemist611 | armoredalchemist611

NTA. Harsh, but the child disowned and insulted you. 😞

Due_Entertainment_44 | Due_Entertainment_44

No reconciliation, just wants own space. NTA. 👍

WildRide117 | WildRide117

Teenager's behavior understandable, parents suck. Concern for his future.

saucisse | saucisse

Ex-husband neglected son's well-being, blames you for his failure. NTA 👏

Strain_Pure | Strain_Pure

Tough love time! NTA for setting boundaries with entitled son. 😠

Mommabroyles | Mommabroyles

Compassionate response to son's housing issue amid family conflict ❤

Fullondoublerainbow | Fullondoublerainbow

NTA. Son chose to stay with dad, he needs to figure it out 👏

CanoodleCandy | CanoodleCandy

Compassionate commenter offers support and advice for struggling parent. ❤️

MDgirl1971 | MDgirl1971

Consider the long-term effects and legal options. Heartbreaking situation. 💔

Difficult_Mood_3225 | Difficult_Mood_3225

Neglected son deserves a room in your new house. 😔

Nakedstar | Nakedstar

Mom shouldn't put herself out for entitled son. Grandparents better.

Less_Ordinary_8516 | Less_Ordinary_8516

Ex-husband took full custody, it's his responsibility to house son. 💼

invisible_panda | invisible_panda

Heartbreaking situation of abandoned 16-year-old son, ESH.

Aggressive_Today_492 | Aggressive_Today_492

A scathing comment pointing out the lack of communication 🤔

swishystrawberry | swishystrawberry

NTA comment: Brutally honest assessment of a spoiled son. 👏

Agitated_Zucchini_82 | Agitated_Zucchini_82

Heartbreaking situation for 16yo whose parents aren't prioritizing him. 💔

hellokiri | hellokiri

Parental alienation blamed for strained relationship with son. 😢

Negative-Ad7882 | Negative-Ad7882

Divorce leads to neglecting son, both parents at fault. ESH 🤷‍♂️

Material-Profit5923 | Material-Profit5923

Communication is key for a mended relationship with your son 👍

Noys_23 | Noys_23

Teen chose not to spend time with mom, now homeless. NTA.

dublos | dublos

Mom not at fault for son's situation, NTA 👏

Historical_Bunch_927 | Historical_Bunch_927

NTA. Son rejected your offer, don't need to accommodate him.

throw05282021 | throw05282021

Reaching out to estranged son is crucial 👍

No-Jicama-6523 | No-Jicama-6523

Therapist calls out parent for abandoning child's place in life 👆

HomespunPeanutButter | HomespunPeanutButter

Heartbreaking situation, NTA could have made more effort to accommodate.

ChrisInBliss | ChrisInBliss

Parental responsibility questioned. YTA. 👎

GalianoGirl | GalianoGirl

Absentee father receives tough love criticism from commenters. 👏

RetreadRoadRocket | RetreadRoadRocket

Mom criticized for not holding a place for her son 😢

ClementineKruz86 | ClementineKruz86

Supportive comment defends OP's plan for son's living situation.

Slight_Guidance7164 | Slight_Guidance7164

Parenting criticism sparks discussion on family dynamics. 👨‍🍳

Gold_Repair_3557 | Gold_Repair_3557

Parenting is about what your child needs, not what you want 🙏

Royal_Visit3419 | Royal_Visit3419

Mom refuses to give son a room, internet calls her YTA 👎

notyposhere | notyposhere

Teaching respect and tough love to raise a good man. NTA 👏

shikakaaaaaaa | shikakaaaaaaa

Confused commenter asks for more information about custody rights.

TrekLurker1701 | TrekLurker1701

Son learns the hard way. Sympathetic commenters label 'NTA'.

4011s | 4011s

User suggests a solution for housing issue, calls ex TAH. NTA.

Anon_Strike_292 | Anon_Strike_292

OP is called out for neglecting responsibility as a parent 👎

redditerla | redditerla

Parent cut off 14-year-old son, now he has nowhere to go. ESH.

akp55 | akp55

NTA. OP empathizes with son but reminds him of father's responsibility. 👍

Lilnub06 | Lilnub06

Red flag! A strong statement with a warning tone. 🚨

rathmira | rathmira

Empathetic response to a struggling mother, encouraging a sit-down conversation. ❤️

keels81 | keels81

Sassy comment defends OP, tells off YTA voters. 👏

elfbentovertheshelf | elfbentovertheshelf

A heartbreaking situation with an ESH judgement and helpful advice 💔

SpecialistAfter511 | SpecialistAfter511

Mom downsizes, son has nowhere to go. Commenter calls YTA.

inuangledemon | inuangledemon

Son wants to crash at mom's after 2 years no contact. Commenter thinks he's an a**hole and needs counseling 🤔

Urzart0n | Urzart0n

Cut ties. Son called OP a b*tch, won't appreciate help.

Imaginary_Poetry_233 | Imaginary_Poetry_233

Heartbreaking: Teen kicked out by dad for new GF, nowhere to go. 💔

chatterbox2024 | chatterbox2024

Parental neglect leads to troubled teenager and family dynamics. 💔

Pastabilities218 | Pastabilities218

Parent struggles with conflicted emotions when son wants to return home.

SirIcy5798 | SirIcy5798

Divorced parents prioritize everything over their child, everyone sucks here ❤️

TForestR1012 | TForestR1012

Dad can handle it. American kids can be entitled 🙄

Weird-Pomegranate388 | Weird-Pomegranate388

Take a stand! NTA needs to be the bitch 😎

ExtremeAthlete | ExtremeAthlete

Parent criticized for being unsupportive of son during tough times 😠

Big_Routine_8980 | Big_Routine_8980

Prioritizing office over son in need? YTA 100% 😡

fromhelley | fromhelley

Son's mom sold his house without telling him. ESH in family.

throwaway-rayray | throwaway-rayray

Parental responsibility ignored, YTA and ESH except the teen. 👎

Confident_Storm_4884 | Confident_Storm_4884

Parental abandonment of a 14-year-old. 😢

EmmalineBlue | EmmalineBlue

Parenting a resentful teen is a recipe for disaster. NTA 👏

theoldman-1313 | theoldman-1313

Mother downsizes, son refuses couch, now has nowhere to stay. NAH.

L0ath | L0ath

When buying a house doesn't solve your parenting problems 😷

Silver-Raspberry-723 | Silver-Raspberry-723

Teaching responsibility: NTA & tough love 💪

No_Peach_2660 | No_Peach_2660

Curious Red face emoji person seeks clarification on cooking and laundry expectations. YTA?

Cursed_Angel_ | Cursed_Angel_

Ex-husband and mom at fault, not son, in custody battle. 👍

Naka_kuro | Naka_kuro

A compassionate mother suggests keeping a room for your child 👨‍👦👧 until they're 24, considering his disrupted childhood 😢

ThinkingOutLoud2Much | ThinkingOutLoud2Much

Teen refuses to speak to mom for 2 years, rejects housing offers 🤦‍♂️

FlavorAgenda | FlavorAgenda

Teen left homeless after mom's secret life. YTA confirmed.

FairyCompetent | FairyCompetent

Compassionate advice for struggling mother and her son 💜

Nature_Fam | Nature_Fam

Teen son abandoned by both parents, deemed ESH. Situation sucks 😥

EnigmaGuy | EnigmaGuy

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