RUDE Bride Demands Couple Shorten THEIR Wedding for Hers! 🤯💒

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Picture this: you're planning the perfect wedding and everything seems to be going smoothly. But then, at your cousin's bridal shower, you find out that your wedding ceremony is double-booked with another couple's big day! 😱 And to make matters worse, the other bride's MOH is throwing some serious attitude your way, claiming that her family's financial contributions to the church give her the right to have the ceremony whenever she wants. 💰👰 Talk about drama! So now, you're left wondering if you should be the bigger person and cut your ceremony short to accommodate the other couple, or stand your ground and keep your original plans. 🤔💍 What would you do in this sticky situation? Let's dive into the story and see how it unfolds...

Wedding Ceremony Clash! 😱

xsetsun | xsetsun

Bridal Shower Shenanigans 🎉

xsetsun | xsetsun

The MOH's Wedding Bombshell 💣

xsetsun | xsetsun

Double-Booked Disaster 😨

xsetsun | xsetsun

A Battle of Brides? 👰👰

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Money Talks? 💰

xsetsun | xsetsun

The Blame Game 😤

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MOH's Attitude Problem 😒

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Seeking the Truth 🕵️

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Calling the Priest 📞

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The Truth Revealed! 🕵️‍♀️

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Not So Fast... 😰

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The MOH Family Strikes Back ⚔️

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A Compromise Proposal? 🤔

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The Priest's Neutral Stance ⚖️

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To Cut or Not to Cut? 🤷

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Family Opinions 💬

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The Conflict Continues... 😔

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Clarifications and Updates 📝

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Booking Confusion 📆

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A Timeline Mystery 🕰️

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The Importance of Backups ⚠️

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A Wedding Showdown for the Ages! 💍🥊

Our conflicted groom-to-be and his fiancée find themselves in a high-stakes game of wedding chicken when they discover their ceremony is double-booked with another couple's nuptials. 😱 The other bride's MOH isn't making things any easier, claiming her family's financial contributions to the church give her the right to have the ceremony whenever she wants. 💰👰 After confirming with the priest that their wedding is indeed booked for the desired date and time, the couple is faced with a tough decision: should they cut their ceremony short to accommodate the other couple, or stand their ground and keep their original plans? 🤔💍 Family members weigh in, but opinions are divided. 🗣️ So, what's the verdict? Should our couple be the bigger people and make the sacrifice, or is it time to put their foot down and say enough is enough? 🤷 Let's see what the internet thinks of this dramatic dilemma... 💭

Suggests MOH schedule wedding before yours, be a sunrise wedding ☀️

Sidneyreb | Sidneyreb

Bridezilla vs MOH: NTA couple stands up to rude demands 😎

jmbbl | jmbbl

Stand your ground! Your wedding day, your way! NTA 👏

celticmusebooks | celticmusebooks

NTA for being frustrated with the venue, not the other bride 👏

fuzzy_mic | fuzzy_mic

Stand your ground and don't be bullied. 💪

Rnin85 | Rnin85

MOH causing chaos for strangers' wedding? NTA, let it go.

jrm1102 | jrm1102

NTA defends against spoiled MOH with a Harry Potter reference ⚡

TitaniaT-Rex | TitaniaT-Rex

Bridezilla Alert! NTA, suggest she change date or venue 👏

Acrobatic_Increase69 | Acrobatic_Increase69

Stories of wedding venue drama and how it was resolved 👏

National_Average1115 | National_Average1115

NTA for prioritizing your wedding over MOH's entitled demands 💯

Whorible_wife69 | Whorible_wife69

Don't let someone else's poor planning ruin your big day! 😤

teresajs | teresajs

Don't be a doormat! Stand up for yourself. 💪

Aggravating-Owl-8974 | Aggravating-Owl-8974

"Be the bigger person" does not mean let yourself be steamrolled. 💪

aoc199 | aoc199

Bridezilla tries to hijack wedding venue, gets shut down. 😎

Buttercup_Bride | Buttercup_Bride

MOH's behavior seems fishy, NTA for not shortening wedding.

fritz1215 | fritz1215

Don't expect the bride to give up her time. NTA.

lysalnan | lysalnan

Being the bigger person pays off in the end 💪

gelastes | gelastes

Don't listen to the AHs. Keep your ceremony full-length. 💍

Excellent-Count4009 | Excellent-Count4009

Wedding day is special, don't let anyone ruin it 🎉💍

Ok_Commercial_3493 | Ok_Commercial_3493

NTA booked confirmed and planned smart, MOH is entitled and selfish 🤯

PandaLand447 | PandaLand447

Interesting observation about bookkeepers' duties, but off-topic.

sparksgirl1223 | sparksgirl1223

MOH's mistake causes wedding conflict, commenter says NTA.


Don't cut your time short for a rude bridezilla! 👏

Forsaken-Revenue-628 | Forsaken-Revenue-628

Enjoy your wedding! You're not obliged to shorten it for anyone 👏

letsberealyall | letsberealyall

Your wedding, your day. Don't let others ruin it. NTA 👏

FireflyFableFlare | FireflyFableFlare

NTA. Stand your ground and don't let the bridezilla win 💪

unlovelyladybartleby | unlovelyladybartleby

Don't let others bring you down. NTA 👍

ordinaryhorse | ordinaryhorse

NTA stands their ground against rude bridezilla's demands. 👏

Icy-Conversation9349 | Icy-Conversation9349

Stand your ground against rude bridezilla 👊

Trick_Magician2368 | Trick_Magician2368

Don't let entitled bridezilla ruin your wedding day! 👰🏼👎

FuzzyMom2005 | FuzzyMom2005

Ignoring irrelevant opinions and standing up for your wedding. 👍

CalendarDad | CalendarDad

Aunt's mistake, not their fault. Bridezilla needs to chill 🙄

Prestigious-Name-323 | Prestigious-Name-323

Wedding scheduling conflicts cause drama between cousins. 😱

blawearie | blawearie

Entitled bridezilla demands couple shorten their wedding. NTA stands firm.

Uninteresting_Vagina | Uninteresting_Vagina

Standing firm on wedding plans despite rude bride's demands 😏

andmewithoutmytowel | andmewithoutmytowel

NTA. Stick to your time frame & make sure you don't overlap into theirs. 👍

Livvysgma | Livvysgma

NTA and MOH is a huge AH for treating tithes as bribe 😡

trankirsakali | trankirsakali

Wedding clash narrowly avoided, lucky escape! 🙌

Practical-Basil-3494 | Practical-Basil-3494

Standing up for your wedding date? NTA, bridezilla called out.

megann-3 | megann-3

Stand your ground and don't let anyone spoil your day! 😎

Nester1953 | Nester1953

Maid of honor drama: NTA suggests replacement, but what next? 🤔

Status-Associate6318 | Status-Associate6318

Stand your ground! Don't let her rudeness ruin your day.

Maximum-Swan-1009 | Maximum-Swan-1009

NTA suggests having security due to bride's potential disruptive behavior.

louisianefille | louisianefille

Church secretary's mistake causes wedding clash, no resolution yet 😖

ljgyver | ljgyver

NTA for not letting rude bride ruin your wedding 🙅‍♂️👰

MapleTheUnicorn | MapleTheUnicorn

NTA defends couple against rude MOH's potential interference.

blootereddragon | blootereddragon

Stick to your schedule and don't let anyone ruin your day! 💍

SheiB123 | SheiB123

NTA. 'Be the bigger person' is often code for accepting disrespect.

GhostParty21 | GhostParty21

Stand your ground and don't budge, NTA! 💪

Emotional_Bonus_934 | Emotional_Bonus_934

Booked and confirmed, don't let others change your plans! 💪

OhioMegi | OhioMegi

Stand your ground, but offer a compromise with a contract. 💍

gnarly314 | gnarly314

Stick to your guns, don't let her ruin your day! 💪

ichheissekate | ichheissekate

Suggests pushing bride's wedding down, NTA and demands compensation 😎

soapylovesmakeup | soapylovesmakeup

Stand your ground! 🙌 You booked fair and square.

Shells613 | Shells613

OP suggests a clever solution to prevent wedding sabotage 👏

jmurphy42 | jmurphy42

Church double-booked weddings, not op's fault. Contact church management ASAP! NTA.

GibsonGirl55 | GibsonGirl55

Stand your ground! NTA for not shortening your wedding day!

VibrationalVirgo | VibrationalVirgo

Elopement might be the best option. Congrats on your wedding! 😊🎉

MiaW07 | MiaW07

Booked venue officially, no need to compromise. Suggestions for compensation.

WinEquivalent4069 | WinEquivalent4069

Entitled wedding hijackers are becoming an epidemic 👊

11SkiHill | 11SkiHill

Being the bigger person when dealing with a rude MOH.

admweirdbeard | admweirdbeard

Stand your ground and have your wedding on your terms! 💪

whatTheFox23 | whatTheFox23

Have your wedding, enjoy your time, don't worry about others 👍

seejaneflirt | seejaneflirt

Prioritize your own wedding, NTA. Hope your aunt did nothing wrong 👏

noccie | noccie

Stand your ground! It's your wedding, not the MOH's 👏

mynameisnotsparta | mynameisnotsparta

Protect your family, stand your ground. You're NTA.

shikakaaaaaaa | shikakaaaaaaa

Don't let a rude bride ruin your special day. #NTA 💍

wamale | wamale

Wedding planner advises against negotiating with 'emotional terrorists' bridezilla 💒

SeattleGirl99 | SeattleGirl99

Church reservation drama and MOH's lack of responsibility. NTA.

Ornery-Wasabi-473 | Ornery-Wasabi-473

Catholic church does everything for money, get paid for compromise? NTA

peetecalvin | peetecalvin

Wedding entitlement at its finest. YWNBTA for standing up.

JGCii | JGCii

MOH throws tantrum, commenter stands their ground. NTA.

throwitaway3857 | throwitaway3857

NTA for refusing rude and entitled bride's last-minute request 🙅

L_D_Machiavelli | L_D_Machiavelli

Just say no to the bridezilla's f\*\*\*ery! 🚫

ragdoll1022 | ragdoll1022

NTA stands up for their wedding plans against entitled bridezilla.

Quix66 | Quix66

Standing up for yourself is never TA. NTA 👏

No_Juggernau7 | No_Juggernau7

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