Boyfriend's Selfish Choice Costs Girlfriend Her License! 😱

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Picture this: you've been with your girlfriend for six lovely years, living together and sharing life's ups and downs. One day, your girlfriend gets caught speeding in your car, and you have the power to save her license by taking a short 2-hour course. But, you decide not to because you want to keep your driving record spotless. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? 🤨 Well, buckle up, because we're about to dive into a story that will make you question everything you thought you knew about love and loyalty. 🚘💔

The 6-Year Relationship 📅

SupermansSoup | SupermansSoup

The UK Driving Point System 🚗

SupermansSoup | SupermansSoup

New Driver Rules 🚦

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Girlfriend's Speeding Offence 📸

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The Dilemma 🤔

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The Cost 💸

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The Decision 🚫

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The Consequences ⚠️

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The Impact on Me 🤷

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Family & Friends Weigh In 🗣️

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The Question ❓

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Love on the Line: Speeding Ticket Edition 🚨

Our protagonist, let's call him Mr. Spotless, is faced with a moral dilemma when his girlfriend gets caught speeding in his car. He can either take a 2-hour speed awareness course to save her license or let her face the consequences, which include losing her license, retaking driving tests, and spending around £500. Despite everyone around him urging him to take the course, Mr. Spotless decides to let his girlfriend lose her license, simply because he doesn't want to tarnish his perfect driving record. 😱 This decision causes a rift between the couple, with the girlfriend feeling betrayed and Mr. Spotless being labeled as petty by friends and family. So, what does the internet have to say about this sticky situation? Let's find out... 🍿

Importance of honesty and integrity highlighted amidst license drama. 🤔

ironchef8000 | ironchef8000

NTA commenter calls out girlfriend's reckless driving 💪

poppunker18 | poppunker18

Driver shames girlfriend's driving without empathy or solution. 😒

Lloytron | Lloytron

Encouraging response to NTA comment with thumbs up emoji 👍

Robbes_Watch | Robbes_Watch

Speeding girlfriend loses license due to boyfriend's lie. 😱

MoogOfTheWisp | MoogOfTheWisp

Taking the blame for a driving offence can lead to prison 😱

baggymitten | baggymitten

Red-handed! Lying about driving can get you in trouble. NTA.

Apart-Ad-6518 | Apart-Ad-6518

NTA stands firm on principle, refusing to claim mum's speeding fines 💪

Performance_Lanky | Performance_Lanky

Redditor warns against admitting to criminal offense on Reddit 🤔

GhostPantherNiall | GhostPantherNiall

Girlfriend's reckless driving results in consequences. NTA stands.

Welpp_herewego | Welpp_herewego

Taking responsibility for someone else's repeated mistakes? NTA 👍

Cultural-Ambition449 | Cultural-Ambition449

Driving is a responsibility, not a right. 🚗💨

Redband-Trout | Redband-Trout

Girlfriend's spending causes license loss. Commenter says NTA.

Rega_lazar | Rega_lazar

Girlfriend's speeding warrants consequences, NTA for not lying. 🚨

Ok-Lynx-6250 | Ok-Lynx-6250

Girlfriend wants illegal favor after losing license. NTA.

raheemnaz | raheemnaz

Playing hero could have deadly consequences. License loss may help.

egglimepickles | egglimepickles

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to driving offenses! ✌️

Blowflyfinder1980 | Blowflyfinder1980

Support for enforcing driving regulations to ensure safety 🙌

OptimalConfusion42 | OptimalConfusion42

Keeping a good driving record is a good reason. NTA. 👍

BroadElderberry | BroadElderberry

Taking responsibility for reckless driving can save lives. 🚨

11SkiHill | 11SkiHill

NTA, but harsh reminder that reckless driving kills. 🚨

Foggy_Radish | Foggy_Radish

🚫 End this relationship ASAP, her family is dishonest and sneaky!

BBayWay | BBayWay

Heartbreaking story of loss and a harsh judgement on OP's girlfriend.

Middle-Conclusion284 | Middle-Conclusion284

Driving recklessly? Lose your license, save lives! 🚨

Illustrious-Tap5791 | Illustrious-Tap5791

Support for suspension due to multiple offenses. NTA.

No-K-Reddit | No-K-Reddit

GF lied about driving, NTA for reporting. 🚫🚗

Same_Value8941 | Same_Value8941

Choosing to be a fall guy for a careless partner? NTA! 👏

rmric0 | rmric0

NTA defends girlfriend's license and references a harrowing road safety ad.

not_an_alien_lobster | not_an_alien_lobster

Experienced driver shares views on consequences of speeding.

jael001 | jael001

Driving recklessly, facing consequences. NTA comment stands alone.

PurpleStar1965 | PurpleStar1965

Pedestrian safety first! Engaging comment with a dash of caution.

randomoverthinker_ | randomoverthinker_

NTA comment jokes about consequences and insurance premium hike.

OneLessDay517 | OneLessDay517

NTA suggests girlfriend retake driving test, warns of legal consequences. 🚨

Clare-Star | Clare-Star

Speeding girlfriend shouldn't drive, but YWBTA if you switch names

carw87 | carw87

Reasons not to commit fraud: 1) Keep driving record clean 🙌 2) It's illegal 😱 NTA.

fernyexotic | fernyexotic

NTA refuses to commit perjury for irresponsible girlfriend 🙌

[deleted] | [deleted]

Breaking the law for a partner? NTA says no way 🚫

Mustng1966 | Mustng1966

NTA stands firm against girlfriend's reckless behavior

Glass_Ear_8049 | Glass_Ear_8049

Girlfriend needs tough love to learn driving responsibility 💪

Winter_Dragonfly_452 | Winter_Dragonfly_452

Ticket consequences could cost boyfriend more than just money 💰

tristanjones | tristanjones

Responsible driving is crucial for new drivers 🚗

Dazzling-Health-5147 | Dazzling-Health-5147

NTA for not lying to authorities, girlfriend needs to take responsibility 😒

FuzzyMom2005 | FuzzyMom2005

Girlfriend was irresponsible for speeding, NTA for not protecting her 😒

le_tw4tson | le_tw4tson

Beware: consequences of perverting justice can lead to prison time 😱

Dingleator | Dingleator

Honesty is the best policy! Everyone sucks here. 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

Support for NTA's stance on speeding and illegal request.

First-Butterscotch-3 | First-Butterscotch-3

Support for self-respect and tough-love 💪 NTA

mazmum74 | mazmum74

Avoiding penalties with a clean record. Good advice 👍

IcyTartocitron | IcyTartocitron

NTA for not taking girlfriend's speeding points. Wise move.

Realistic-Drama8463 | Realistic-Drama8463

Girlfriend's reckless driving, boyfriend enforces accountability. NTA 😊

Pretend-Potato-831 | Pretend-Potato-831

Is it fair to expect your partner to pay for your mistakes? 🤔

Nerditall | Nerditall

Safety first! NTA's driving rule reminder 🚗👍

swechaa | swechaa

NTA, don't lie for her. She needs to face consequences. 😒

No_Neighborhood_5719 | No_Neighborhood_5719

Don't risk prison for your girlfriend's mistakes. ⚠️

Specific-Street-8441 | Specific-Street-8441

Spouse lies, both lose: A cautionary tale 🚫

SoupSatireSleep | SoupSatireSleep

Don't take the blame for your girlfriend's reckless driving! 🚨

ElementalPup | ElementalPup

Following the law saved their a** in the UK! 😊

NighthawkUnicorn | NighthawkUnicorn

Keeping a spotless driving record is important. NTA for breaking up.

ApprehensiveBook4214 | ApprehensiveBook4214

NTA. Doing the right thing is important. 🚦👍

KaiPyroFairyy | KaiPyroFairyy

Taking responsibility for someone else's action can have consequences. NTA.

RoseOfTheWest93 | RoseOfTheWest93

Red flags in the relationship, reconsider before breaking the law. 🤔

shontsu | shontsu

Dump the silly little twit, NTA! 💯

AtTheEastPole | AtTheEastPole

Driving tips from a pro with no violations 😉

[deleted] | [deleted]

Girlfriend caught breaking law multiple times, boyfriend not at fault. NTA 👍

notanadultyadult | notanadultyadult

NTA: Tough love might make her a safer driver 🙌

disasterous_cape | disasterous_cape

UK Redditor defends boyfriend for not taking girlfriend's driving points. NTA.

Acrobatic-Shirt8540 | Acrobatic-Shirt8540

Committing a serious criminal offense for convenience? 🤔 Time to reconsider.

stewieatb | stewieatb

Supportive commenter encourages standing up for oneself while driving 👍

PadHicks | PadHicks

Taking the blame for your girlfriend's speeding ticket? Jail time! 😱

millymollymel | millymollymel

NTA suggests re-thinking relationship with speeding, lying GF. 🙉

simply_clare | simply_clare

Speeding is reckless and dangerous, NTA for not enabling it. 🚨

Welshpanther | Welshpanther

The consequences of losing her license will cost her thousands 😱

Sherlock-Homeboy | Sherlock-Homeboy

Taking responsibility for your actions is important 🙌

Delicious_Inside69 | Delicious_Inside69

Girlfriend loses license due to reckless driving. Commenter supports consequences.

cock-a-doodle-doo | cock-a-doodle-doo

Committing a criminal offence to save girlfriend's license? NTA.

gardenfella | gardenfella

Taking the blame for your partner's mistakes is not okay 🙄

Nimneu | Nimneu

Think twice before committing a crime for selfish reasons! 🙅

kingdingathing | kingdingathing

Don't risk it! The consequences are far worse than losing license 🚨

kingdingathing | kingdingathing

Girlfriend's reckless driving leads to potential breakup. 😱

Eastern-Move549 | Eastern-Move549

New driver caught speeding, commenter advises taking responsibility.

TemporaryAddicti0n | TemporaryAddicti0n

Honesty is the best policy. NTA in this situation. 👍

JagZilla_s | JagZilla_s

Clearing your name can have dire consequences. NTA wins.

Dar_Vender | Dar_Vender

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