Husband Blows Life Savings, Lies to Wife AND Kids' Mom! 😱💸

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Hey there, Facebook fam! 💖 Remember the woman who didn't want to pay for her husband and his kids, leading him to spend all his savings? Well, she's back with a final update to the saga! 😮 After considering a helpful suggestion to pay for a storage unit for their belongings, her ex-husband didn't agree, and things took a turn for the worse. 😒 But don't worry, our protagonist is a fighter! 💪 Let's dive into the story and see how it all unfolded... 🍿

The Storage Unit Suggestion 📦

MajorArtist340 | MajorArtist340

Ex's Excuse 🚫

MajorArtist340 | MajorArtist340

Legal Help 📚

MajorArtist340 | MajorArtist340

30 Days Notice ⏳

MajorArtist340 | MajorArtist340

The Big Reveal 😱

MajorArtist340 | MajorArtist340

Ex's Lies Exposed 😡

MajorArtist340 | MajorArtist340

Kids Get Their Stuff 🎒

MajorArtist340 | MajorArtist340

Locks Changed and Number Blocked 🔒

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Lesson Learned 📝

MajorArtist340 | MajorArtist340

Grateful and Relieved 🙏

MajorArtist340 | MajorArtist340

The Final Chapter: Storage Unit Drama and Ex-Husband's Lies Exposed! 😱

Our heroine tried to be kind by offering to pay for a storage unit for her ex-husband and his kids' belongings, but he refused, making things difficult. 😤 She then sought legal help and gave him a 30-day notice to pick up their things. After the deadline, she called his ex-wife, only to discover he had been lying to her and their kids about their relationship being over! 😡 The ex-wife was furious, especially about the money for their kids' education. In the end, the kids got their stuff, and our protagonist changed the locks and blocked his number. 🚫 She learned a valuable lesson about transparency in relationships and is grateful to have protected herself and her children. 🙏 Now, let's see what the internet thinks of this wild situation... 🌐

Liar and Blame-shifter! Dodged a bullet there! 😱

Old-Afternoon2459 | Old-Afternoon2459

Supportive comment acknowledges past deception and wishes well for future.

StarTheVagician | StarTheVagician

Does he have a gambling addiction? Check your credit score!

Stomach_Junior | Stomach_Junior

Toxic masculinity leads to financial betrayal 😔💰

manwoodlover | manwoodlover

Ex-husband exposed as liar, NTA gets rid of his stuff 👏

guscalandrep68 | guscalandrep68

Heartless husband abandons kids after blowing life savings. 😱

PatchEnd | PatchEnd

Could the husband's lying be linked to addiction?

bluestjordan | bluestjordan

Financially independent wife dodges bullet with lying, irresponsible partner 💸🚫

Ali_Cat222 | Ali_Cat222

A heartbreaking betrayal. Seek therapy to heal from deceit.

Dachshundmom5 | Dachshundmom5

Watch out for cheaters! Get tested for STIs regularly 😷

Pugooki | Pugooki

Protecting your finances and family is key. NTA.

knintn | knintn

Curious Redditors question husband's mysterious unemployment whereabouts 🤔

WileEPyote | WileEPyote

Lying husband's prideful downfall leaves family in financial ruin. 😱💸

Shadow11Wolf50 | Shadow11Wolf50

Husband lies to multiple women about money, OP dodged bullet 😱

coquigirl07 | coquigirl07

Empathetic comment acknowledges the poster's good intentions and character 👍

r8derBj | r8derBj

A heartfelt comment about personal growth and moving forward. ❤️

blonde_usagi | blonde_usagi

Choosing financial equity in relationships is important for stability. 👍

Last-Gold2759 | Last-Gold2759

Hopeful response to a heartbroken commenter. 😊💓

Traditional-Idea6468 | Traditional-Idea6468

Ex-husband's compulsive lying affects whole family. Good riddance! 🙌

naughtscrossstitches | naughtscrossstitches

Protect your finances! Wise advice from a fellow reader.

Appropriate_Dirt_285 | Appropriate_Dirt_285

The dangers of fragile masculinity and financial infidelity. 💸

Alarming-Analyst1971 | Alarming-Analyst1971

Supportive comment shows importance of trusting your instincts. 👍

Lisa_Knows_Best | Lisa_Knows_Best

Husband blows life savings while lying to wife and ex-wife. 🤯

turBo246 | turBo246

Important advice about possible STD risk. Stay safe!

melancholie_holly | melancholie_holly

Compassion questioned, but communication is key. NTA. Consider kids' futures. 👍

ellllllllle4 | ellllllllle4

Reader criticizes detachment in the story and suggests therapy.

Skizzybee | Skizzybee

Supportive comment, hopes for closure and moving on. 👏

AccomplishedFace4534 | AccomplishedFace4534

Ignoring spouse's financial irresponsibility leads to family fallout. 😔💰

Pony829 | Pony829

When ex-husbands leaving is a blessing in disguise 🙏

PandoraElf | PandoraElf

Desperate husband lies to win back wife and family. 😞

GullibleNerd88 | GullibleNerd88

Travel lover saves up for years, kids unlucky 🤷🏻‍♀️

Carolann0308 | Carolann0308

Financial transparency is key in serious relationships 💰

ladyboobypoop | ladyboobypoop

Perform due diligence on finances before marriage to avoid trouble 💸

False-Pie8581 | False-Pie8581

Questioning poster's involvement in adult children's education and relationships.

Life-Yogurtcloset-98 | Life-Yogurtcloset-98

Family drama and financial deceit 😳💸

NoGas7117 | NoGas7117

Married couple argues over money and extravagant vacations 💸

AbsoluteIllusion | AbsoluteIllusion

Unequal treatment of children sparks debate in comment section 👀

Momof2dj | Momof2dj

Partner's financial struggles ignored, now blamed for spending everything 🤷🏻‍♂️💸

richardsworldagain | richardsworldagain

Husband's financial mismanagement and wife's ableism receive criticism. 💰🤔

RubyLips321 | RubyLips321

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