Marriage Shattered: Husband Discovers Wife's Past Infidelity 💔

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Imagine being happily married for 11 years, only to find out that your partner cheated on you before your marriage. 💔 That's the reality one man faced when a friend of his wife confessed her actions. Despite trying to forgive and move on, his mental health and relationship with his wife took a massive hit. 😢 After therapy and couples counseling, he made the difficult decision to divorce. But was it the right choice? 🤔

A Happy Marriage Takes a Turn 😨

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The Shocking Revelation 😱

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Wife's Apology and Dismissal 😔

Strange_Tadpole_3749 | Strange_Tadpole_3749

Trying to Forgive 🤔

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The Struggle to Move On 😖

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Mental Health Takes a Hit 💔

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Intimacy Issues 😞

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Secret Tests and Therapy 🧬

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Trying to Change 🔄

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The Decision to Divorce 💔

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Lack of Choice and Broken Trust 😠

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The Light in the Darkness ✨

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The Struggle Continues 😢

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Protecting Their Daughter 🛡️

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The Dead Bedroom 💤

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The Final Confrontation 😓

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Divorce Papers and Panic Attacks 😨

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Wife's Desperate Plea 😭

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The Heartbreaking Reality 💔

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A Marriage Shattered by a Long-Hidden Secret 😱

A man discovers his wife cheated on him 14 years ago, before they were married. The revelation shatters his trust and their relationship. 🥺 He tries to forgive and move on, but his mental health suffers, and their intimacy crumbles. 💔 After a year of therapy and couples counseling, he decides to divorce, believing it's best for their daughter. 😢 His wife, however, begs him to reconsider and not throw away their 14 years together. 💔 Let's see what people think about this heart-wrenching situation...

Moving on is hard, but it's for the best ✌️

awyllt | awyllt

Dismissive apology for infidelity? NTA, end the marriage. 💔

bittyberry | bittyberry

When past infidelity ruins a marriage and changes perspectives. 💔

kgbjay | kgbjay

Moving on after infidelity: Hope for a better future ❤

ProfitImmediate1720 | ProfitImmediate1720

Sarcastic comment on the reliability of a 'suddenly-religious' friend 🤦‍♂️

ThereWasNoSpoon | ThereWasNoSpoon

Relationships evolve over time, forgiveness is key ❤️

Wafflegator | Wafflegator

When trust is broken, it's hard to mend it 💔

sanverstv | sanverstv

Beware of the friend's intentions, they might not be genuine 😐

FancyTree867 | FancyTree867

Divorce dilemma: Is it worth losing wife and potential stepfather? ❤️

Theankielocker | Theankielocker

Don't let this consume you. Consider the impact of divorce 💔

Helpful-Science-3937 | Helpful-Science-3937

Betrayed partner shares personal experience with infidelity and moving on ❤️

AmenMyBrother | AmenMyBrother

Wife lied for years, now shocked being held accountable. 🤔

BlueGreen_1956 | BlueGreen_1956

NTA, but divorce shouldn't be just a punishment. Be realistic. 👍

Shot_Assignment7253 | Shot_Assignment7253

Supportive comment acknowledges infidelity's impact on marriage and individuals.

Individual_Craft_808 | Individual_Craft_808

NTA. You tried to move on, but couldn't. Lying for 14 years is a betrayal. Best of luck. 👏

clearheaded01 | clearheaded01

Religious woman accused of breaking up family for own benefit 🤷🏼‍♀️

Mean_Investigator491 | Mean_Investigator491

Discovering wife's infidelity after years of lying. NTA.

OddFiction | OddFiction

NTA. Don't gaslight yourself. Divorce is the way to go. 👍

MicroPijita | MicroPijita

Forgive and forget or move on? Divorce is better option.

ChrisHoek | ChrisHoek

Betrayal and heartbreak caused by a meddling friend ❤️💔

Flat_Orchid_9673 | Flat_Orchid_9673

College hookup or infidelity? Commenter defends wife's actions.

RichieRicch | RichieRicch

Trust is broken, consequences are fair. NTA 👍

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

Cheating has consequences, and she made a series of bad choices 👎

MeetingUnlikely3236 | MeetingUnlikely3236

70-year-old offers wise advice to husband considering divorce 👍

Silverwolf9669 | Silverwolf9669

Friend's betrayal adds insult to injury in shattered marriage 💔

CreativeMadness99 | CreativeMadness99

Redditor advises to stay and work on healing the relationship 👍

ijaaad | ijaaad

Divorce after 13.5 years for 4-month infidelity? 🤔

_Mountain_Deux | _Mountain_Deux

Choosing forgiveness over ego, for the sake of family ♥

slutberryshortcakee | slutberryshortcakee

Moving on from past infidelity: easier said than done …

JP6- | JP6-

A comment on religion and marriage, with empathy for wife.

wiedeeb | wiedeeb

Is it worth throwing away 14 years of marriage?

new-chris | new-chris

Redditor warns against seeking relationship advice on Reddit 🚫

HopefulStretch9771 | HopefulStretch9771

Validation for feelings and different perspectives on past infidelity. 👍

Far_Negotiation_8693 | Far_Negotiation_8693

Harsh reply to husband's pain, advice to move on. 🙅

LRGuy1970 | LRGuy1970

Don't settle for a cheater. You deserve better 💪

GoonerRightsNow | GoonerRightsNow

Understanding comment suggests forgiveness for wife's past infidelity ❤️

KimmyWex1972 | KimmyWex1972

Religious person takes blame for revealing past infidelity. 👏

MrJust4Show | MrJust4Show

Cheating spouse avoids accountability and gaslights partner. 💔

rhett342 | rhett342

User questions the motives of the person who outed wife, clarifies the difference between wife and girlfriend cheating. Offers condolences and cautions about the impact of the decision on the child's stability. 🤔

12whistle | 12whistle

Don't let 4 months ruin your 14-year marriage ❤️

tdtwwwa | tdtwwwa

Wife's past infidelity revealed after 14 years, NTA.

a_man_has_a_name | a_man_has_a_name

Broken trust is like scattered glass on an ocean floor 💔

SecretaryWestern7657 | SecretaryWestern7657

14 years of lies and betrayal. You're NTA for leaving 💔

evantom34 | evantom34

Dealing with the aftermath of infidelity is a constant battle 👋

Adventurous_Milk_268 | Adventurous_Milk_268

Doubting spouse's infidelity claims, seeking peace of mind 🤔

Seta1437 | Seta1437

Supportive comment, no replies. NTA. Stay strong 👏

PaciuStego | PaciuStego

Celebrate the win 🎉, forget the past and move on 🚶

cchris_39 | cchris_39

Hiding infidelity doesn't make it okay. NTA for leaving 👏

speller26 | speller26

👏 Blaming the friend is ridiculous, the cheater ruined everything.

jjp85 | jjp85

Moving on after infidelity: a difficult but necessary decision 👍

Direct_Top_1507 | Direct_Top_1507

Cheater dismisses past infidelity as unimportant, how convenient 🙄

WornBlueCarpet | WornBlueCarpet

Husband discovers wife's infidelity after a decade 💔

AnnaLabruy | AnnaLabruy

Gaslighting and victimization. You deserve better 👏

Ghazh | Ghazh

User questions commenter's ability to handle emotional situations 🤔

lakelifeasinlivin | lakelifeasinlivin

Angry commenter blasts wife's affair and its repercussions on family 😡

Lionsjunkie | Lionsjunkie

OP seeks advice after discovering wife's past infidelity. Divorce imminent.

SuitableStudy3316 | SuitableStudy3316

Leave the cheating wife and start a new chapter. #NTA 👍

publicnicole | publicnicole

Choosing to leave a cheater is NTA, but it's a tough decision.

Mikanotee | Mikanotee

Moving on is harder for some, NTA. Past vs present.

Bikumi_5 | Bikumi_5

Divorce regret: weighing parents' happiness vs. kids' wellbeing 🤔

Ok-Technology956 | Ok-Technology956

Perspective is key in dealing with past infidelity 👁

FerroMancer | FerroMancer

NTA, communication is key 👍

AlternativeBass8198 | AlternativeBass8198

Take a break and reassess your priorities during separation period ✌️

Key_Roll3030 | Key_Roll3030

NTA for falling out of love, friend TA for stirring trouble 👍

WVCountryRoads75 | WVCountryRoads75

Reclaim your pride and move on. NTA. 👏

North-Reference7081 | North-Reference7081

Discovering spouse's infidelity: Denying reality, shifting blame, and gaslighting.

avast2006 | avast2006

Moving on after infidelity: finding peace and love within yourself 💖

Master_Joey | Master_Joey

Husband discovers wife's past infidelity and she shrugs it off 🤷‍♀️

Rogue7559 | Rogue7559

Betrayal and gender bias in the comment section 🤷‍♀️

kavo77 | kavo77

Betrayal hurts, it's better to have two parents in separate homes 💔

Dry_Comfortable_2897 | Dry_Comfortable_2897

Cheating is a no-no for most of us 😔

grudjan | grudjan

Moving on is hard, but trust and attraction are crucial 👍

noz_0450 | noz_0450

Redditor calls out r/AmItheAsshole for toxic behavior 🤢

AdeptGiraffe7158 | AdeptGiraffe7158

🤔 Wife's infidelity 14 yrs ago: only reason confessed? Possible ongoing cheating. Hire PI?

Sudden_Arrival3091 | Sudden_Arrival3091

Therapy recommended for both, friend is the a**hole - excuses made.

ReasonableBag6211 | ReasonableBag6211

Rebuilding trust after infidelity is challenging 🤷‍♀️

Halfbaked9 | Halfbaked9

Betrayed by deceit: Marriage built on a lie and infidelity 💔

Tonecop45 | Tonecop45

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