Dad-to-be Pushes Fiancée Away, Chooses Daughter Over Stepson 😲👶

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Imagine being a young mom, working hard to provide for your child, and finding love with a man who steps up to be a father figure. Everything seems perfect, right? 💕 Well, buckle up, because this story takes a dramatic turn when a new baby enters the picture and changes everything. 😱 Get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as we dive into this heart-wrenching tale of love, betrayal, and the fight for a family. 😢💔

👩‍🎓 Young Mom's Struggles

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💼 Hard Work Pays Off

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💑 New Love Enters the Scene

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👨‍👦 Dad Steps Up

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👶 New Baby Changes Everything

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🏥 Hospital Drama

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🏡 Home Sweet Home?

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👨‍👧 Dad's Overprotectiveness

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🚁 Helicopter Parenting

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💔 Heartbreaking Confession

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🤱 Mom Takes Control

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🍼 Breastfeeding Battle

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💔 Broken Trust

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😡 Hate Takes Over

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🔄 Twisting Words

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🤔 Did She Blow It Out of Proportion?

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🚫 Denied Access

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👦 Son Left Out

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👩‍👧‍👦 Family Torn Apart

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🤷‍♀️ What's Next?

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💼 Financial Stability

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💔 Heartfelt Thanks

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👪 Family Torn Apart: Can Love Survive?

A young mom thought she found the perfect partner who embraced her son as his own. But when their daughter was born, the dad's behavior took a shocking turn. He became overprotective, excluding the mom and her son from bonding with the new baby. 😨 The situation escalated when he admitted he couldn't love her son as much as his own child. 💔 Devastated, the mom kicked him out and now struggles to connect with her daughter. The dad claims she's overreacting, but is there any coming back from this? 😢 Let's see what the internet thinks of this heart-wrenching situation...

Dad-to-be's behavior is insane and preventing bonding with baby 😲

Playful_Interview_40 | Playful_Interview_40

Supportive comment urges filing custody paperwork and documenting everything.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Red flags and sirens blaring, divorce is the only option.

Kitkats677 | Kitkats677

Supportive comment suggests getting a lawyer and supervised visitation

Altruistic_Spirit542 | Altruistic_Spirit542

Supportive commenter validates OP's feelings and calls out toxic behavior. 👏

swseed | swseed

Supportive comment: Standing up for your kids is important 👍

curious-691980 | curious-691980

Father's behavior towards newborn and stepson condemned by commenter.

Callie0589 | Callie0589

Supportive comment for dad-to-be prioritizing his daughter over stepson. 👍

HoshiJones | HoshiJones

Fiancée left as just a womb, he's insane. NTA.

Kate2205 | Kate2205

Mother shares her experience on bonding with her daughter ❤️

Limp-Star2137 | Limp-Star2137

Fiancé prioritizes daughter over stepson, displays red flags for future. 😲🤯

Original-King-1408 | Original-King-1408

Supportive commenter advises taking legal action against selfish partner.

readingmaterial22 | readingmaterial22

Choosing daughter over stepson, NTA leaves uncomfy family situation 😲

cearo_thyme | cearo_thyme

Supportive comment advises OP to document abuse and seek therapy 👍

geekilee | geekilee

NTA: Support and fight for your children, he's being selfish. 🙏🏻

FluffyBunny271 | FluffyBunny271

Supportive comment with cautionary advice. 🙏🏼

Amazing_Recover_9666 | Amazing_Recover_9666

A commenter calls out the man's sick and delusional behavior.

ChallengeFlat7795 | ChallengeFlat7795

Red flags everywhere. NTA. Keep an eye on him 🚨

Glittering_Ask8398 | Glittering_Ask8398

Stepdad's controlling behavior and taking baby from mother raises red flags 🚨

Plane-Sale3371 | Plane-Sale3371

Fiancé's unilateral decision to leave newborn deemed unacceptable by commenter.

Lazuli_Rose | Lazuli_Rose

Heartbreaking personal story of abuse and warning to OP 😢

tomatofrogfan | tomatofrogfan

NTA X1000. Your husband's behavior is deeply unhinged 🤯

TheSnarkling | TheSnarkling

Protect your family, seek legal help and therapy for him.

sashaopinion | sashaopinion

Supportive comment advises OP to document and seek legal help. 👍

Waste_Ad_6467 | Waste_Ad_6467

Concerned commenter warns of potential red flags in situation.

InteractionNo9110 | InteractionNo9110

Strong condemnation of dad's behavior; calls out toxic commenters 🔥

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive comment validates OP's action, advises legal action. 👍

chiefholdfast | chiefholdfast

Protect your children, leave the abusive partner. #NTA

angel9_writes | angel9_writes

NTA! Boyfriend's behavior towards your child is unforgivable 😱

Individual_Plan_5593 | Individual_Plan_5593

Father shares experience, advises to prioritize child, not stepson 👶

Flaky_Drag1826 | Flaky_Drag1826

Dad prioritizes bonding with newborn over stepson, sparks outrage 🤯

Mhunterjr | Mhunterjr

NTA commenter advises single mom to bond with daughter and get lawyer.

ConvivialKat | ConvivialKat

Fiancé chooses daughter over stepson and pushes mom and son away. NTA

LocalBrilliant5564 | LocalBrilliant5564

Protect yourself and your daughter from this potential danger 😲

Gluttonous_Pride | Gluttonous_Pride

Criticism of father's actions towards fiancée and stepson. 🤔

Affectionate-Tap1967 | Affectionate-Tap1967

Protect yourself and your baby, get a good lawyer ASAP 👍

bearislandbadass | bearislandbadass

Breastfeeding debate aside, OP should love both kids equally. 👶

Sylvie-RoseFront | Sylvie-RoseFront

Supportive comment against family members with visitation threat.

ApollymisDIL | ApollymisDIL

Concerns raised about man's behavior and mental health 🤔

Puzzleheaded_Pin4092 | Puzzleheaded_Pin4092

Supportive commenter empathizes with the OP and urges action. 👏

jbc290 | jbc290

Protect your baby: A cautionary advice with serious implications 🔒

0806lauren | 0806lauren

NTA praised for protecting baby despite trolls' blame and stigma.

Special_Abroad8882 | Special_Abroad8882

New dad's actions cause concern for mother's well-being 😔

leah_paigelowery | leah_paigelowery

Supportive comment, encouraging to leave toxic relationship ❤️

KindlyNeighborhood83 | KindlyNeighborhood83

NTA. Obsessive favouritism is a red flag. Get your ducks in a row.

HerbieC026 | HerbieC026

Supportive comment defends dad's decision to protect his family 👏

Grand_Courage_8682 | Grand_Courage_8682

Protect yourself and your baby from dangerous and controlling abuser.

Neonpinx | Neonpinx

Supportive comment section. Don't marry him! 👏

suhhhrena | suhhhrena

Protect yourself and your baby. Record interactions, contact authorities. 🔒

countryboy1101 | countryboy1101

Protect yourself and your daughter from a toxic partner ✊

maggersrose | maggersrose

Red flags ignored, now NTA needs a lawyer 😐

LowIndividual6625 | LowIndividual6625

Supportive comment suggests getting full custody and leaving deranged fiancé.

Fearless-Button6388 | Fearless-Button6388

Protect your daughter legally before it's too late ⚖️

Informal-Trouble91 | Informal-Trouble91

NTA comment advises seeking legal help to protect daughter relationship.

throwaway_ArBe | throwaway_ArBe

Supportive comment for a difficult situation. 🙏

MommersHeart | MommersHeart

NTA commenter expresses concern over father-to-be's alarming behavior.

SubstantialMaize6747 | SubstantialMaize6747

Supportive comment advocating for legal action and bonding with baby 👶

Interesting_Setting | Interesting_Setting

Compassionate commenter empathizes with rejected stepson and broken family. 😢

Rivsmama | Rivsmama

Focus on daughter, gather proof against stepson. NTA.

Bakecrazy | Bakecrazy

NTA dad-to-be is controlling and narcissistic. Prepare for custody battle. 😲

Sugarbooger811 | Sugarbooger811

Protect your daughter from this toxic family. Leave and fight.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supportive dads don't get in the way of bonding ✊

pandachook | pandachook

Controlling behavior is a red flag 🚨. Seek counseling ASAP.

yetzhragog | yetzhragog

Choosing favorites in a blended family is not okay. NTA

cloistered_around | cloistered_around

NTA suggests possible trauma, questions parenting decisions, calls out AH behavior.

whyarenttheserandom | whyarenttheserandom

New dad's behavior deemed abusive, lawyer up suggested 👶

PossumPrincess13 | PossumPrincess13

Protect yourself and your daughter. Get legal help 💪🏻


Concerned commenter advises the mother to seek legal advice and escape 💪

Cultural-Oil3843 | Cultural-Oil3843

Controlling behavior towards breastfeeding and baby bonding is abusive 🤚

DueCherry2134 | DueCherry2134

Choosing a newborn daughter over stepson, NTA. Major respect 💯

arcoftheswing | arcoftheswing

Support for dad-to-be's decision to prioritize his daughter

raulpe | raulpe

Support for a woman dealing with an unhinged partner.

Dezaad | Dezaad

Protect your daughter and yourself from this toxic person. 💪

Des1225 | Des1225

Choosing daughter over stepson is justified, ex needs help. 👍

pancho_2504 | pancho_2504

NTA but get a lawyer ASAP. His refusal to let you parent your child and not loving your son are red flags.


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