She Called My Name 'Trashy', So I Started Calling Her ANYTHING But Kate! 😱

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Picture this: you have a unique, beautiful name that's a little tricky to spell. You're patient with people, even offering your easier-to-spell middle name as an alternative. But then, there's that one coworker who just can't get it right and seems to be doing it on purpose. 😒 Meet Saoirse (pronounced Seer-sha) and her coworker Kate, who's been butchering her name left and right. Saoirse finally decides to give Kate a taste of her own medicine, but things don't go as smoothly as she hoped. 🍿 Let's dive into this wild name game rollercoaster. 🎢

Meet Saoirse and Her Unique Name 🌟

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

The Middle Name: Rifle 🔫

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

The Name Game 🎭

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

A Mysterious Past 🕵️‍♀️

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

The Problematic Coworker 🙄

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

Name Butchering 101 😡

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

Rifle Isn't a Name? 🤔

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

Kate's Boring Name Dilemma 😴

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

Time for Some Payback 💪

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

Kate Gets Upset 😢

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

Calling Out the Real Bully 🗣️

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

Middle Name Solution Rejected ❌

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

"Trashy" and "Not an Actual Name" 🚮

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

Saoirse Fights Back 🥊

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

Name Bully Exposed 🚨

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

HR Doesn't Help 🤷

assholethrow93758 | assholethrow93758

Saoirse vs. Kate: The Ultimate Name Showdown 🥊

Saoirse, a woman with a unique name, has been dealing with her coworker Kate purposely misspelling her name on official documents. 😤 She's even rejected Saoirse's middle name, Rifle, as a solution, calling it "trashy" and "not an actual name". Saoirse decides to fight back by calling Kate various names like Kathleen, Catelyn, and Kylie. 😏 This backfires, as Kate accuses her of being a bully and an a**hole. Saoirse reports the situation to HR, but they're no help. 🤦‍♀️ Let's see what the internet thinks of this name battle royale... 💬

Standing up for your name is always the right move! 👍

LenoreSkellington | LenoreSkellington

Standing up for your name and matching energy, NTA 💪

Puzzleheaded-End-662 | Puzzleheaded-End-662

Spelling matters, NTA! Insurance claims can be a nightmare 😱

Katie_Emm | Katie_Emm

Bullying over name length? NTA, report her! 😠

sjw_7 | sjw_7

Spelling isn't that hard, NTA for sure! 😊

asianingermany | asianingermany

Standing up to name-calling: NTA teaches lesson with humor 😂

killerdramababy | killerdramababy

Irish names are a whole new level of tongue-twisters 😂

nattellinya | nattellinya

Changing her name was the petty revenge she deserved 😏

Fun_Milk_4560 | Fun_Milk_4560

Respect people's names, it's basic decency. NTA

Gitxsan | Gitxsan

Embrace your unique name, even if it's not common! 👍

Maximum-Swan-1009 | Maximum-Swan-1009

NTA defends their unique name against name-calling Kate 😱

LadyAmemyst | LadyAmemyst

Don't mess with names or you'll get called ANYTHING but yours 😱

StarFire24601 | StarFire24601

NTA. Pronouncing a non-phonetic name correctly is not difficult. ❤️

No_Rope_8115 | No_Rope_8115

Autocorrect to the rescue, NTA for calling out AH coworker 🔥

Dredger1482 | Dredger1482

Don't mess with names! NTA wins this classic FAFO situation.

Useful-Emphasis-6787 | Useful-Emphasis-6787

Spelling lesson with a post-it; NTA wins this battle 💪

goddessofspite | goddessofspite

Defend yourself with evidence and humor. NTA 💪

Silberfisch0 | Silberfisch0

Don't tolerate cultural insensitivity! Report it! 💪

Altruistic_You737 | Altruistic_You737

Having an uncommon name can be tough, but NTA prevails.

ViolentLoss | ViolentLoss

Office feud escalates with hilarious name-calling and desk poster prank. 😂

kinnon123 | kinnon123

NTA. HR is the way to go. Take receipts.

debacchatio | debacchatio

Suggests using a program to avoid spelling errors. NTA.

shieldmaid_of_rohan | shieldmaid_of_rohan

Respect matters, even with unusual names. NTA.

3kidsnomoney--- | 3kidsnomoney---

Importance of correctly spelling names in work documents. NTA.

shinycaptain21 | shinycaptain21

Don't let anyone disrespect you, NTA! 💪

Rhiannon8404 | Rhiannon8404

Kate bullies over name spelling, gets called anything but Kate! 😂

fishebake | fishebake

Respectful commenter defends uncommon name, advocates for respectfulness.

Individual_Umpire969 | Individual_Umpire969

Defending the name Saoirse and educating on its meaning. 🇮🇪

ohhaimaarrk | ohhaimaarrk

The struggle of having a unique name at work 😕

NiobeTonks | NiobeTonks

Embracing unique names and struggling with pronunciation. 😅


Don't let anyone bully you for your name. NTA! 💪

ManderBlues | ManderBlues

Respect people's names or you'll be the A-hole 🙄

EdwinaArkie | EdwinaArkie

Calling out someone for being ignorant in a polite way 👍

Tetsuyawn | Tetsuyawn

NTA comment with a 😉, suggests an easy solution for Carrie's forgetfulness.

AnarchistBeauty | AnarchistBeauty

Don't mess with someone's name if you can't handle retaliation! 😏

Wrong7urn | Wrong7urn

Irish names trigger coworker, NTA for name retaliation. 🤪

Wtfdidistumbleinon | Wtfdidistumbleinon

Standing up for yourself against name-calling and discrimination. 💪

Emotional_Bonus_934 | Emotional_Bonus_934

Taking the extra effort to spell someone's name correctly ✌️

triffidsarecool | triffidsarecool

Don't let anyone make you feel bad for expecting basic respect. 👍

StinkyKittyBreath | StinkyKittyBreath

Bullying at work? HR might be the answer 🤔

ConstantBack3349 | ConstantBack3349

A Gaelic name mispronounced, a lesson on respect and reciprocity 🙏

Ordinary_Mortgage870 | Ordinary_Mortgage870

"Rifle" named after a gun? Curious backstory, but lost to time.

Shoddy-Commission-12 | Shoddy-Commission-12

Embrace your unique name, but don't take crap from anyone 💪

smalltown68 | smalltown68

Demanding name respect in a polite way 👏

josephmang56 | josephmang56

Polite correction of name vs. rude 'not an actual name' comment 🤔

nim_opet | nim_opet

Naming mishap leads to petty retorts, but both at fault.

Cats-in-the-rain | Cats-in-the-rain

Childish name-calling at work? 🤔 Extra work as revenge 😏

PineappleLemur | PineappleLemur

Bullying in the workplace? Definitely not okay! NTA for standing up for yourself and Rifle 👏

Temporary-King3339 | Temporary-King3339

Struggling with mispronunciation of their unique name, funny anecdotes shared 😂

Celestia-Messenger | Celestia-Messenger

Understanding and empathy for someone with a brain injury 👏

slovenlyhaven | slovenlyhaven

When someone repeatedly misspelled my name, I called her Ninja 🤣

ecarner1 | ecarner1

Fair play, but also keep reporting her to HR. 👍

CJ_Boiss | CJ_Boiss

When a common name is misspelled, confusion ensues 😕

Mean_Parsnip | Mean_Parsnip

Don't mess with someone's name! NTA for standing up.

Some_Concert5392 | Some_Concert5392

Being petty never felt so good! NTA 😂

Vikingdeath1 | Vikingdeath1

Respect goes both ways. NTA for not calling her Kate.

geekylace | geekylace

Unique name struggles: NTA for using given name, solidarity 🤝

Icy-Wrangler-820 | Icy-Wrangler-820

Coworker being lazy and ridiculous for not learning name spelling 😒

Hello_JustSayin | Hello_JustSayin

Respect for people's names is essential. NTA.

Disastrous-Nail-640 | Disastrous-Nail-640

Mispronounced name but apologized, unlike Perry who's being disrespectful. NTA.

TrueSock4285 | TrueSock4285

Spelling names correctly is common courtesy. Bullying is worse.

CareyAHHH | CareyAHHH

Mispronouncing her name after she insulted you? NTA! 😎

notyourstranger | notyourstranger

Embrace freedom and let go of negativity, NTA! 🕊️

loreoesify | loreoesify

Fan of Saoirse Ronan sympathizes and suggests going to HR. NTA 👍

raptorclvb | raptorclvb

When they can't spell your name right 🙄

vmachine89 | vmachine89

Don't be lazy, check the org chart before insulting names 😒 #NTA

pvellamagi | pvellamagi

A subtle clapback to a coworker's petty insult. 👏

Missus_Nicola | Missus_Nicola

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