41-Year-Old Mom Begs Son to Support Her Strip Club Comeback! 😱

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Picture this: you're a 19-year-old guy, and your mom, a former stripper, asks you to come support her at an amateur night at a strip club. 😲 Yeah, you read that right. Our protagonist's 41-year-old mom, who has since settled down and even taught Sunday School, is feeling nostalgic about her stripping days and wants to give it another go. 💃 But here's the kicker - she wants her son to come cheer her on! 😳 Cue the awkwardness, right? Let's dive into this wild story and see if our teenage hero is in the wrong for refusing his mom's request.🍿

Mom's Blast from the Past 🕰️

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From Stripper to Sunday School Teacher 🙏

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Nostalgic Thoughts 💭

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A Shocking Request 😳

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Motherly Expectations 🤯

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Naked Truths 🙈

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Not the Point! 🚫

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Recruiting Friends? 😬

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Mom's Tears 😢

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Feeling Sexy and Desired 💃

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Feeling Guilty 😔

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Mom's Sacrifices 🙌

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The Big Question ❓

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Location Clarification 🌎

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Mom's Strip Club Comeback: Support or Sabotage? 🎉

Our 19-year-old protagonist is put in a tough spot when his mom, a former stripper turned receptionist and Sunday School teacher, decides she wants to relive her glory days on amateur night at a local strip club.💃 But she doesn't want to go it alone - she asks her son to come support her and even bring his friends! 😳 He's understandably uncomfortable with the idea of seeing his mom in such a provocative setting, let alone inviting his buddies along for the ride. 🙈 As his mom tears up and pleads for his support, he starts to feel guilty. 🥺 Is he being selfish by not helping her out, or is this request just too awkward to fulfill? Let's see what the internet has to say about this sticky situation... 🕵️‍♀️

NTA. Commenter calls out inappropriate behavior in strip club request.

Ellai15 | Ellai15

Mother's request for son's strip club support crosses a boundary. NTA.

BananaHammockk17 | BananaHammockk17

Skeptical redditor questions authenticity of the post 🤔

beorrahn1 | beorrahn1

Encouraging son supports mom's strip club comeback. #NTA 😊

Psykopatate | Psykopatate

Supporting mom's strip club comeback? No thanks. 😬

SelfawareAimBot | SelfawareAimBot

Son's mom asks for support in strip club comeback 🤢

metalheadsrock01 | metalheadsrock01

Son supports mom's comeback to strip club, awkward much? 😳

KeiPirate5 | KeiPirate5

Supporting your mom's strip club comeback? NTA, but... 😱

Northern-lurker1 | Northern-lurker1

Supportive comment advises honesty and independence for mom.

Rollthembones1989 | Rollthembones1989

User shocked by 41-year-old mom's strip club comeback, declares NTA.

Rogue_2187 | Rogue_2187

Supports nudity at home but not in a highly sexual club 😕

paxgarmana | paxgarmana

Supportive but hesitant son's take on mom's strip club comeback.

Demo_Bec | Demo_Bec

Son's NTA response to his mother's inappropriate request. 🙄

NotSorry2019 | NotSorry2019

A commenter expresses disgust at the mother's inappropriate comment.

Goaliedude3919 | Goaliedude3919

Mom tries to guilt son into supporting her strip club comeback 😳

vodka_philosophy | vodka_philosophy

NTA questions the ethics of strip clubs in one sentence.

NachosSiempre | NachosSiempre

Son's mom wants to strip at a club, NTA for refusing.

Order66-Cody | Order66-Cody

Son refuses to support mom's strip club comeback, NTA wins.

troublethetribble | troublethetribble

Mom's strip club comeback gets a hard no from commenter.

A_Redheads_Ramblings | A_Redheads_Ramblings

Mom's strip club comeback gets a YTA verdict. Awkward!

senorpool | senorpool

Supporting mom's strip club comeback: NTA and personal boundaries.

rcathar20 | rcathar20

Son advises against supporting mom's strip club comeback. 🙅

dabarwmo | dabarwmo

Supporting your mom's strip club comeback is absurd demand. NTA!

EventsHipur | EventsHipur

Mom's midlife crisis prompts sympathy in NTA comment section 😢

worldsbestapril | worldsbestapril

Mom's strip club comeback request gets a hard pass. 😒

GonnaBeIToldUSo | GonnaBeIToldUSo

NTA advises to shut down mom's inappropriate request for support 😳

digi-cow | digi-cow

NTA calls out the absurdity of a mother's strip club comeback 😳

illyth | illyth

NTA. Mom's inappropriate request may make her more popular 😬

skepticalG | skepticalG

Dr. Phil agrees! 19-year-old son should not support mom's comeback 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

User questions if mother's desperation for money is driving decision.

6_67 | 6_67

Navigating a delicate situation with a stripping mom 🤔

its2ce | its2ce

User suspects sexual harassment and references Conor Coxxx.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Supporting a mom's strip club comeback? Not the a**hole! 🙂

greyetch | greyetch

OP not at fault, r/RaisedByNarcissists could be helpful. 🙏

mielelf | mielelf

Son refuses to watch mom strip and commenters agree. 😱

commissionerdre | commissionerdre

Mom's strip club comeback begs for therapy. NTA's response wins.

Akat-tix | Akat-tix

Son's mother begs him to support her strip club comeback. Commenter finds it sick and advises to distance.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting healthy boundaries with a mom's strip club comeback 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Son sets a healthy boundary with mom's strip club comeback 🙌

Ninjaher0 | Ninjaher0

Mom's strip club request is NTA & inappropriate. Get therapy.

dembowthennow | dembowthennow

Disgust and concern over mother's strip club comeback. NTA.

PineappleWithSmallPP | PineappleWithSmallPP

Son refuses to support mom's strip club comeback. NTA.

staffsargent | staffsargent

OP's mom wants him to support her strip club comeback? NTA's response is spot on: it's really frickin gross. Instead, they suggest taking her shopping or for a makeover.

FriedBunny | FriedBunny

Mom asks son to support her strip club comeback, comment says NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Son refuses to support mom's strip club comeback. Awkward situation.

SLCW718 | SLCW718

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