Evil Step-Kids Wish Stepdad DEAD, Expect His Money - His Response Is 🔥

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Imagine marrying the love of your life, only to face constant disrespect from your adult stepchildren. 😔 Our protagonist, a 55-year-old man, has been with his wife for 13 years, and despite trying to be a friend to her two kids, they never warmed up to him. Fast forward to today, and he's made a life-changing decision to sell his successful business and retire. 💰 But guess who suddenly wants a piece of the pie? 🥧 The stepkids! Let's dive into this drama-filled story and see if our hero is in the wrong for telling his stepchildren to take a hike. 🚶‍♂️

A Rocky Start 😬

tahoeintesla | tahoeintesla

Meeting the Kids 🧒👧

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Trying to be Friends 🤝

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A Strained Relationship 😔

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The Big Sale 💰

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Living the Dream 🛳️

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Money Demands 💸

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Not a Dime! 😤

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Take a Hike! 🚶‍♂️

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No Sharing Allowed 🚫

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Seeking Advice 🤔

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Update: Common Questions 📝

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Stepping Back 🚶

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Wife's Support 💕

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Prenuptial Agreement 💍

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Wife's Apology 🙏

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Money, Drama, and Stepkids: A Recipe for Disaster 🤯

Our protagonist's stepchildren didn't exactly roll out the welcome mat when he entered their lives. Despite his efforts to be a supportive friend, they never treated him with respect. 😒 Now, after selling his business for a hefty sum, the stepkids are suddenly interested in his finances, even demanding he fund an international destination wedding! 🌴 He tells them he won't be leaving them a dime, and all h*ll breaks loose. 😱 Is he wrong for not wanting to share his hard-earned money with these ungrateful stepchildren? Or are they just being greedy? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🍿

Step-kids wish stepdad dead for money, he refuses to share. NTA 👍

StonewallBrigade21 | StonewallBrigade21

Stepparent empathizes with tough situation of fellow stepparent. 🤝

Notdoingitanymore | Notdoingitanymore

Stepkids wish stepdad dead for his money, but he's NTA 💯

Maximum-Ear1745 | Maximum-Ear1745

Step-kids demand more after mistreating stepdad. NTA shuts it down 💯

702hoodlum | 702hoodlum

Don't leave them a dime 💰🙅‍♂️

unuser21 | unuser21

Step-kids want money, not relationship. Not the a-hole.

Impossible_Disk_43 | Impossible_Disk_43

Step-kids disrespected him, now expect his money? NTA. 💯

Pappalaya | Pappalaya

Step-kids want inheritance after disrespecting stepdad. NTA shuts them down.

HypersomnicHysteric | HypersomnicHysteric

Selfless child sets an example for greedy stepfamily 👏

Feisty-sahm | Feisty-sahm

Protect your assets: take unlimited PTO and travel instead 👌

caviar_n_ramen | caviar_n_ramen

User calls out fake story and labels post as YTA.

Extension_Border_629 | Extension_Border_629

Don't reward entitled behavior from grown children. #NTA 👏

AndSoItGoes24 | AndSoItGoes24

Stepdad funded their education, yet evil step-kids want more 💰

doflamingoenjoyer1 | doflamingoenjoyer1

Doubting OP's intentions? 😒 Let's not victim blame here.

No_Astronaut6105 | No_Astronaut6105

Family drama and betrayal. Cut them all out. 👍

CantBelieveThisIsTru | CantBelieveThisIsTru

Stepkids want inheritance, stepdad gives itemized list. 💰

9smalltowngirl | 9smalltowngirl

Heartfelt reply commending stepfathers and condemning stepkids' behavior. ❤️

Bunnies-n-Skinks | Bunnies-n-Skinks

Did the wife contribute to the business? 🤔

Icy_Yam_3610 | Icy_Yam_3610

Stepdad shuts down entitled step-kids' money expectations. 💯

[deleted] | [deleted]

Standing up to entitled step-kids, NTA 💯

jd_5344 | jd_5344

Clarification on late husband's status sparks discussion. 🤔

veggiewolf | veggiewolf

NTA advises to spend and donate the money, not leave to wife.

Astreja | Astreja

NTA shouldn't give money to step-kids who wish him dead 🔥

gurlwithdragontat2 | gurlwithdragontat2

Step-kids demand inheritance, stepdad stands up for himself 🔥

Dry-Personality-9123 | Dry-Personality-9123

Step-kids want his money, but he's spending it all on fun!

Belaani52 | Belaani52

Stepdad stands up to entitled step-kids, rightfully keeps money 💰

bored-panda55 | bored-panda55

User calls out fake scenario in comment section 🤔

jaybird-jazzhands | jaybird-jazzhands

Can a wife be restricted from spending inheritance? Discussion ensues.

ParsimoniousSalad | ParsimoniousSalad

Wife's silence on step-kids' behavior is unacceptable 😠

blueflash775 | blueflash775

Stepdad shuts down entitled step-kids with a reality check 👏

Fabulous-Reporter-21 | Fabulous-Reporter-21

Stepkids disrespect stepdad, expect money - his response is 🔥

Neo1881 | Neo1881

Step-kids wish stepdad dead, he disinherits them. NTA. 👍

Shdfx1 | Shdfx1

Respectful NTA comment with a relatable pet peeve ❤

GiraffeGirlLovesZuri | GiraffeGirlLovesZuri

Stepkids see OP as a money tree, but so does wife 💯

RLS2023 | RLS2023

Stepdad's lack of effort questioned after step-kids' cruel wishes 🤔

IntenseBananaStand | IntenseBananaStand

NTA. Entitled step-kids need a reality check. Discuss trust options.

KosmikZA | KosmikZA

Advice to mend fences with wife and enjoy retirement 🎉

Kanata_Kid | Kanata_Kid

Step-kids excluded from inheritance, justified but poor delivery. NTA/ESH 🤷🏻‍♂️

iamnotsosuree | iamnotsosuree

Step-kids ungrateful for education, stepdad not obligated to inheritance 💪

Quirky-Smoke3584 | Quirky-Smoke3584

Stepkids wish stepdad dead, wife failed to teach respect. NTA

Silent_Syd241 | Silent_Syd241

Stepkids want inheritance, but OP already paid for college 👏

jezhayes | jezhayes

Money can't buy respect. Stepdad stands up for himself 💪

KADSuperman | KADSuperman

Stepkids wish death on stepdad, he's NTA. Time for divorce 💯

somewhat-sane-in-NYC | somewhat-sane-in-NYC

Trust vs stipulations on inheritance sparks debate - NTA comment

Any-Establishment-99 | Any-Establishment-99

Stepkids wish stepdad dead for money, but he's not the a**hole

Not_Good_HappyQuinn | Not_Good_HappyQuinn

Step-kids want inheritance after treating stepdad poorly, NTA for refusing 😞

ImmediateShallot7245 | ImmediateShallot7245

Stepkids wish stepdad dead for money, he's NTA. Wife's AH.

AvocadoJazzlike3670 | AvocadoJazzlike3670

Stepdad stands up to entitled step-kids, pays for their education 💰

Used-Cup-6055 | Used-Cup-6055

Savage response to entitled step-kids expecting inheritance 😎

BoomerBaby1955 | BoomerBaby1955

Money can't buy love, but can it buy family harmony? 🤔

No-Patience7542 | No-Patience7542

Stepkids demand inheritance after expensive education, NTA response 🔥

BrinaGu3 | BrinaGu3

Step-kids demand money from stepdad, get served with 🔥. NTA.

junkdrawertales | junkdrawertales

Defying evil step-kids, OP was NTA and more than fair 👍

olliebrown630 | olliebrown630

NTA shuts down entitled step-kids counting on inheritance 💯

boomboombalatty | boomboombalatty

Stepdad told to spend all his money and leave nothing 💸

FuzzyBanana41 | FuzzyBanana41

Step-kids disrespect and wish stepdad dead for money, get nothing. 💯

lusciousnurse | lusciousnurse

Stepchildren demand inheritance, but OP has no legal obligation. NTA 👍

Beauty_Choice | Beauty_Choice

Generous trust idea to provide for wife ✨ and disadvantaged children 👦🏻 in case of greedy stepkids 😡

DubBrit | DubBrit

Secure your will to avoid step-kids getting your money 💰

Annie354654 | Annie354654

Step-kids want inheritance for a destination wedding. NTA shuts them down 💯

SwimmingCoyote | SwimmingCoyote

Stepkids want inheritance, stepdad's solution is 🔥.

Distinct_Secretary21 | Distinct_Secretary21

Insensitive terminology aside, NTA for not giving stepkids inheritance. 👍

family_black_sheep | family_black_sheep

Step-kids wish stepdad dead, he's NTA for spending money 🔥

Gullible_Guidance_48 | Gullible_Guidance_48

Stepkid acknowledges stepdad's efforts, condemns stepkids' behavior and entitlement.

Typical_Job3788 | Typical_Job3788

Stepdad sets boundaries and chooses to give to those who appreciate.

lilolememe | lilolememe

Step-kids entitled, stepdad harsh. No $ for them 💯

Aggressive-Coconut0 | Aggressive-Coconut0

Stepkids wish stepdad dead for money, he's NTA and widowed.

MoetNChandon | MoetNChandon

Stepkids wish stepdad dead for money, wife sides with them. NTA.

mcmimi83 | mcmimi83

Leave nothing for evil step-kids - NTA 👍

Duin-do-ghob | Duin-do-ghob

Put your wife's peace first and enjoy your retirement 🎉

Serenityxxxxxx | Serenityxxxxxx

NTA for the decision, but could've handled situation better 🙄

Jalli1315 | Jalli1315

Step kids wish stepdad dead for money - he's not giving in. 💯

glimmerseeker | glimmerseeker

Protect yourself with a will and spend your money wisely. 💰👀

MercyMe717 | MercyMe717

Step-kids want inheritance, but commenter says protect your assets 💸

ConsitutionalHistory | ConsitutionalHistory

Stepdad stands up to entitled step-kids and wife. NTA 💯

Educational-Glass-63 | Educational-Glass-63

Savage revenge suggestion against evil step-kids. 🔥

desertboots | desertboots

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