Long-Distance Couple's RARE Reunion RUINED by Jealous Sister! 💔

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Picture this: you're in a long-distance relationship, and your boyfriend finally comes to visit. You're excited to spend some quality time together, but there's one little problem – your clingy younger sister. She's not too thrilled about sharing you with your boyfriend and demands to be included in all your activities. You try to balance your time between your sister and your boyfriend, but things take a dramatic turn when you decide to go on a date. 🍽️💔

Long-Distance Love 💕

crywonderful5812 | crywonderful5812

Christmas Clash 🎄

crywonderful5812 | crywonderful5812

Boyfriend's Visit 🏠

crywonderful5812 | crywonderful5812

Sisterly Struggles 😣

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Too Soft? 🤗

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Inclusive Efforts 🤝

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Pool Day 🏊‍♀️

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Privacy Problems 🚪

crywonderful5812 | crywonderful5812

Date Night Drama 🍽️

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Sister's Surprise Call 📞

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Date Denied ❌

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Mom's Mad 😡

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Broken Promise? 💔

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Sisterly Sabotage? 🙅‍♀️

Our protagonist, a 19-year-old girl, is trying to navigate the tricky waters of a long-distance relationship, with her boyfriend visiting her for a week. Her 12-year-old sister is not a fan of sharing her big sis and insists on being included in all their plans. The couple tries to accommodate her, but when they decide to have a date night, the sister calls, demanding to be picked up and included. When our protagonist refuses, her mother gets involved, scolding her for not taking her sister along. Now, she's left wondering if she's in the wrong for wanting some alone time with her boyfriend. 💔🤔 Let's see what the internet has to say about this complicated situation...

Sibling love is great, but privacy is important too! #NTA 👍

Necessary_String1971 | Necessary_String1971

Having your own life and friends is important. You're NTA.

ADG1983 | ADG1983

Sibling's jealousy raises a red flag for unhealthy behavior 👉

_____-----_____1 | _____-----_____1

Boundaries are important, encourage her to make her own friends 👍

TwoCentsPsychologist | TwoCentsPsychologist

Sibling boundaries: NTA's rare reunion ruined by jealous sister 😡

LobsterBoi420 | LobsterBoi420

Taking time for your long-distance bf doesn't make you an a**hole.

MJgaymer | MJgaymer

Setting boundaries with a possessive sibling. You're NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Setting boundaries with a clingy sibling 👍

MrsBarneyFife | MrsBarneyFife

Jealous sister accused of ruining rare reunion with boyfriend. NTA.

worldwideweeaboo | worldwideweeaboo

Jealous little siblings can be a real mood killer 😒

_B4ND1T | _B4ND1T

Don't let anyone control your life. 👍

VideoUnlucky3117 | VideoUnlucky3117

Set boundaries with jealous sister during boyfriend's visits. NTA.

ruby_windermere | ruby_windermere

Setting boundaries with co-dependent sister is necessary for healthy relationship. 🙌

Pleasant-Koala147 | Pleasant-Koala147

Jealous sister cockblocks long-distance couple's reunion. NTA stands strong.

Happyana | Happyana

Setting boundaries with a younger sibling 👍

Kakiston | Kakiston

12-year-old sister throws tantrum during rare visit with partner. NTA.

HonkyTonkCronk | HonkyTonkCronk

Being a fun big sister doesn't mean sacrificing your own time. ✨

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA. Sister needs boundaries. Odd behavior, sorry. 😞

Shalarean | Shalarean

Set boundaries with jealous sister, talk about wants and needs.

Careless-Image-885 | Careless-Image-885

Sibling jealousy can turn toxic. NTA for setting boundaries. 👍

Maharani_Radha | Maharani_Radha

Setting boundaries with a jealous sibling. NTA 👍

Dedicatedlamp | Dedicatedlamp

Prioritize your relationship, not your sister's jealousy. 👍

re_nonsequiturs | re_nonsequiturs

Respecting personal space is key. NTA for setting boundaries. 👌

cornflakesandteeth | cornflakesandteeth

Jealous sister ruins reunion, boyfriend at breaking point. 😢

kaIeidoscope-eyes | kaIeidoscope-eyes

Jealous sister crosses the line, commenters find it creepy 😱

callinguoutcusucant | callinguoutcusucant

Respectful NTA sets boundaries for couple's reunion. 👏

OurLadyOfCygnets | OurLadyOfCygnets

Understanding sister's perspective, advice for communication. Hang in there! 👍

definitelynotjava | definitelynotjava

Younger sister's jealousy ruining couple's rare reunion - NTA advice.

zgamer200 | zgamer200

Enabling a**hole sister's behavior? YTA. 🤷‍♂️

HotConfusion | HotConfusion

Jealous sister ruins rare reunion. NTA needs space! 👍

Actual_Geologist_316 | Actual_Geologist_316

Setting healthy boundaries is key 🔑. Family support is important ❤️.

anarchyshift | anarchyshift

Mom's kid, not yours. 12 y/o ruins rare romantic date.

OneTwoWee000 | OneTwoWee000

NTA, but parents need to parent sister through jealousy. 👨‍👦👧

grayhairedqueenbitch | grayhairedqueenbitch

Setting boundaries with younger sibling during rare long-distance visit.

Knittingfairy09113 | Knittingfairy09113

Sister's jealousy crosses boundaries, NTA for setting limits. 👍

kittynoodlesoap | kittynoodlesoap

NTA stands up to jealous sister with helpful advice 🙌

bbyfoods | bbyfoods

Setting boundaries with family for a happy relationship 👍

manucs02 | manucs02

You're not her mother, time to stop letting her boss you 😎

Frozen_Twinkies | Frozen_Twinkies

Long-distance couple's time is precious and sister needs boundaries. 🙌

Lulubelle__007 | Lulubelle__007

NTA. You deserve your own life 👏

Moonchaser70 | Moonchaser70

NTA asserts boundaries with codependent sister 🙌

sleepyrynbow | sleepyrynbow

Setting boundaries with jealous sister. NTA 👏

breezyhoneybee | breezyhoneybee

Sister's possessive behavior is not normal or healthy. NTA

millac7 | millac7

Sister's clinginess ruins long-awaited reunion 😞

xavii62 | xavii62

Setting boundaries with jealous siblings is crucial for healthy relationships 🙌

TheNorthern_exposure | TheNorthern_exposure

Sibling jealousy causing trouble in long-distance relationship. Set boundaries 🙌

Lov3I5Treacherous | Lov3I5Treacherous

Respect and boundaries matter, even for a 12-year-old. NTA.

Anxious_rubiks_cuber | Anxious_rubiks_cuber

Stand your ground and cherish your time with your partner! 🙌

Turbulent-Doughnut62 | Turbulent-Doughnut62

Setting boundaries with teenage sister jealous of relationship 👍

Sunflower_giraffe | Sunflower_giraffe

Rescheduling date with BF without sis is fair. NTA 👍

[deleted] | [deleted]

Enjoy your time together, not responsible for jealous sister 👍

Lady_Corven | Lady_Corven

"No" is an important word. Sister needs boundaries. Relationship privacy.

JennerikUse | JennerikUse

Setting boundaries with entitled sister, NTA 👍

fmlanything | fmlanything

Jealous sister ruins reunion; commenter advises not to parent her. 🙅

Dyils | Dyils

Setting boundaries with children for better long-term relationships 👍

Numerous-Secret3725 | Numerous-Secret3725

Teachable moment for little sister: Promises aren't legal documents 👍

Useful-Commission-76 | Useful-Commission-76

Enforce boundaries with your spoiled sister, NTA 👍

TerrorAlpaca | TerrorAlpaca

Setting boundaries with loved ones is important. NTA.

murdocjones | murdocjones

Setting boundaries with family members can be difficult but necessary. 👍

Beneficial_Sun_2459 | Beneficial_Sun_2459

Cutting off toxic family: empowering move. NTA 🙌

dreamer0303 | dreamer0303

Deserve privacy, family is inconsiderate. NTA 👍

livin_comfy | livin_comfy

Confused commenter questions Catholicism amidst family drama 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

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