Pregnant Fiancée's WORST Nightmare: Is He Cheating With His Buddy's GF? 😱

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Picture this: you're in a loving relationship where you and your partner are open about finding others attractive. You're so close that you're practically inseparable. But then, your partner gets pregnant, and suddenly, those insecurities start creeping in. 😟 You make an offhand comment about a friend's girlfriend, and suddenly, your entire relationship is on the line. 🚨 Are you the bad guy here, or is it just a case of pregnancy hormones and miscommunication? Let's dive into this juicy tale of love, trust, and temptation. 😲

Pregnant Fiancée's Insecurities 😟

Smart_Peach_5840 | Smart_Peach_5840

Inseparable Couple 💑

Smart_Peach_5840 | Smart_Peach_5840

Open Communication 🗣️

Smart_Peach_5840 | Smart_Peach_5840

The Fateful Comment 😬

Smart_Peach_5840 | Smart_Peach_5840

Bad Timing ⏰

Smart_Peach_5840 | Smart_Peach_5840

All Talk, No Action 🚫

Smart_Peach_5840 | Smart_Peach_5840

The Fallout 😟

Smart_Peach_5840 | Smart_Peach_5840

The Accusation 😱

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The Eye Wander 🧐

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The Question ❓

Smart_Peach_5840 | Smart_Peach_5840

Miscommunication 😕

Smart_Peach_5840 | Smart_Peach_5840

The Confrontation 😡

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The Misunderstanding 😔

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Feeling Stupid 🤦

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Is He Cheating or Just Clueless? 🤷

Our protagonist finds himself in a pickle after telling his pregnant fiancée, Jen, that his buddy's girlfriend is gorgeous. 😬 They've always been open about finding others attractive, but with Jen's pregnancy insecurities, the comment doesn't sit well. When he lets his eyes wander at a gathering, Jen accuses him of cheating. 😱 He denies it and, after a miscommunication, leaves her at home to stew in her suspicions. 🤔 Now, our guy is feeling stupid and unsure of how to fix the situation. 🤦 Let's see what the internet thinks of this tense predicament...

Marriage advice or warning? The risk of taking a dare 🤔

UJMRider1961 | UJMRider1961

Prioritize your family, not your fun. Learn this, YTA. 🙄

Ratsofat | Ratsofat

Staring at friend's GF, disrespectful. Going back, inconsiderate. 🤦‍♂️ YTA

CrystalQueen3000 | CrystalQueen3000

Don't ogle your friend's GF, YTA. Wise up, dude! 😑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Prioritize your pregnant fiancee over commenting on attractive people. YTA 🙅

Status-War4902 | Status-War4902

Fiancé caught cheating with buddy's GF while she's pregnant 🤦🏼‍♀️

Firm-Sugar669 | Firm-Sugar669

Accused of cheating, he left his pregnant fiancée alone. YTA 😡

EffortAutomatic8804 | EffortAutomatic8804

User calls out commenter for immaturity and insensitivity. 🤨

noelle588 | noelle588

Apologize and communicate openly with your fiancée 👍


Red flags in a relationship 👀 YTA called out

peacepotpie333 | peacepotpie333

Engaging with a touch of humor: YTA, stop being creepy 😜

Alert-Potato | Alert-Potato

A scathing comment calling out a potential cheating father-to-be.

[deleted] | [deleted]

YTA for lusting after friend's girlfriend. Prepare to be dumped.

SetIcy438 | SetIcy438

Keeping attraction to oneself is respectful. YTA for sharing it.

Weary_Iron3376 | Weary_Iron3376

Don't be a dumbass, watch your banter and live peacefully 😅

AnastasiaDelicious | AnastasiaDelicious

Pregnant wife insecure after husband comments on friend's girlfriend's looks. YTA.

Neat-Alternative-340 | Neat-Alternative-340

YTA for making gross comments about friend's GF & eye-fucking her. 😒

Due-Cause6095 | Due-Cause6095

Don't fall into the 'go have fun' trap. Prioritize family! 🙌

beardedpineapple80 | beardedpineapple80

Prioritize reducing stress for pregnant fiancée, YTA for not.

DrJScience | DrJScience

Be a supportive partner during pregnancy. YTA, get with program. 🙌

Worried-Pie-6918 | Worried-Pie-6918

Username burn in YTA comment section. 🔥

Hawkfan4_life | Hawkfan4_life

Stop body-shaming. Mind your own business. Let people be happy. 🙏

Takeabreak128 | Takeabreak128

Don't mess with a pregnant woman's emotions, especially when she's huge. 🤯

Nanatomany44 | Nanatomany44

Don't be a YTA and risk losing your pregnant fiance 🚫

[deleted] | [deleted]

Accusation of creepiness towards commenter. Awkward situation with friend's GF.

LummoSee | LummoSee

YTA for not prioritizing your pregnant fiancée's comfort and well-being 😠

SirRabbott | SirRabbott

Don't make comments about friends. YTA, be more respectful. 🙄

deathrowslave | deathrowslave

Counseling on overcoming temptation and taking responsibility for relationships. ❤️

Salty_Ad_6269 | Salty_Ad_6269

YTA for making your pregnant fiancee feel insecure and uncomfortable 😒

[deleted] | [deleted]

"Do whatever you want" and "honest opinion" miscommunication 🤦‍♀️

ccwilson84 | ccwilson84

Oblivious dad-to-be gets called out for being emotionally dumb 🔫

Amazing_Cabinet1404 | Amazing_Cabinet1404

YTA for making inappropriate comments, apologize and show love 💜

NaturesVividPictures | NaturesVividPictures

NTA calling out fiancé's inappropriate behavior and potential infidelity. 👏

[deleted] | [deleted]

Navigating admiration outside of a committed relationship in friend group 🤔

KittyRevolt | KittyRevolt

Spouse caught cheating and still went back? YTA! 😡

Arnelmsm | Arnelmsm

NTA gets called out for obvious flirting with friend's GF. 🤬

Business_Meat_9191 | Business_Meat_9191

Supportive comment for new mom struggling emotionally. ❤️

ScreenNameMe | ScreenNameMe

Don't be an a**hole, support your pregnant fiancée emotionally. 😱

reads_to_much | reads_to_much

Don't be a dull man. YTA for making hurtful remarks.

AlmostAlwaysADR | AlmostAlwaysADR

Don't make comments about people in your immediate circle. YTA 😑

Liathano_Fire | Liathano_Fire

Man blames pregnant fiancee's hormones, gets called out for being AH

[deleted] | [deleted]

Objectifying comment sparks discussion on complimenting women's bodies.

SusieC0161 | SusieC0161

A scathing comment calling out the OP's terrible behavior. 😠

Firm-Adhesiveness-98 | Firm-Adhesiveness-98

Engaging but stern comment on cheating and lack of support. 😱

queenpatts | queenpatts

Beware new dads: don't make this common mistake 🙈

SandSim | SandSim

Advice on how to make your pregnant fiancée feel special ❤️

Ok-Macaron-6211 | Ok-Macaron-6211

Advice for the oblivious and immature YTA boyfriend. 🤣

JustAGhost444 | JustAGhost444

Leaving your upset fiancee alone at home? YTA 🤷‍♂️

aly288 | aly288

YTA for staring at another woman in front of your pregnant fiancée 😡

magicspacehippie | magicspacehippie

Calling out the OP's emotional incompetence. YTA. 🤨

Mozzy2022 | Mozzy2022

When harmless comments cross the line, it's a red flag 🚨

-Liliane- | -Liliane-

Listen to your partner, respect their feelings and reassure them. YTAH 😒

gsell333 | gsell333

Harsh comment blaming pregnant woman's emotions for relationship issues.

user18298375298759 | user18298375298759

Cheating accusation leaves pregnant fiancée heartbroken. YTA

bunkbedgirl1989 | bunkbedgirl1989

Pregnant fiancée deserves better, stop eyeing other women 👀


Ignoring your pregnant fiancée's concerns? You're not helping, dude 🙄

Boek22 | Boek22

User calls out OP for not prioritizing his pregnant wife

x_a_man_duh_x | x_a_man_duh_x

Abandoning pregnant fiancée makes you 100% the a**hole 😠

Top_Reason_584 | Top_Reason_584

Harsh but true: priorities matter in relationships and parenthood.

ninjaswagster | ninjaswagster

Cheating on a pregnant woman? YTA, and a heartless one 😡

Nickidewbear | Nickidewbear

Accused of passive-aggressive behavior, YTA for eye-fucking acquaintance. 🤨

delvedank | delvedank

YTA for not being smarter. 🤣

Matt32490 | Matt32490

Don't be insensitive to your pregnant fiancée's needs and feelings 😒

Mayonnaisey | Mayonnaisey

Insightful reply calls out behavior and offers advice for apology.

littlebethy1984 | littlebethy1984

Red flag raised regarding partner's behavior with female friend 😔

justpickoneitssimple | justpickoneitssimple

Man accused of ogling friend's girlfriend gets called out.

AllanRensch | AllanRensch

Pregnant fiance's discomfort worsened by partner's stupidity. YTA 🙄

awkwrdaccountant | awkwrdaccountant

A woman's perspective on what not to say to a pregnant partner 🥴

foodfueled_nightmare | foodfueled_nightmare

Fiancé feels insecure & overwhelmed, YTA for making it worse 😒

Ardea_herodias_2022 | Ardea_herodias_2022

NTA comment receives no replies but advises leaving cheating partner.

AffectionateWheel386 | AffectionateWheel386

YTA for having a crush on friend's GF. Grow up dude.

McScuse-Me | McScuse-Me

Don't ogle your buddy's GF! Commenter calls out creepy behavior 😕

sassybrunette711 | sassybrunette711

Ending the game, reassuring your spouse and adapting is key.

3eyedfish13 | 3eyedfish13

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