Sister's SHOCKING Ultimatum: 'Be My Kids' Nanny or LEAVE!' 😱

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Picture this: you're a 17-year-old girl, your mom passed away, and your dad gets a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity in another country. You decide to stay with your half-sister, but little did you know that you'd be treated like an unpaid nanny for her three kids! 😱 Sharing a cramped room with a 1-year-old, picking up the kids from daycare, and being expected to entertain them while your sister works from home. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, that's the reality for our protagonist, and she's had enough. Let's dive into her story...

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity 🌍

aitasisternanny | aitasisternanny

Senior Year Dilemma 🎓

aitasisternanny | aitasisternanny

Cramped Living Spaces 🏠

aitasisternanny | aitasisternanny

Nanny Duties, Unpaid 💔

aitasisternanny | aitasisternanny

No Pay, No Way 😒

aitasisternanny | aitasisternanny

Complaints Fall on Deaf Ears 🙉

aitasisternanny | aitasisternanny

Friend Time Interrupted 😠

aitasisternanny | aitasisternanny

Nanny Duties Continue 🍼

aitasisternanny | aitasisternanny

Standing Up for Myself 💪

aitasisternanny | aitasisternanny

Frozen Fury ❄️

aitasisternanny | aitasisternanny

Not the Nanny! 😤

aitasisternanny | aitasisternanny

No Friend's Family Option 🚫

aitasisternanny | aitasisternanny

Nanny or Sister? The Unpaid Dilemma 😩

Our 17-year-old protagonist is stuck in a tough situation. She's living with her half-sister and her three kids, sharing a cramped room and being treated like an unpaid nanny. 😤 She's expected to pick up the kids from daycare, entertain them, and even change diapers, all while her dad is paying her sister to take care of her! When she finally stands up for herself, her sister threatens to call their dad and kick her out. 😠 With no other options, like moving in with a friend's family, our protagonist is left wondering if she's in the wrong for telling her sister to take care of her own kids. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

No-win situation for OP. Moving away may be the only option. 😢

Misanthrope-is-ME | Misanthrope-is-ME

Unexpected ultimatum makes sister TA, not OP. 😕

Ok_Sleep8579 | Ok_Sleep8579

Stand your ground and offer to pay rent. #NTA 👍

Yo-KaiWatchFan2102 | Yo-KaiWatchFan2102

Don't be guilt-tripped into being a free nanny 💪

Fluffiest_Gremlin | Fluffiest_Gremlin

17-year-old OP refuses to contribute and babysit, deemed YTA 🙄

CameraWrong9945 | CameraWrong9945

NAH verdict: Sister's request reasonable, but awkward living situation.

duchessofwands | duchessofwands

Teen refused to help sister with childcare, called entitled and ungrateful 😕

mermaidunderwater | mermaidunderwater

Sibling rivalry turns ugly 😠: YTA for moving in

slendermanismydad | slendermanismydad

User calls out entitled OP, suggests getting a job 💼

nowaynohowanyway | nowaynohowanyway

Ungrateful teen gets called out for attitude towards sister's favor 😒

throw_away_800 | throw_away_800

Is babysitting worth staying or not? 🤔

whenisleep | whenisleep

User suggests moving in with friends instead. YTA.

RudeMaximumm | RudeMaximumm

Living in her home, but won't help with her kids? YTA 😒

Dana07620 | Dana07620

House rules vs personal choice: NTA caught in the middle

Ok_Homework8692 | Ok_Homework8692

Harsh ultimatum from sister sparks tough love advice 💔

Jeff998g | Jeff998g

Privileged teenager refuses to help single mother sister and her kids 🤦‍♀️ YTA

superdope3 | superdope3

Grateful for a roof or sister needs to find help? 🤔

queenlehane | queenlehane

Sister's paid to take care of you, demand father pays elsewhere. 🙅

Cpt_Riker | Cpt_Riker

Sibling struggles: tough love or unfair ultimatum? 🤷‍♀️

LostDogBoulderUtah | LostDogBoulderUtah

User seeks more clarity on sister's request for nanny services.

FLSunGarden | FLSunGarden

User calls out teenager for not contributing to household chores. 💁‍♀️

ScaryButterscotch474 | ScaryButterscotch474

Engaging comment on the reality of the situation with practical solutions.

maarianastrench | maarianastrench

You're stuck between a rock and a hard place 😬

1M4m0ral | 1M4m0ral

Take control of your life, find a safe place 👏

Neat_Touch_7224 | Neat_Touch_7224

Tough love in a cramped house: ESH 🤷‍♀️

pseudonymphh | pseudonymphh

OP's sister wants her to be nanny or leave! ESH.

Ok-Autumn | Ok-Autumn

Step up or pack up: helping family during deployment 👍

Usual-Archer-916 | Usual-Archer-916

Redditor calls out the poster's entitled behavior with YTA judgement 🤪

WeckybbL | WeckybbL

Ouch! A harsh YTA comment with no mercy 🤪

redlipscombatboots | redlipscombatboots

Harsh criticism of OP's work ethic and entitlement 🤬

Actual_Somewhere_ | Actual_Somewhere_

Tough love? Comment suggests leaving sister's house ASAP 😓

Unable_Wrongdoer2250 | Unable_Wrongdoer2250

Missed opportunity for adventure, but still NAH. Help out!

Alternative-End-5079 | Alternative-End-5079

OP is reminded of the importance of contributing to family. 👏

t3r3sa- | t3r3sa-

Living in her house doesn't mean you owe her anything 😐

RicFalcon | RicFalcon

OP is the a**hole for not appreciating sister's kindness 😒

TelMeWutUReallyThink | TelMeWutUReallyThink

Family feud forces move out? Not the a-hole here! 😕

Ok_Beautiful_9215 | Ok_Beautiful_9215

You're the a**hole for not helping your sister at all 😒

UnusualFee7072 | UnusualFee7072

Graduate first, then be independent. Stick it out 👍

des_habille | des_habille

Babysitting is your job. YTA for not admitting it. 😑

Keelera2 | Keelera2

17-year-old gets a wake-up call on transitioning to adulthood 😬

OPtig | OPtig

Tough love for entitled teen from compassionate commenter 👏

United-Substance-821 | United-Substance-821

Advice for a teenager living in an over-crowded home. 🙏

Gin_n_Tonic_with_Dog | Gin_n_Tonic_with_Dog

User calls out spoiled girl for not helping sister with kids.

NoiseUnhappy28 | NoiseUnhappy28

Get involved in your life and contribute to your family! 💪

blockyhelp | blockyhelp

Sister wants a nanny, not a freeloading sister. YTA?

MypuppyDaisy | MypuppyDaisy

Harsh criticism of entitled behavior 🤨

KuriousCat92 | KuriousCat92

Child shouldn't be treated like a rent-a-parent. NTA. 👍

AllOver_ThePlace1818 | AllOver_ThePlace1818

Escape the nightmare and have an adventure! 🌎 NTA

noletex107 | noletex107

Living with sister requires nanny duty, NAH. Consider alternatives.

KkSquish17 | KkSquish17

Escape toxic family situation, seek school resources for help 👏

randomthoughts56789 | randomthoughts56789

YTA called out for being dramatic and spoiled 🙄

colo28 | colo28

Setting boundaries in family living situations. 🙌

Own_Purchase1388 | Own_Purchase1388

Set boundaries and communicate expectations to avoid ultimatums.

SummitJunkie7 | SummitJunkie7

Harsh reply calls out OP for complaining in overly full house. 🤷‍♀️

Nurse-Cat-356 | Nurse-Cat-356

Uncovering a potential financial incentive for being a nanny.

Responsible_Yam_5455 | Responsible_Yam_5455

User calls out commenter for being ungrateful and selfish 😒

Wasabi-Remote | Wasabi-Remote

Sister's ultimatum to 17yo sister for a few hrs of childcare 🤨

desirerich | desirerich

Living with sister rent-free and refusing to help with kids. YTA 😒

Internal_Progress404 | Internal_Progress404

Lazy teenager refuses to help sister with kids? YTA x7 🙄

inhaledpie4 | inhaledpie4

NTA, but need to contribute more than just paying rent. 👍

Pair_of_Pearls | Pair_of_Pearls

User calls out dad's threat to take college fund. 👏

Dollface9419 | Dollface9419

Sister needs to stop treating you like free childcare 😠

Jazzlike-Season-41 | Jazzlike-Season-41

Hang in there until October! 🙏🏼

Severe-Traffic-3429 | Severe-Traffic-3429

Setting boundaries with entitled family members is important 👍

amber130490 | amber130490

Harsh criticism of the OP's situation, no sympathy found 😔

Sunnywithachance099 | Sunnywithachance099

Fierce response to sister's ultimatum, defending her right to leave.

Familiar_Pie8610 | Familiar_Pie8610

Uncomfortable living situation leads to ultimatum for help or leave 🤷‍♀️

GrimSpirit42 | GrimSpirit42

Take control of your life! NTA but move out 👋

CombinationAway2762 | CombinationAway2762

Escape the ultimatum and dad's control. NTA.

Southern_Screen_5579 | Southern_Screen_5579

Discussion on occupancy laws and personal experience with them.

Hogwarts-is-real24 | Hogwarts-is-real24

Harsh reply to entitled sister, suggesting she grow up 🤬

Ashamed-Blueberry-98 | Ashamed-Blueberry-98

Harsh but fair, commenter points out OP's lack of contribution. 👍

Empty_Difficulty_577 | Empty_Difficulty_577

Financial dependence does not equal indentured servitude. NTA 👏

ParticularTrain8235 | ParticularTrain8235

Debate on responsibility and entitlement in family dynamics 🤔

Independent-Tea8516 | Independent-Tea8516

Tough negotiation with sister; stay and comply or move out. 🤷

Electronic-Cod-8860 | Electronic-Cod-8860

User calls out OP for being selfish and rude, recommends contributing.

Due-Development-9639 | Due-Development-9639

Ungrateful OP is told to grow up and contribute 🙄

sarabeth73 | sarabeth73

Harsh but fair criticism for entitled commenter. 👏

loving-life6969 | loving-life6969

Is it fair for sister to ask for help while working? 🤔

Particular_Cake_2187 | Particular_Cake_2187

Engage in a civil conversation with your 1/2 sister 👍

Haunting-Ad-5 | Haunting-Ad-5

User suggests OP should have a more positive outlook 😊

EMT82 | EMT82

Harsh judgment towards sister for ultimatum and living situation.

Mrfleas | Mrfleas

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