Husband Chooses Peace Over Wife's Hurtful 'Open Marriage' Request 💔

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Imagine being in a seemingly happy marriage, only to have your partner suddenly propose an open relationship. 😳 That's exactly what happened to our friend here, who thought he and his wife had a good sex life and a stable family with their 6-year-old son. But when his wife suggested they try new things with other people, he was left heartbroken and questioning everything. 💔 With his peace of mind at stake, he had to make a tough decision: accept the open marriage or seek a divorce. Let's dive into the story and see how it unfolds...

A Happy Marriage? 🤔

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Balancing Work and Family Life 👨‍👩‍👦

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A Life Philosophy 🧘

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A Healthy Sex Life? 💏

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A Shocking Proposal 😱

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Open Marriage? 🤯

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A Heartbreaking Decision 💔

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Time to Reflect 🕰️

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Divorce or Open Marriage? 🤷

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A Surprising Response 😳

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Standing His Ground 🚶

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Accusations Fly 🗣️

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Facing the Reality 🌎

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Seeking Peace ☮️

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A Clear Stance 🚫

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Open Marriage or Divorce: A Heartbreaking Choice 💔

Our friend, who prioritizes his own peace above all else, was shocked when his wife proposed an open marriage. 😱 After taking some time to reflect and cry, he decided that he couldn't accept the idea and told his wife he wanted a divorce if she insisted on the open relationship. 😢 Surprisingly, she didn't want to end their marriage, but accused him of being selfish and a bad father. 🗣️ He stood his ground, explaining that he needed peace and that their son would eventually adapt to the divorce. With both parties making their intentions clear, the question remains: who's in the right here? Let's see what the internet thinks of this heart-wrenching situation... 🕵️‍♂️

Choosing peace over 50/50 custody? YTA according to comment.

MagicCarpet5846 | MagicCarpet5846

NTA for not wanting open marriage but YTA for selfish mindset 🤷‍♂️

NuzlockeJoe | NuzlockeJoe

Poor communication and unequal parenting. Divorce but coparent equally. 👍

scooties2 | scooties2

Choosing a healthy marriage over open marriage for the child 👍

Just-Comfortable2230 | Just-Comfortable2230

Parenting comes first, not selfish desires. Harsh but true. 👍

RestaurantFrequent77 | RestaurantFrequent77

Debate over parenting and marriage choices gets heated. YTA verdict.

No-Increase-4721 | No-Increase-4721

YTA for dumping your kid on your wife all week.

blanchebeans | blanchebeans

Redditor calls out OP for being a selfish partner 👍

RegrettableBiscuit | RegrettableBiscuit

Ex-teacher explains why staying together for kids is selfish. NTA 👍

ConsistentRough4128 | ConsistentRough4128

Harsh judgment on father's custody request and parenting abilities 🤨

tomatofrogfan | tomatofrogfan

Prioritizing the child's well-being is paramount 🤖

Equal_Audience_3415 | Equal_Audience_3415

Response calls out YTAH for not trying counseling or alternatives. 🤔

gufiutt | gufiutt

Parenting isn't just about 'fun days', do the hard stuff. 🙌

Wrong-Ferret1542 | Wrong-Ferret1542

Mixed judgement on leaving over open marriage request and custody.

tranceorange91 | tranceorange91

NTA for not wanting an open marriage, but YTA for how you acted after 😬

Xandercoleman | Xandercoleman

NTA commenter assumes wife has someone in mind 🤔

neanderbeast | neanderbeast

Splitting custody for 'fun times' is selfish 😠

amitheassholeaddict | amitheassholeaddict

Parenting priorities clash in heated comment section. Yikes. 🤯

Renway_NCC-74656 | Renway_NCC-74656

Engaging in an open marriage doesn't make her love you less. YTA. 💔

deedeekye | deedeekye

NTA for prioritizing your family over her selfish request 👏

yesimreadytorumble | yesimreadytorumble

Divorce is valid when one partner wants an 'open marriage' 👍

boredathome1962 | boredathome1962

YTA for wanting divorce and spending less time with child 💔

firefly232 | firefly232

Choosing to divorce someone for different values on monogamy. NTA 👍

Sea_Celi-595 | Sea_Celi-595

NTA for divorce, but needs priority check 🙅

Mirroredentity | Mirroredentity

NTA for prioritizing mental well-being and co-parenting equally. 👍

Fun_Comparison4973 | Fun_Comparison4973

Communication is key - even in difficult conversations. 💬

deegirl1995 | deegirl1995

Husband stands firm against wife's 'open marriage' request. NTA 👍

SupermarketOk9538 | SupermarketOk9538

User calls out selfish behavior in 'open marriage' situation 🤷‍♂️

reyballesta | reyballesta

Parenting should be top priority, divorce shouldn't be the first option 👌

SportySue60 | SportySue60

Balancing mental well-being and marriage choices. 🤔

Foxxymint | Foxxymint

Divorce is tough, but putting the child first is crucial 👍

Carolinamama2015 | Carolinamama2015

Spouse refuses open marriage, prioritizes peace but neglects family. 😑

Wandered_Off | Wandered_Off

Choosing divorce over open marriage is NTA, but prioritize child's well-being 🤔

Cupcakesmommy | Cupcakesmommy

A sarcastic take on prioritizing oneself over family responsibilities 👨‍👩‍👧💼

Comosellamark | Comosellamark

Putting your child's needs first is crucial. YTA for ignoring it.

FlysaMinelly | FlysaMinelly

User questions husband's lack of effort to improve sex life.

topeka_zapatista | topeka_zapatista

Harsh comment receives no replies. Yikes 🤨

Contentpolicesuck | Contentpolicesuck

Harsh criticism of commenter's judgment and parenting decisions.

Various_Layer_3254 | Various_Layer_3254

Red flag raised about OP's behavior in marriage 👀

LovRGrl_2029 | LovRGrl_2029

Putting yourself before your child? YTA according to commenter

Schlobidobido | Schlobidobido

Concern about father's priorities in response to open marriage request.

Lyceumhq | Lyceumhq

NTA for not wanting non-monogamy, but YTA for abandoning responsibilities. Need to reevaluate and have an adult conversation with wife. 👍


Opposing open marriage is NTA, but poor communication is YTA 👍

ReBL93 | ReBL93

User accuses husband of being the a**hole for not accepting wife's 'open marriage' request

muikrad | muikrad

Husband refuses wife's open marriage request, gets called bad father 👨‍👦‍👦

Revolutionary_Alps31 | Revolutionary_Alps31

Parenting should be the top priority for both partners 👥

Technical_File_7671 | Technical_File_7671

Wife wants an open marriage, YTA for putting yourself first 🤷‍♀️

library-batgirl | library-batgirl

Divided opinions on judgment, but agree on open relationships.

marcelyns | marcelyns

Custody battles and unfair parenting? YTA strikes again 🤢

Odd-Surprise5100 | Odd-Surprise5100

User accuses OP of using wife's request to shirk responsibility 🤔

hambreysueno | hambreysueno

Harsh comment calls out father's actions, receives no replies.

kick_him | kick_him

A commenter calls out the selfishness of prioritizing personal peace over parenthood 🎓

ewbanh13 | ewbanh13

Parenting requires selflessness, he's not interested in her request 🙄

Ok-Sorbet-5767 | Ok-Sorbet-5767

User calls out OP for selfishness and immaturity

chessto | chessto

User calls out OP, suggests couples counseling for sex issues. 💔

DML197 | DML197

Harsh criticism of husband's immaturity and advice to step up.

GearSolarx | GearSolarx

Divorce her? YTA. But don't settle for weekends only.

justamofo | justamofo

Parenting comes before relationship drama 👨🏻‍🎤

Robincall22 | Robincall22

Putting an open marriage on a 6 year old? YTA 😒

Mysterious-Ad-1131 | Mysterious-Ad-1131

Husband prioritizes mental well-being over wife's open marriage request

Shirohitsuji | Shirohitsuji

A harsh but honest call out on prioritizing peace over family 😔

torontash | torontash

Redditor calls out selfish parent in divorce discussion 🤨

CaliWilly76 | CaliWilly76

A comment calls out a husband for wanting an open marriage.

Next_Row_6965 | Next_Row_6965

Redditors call out 'selfish' husband prioritizing himself over family. 👉🏼 YTA

Consistent_Donut_902 | Consistent_Donut_902

NTA to wife, YTA to kid. Prioritize your children 👪

JawnStreet | JawnStreet

Rejection of open marriage due to peace is selfish? 🤔

LegalPaperSize | LegalPaperSize

OP prioritizes own desires over child's well-being. YTA 💔

mayeam912 | mayeam912

Selfishness and incompatibility in a hurtful request. 🤷‍♂️

booksiwabttoread | booksiwabttoread

Parenting priorities questioned in a rocky relationship. ESH.

JimbosChafingShirt | JimbosChafingShirt

Harsh criticism of a father's decision to prioritize peace.

420_burner_69 | 420_burner_69

Putting himself before his kids makes him a bad father 😔

Rando6759 | Rando6759

Harsh criticism for abandoning child and self-centered behavior.

SteleUraniumBX | SteleUraniumBX

Parenting comes first, YTA for abandoning your child 👶

Alexaisrich | Alexaisrich

Parenting criticism leads to deadbeat dad prediction 😳

ensuene | ensuene

Putting yourself first over your child, bit messed up 😕

Dominoodles | Dominoodles

User calls out husband for abandoning his kid for peace 👎

footpicsof911 | footpicsof911

Insensitive comment receives no support in this comment section 😑

ewyoureshort | ewyoureshort

Harsh comment reminds reader to prioritize family over personal desires 💔

yaaaaa_baaaby | yaaaaa_baaaby

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