Brother's Betrayal: A Family Torn Apart by a Forbidden Affair 😱💔

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Picture this: you're at a family gathering, trying to enjoy your dad's 49th birthday, when your brother, who betrayed you in the worst possible way, walks in with his wife and a stroller. 😳 Yup, that's right, your brother married your high school sweetheart, who he helped cheat on you with for years. 💔 How would you feel? Could you ever forgive him? Our friend here is struggling with that very question. Let's dive into this rollercoaster of emotions and betrayal. 😢

The Family Gathering 🎂

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The Heartbreaking Discovery 💔

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High School Sweethearts 💕

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The Disappearance 😱

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Phone Calls 📱

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The Shocking Footage 🎥

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The Painful Truth 💔

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The Call with Dad 📞

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The Heartbreak 💔

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The Confrontation 😡

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The Showdown 🚪

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C's Cruel Words 😢

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The Apology 😔

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The Painful Realization 💔

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The Decision 🚶

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Cutting Ties ✂️

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The Family Gathering Revisited 🎂

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The Surprise 😳

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The Unwanted Conversation 🚫

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The Apology Attempt 🙄

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The Rejection 😒

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The Struggle to Forgive 😔

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The Trust Issues 😞

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The Unforgivable 🚫

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Betrayed by a Brother 😡

Our friend (26m) went to a family gathering to celebrate his dad's birthday, but little did he know that he'd be confronted with the painful past. Three years ago, he discovered that his high school sweetheart, C (25f), had been cheating on him with his own brother (23m) since his second year of college. 💔 The betrayal was so deep that he cut them both out of his life. Fast forward to the family gathering, and his brother walks in with C, now his wife, and a baby stroller. 😳 Despite his brother's awkward attempts at apologizing, our friend just can't seem to forgive him. He's left with trust issues and a broken heart, wondering if he'll ever be able to move on. 💔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this heart-wrenching situation... 😢

Forgiveness doesn't always mean reconciliation ✌🏻

jbuckets44 | jbuckets44

Betrayed by his brother, commenter advises cutting ties completely 💔

WinterFront1431 | WinterFront1431

Family first, even if it means going against blood ties. NTA 👏

jgasbarro | jgasbarro

Angry commenter advocates for revenge after betrayal.

Arminlegout1 | Arminlegout1

Sibling betrayal sparks violent revenge fantasy in comment section

SecretTraumas_92 | SecretTraumas_92

A comment advocating for extreme punishment in a family betrayal.

chipdoyle | chipdoyle

Betrayed by family for forbidden affair, NTA wins backstabbing battle 👏

RemoteBroccoli | RemoteBroccoli

NTA comment advocates for cutting off brother and his partner.

RudeRedDogOne | RudeRedDogOne

Forgiveness is important for your own growth and well-being 👍

TheMTOne | TheMTOne

Victim refuses to forgive adulterous brother despite religious parents' pressure 💔

RNGinx3 | RNGinx3

Family torn apart by brother's betrayal 😱💔

Nolongeranalpha | Nolongeranalpha

Start afresh, forget the crazies. Not the a**hole 👍

Solarflare1315 | Solarflare1315

Forgiveness is for you, not for the betrayer. NTA 👏

BrightFirelyt | BrightFirelyt

Setting boundaries with family after a betrayal. 👍

SnooWords4839 | SnooWords4839

Savage response to a cheating brother and enabling parents 🤪

YomiKuzuki | YomiKuzuki

Forgiveness requires contrition. NTA takes a stand 💪

HeimdallManeuver | HeimdallManeuver

Forgiveness is religious, but not in this case 😱👊

Fun_Concentrate_7844 | Fun_Concentrate_7844

Sibling betrayal leads to family rift, forgiveness not necessary 😭

Candid-Quail-9927 | Candid-Quail-9927

Moving on and self-improvement after betrayal. NTA. 👏

DeerBest3901 | DeerBest3901

Resentment towards parents' involvement in forgiveness divides family further 😔

Odd_Fellow_2112 | Odd_Fellow_2112

A firm but fair response to a cheating brother's apology 👍

l3ex_G | l3ex_G

Betrayed by brother and lover, NTA enforces moral boundaries 🔥

United_Fig_6519 | United_Fig_6519

Family betrayal and disgusting parents. Heartbreaking situation for OP. 💔

KindaHighJedi | KindaHighJedi

Betrayed by brother, commenter chooses to cut ties. 👍

Ok-Guidance-2112 | Ok-Guidance-2112

Supportive comment, encouraging moving on with a positive outlook 👍

Tokio990 | Tokio990

Mother's wrath: Disowning brother for forbidden affair 💔

LocalBrilliant5564 | LocalBrilliant5564

Forgiveness doesn't always mean reconciliation. NTA for choosing distance.

wenchywitchy | wenchywitchy

Savage response to family drama. 🤣

Significant-Cup4227 | Significant-Cup4227

Accusation of fake story and dysfunctional family 👀

Elmawt | Elmawt

Sibling betrayal and forgiveness? Nah, he's a POS. Move on 👍

OriganolK | OriganolK

Adulterous snake of a brother - forgiveness is not mandatory 😱

LumosNoel | LumosNoel

Betrayed by brother and ex, commenter forgives but won't forget. NTA!

MeeplessinSeatle | MeeplessinSeatle

Unforgivable betrayal by brother leads to family's disintegration 😱

apoloimagod | apoloimagod

Redditors support OP's decision to cut off toxic family members

Longjumping-Buy-4736 | Longjumping-Buy-4736

Setting boundaries with family after a betrayal 📱

Bakecrazy | Bakecrazy

Betrayal runs deep, forgiveness not required. NTA 😞

Dominocracy | Dominocracy

Betrayal by both siblings, forgiveness must be earned not demanded 🤷🏻‍♂️

No-Kaleidoscope4356 | No-Kaleidoscope4356

Setting boundaries after betrayal. Forgiving but not forgetting 👍

sigristl | sigristl

Betrayal beyond forgiveness. NTA for standing up for yourself.

DMC1001 | DMC1001

Betrayed and hurt by a forbidden love affair. #NTA 🤬

beyerch | beyerch

NTA! Brother's infidelity was a betrayal to YOU, not parents. Your peace matters.

HunterDangerous1366 | HunterDangerous1366

Intense reaction to the betrayal. 😳

Low-Complex-5168 | Low-Complex-5168

Supportive comment validates OP's feelings after brother's betrayal. 👍

efrendel | efrendel

Sibling cut ties, commenter suggests staying elsewhere during visits. NTA 👍

ScarletteMayWest | ScarletteMayWest

Elderly advice: Forgive brother? Nah, screw him! Trust no more.

Seethinginsepia | Seethinginsepia

Betrayed commenter stands their ground with a strong NTA stance 👏

WonderfulTrip3208 | WonderfulTrip3208

Vile waste of space: commenter advises to stay away 👍

ATillman81 | ATillman81

Encouraging words for OP in a heartbreaking betrayal 💔

Different_Cupcake403 | Different_Cupcake403

NTA stands up to religious parents in forbidden affair. 🤯

KinkyPaddling | KinkyPaddling

Forgiveness isn't a requirement, respect your decision 👍

Bloodmime | Bloodmime

No forgiveness without recompense. NTA 💪


Forgiveness is a personal decision. NTA. Religious hypocrisy exposed 👏

Senkmudo | Senkmudo

NTA comment suggests exposing cheater sister-in-law as revenge 😒

Shoddy-Ad8066 | Shoddy-Ad8066

NTA. Brother's infidelity and lies broke trust and family bonds. 👍

Disney_Dork1 | Disney_Dork1

Heartbreaking betrayal. No forgiveness deserved for despicable family and ex.


Supportive comment about betrayal and potential paternity scandal.

PrairieGrrl5263 | PrairieGrrl5263

Supportive comment, encouraging to cut off toxic family members 👏

bill_n_opus | bill_n_opus

A commenter suggests physical violence as a solution. Yikes.

steel350 | steel350

Cutting off family for betrayal? NTA but consider repercussions 🤔

Internal-Test-8015 | Internal-Test-8015

Betrayed by brother and girlfriend. NTA for feeling angry 💔

Barry_McKackiner | Barry_McKackiner

Choosing to stay out of their deceitful relationship 👍

Lucky_Log2212 | Lucky_Log2212

Family betrayal is a hard pill to swallow 😞

aspect6575 | aspect6575

Encouraging response to OP's decision to cut off toxic family ❤️

Livid-Ad2573 | Livid-Ad2573

Forgiveness doesn't mean ignoring boundaries and self-preservation 👏

avengerrevenger1 | avengerrevenger1

Supportive comment, condemns brother and ex, wishes well. 👏

shirley1928 | shirley1928

No forgiveness for a forbidden affair and baby involvement 🚫

Time-Smell-4832 | Time-Smell-4832

This commenter's restraint is admirable yet unnerving. 🤔

Vbassjrnms | Vbassjrnms

Warning against cheating and hoping for karma to strike.

pureimaginarydolphin | pureimaginarydolphin

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