Bride-to-Be Refuses to Change Wedding Date, Sister Demands Priority 😱💔

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Picture this: you're excitedly planning your dream wedding, and you've picked the perfect date. You even give your sister, who happens to be a photographer, plenty of notice to avoid scheduling anything on that day. But then, she books a wedding for the same date and asks you to move yours! 😱 Can you imagine the drama? Well, that's exactly what happened to our bride-to-be, who's now caught in a whirlwind of family conflict, heartbreak, and hurt feelings. 💔 Let's dive into her story and see if she's in the wrong for standing her ground...

The Long Engagement 📅

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Sister's Wedding Plans 📷

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Photographer Sister's Warning ⚠️

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Planning Continues 📝

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The Unfortunate Booking 📆

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Family Drama Ensues 😠

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Cancel the Client? 🤔

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Heartbreak and Hurt 💔

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Update: Standing Strong 💪

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Boundaries and Learning 📚

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The Photographer Dilemma 📸

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Family's Side 😒

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Staying Strong 💪

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Heartbroken Bride-to-be 💔

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Wedding Date Wars: Sisterly Showdown! 👰📷

Our bride-to-be (34f) got engaged in September 2022 and picked her wedding date for early summer 2024. She warned her photographer sister (27f) not to book anything on that date. But when her sister asked for a reminder of the date in October 2023, she revealed she had booked a wedding for that very day! 😱 The sister asked our bride-to-be to move her wedding, but she refused, causing a family drama explosion. 🌋 Now, she's being accused of not caring about her sister and is heartbroken that her sibling won't be there on her big day. 💔 But she's standing strong, refusing to move her date, and learning about setting boundaries. Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Savage yet accurate 😂 NTA for not changing date!

Comfortable-Sea-2454 | Comfortable-Sea-2454

Bride stands firm on wedding date, but sister demands priority 😬

catsndogspls | catsndogspls

Bride-to-be stands her ground against entitled sister. NTA 👏

ReviewOk929 | ReviewOk929

You're not the a**hole for prioritizing your own wedding day 🎉

FuzzyMom2005 | FuzzyMom2005

Sister complains about wedding priority despite not caring at all 😒

Beneficial-Step4403 | Beneficial-Step4403

Bride-to-be stands her ground against sister's poor planning 👏

oaksandpines1776 | oaksandpines1776

Unwilling to change date? NTA advises bride-to-be's sister.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Sister booked job on wedding date, bride-to-be NTA 🤷‍♀️

Electronic_World_894 | Electronic_World_894

Booked wrong date, sister demands priority, NTA chooses wedding.

ghjkl098 | ghjkl098

Photographer's unprofessionalism overshadows skills according to commenter. 😒

CalendarDad | CalendarDad

Sibling prioritizes work over sister's wedding, internet calls out.

savannahkellen | savannahkellen

Expert in wedding business calls out the sister's behavior 👰🤦

Ecstatic-Zebra-5463 | Ecstatic-Zebra-5463

Sister had one job and she failed. Stick to your guns. 💪

No_Ad_770 | No_Ad_770

Photographer canceled, sister had notice and can cancel client. NTA 👍

AdditionalSet84 | AdditionalSet84

Don't budge! Bride-to-be refuses to change wedding date, NTA

ArtemisStrange | ArtemisStrange

Sister's fault for not saving the date. NTA 👍

vanastalem | vanastalem

Sister chose to prioritize other plans over wedding, NTA 🤷

Maximoose-777 | Maximoose-777

Sister gets called out for prioritizing her own wedding planning

Anxious-Routine-5526 | Anxious-Routine-5526

Sister's demands are rude and selfish. Stick to your plans 👍

EyeRollingNow | EyeRollingNow

Sister demands wedding date change for work? NTA wins.

BadLuckBirb | BadLuckBirb

Sister's job vs wedding: power trip or NTA?

SirGkar | SirGkar

Photographer sister should have blocked out bride's wedding date. NTA.

LongJawnsInWinter | LongJawnsInWinter

Sister demands wedding priority, but commenter says NTA with fire 🔥

Travellinglense | Travellinglense

Sibling rivalry and business doesn't always mix 👆

manual_typewriter | manual_typewriter

Wedding date should not be changed due to family drama 😱💔

Intermountain-Gal | Intermountain-Gal

Bride stands up for herself against demanding sister 👏

cathline | cathline

Sister prioritizes wedding date over family? NTA for bride-to-be.

wlfwrtr | wlfwrtr

Wedding planner suggests bride's sister to reschedule her own client's wedding 😱

Longjumping-Lab-1916 | Longjumping-Lab-1916

Bride-to-be's sister is the AH for booking a client on her wedding date. NTA.

Vancouverreader80 | Vancouverreader80

Sister's wedding clash: communication breakdown or intentional sabotage? 🤔

Interesting-Spend-66 | Interesting-Spend-66

NTA. Stand your ground, don't let her gaslight you 👏

Gamerthon98 | Gamerthon98

Sister should have penciled in wedding date, NTA 📝💍

mjrkcolemom14 | mjrkcolemom14

Don't let family pressure you, NTA! Stick to your date 👍

Cubsfrog29 | Cubsfrog29

Bride-to-be's selfishness is unacceptable. NTA for holding firm.

Neither_Ask_2374 | Neither_Ask_2374

Sisterzilla demands wedding date change, internet says NTA 😍

Mango_Destroyer5619 | Mango_Destroyer5619

Sister's lack of planning doesn't make it your emergency 👍

letsberealyall | letsberealyall

Booking conflict drama! NTA stands their ground.

enzothebaker87 | enzothebaker87

Bridezilla or reasonable? Commenters debate wedding date priorities 😱

regus0307 | regus0307

Smart-ass suggestion brings humor to bride's NTA situation 😂

GeeJaa | GeeJaa

Plan your wedding without her 👰🏻‍🎓 Not your problem, you informed her.

Morgen019 | Morgen019

Sister chooses work over family, NTA bride enjoys wedding day 😊🎉

GoodPen1278 | GoodPen1278

Bride-to-be stands her ground against forgetful sister 👏

Scary-Cycle1508 | Scary-Cycle1508

Sister's main character syndrome tries to steal bride's spotlight 😱

Aria_Songlark | Aria_Songlark

Sister asked to not talk about wedding, NTA for setting date 👏

JustAd9907 | JustAd9907

Stand up for yourself and share proof on social media. NTA 👏

DoIwantToKnow6417 | DoIwantToKnow6417

Sister accuses bride-to-be of gaslighting after refusing date change 🤯

Smart_N_Sassy | Smart_N_Sassy

Sister chooses someone else's wedding over sister's 😱

External-Hamster-991 | External-Hamster-991

Sister demanding wedding date change? NTA has a solution! 😊

opelan | opelan

Sister cancels client for wedding, OP NTA for not changing date 👍

Lucky-Guess8786 | Lucky-Guess8786

Sister's profession makes a difference, NTA if not expected free service 👍

Glass-Chemist7060 | Glass-Chemist7060

Don't wait for her to change, move on with your life. 👍

Comfortable_East9293 | Comfortable_East9293

Sister refuses to prioritize wedding date, bride owes her nothing 🙌

Outrageous-forest | Outrageous-forest

Sending receipts and cutting ties with toxic family members 💪

Due-Eye9270 | Due-Eye9270

Sister demands priority, but bride-to-be is not backing down 😎

Lilac-Roses-Sunsets | Lilac-Roses-Sunsets

Bride-to-be stands firm on wedding date, sister demands priority 😱💔

catinnameonly | catinnameonly

Sister refuses to prioritize bride-to-be's wedding date, called selfish 😱💔

MizfitQueen | MizfitQueen

Don't let anyone guilt you into changing your special day 😊

No-Bath-5129 | No-Bath-5129

Forgetful bride-to-be called out for blaming sister. NTA wins.

corgihuntress | corgihuntress

Sister prioritizes job over wedding, demands bride change date 🤷‍♀️

wildmusings88 | wildmusings88

Supportive comment congratulates bride and calls out sister's behavior 🎉

MiaW07 | MiaW07

Event planner shuts down entitled sister demanding wedding date change 👏

theonenamedlingling | theonenamedlingling

Sister's poor planning shouldn't make you change your wedding date 👍

Jamestodd106 | Jamestodd106

Entitled sister double-booked, trying to manipulate bride-to-be. NTA.

Diligent-Comfort-191 | Diligent-Comfort-191

Stand your ground! Don't let her powerplay ruin your day 💪

Excellent-Count4009 | Excellent-Count4009

Wedding date vs client? NTA for refusing to change date!

Knee_Jerk_Sydney | Knee_Jerk_Sydney

Sister refuses to change date, commenter calls her selfish. 😕

Purple_Paper_Bag | Purple_Paper_Bag

Sister prioritizes vacation over sister's wedding 😱🤷🏽‍♀️

TzUgUkNz | TzUgUkNz

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