Couple Confronts Asexuality: A Tale of Secrets, Lies, and Unwavering Love 💔🌈

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Hey there, Facebook fam! 😊 Remember that post where a husband 'outed' his wife's asexuality after she let her friends gang up on him? Well, guess what - there's an update! 🎉 The original post was deleted, but we've got the juicy details for you! 🍿 So, sit back, relax, and let's dive into this rollercoaster of emotions, apologies, and growth. 🎢💕

🔥 The Deleted Post: A Recap

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

📩 Hate in My DMs

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🤔 The Unexpected Turn

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🕊️ Apologies and Support

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🙄 Half-Hearted Apologies

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

💔 The Original Story

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🌈 Asexuality is Real

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🚫 No Libido

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🗣️ Her Description

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🚧 Boundaries and 'Maintenance Sex'

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🤷‍♂️ Her Perspective

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🚫 No Selfishness Here

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🙅‍♂️ I'm Fine Without Sex

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🤥 Lying and Being Thrown Under the Bus

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

💑 More Than Just Sex

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🗣️ Open Conversations

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📚 Resources for Asexual Partners

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🛡️ In Her Defense

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

📅 Age Clarification

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🌟 Boring Update, But All is Fine

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

🎮 Minecraft Video to the Rescue

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

👫 Moving Forward

lowpriorityhusband | lowpriorityhusband

💔 Asexuality, Apologies, and Moving Forward: An Update

After the original post went viral, the husband received a lot of hate in his DMs, but it also led to a productive conversation between him and his wife. 🗣️ They both apologized, and she even told her friends about her asexuality, who turned out to be supportive. 💗 However, only one friend apologized to the husband, and it was a half-hearted apology. 😒 They've started couple's counseling again, and the husband clarified some misconceptions about asexuality, boundaries, and their relationship. 🌈🚧 He's grateful for the resources he received on being a partner to someone who is asexual. 📚 In her defense, the wife has turned down invites from the instigators and removed them from social media. 🛡️ The couple is moving forward, and everything seems to be working out. 🌟 So, what do you think about this update? Let's see what the internet has to say about this situation... 🤔💬

Redditors shame husband for exposing wife's lie about asexuality 😡

BlueGreen_1956 | BlueGreen_1956

Betrayed by her friend's lie, commenter questions their friendship 🤔

yesimreadytorumble | yesimreadytorumble

Toxic relationships are never worth it 🚫

Emotional_Area_1177 | Emotional_Area_1177

When friends hate on your spouse, is it a dealbreaker?

bluduuude | bluduuude

Spouse's loyalty questioned in wake of friend's betrayal 🤔

Fit-Wrongdoer333 | Fit-Wrongdoer333

Wife lied to friends to shit talk spouse, no regrets 😒

bayesed_theorem | bayesed_theorem

Partner's lack of desire, is it time to move on? 🤔

Caimthehero | Caimthehero

User defends OP and criticizes girlfriend's unsupportive friends 👊

Stock-Philosopher-15 | Stock-Philosopher-15

Support and reconsidering friendships after confronting asexuality 👍

Knittingfairy09113 | Knittingfairy09113

User advises leaving toxic relationship with clear-cut opinion.

Chaoticgood790 | Chaoticgood790

Supportive comment receives positive update on asexuality journey. ❤️

Ok_Design_705 | Ok_Design_705

Redditor calls out hypocritical advice, supports OP's perspective 👍

RNGinx3 | RNGinx3

Red flag alert 🚩 Selfish partner and toxic friends

Satori2155 | Satori2155

Reddit comments get called out for lack of empathy 🤔

Ashlityr | Ashlityr

Struggling with wife's asexuality and being the villain. Tough situation 😞

HeisenbergCares | HeisenbergCares

A scathing comment on a dysfunctional relationship. 💔

Malhavok_Games | Malhavok_Games

Toxic comment. Let's spread positivity and support instead 🙏

Modi_Vingtorson | Modi_Vingtorson

Harsh judgment towards OP's asexual partner. YTA attitude.

BigJockK | BigJockK

Insensitive comment receives no replies. 😑

Haunting-Broccoli-95 | Haunting-Broccoli-95

Proud asexual stands up to ignorant comments and assumptions 💪


Harsh criticism of an unsupportive partner. 💔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Defending himself against lies, but no remorse from wife's friends.

avast2006 | avast2006

Dealing with unsupportive friends and the aftermath of hurtful actions

signycullen88 | signycullen88

Unwavering support in the face of exclusion 😊❤️

Misterstaberinde | Misterstaberinde

Navigating asexuality in a romantic relationship 💔

plutosbigbro | plutosbigbro

Ace commenter criticizes spouse for outing them to others 🤯

AliFoxx9 | AliFoxx9

Understanding asexuality can be difficult, but this video helps 👍

Bricker1492 | Bricker1492

OP's partner lied and shit-talked, but why not praise him?

PuzzleheadedTap4484 | PuzzleheadedTap4484

The comment section roasts TikTok and defends women's friendships.

Kineth | Kineth

Friendship and accountability in the face of asexuality stigma 👏

crdemars | crdemars

Supportive comment for someone struggling with asexuality and abuse ❤️

Icy-Sprinkles-638 | Icy-Sprinkles-638

A questionable apology and some messy friend drama 🤔

Im_not_Jordan | Im_not_Jordan

Asexuality is different for everyone, but it can be fulfilling 👍

meemsqueak44 | meemsqueak44

Spouse unfairly projected negativity onto asexual partner 🤷‍♀️

DGOxt9 | DGOxt9

User empathizes with OP's struggle in a tough situation 👏

Spiersy_ | Spiersy_

User seeks understanding on anti-asexuality sentiment in deleted comment.

Kurohitsuki | Kurohitsuki

Love conquers all, even when it comes to guaranteed sex ❤️

RebaKitt3n | RebaKitt3n

Ace commenter appreciates OP for understanding and gives hope. 👍

litfan35 | litfan35

Redditors hate on non-sexual relationships 👎

IanFoxOfficial | IanFoxOfficial

When confronting asexuality leads to toxic behavior 🤯

Eastern-Move549 | Eastern-Move549

Non-sexual intimacy can be valuable, as long as it's consensual ❤

malevshh | malevshh

Importance of feeling wanted in asexual relationships, potential challenges ahead. 👏

RadiantPreparation91 | RadiantPreparation91

Respectful comment on outing in relationships with helpful advice 👍

Ravenkelly | Ravenkelly

User questions partner's friends and marriage after betrayal. 🤔

trixen2020 | trixen2020

Clarification on asexuality and libido for unfamiliar people 👍

TurtleZenn | TurtleZenn

Standing up to toxic friends. 👊

Difficult_Let_1953 | Difficult_Let_1953

Respectful approach to asexuality in a relationship 👏

Ghostyghostghost2019 | Ghostyghostghost2019

A blunt comment advising the poster to leave their asexual wife

Headeyes4life | Headeyes4life

Man in troubled marriage receives sympathy and criticism from commenters

SirDrinksalot27 | SirDrinksalot27

Spouse's asexuality revealed at party, sparks lies and discomfort 😑

theCumCatcher | theCumCatcher

Confusion over wife's actions sparks curiosity in comment section 🤔

OnionBagMan | OnionBagMan

Questioning the need for elaborate lies about asexuality 😔

Prestigious_Sky8257 | Prestigious_Sky8257

Love and happiness can exist in sexless relationships ♥️

ILLforlife | ILLforlife

Calling out hate and deception in relationships 🙇

moriquendi37 | moriquendi37

Celebrating healthy asexual and allosexual relationships 👏

behave_in_ | behave_in_

Navigating asexuality in relationships and finding other ways to connect ❤️

Cwuddlebear | Cwuddlebear

Supportive comment and therapy progress for asexual couple 👏

CutSea5865 | CutSea5865

Longing for love without the pressure of sex ❤

Shady_Scientist | Shady_Scientist

NTA commenter advises: You deserve better, don't ignore red flags. 👏

chicharrones_yum | chicharrones_yum

Understanding asexuality: it's not about libido, but attraction 👍

Retsukohl | Retsukohl

Curious about asexuality resources for partners? This commenter is too 🤔

starkestrel | starkestrel

Navigating asexuality in relationships and the fear of assumptions 💔

alaskadotpink | alaskadotpink

A comment calling out a spouse's lies and lack of self-respect 🤨

Radon_Rodan | Radon_Rodan

Wife's friends are a**holes, but husband is painted as bad guy 😠

Osirus1156 | Osirus1156

A betrayed partner finds catharsis in calling out infidelity ⚒️

CuriousDisorder3211 | CuriousDisorder3211

Heartwarming support for couple navigating asexuality and family backlash 💕

UnderstatedOutlook | UnderstatedOutlook

Positive, mature approach to asexual topic. Who needs toxic friends?

billionthtimesacharm | billionthtimesacharm

Spouse's deception revealed true colors of toxic friends 🤯

Ns317453 | Ns317453

Importance of physical intimacy in a relationship. 👫👬

oxtrot88 | oxtrot88

Concerned commenter suggests open relationship, warns of potential temptation 😬

mwb1957 | mwb1957

Sarcastic reply shuts down insensitive comment 🙄

King-SAMO | King-SAMO

Positive comment applauds couple for handling situation like adults 👏

LaszloKravensworth | LaszloKravensworth

Skeptical commenter questions asexuality and trust in relationship 🤔

Dry-Clock-1470 | Dry-Clock-1470

A commenter questions the validity of an asexual marriage. 🤔

Brown_Panda81 | Brown_Panda81

A warning about the danger of lies and toxic friends 🚨

The_Slapnut | The_Slapnut

Toxic relationship alert! 🚨 Let him go for his own good. 👍

rwk2007 | rwk2007

Supportive comment, acknowledges wrong done, praises reconciliation 👏

angelcake | angelcake

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