Rodent Ruckus: Daughter's Pet Rat Drives Wedge in Blended Family 😱🐀

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Picture this: You've just moved in with your girlfriend, and everything seems to be going great. She gets along well with your kids, and life is looking up. But then, a furry little creature enters the picture and turns your world upside down. 🐀😱 That's exactly what happened to our protagonist, a 45-year-old dad, when his daughter brought home a pet rat, knowing full well that his girlfriend has a severe phobia of rodents. The situation quickly spirals out of control, with ultimatums, ex-wife drama, and family tensions at an all-time high. 🌪️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 So, who's in the wrong here? Let's dive into this rollercoaster of a story and find out. 🎢🔍

🏠 Moving In Together: A New Chapter 🌟

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🐭 The Rodent Phobia 😱

[deleted] | [deleted]

🎁 The Unwelcome Birthday Present 🐀

[deleted] | [deleted]

😠 Dad Gets Upset 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

🗣️ Daughter Fights Back 💢

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👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Compromises 🤝

[deleted] | [deleted]

📞 Ex-Wife Chimes In 🤬

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🕵️‍♂️ The Rat Plot Unravels 🐀

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📅 The Timeline 🗓️

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🚪 Daughter's Ultimatum 💔

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🗣️ Son Spills the Tea ☕

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🔄 Son Wants to Move In 🏠

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📱 Ex-Wife Bombards Phone 📵

[deleted] | [deleted]

🚀 Escalation and Desperation 🆘

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💔 The Divorce Backstory 📖

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⏩ Fast Forward to Dating Again 💔

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🔄 Ex-Wife's Regret and Reconciliation Attempt 💔

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💏 The Secret Dating and New Love ❤️

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💔 Ending Things with Ex and Moving On 💞

[deleted] | [deleted]

🤷‍♂️ Ex-Wife's Acceptance... Or Not? 🤔

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😌 Venting and Seeking Advice 🙏

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🐀 Rat Drama: A Family Torn Apart 😭

Our 45-year-old dad finds himself in a whirlwind of conflict when his daughter brings home a pet rat, triggering his girlfriend's severe rodent phobia. As tensions rise, the daughter issues an ultimatum: it's her and the rat or the girlfriend. 😤🐀 As the situation unfolds, it's revealed that the ex-wife and daughter may have planned this rat fiasco to sabotage the girlfriend. The son, tired of the drama, decides he wants to move in with his dad permanently. 😱🔄 With emotions running high and relationships strained, our protagonist seeks advice from fellow divorced parents on how to navigate this complicated situation. 🙏💔 Let's see how the internet weighs in on this wild family drama... 🌐🔥

Lonely rat needs a buddy to be happy 😢🐀

shishi-pc | shishi-pc

Unconventional solution proposed for daughter's pet rat dilemma 🐱

Secthelock | Secthelock

Suggest therapy for gf's phobia to foster comfortable space 👍

sneaky_swiper | sneaky_swiper

A lonely rat causing family drama and animal welfare concerns 😨🐀

philliisalright | philliisalright

Daughter's pet rat causing drama in blended family. 😱🐀

Capable-Flight4966 | Capable-Flight4966

NTA. GF's phobia has priority over daughter's pet rat. 🐀

donkeykong64123 | donkeykong64123

Daughter pushing boundaries with pet rat - NTA.

ireadrot | ireadrot

Daughter's rat causing trouble in blended family. Is there motive?

MurphyWyrd | MurphyWyrd

Daughter's pet rat causing family drama 😱🐀

Dianachick | Dianachick

Ex's plot to cause trouble with daughter's pet rat? 🤔🐀

inko75 | inko75

Traveling with stressed pets? NTA suggests leaving them home 🐱

Agitated_Pack_1205 | Agitated_Pack_1205

Girlfriend's phobia causes tension over daughter's pet rat 😱

EatonBussy | EatonBussy

Pet rat causes family drama, commenter advises leaving it behind. 🐀

heathelee73 | heathelee73

Ex-wife's pet rat causing blended family drama 🐀

Fire_or_water_kai | Fire_or_water_kai

Teenage girl accused of being mean over pet rat 🐀

Jmaschino290 | Jmaschino290

NTA for prioritizing GF over daughter's pet rat 🐀

CremeCaramel_ | CremeCaramel_

Torn between girlfriend and daughter over pet rat 😱

sunshinecryptic | sunshinecryptic

Divided family over a pet rat 🐀, ex is the AH.

Kelseylin5 | Kelseylin5

Is the pet rat a ploy to cause family drama? 🤔

Gas_Grouchy | Gas_Grouchy

Curious Redditors ask for more context on family dynamics 🤔

Hot-Highlight583 | Hot-Highlight583

Therapy may help overcome manipulation tactics in blended families 🤔

FlimsyConversation6 | FlimsyConversation6

Step-parenting is difficult, seek therapy to help blended family adjust 👆

gloomhollow | gloomhollow

No a**holes here, but a tough situation. GF has phobia, daughter disagrees.

VariousTry4624 | VariousTry4624

Co-parenting struggles: Bonding over a common enemy 💔

Xylorgos | Xylorgos

Daughter's rat causing family tension. Choosing pet over daughter? YTA 😱

Tpiranha | Tpiranha

Suggests family counseling to fix rat-related blended family drama. 🙏

HappyLucyD | HappyLucyD

Compromise with a cover for cage, and gf needs therapy 🤯

nryporter25 | nryporter25

Ex's unapproved pet rat causing family strife. NTA for objecting.

GadgetusAddicti | GadgetusAddicti

Ex-wife's gift causes rodent ruckus in blended family 😱🐀

RelsircTheGrey | RelsircTheGrey

Pet custody drama: EX uses rat to manipulate daughter. NTA 😱

catinnameonly | catinnameonly

Compassionate suggestion for bonding over exotic pets 🐍

LionessRegulus7249 | LionessRegulus7249

Daughter's rat causing trouble in blended family 😱

LIBBY2130 | LIBBY2130

Compromise or no compromise? Engaging discussion on blended families 👯🏼

j3nnplam | j3nnplam

Overcoming phobias to make a child happy 😊

JustJerichoAgain | JustJerichoAgain

Suggesting a more appropriate subreddit for further discussion 👍

JustMeOutThere | JustMeOutThere

Choosing GF's safety over new pet causing family drama. NTA 👍

SeagullInTheWind | SeagullInTheWind

Divorced mother needs to prioritize therapy with daughter for blended family 😱

angilnibreathnach | angilnibreathnach

Blended family drama unfolds over daughter's pet rat 😱🐀

Super-Staff3820 | Super-Staff3820

Daughter's pet rat causing drama in blended family 😱

ScoogyShoes | ScoogyShoes

Daughter's pet rat causes family feud, ex sabotages new relationship. NTA

ghosts-on-the-ohio | ghosts-on-the-ohio

Therapy could help gf overcome phobia and get rat companion 👍

Successful-Doubt5478 | Successful-Doubt5478

Navigating ex's and blended families can be tricky 🤔

Ok-Priority-8284 | Ok-Priority-8284

Divorced parent's advice for blended family dynamics and teen daughter's behavior 🙏

ajgrimson | ajgrimson

Divorcee advises to consider daughter's feelings before choosing girlfriend's fear.

Resident-Reality50 | Resident-Reality50

Choose your battles, keep in touch with daughter, she'll return 👍

HeyItsMee503 | HeyItsMee503

Pets are my responsibility, not a package deal with child. NTA 🐱

Soft_Amoeba_5224 | Soft_Amoeba_5224

Ex-wife's toxicity causes pain for entire blended family 😢

Ornery_Pen4842 | Ornery_Pen4842

Ex's rat purchase: innocent or intentional?

AccordingToWhom1982 | AccordingToWhom1982

Daughter's rat is a safe place; GF may be the issue 🤔

Playful-Natural-4626 | Playful-Natural-4626

Overcoming a phobia with pet rats 🐀❤️

freak0ut | freak0ut

Jealous ex tries to break new relationship - total goof troop 😂

Sychar | Sychar

Divorced commenter advises on blended family dynamics and pet rules 🐀

ladyxochi | ladyxochi

Ex's pet rat cruelty & emotional immaturity criticized by commenter 😱

TheLadySlytherin | TheLadySlytherin

Rat dilemma: Daughter's pet stays with mom, get a playmate🐀

Alternative_Peace186 | Alternative_Peace186

A phobia of rodents makes rat ownership cruel. NTA.

PinkFloweryAngst8130 | PinkFloweryAngst8130

Redditors can't stop talking about the pet rat 🐀

Zestyclose-Base8471 | Zestyclose-Base8471

Ex's pet rat causing tension in blended family 😱

Good_day_S0nsh1ne | Good_day_S0nsh1ne

Rats are intelligent animals and can even locate land mines 🤔

i_eat_hobbo_stew | i_eat_hobbo_stew

NTA for choosing daughter over girlfriend, but something's fishy 😐🐀

InDDDsguys | InDDDsguys

Daughter's pet rat causing tension between girlfriend and family 😱

entirebean | entirebean

Encouraging treatment for phobias to help blended family dynamics 🙌

GroundbreakingRip970 | GroundbreakingRip970

A helpful suggestion for managing a daughter's pet rat 🐭

Doyoulikeithere | Doyoulikeithere

Teen chooses to skip dad's due to 'ridiculous' girlfriend 😔

Old-Apricot8562 | Old-Apricot8562

Daughter's resentment towards GF causing rat-related family feud 😱

HowDareThey1970 | HowDareThey1970

Compromise or cover the windows? YTA prioritizing GF 🙄

TheF8sAllow | TheF8sAllow

Ex's cruel plan to trigger phobia drives daughter away. NTA 👏

Addaran | Addaran

Advice on parental alienation and family therapy from experienced commenter. 👍

mudshakemakes | mudshakemakes

Expert advice: Get a buddy for the lonely pet rat 🐀

After_Ad2868 | After_Ad2868

Keep the rat in one home to avoid triggering phobia. Encourage therapy.

PKBitchGirl | PKBitchGirl

Ex and daughter trying to sabotage relationship with rat. Stand firm. 👊

d5509 | d5509

Protect your daughter from parental alienation. Consider therapy and legal action. NTA 👏

pinkpurplebluesky | pinkpurplebluesky

Rat lover defends pet choice, rodent phobic girlfriend disagrees 😱🐀

Justnoperightout | Justnoperightout

Slow down and communicate with your daughter 👍🏻

Prize-Perspective-91 | Prize-Perspective-91

🐀 Daughter's pet rat causes drama between ex, gf, and commenter

-TheCutestFemboy- | -TheCutestFemboy-

Therapy could turn GF into a hero for daughter 👨🏼‍💻

HBintheOC | HBintheOC

Rat drama turns into therapy session for everyone involved 🤯

Aynessachan | Aynessachan

User suggests family therapy to repair daughter-dad relationship 👍

Mehmeh111111 | Mehmeh111111

Ex's malicious act puts rat-loving daughter in the middle 🐱

Ok-Sink8437 | Ok-Sink8437

Can't rat-tolerate her daughter's pet? Stay out of room 🐱

rebelwithmouseyhair | rebelwithmouseyhair

Mom bought the rat, daughter needs to learn compassion 🐰

ZCT808 | ZCT808

User suggests using a snake to solve rat problem 🐍

Crazed888 | Crazed888

Daughter may be using rat as cover for revenge on new GF 🤔

Feed_The_Birds1964 | Feed_The_Birds1964

Ex-wife manipulates daughter to get back with you, you're NTA 👍

Just-Double-4224 | Just-Double-4224

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