Fiancé's Wild Past Threatens Their Future Together 😱

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Picture this: you've found the love of your life, a fantastic fiancé who's amazing with your kids and treats you like a queen 👑. Life is great, but there's one little problem... he wants to move back to his small hometown, where he's had, let's say, a *lot* of romantic history. 😬 Now, you're faced with the decision of whether to uproot your life and potentially be surrounded by his past conquests. What would you do? 🤔 Read on as our protagonist grapples with this very dilemma!

The Perfect Fiancé 😍

DifferentGrab1658 | DifferentGrab1658

Mr. Wonderful 🥰

DifferentGrab1658 | DifferentGrab1658

Communication on Point 🗣️

DifferentGrab1658 | DifferentGrab1658

The Hometown Dilemma 🏘️

DifferentGrab1658 | DifferentGrab1658

Small Town, Big Problem 😬

DifferentGrab1658 | DifferentGrab1658

Old Flames, New Friends 🔥

DifferentGrab1658 | DifferentGrab1658

Avoiding Awkward Encounters 😳

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No More Attention, Please 🙅‍♀️

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The Great Escape 🏃‍♀️

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Ex Encounter 💔

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Family Pressure 🤦‍♀️

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Grocery Store Gossip 🛒

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Unwanted Blast from the Past 🙄

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The Relocation Debate 🤔

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Current Life vs. Hometown Life 🏠

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His Promise ❤️

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Love is Obvious, but... 💕

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Pros and Cons 📊

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Work and School Considerations 🏫

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School Rankings 🏆

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A Correction and Farewell ✌️

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Small Town, Big Decisions 🏘️💔

Our protagonist is in a loving relationship with her fiancé, Matt, who wants to move back to his small hometown. The issue? Matt has quite the romantic past in that town, and she's worried about constantly running into his exes and their families. 😳 Despite the town having great schools and job opportunities, she's hesitant to make the move. She loves their current drama-free life, and Matt reassures her that he would never do anything to jeopardize their relationship. 💕 But is that enough to convince her to take the plunge and move back to his hometown? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🧐

Living in a small town has its own politics 🤔

Ok-Marzipan9366 | Ok-Marzipan9366

Small town gossip can be harmful and judgmental 👁

Blink182YourBedroom | Blink182YourBedroom

Is moving for the fiancé's past worth the career sacrifice? 🤔

vmt7 | vmt7

Being disrespected in front of your partner by their ex.

brown_babe | brown_babe

Living in a small town can be tough on relationships 😬

grayblue_grrl | grayblue_grrl

Navigating a partner's promiscuous past in a small town 🤔

mustang19671967 | mustang19671967

Moving away from the small town drama. NTA for pursuing career.

Hour-Requirement6489 | Hour-Requirement6489

NTA for not wanting to live there. Your reasons are valid 👍

Austen-aficionado | Austen-aficionado

Small town to suburb: finding a compromise for the future 🏁

BookNerd815 | BookNerd815

Growing up in a small town, NTA for not wanting to constantly run into exes 😱

Double_Entrance3238 | Double_Entrance3238

Setting boundaries with partner's past for healthy relationship. 👍

PotatoMonster20 | PotatoMonster20

Genetics test for daughter's boyfriends? Yikes 🤯

Then-Kaleidoscope550 | Then-Kaleidoscope550

When small town drama takes over your identity 🤷‍♀️

Bitter_Animator2514 | Bitter_Animator2514

Navigating small town cliques in high school: a minefield 🚥

MoomahTheQueen | MoomahTheQueen

Questioning the reliability of data on small-town schools 🤔

KylosToothbrush | KylosToothbrush

Don't risk your mental health and career. NTA 👍

Upper-File462 | Upper-File462

Don't let small town gossip ruin your future 👍

Typical_Agency8984 | Typical_Agency8984

Balancing priorities in a long-distance relationship 👨‍👩‍👦

gdayars | gdayars

Unfair job sacrifice - partner should commute instead? 🤔

Logical-Meet229 | Logical-Meet229

Small town ties and the sacrifices we make for love ♥

No_Ice2900 | No_Ice2900

NTA stands by their opinion on high body count.

Joush__ | Joush__

Don't sacrifice your financial stability for his vague desires 👍

Maggies_lens | Maggies_lens

Small-town prejudice overcome by knowledge and perseverance 💪

talithar1 | talithar1

Moving to a small town, taking a pay cut, and school rankings.

Narrow_Rooster_8896 | Narrow_Rooster_8896

Moving to his hometown might be detrimental to your kids' mental well-being. NTA

Equal-Brilliant2640 | Equal-Brilliant2640

Turning the tables on fiancé's past indiscretions 👀

Danivelle | Danivelle

Small town politics and close-mindedness are dealbreakers for commenter.

SophisticatedCelery | SophisticatedCelery

Awkward reunion reveals wife talked to women partner slept with 😳

RiffRandellsBF | RiffRandellsBF

Consider the costs before moving to his small town 😕

Kickapoogirl | Kickapoogirl

User expresses frustration with small town life. 😱

intotheunknown78 | intotheunknown78

Awkward encounter with husband's past hookup at a store 🤪

Primary-Wolverine-12 | Primary-Wolverine-12

Choosing a peaceful environment over a tumultuous past 👍

PJpremiere | PJpremiere

Balancing career, family, and past relationships in small towns 👨‍🎓

Fancy-Grape5708 | Fancy-Grape5708

Navigating small town life and career moves together. 🙌

stuckinnowhereville | stuckinnowhereville

Set boundaries with a blunt 'no' to avoid hurtful reminders 👍

havingahardtime67 | havingahardtime67

Small town life vs. big city dreams 🤔 NTA for wanting more

DraculaDoolittle | DraculaDoolittle

Is sacrificing for a better school worth it? 🤔

EconomicWasteland | EconomicWasteland

One person's take on small town drama and gossip 🤔

Savings-Growth3390 | Savings-Growth3390

Living in a small town - when gossip threatens your relationship 🤷‍♀️

amythicwitch | amythicwitch

Living in a town full of his ex-hookups? NTA, it's awkward 😑

l3ex_G | l3ex_G

Stand your ground, OP! Avoid unnecessary drama and awkwardness. 😊

Impossible_Balance11 | Impossible_Balance11

Avoid small towns if you don't want a blast from past 🤷‍♀️

toastedmarsh7 | toastedmarsh7

Stand your ground, don't move to his hometown 💪

BusyTotal3702 | BusyTotal3702

Fiancé's past could stir drama. NAH but concerns are valid 😐

SlothenAround | SlothenAround

Choosing not to move an hour away from exes. NTA 👍

Waste_Ad_6467 | Waste_Ad_6467

Fiancé's past makes for an uncomfortable present 😖 NTA

Njbelle-1029 | Njbelle-1029

Healthcare worker warns against small town office politics 😱

Cauligoblin | Cauligoblin

Dealing with a small town's gossip after a wild past 🤯

hercarmstrong | hercarmstrong

Setting boundaries important in relationship with wild past partner 🙏

Azile96 | Azile96

Small town life suits them, wild past not a dealbreaker. 🌞

Faunaholic | Faunaholic

Putting kids first: NTA chooses stability over fiancé's past.

dheffe01 | dheffe01

Small town drama and old hookups threaten relationship. NTA.

badlilbishh | badlilbishh

Don't sacrifice your career or comfort for your fiancé's benefit 😱

Background_Camp_7712 | Background_Camp_7712

Moving to ex-husband's town led to constant association and interference

misspinkie92 | misspinkie92

Moving to a new place where you feel like an outsider.

recyclopath_ | recyclopath_

Small town secrets! Relatable comment with no replies.

AnastasiaDelicious | AnastasiaDelicious

Uncovering a secret child could ruin their relationship 🤯

Eroding-Moon | Eroding-Moon

Partner's past causing relationship strain, NTA for considering options. 😕

Ok-Ant-251 | Ok-Ant-251

Don't mess up a good life for a problematic hometown move 🙅

brokemuse | brokemuse

Navigating small town values in relationships 🤔

oldcreaker | oldcreaker

Small town gossip and kids playing with ex's children 😬

princessofperky | princessofperky

Navigating a small town's dating scene can be stressful 🤔

AyeAyeBye | AyeAyeBye

Movie quote and cat safety advice in NAH comment section 😂

LoopyMercutio | LoopyMercutio

Suggestion for compromise and happiness in long-distance relationship 😊

Flimsy_Tea_8227 | Flimsy_Tea_8227

Empathy is key in understanding each other's past relationships 👬

CommunicationOk4707 | CommunicationOk4707

City slicker rethinks small town dreams after hearing about exes.

AppalachianFlamingo | AppalachianFlamingo

Don't sacrifice financial stability for an ex-party boy partner 👍

Madame_Kitsune98 | Madame_Kitsune98

Dealing with a partner's wild past in a small town 🤷‍♀️ NTA frustrations

StnrQueenNxtDr | StnrQueenNxtDr

Red flag alert! Is there more to his move back home?

petitemacaron1977 | petitemacaron1977

Financial concerns and family closeness can strain relationships. NTA.

Peachyplum- | Peachyplum-

When small town advice doesn't quite cut it 🤔

Difficult_Pea_6615 | Difficult_Pea_6615

NTAH, explaining why moving isn't worth the transaction costs 👍

julesk | julesk

Moving back to his wild past would end the relationship 😖

Glittersparkles7 | Glittersparkles7

Choosing to avoid small town drama and potential future MILs.

Awesome_one_forever | Awesome_one_forever

Living in a small town can be exhausting 😱

Violet624 | Violet624

It's your choice, drama-free is the way to be 👍

No_Neighborhood_5719 | No_Neighborhood_5719

58 exes? No thanks! NTA's not alone in feeling this.

LocalBrilliant5564 | LocalBrilliant5564

The commenter shares their experience of living in a small town and keeping a distance from neighbors. They also express discomfort with running into their partner's exes.

Leanne2410 | Leanne2410

A woman shares how her husband's promiscuous past affected their relationship.

Additional-Button390 | Additional-Button390

Small towns can hold big secrets 🤷‍♀️

pookystuff | pookystuff

Married a reformed player, but town gossip was miserable. NTA 👍

Acrobatic_Hippo_9593 | Acrobatic_Hippo_9593

Fiancé's selfish request jeopardizes her career and their future together 😡

veknyc | veknyc

User questions fiancé's selling point for move, sparks discussion

NoRightsProductions | NoRightsProductions

Don't let this charmer trap you into a bad financial situation 😱

Ok_Blackberry_284 | Ok_Blackberry_284

Potential future cheating discussed with a hint of drama 😱

Helios575 | Helios575

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