High School Crush's Shocking Pregnancy Request 😱💔

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Picture this: you're a proud single dad, raising your beautiful daughter, and life is great. But you've made the decision to get a vasectomy because you don't want any more baby mama drama. 🙅‍♂️ Now, imagine your high school crush, who you've stayed friends with all these years, suddenly wants you to put a baby in her. 😳 What would you do? Well, our friend here found himself in this exact situation, and let's just say things got a little complicated... 🍿

Single Dad Life 🥰

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

Snip, Snip ✂️

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

Baby Mama Drama 😬

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

The Crush: Maggie 💘

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

High School Sweetheart 😍

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

Adorable Daughter 🥰

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

Christmas Reunion 🎄

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

Family Time ❤️

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

Lunch Date 🍽️

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

From Coffee to Drinks 🍸

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

Baby Request 😳

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

Introductions and Bonding 🤗

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

Daughter's Support 💕

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

Not Pregnant 😢

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

The Confession 💔

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

No Relationship Intentions 😞

machohulkterrysavage | machohulkterrysavage

High School Crush Baby Drama 😱

Our single dad hero reunites with his high school crush, Maggie, during a Christmas visit to his hometown. 🎄 After a lunch date turns into drinks, Maggie blurts out that she wants him to put a baby in her! 😳 They spend the week together, and our protagonist introduces Maggie to his daughter, who approves of their budding relationship. 💕 But things take a turn when Maggie reveals she's not pregnant and confesses that her biological clock was ticking, and she just wanted a baby. 💔 She chose him because of his beautiful daughter but has no intentions of a relationship. 😞 Now, let's dive into what the internet thinks of this wild situation... 🧐

NTA: Friend's pregnancy request is crazy and creepy 😱

NpC1125 | NpC1125

Don't judge in retrospect, NTA for not realizing flirtation.

unzunzhepp | unzunzhepp

Don't feel bad, she admitted to using you 👍

giorgiamazingfu | giorgiamazingfu

Dodged a bullet there 💯. NTA for running away.

Ok-Possession2442 | Ok-Possession2442

Doubts on authenticity of story about shocking pregnancy request 🤔

rdear | rdear

Unprotected sex with crush who needs therapy? Time to bail 🙄

brokencappy | brokencappy

Doubts on authenticity of the story 😔

Bswest5 | Bswest5

A wholesome comment about a heartwarming moment ❤️

AnimatedHokie | AnimatedHokie

Suggesting eugenics for pregnancy is not the solution 🙄

Remarkable-Low-643 | Remarkable-Low-643

Savage response shuts down basement-dweller's creativity claims 😎

Mary707 | Mary707

NTA, but should disclose fertility status. Partner's behavior is concerning 🤯

PeakBasic1426 | PeakBasic1426

Knowing her for years, but still didn't see the nuttiness. NTA 😜

CrieDeCoeur | CrieDeCoeur

Parenting advice turns into a scathing critique 🤬

No-Armadillo-13 | No-Armadillo-13

👶 Beware of baby-trapping partners, NTA for being cautious.

miniminer1999 | miniminer1999

Cutting contact after a pregnancy request - NTA or YTA?

Kooky_Protection_334 | Kooky_Protection_334

Fit, hot and unmarried at 37. NTA for setting boundaries. 👏

Agyaggalamb | Agyaggalamb

Navigating consent and parenthood talk in a delicate situation 🤔

weirdpodcastaunt | weirdpodcastaunt

Avoid the baby trap 👶 and move on NTA!

Chemical_Report4772 | Chemical_Report4772

A sarcastic comment about a ridiculous post request.

NewestAccount2023 | NewestAccount2023

NTA: Dodged a bullet with a red flag 👍

TrainingTough991 | TrainingTough991

User plays devil's advocate in a sensitive situation 😱

Hunter-665 | Hunter-665

Being honest is key to avoid unwanted expectations. YTA 🤢

Jack_of_Spades | Jack_of_Spades

Toxic revenge attitude towards a pregnancy request 🤯

SimilarProtection318 | SimilarProtection318

Bullet dodged: NTA commenter warns of crazy ex-crush 😱

restingbitchface8 | restingbitchface8

Unprotected sex, differing relationship goals, and lack of communication. ESH 😱

sanityjanity | sanityjanity

The importance of using protection in all situations 🎓

Gumpt1ous | Gumpt1ous

Confusing comment and mass deletion 🤔

Big_Volume | Big_Volume

Harsh truth about being used and potential child support payments.

Alert-Fly9952 | Alert-Fly9952

Don't let your high school crush ruin your future 🙌

iamadirtyrockstar | iamadirtyrockstar

Being a savior is not your responsibility. Move on! 👍

hypatiaredux | hypatiaredux

Did he ignore her request to get her pregnant? 🤔

theringsofthedragon | theringsofthedragon

High school crush tries to babytrap him, he's not falling for it 😈

ReferenceOk7943 | ReferenceOk7943

Dump her, not worth risking unwanted pregnancy and immaturity 🙄

nerdyconstructiongal | nerdyconstructiongal

Vasectomy? Sperm Bank? She's kind of crazy 🤯

goldenlover1218 | goldenlover1218

Empathetic reply defends OP from pregnancy request, calls woman irrational.

Justafana | Justafana

Be honest with your crush about not wanting more children 🚫

tadwinkscadash | tadwinkscadash

NTA, run like hellhounds after you! 😱💔

Hour-Requirement6489 | Hour-Requirement6489

A cautionary tale of sperm stealing and dodging bullets 🤯

RevolutionaryComb433 | RevolutionaryComb433

NTA for not telling her, but YTA if you deceive her.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Navigating a messy situation with a high school crush 🤪

trunkfunkdunk | trunkfunkdunk

Avoid the baby-trap! Keep your distance with no regrets 🚫

Cuntplainer | Cuntplainer

Avoiding a crazy ex's pregnancy trap 😱

2LostFlamingos | 2LostFlamingos

When assumptions meet reality 🤔

GunnerMcGrath | GunnerMcGrath

Thankful for vasectomy, not pursuing relationship. NTA 🙌

originalkelly88 | originalkelly88

Run and block her! 🏃🚫 She admitted using and not wanting relationship.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Don't look back! NTA and the future is bright 😎

Flat-Story-7079 | Flat-Story-7079

Run for the hills! 🏃🌳 NTA dodges a bullet

BigNathaniel69 | BigNathaniel69

37-year-old gymnastics instructor gets roasted for pregnancy request 😬

Eladiun | Eladiun

Avoiding baby mamas vs. wanting to be one 🤔

GullibleNerd88 | GullibleNerd88

NTA warns OP of potential pregnancy traps. 🤔

BitchySublime | BitchySublime

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