Kidnapped Cat Reunited with Owner, Neighbors Fight to Get Him Back 😱🐾

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Picture this: you receive the most adorable kitten for your birthday, and you two instantly become inseparable. 🐱💕 You name him O'Malley, and he becomes your best friend, pillow buddy, and constant companion. But one day, O'Malley mysteriously vanishes, leaving you heartbroken. 💔 After months of searching, you miraculously find him... only to discover that your mom's friend and her daughter have been keeping him as their own! 😱 The drama unfolds as you fight to keep your beloved feline friend, but your mom thinks you should consider the girl's disability and give him back. 🤔 What would you do in this heart-wrenching, morally ambiguous situation? 🐾

🎂 Birthday Kitten Surprise 🐱

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👫 Best Buddies Forever 🐾

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😾 The Unlikable Visitor 🚪

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🌙 Nighttime Adventures 🌌

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😿 Vanishing Act 🕵️‍♀️

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🔎 Searching High and Low 🌳

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🕰️ Fast Forward a Few Months ⏩

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😲 A Familiar Face 🐈

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📞 The Shocking Discovery 🕵️‍♂️

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🌟 A Miraculous Reunion 🐱

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😭 Tears of Joy 😻

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🛏️ Back to the Pillow 🌛

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😾 O'Malley's Reaction 🏃‍♂️

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🚪 Barricaded and Defiant 💪

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🚫 Refusing to Give In 🙅‍♀️

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🚓 The Cat Nappers Call the Cops 🚨

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📸 Competing Evidence 📋

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🏛️ Courtroom Drama? ⚖️

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🤔 Mom's Opinion 🗣️

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👨‍👧 Dad's Support 💕

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😤 Standing My Ground 🐾

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🚫 The Ultimate No ✋

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🐾 Catnapped! A Furry Family Feud 🥊

Our protagonist's beloved kitten, O'Malley, mysteriously vanishes one day, leaving them devastated. 😿 After months of searching, they miraculously find him in the possession of their mom's friend and her daughter! 😱 The plot thickens as the cat-nappers claim O'Malley is the girl's Emotional Support Animal. 🐾 The mom thinks they should give him back, but our protagonist is determined to keep their furry friend. 😤 With the dad's support, they're ready to fight for O'Malley, even if it means going to court! ⚖️ Let's see what the internet thinks of this purr-plexing predicament... 🌐

Cat chooses owner, not neighbor. NTA wins the battle 🙌

cathattaque | cathattaque

NTA wins cat custody battle with legal evidence 🐾

Xterradiver | Xterradiver

Stolen cat returned to disabled girl, but should neighbors keep it?

Dangerous-Dad | Dangerous-Dad

Cat-napping neighbors face legal action. Emotional support cats not included 😱

infinite_five | infinite_five

Passionate defense of cat ownership, accuses mom of ulterior motives 🐱

Dark_Wolf04 | Dark_Wolf04

Suspicion and drama surround cat kidnapping accusation 🤔

royalTiefling | royalTiefling

Cat reunited with owner, but neighbors fight for custody 😾

SockaSockaSock | SockaSockaSock

Victory for cat owner over thieving neighbors with a disability 🐾

AnOutrageousCloud | AnOutrageousCloud

Neighbors steal cat instead of adopting one, NTA response.

breathemusic14 | breathemusic14

Cat ownership dispute leads to accusations and support for dad.

janlaag | janlaag

Disability doesn't absolve theft. Get your cat back 🐾

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cat owner defends ownership, suspects mother's involvement in disappearance 😼

ParsimoniousSalad | ParsimoniousSalad

Cat-napping neighbors receive harsh verdict from commenter 🐱

nifty1997777 | nifty1997777

O'Malley is legally and morally your cat 🐾. Refuse to give him back. 👍

trivialgroup | trivialgroup

Cat owner rightfully defends against catnappers. Justice for felines! 🎉

Heavy_Sand5228 | Heavy_Sand5228

Cat theft sparks neighborly feud 😱🐾

EvocativeEnigma | EvocativeEnigma

Cat's back with rightful owner, don't give in to thieves 🐾

Zestyclose-Gas1150 | Zestyclose-Gas1150

Cat owner defends keeping cat away from crazy neighbors 😈

[deleted] | [deleted]

Neighbors accused of enabling daughter's bad behavior and pet theft.

parachutedreams | parachutedreams

Cat owner not at fault, neighbors should return him 🐾

DarthGayAgenda | DarthGayAgenda

Cat owner rightfully reclaims stolen pet, autism not an excuse 🚩

Historian1860 | Historian1860

Microchip doesn't lie, NTA takes back rightfully owned cat 😾🐾

tammy94903 | tammy94903

Microchip proves cat was stolen, commenter is not the a**hole

littlehappyfeets | littlehappyfeets

Cat owner rightfully reclaims stolen pet from neighbors. 🚩

BrightFirelyt | BrightFirelyt

Cat theft dispute ends in feline loyalty victory 🙌🏻

bamf1701 | bamf1701

Microchipped cat rightfully reunited with owner, neighbors demand compensation 🐱

Curious-One4595 | Curious-One4595

Owner fights back after neighbors steal cat, disability not excuse 🐾

FelisCantabrigiensis | FelisCantabrigiensis

Autistic child's parents try to steal cat, don't give back! 😡🐱

Whackings | Whackings

Cat-napping drama: NTA owner's cat has been returned safely

Annoeli | Annoeli

Neighbor supports cat owner, ready to go to battle for them 💪

thebadgersanus | thebadgersanus

Fight for Thomas O'Malley the not-so-alley cat 🐱 🎉

semmama | semmama

Neighbor wants cat back, commenter says get a rescue cat 😻

clekas | clekas

Cat owner not the a**hole, neighbors using autistic daughter to manipulate.

Divine18 | Divine18

Intense accusation of potential family betrayal in cat kidnapping. 😱

IntelligentMeal40 | IntelligentMeal40

Stand your ground! Keep your cat and challenge them legally. 💪

Fragrant-Procedure-3 | Fragrant-Procedure-3

Neighbor's entitlement to cat is unacceptable, NTA for reclaiming it 🐾

LetsGetsThisPartyOn | LetsGetsThisPartyOn

Owner's right to cat questioned, neighbors defend NTA decision. 🐱

princessofIreland | princessofIreland

Owner rightfully keeps cat with microchip, plenty of shelter cats. 😼🚫

Leading-Knowledge712 | Leading-Knowledge712

Cat theft drama: Neighbors vs Owner. NTA wins with proof!

CauliflowerChoiceldn | CauliflowerChoiceldn

Fierce support for pet owner against cat-napping neighbors 😡🐾

Significant-Boot-299 | Significant-Boot-299

Microchipped cat found, neighbors fight for custody. #JusticeForWhiskers 🐱

Sea_Blacksmith4397 | Sea_Blacksmith4397

NTA. Take it to court. Mom values friend over child 👀

oldwitch1982 | oldwitch1982

Neighbor refuses to return cat, accuses it of being ESA. NTA.

thistlet | thistlet

Microchip registration determines cat ownership, not vet bills or ESP certification.

GrizzlyClairebear86 | GrizzlyClairebear86

Cat owner rightfully refuses to give up kidnapped cat. 🐾

Snow_Tiger819 | Snow_Tiger819

Clear NTA with legal backing, hope for peaceful resolution 🙏

Bondo_Wallace | Bondo_Wallace

Passionate comment against returning a kidnapped cat to abusers 💪

FatalOrgasm93 | FatalOrgasm93

Cat's back with rightful owner. Neighbors not happy 😱🐾

LittleKji | LittleKji

Outrage over theft of kidnapped cat from disabled child's home 😡

[deleted] | [deleted]

Fight to keep kidnapped cat with loving owner 😾🐾

CollageTumor | CollageTumor

Cat owner receives support and legal advice to keep best friend 🐱

SelfInternational623 | SelfInternational623

Don't give up your cat! Stick to your guns 🙌

elsieburgers | elsieburgers

Cat owner rightfully fights for stolen emotional support pet 🐾

MindIfISlytherinIn | MindIfISlytherinIn

Heartbreaking story of cat kidnapping and family betrayal. 😢🐾

KittenRenaissance | KittenRenaissance

Cat-napping neighbors get sued by rightful owner. Justice served 💪

justpizzacate | justpizzacate

Protect your fur baby, don't give in to catnappers! 🐱

[deleted] | [deleted]

Stealing pets is never okay, fight for what's yours 🐾

ameanjew | ameanjew

Proof of ownership and concern for cat's well-being. NTA.

Kettlewise | Kettlewise

Cat custody battle: WNBTA, cat is chipped in your name.

Ladydi-bds | Ladydi-bds

Cat owner with a microchip wins over neighbor's wrongful claim 🐱

Purethoughtsta | Purethoughtsta

Cat owner receives suspicious advice, doubts mother's intentions 🤔

annjones2012 | annjones2012

Cat's choice to stay with owner after being found. NTA.

No_Appointment6211 | No_Appointment6211

Neighbor stole cat, YWNTBA, keep your cat and stay strong 🐾

UneducatedPotatoTato | UneducatedPotatoTato

Passionate plea to not return kidnapped cat to thief 🐱

SparrowsShadow | SparrowsShadow

Neighbors try to steal cat, OP fights back. NTA 🐱

Starrydecises | Starrydecises

Standing up for your cat and your rights! 💪🏼

EEazy89 | EEazy89

Supportive comment encourages OP to keep the cat they rescued 👍

wiggly_wanderer | wiggly_wanderer

Cat-napped kitty returned, commenters support OP's legal action. 😺

[deleted] | [deleted]

Cat owner not at fault, considers surveillance for future protection 🙀📹

[deleted] | [deleted]

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