Reddit Mod Wife's Obsession Pushes Husband to the Brink 😨💔

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Picture this: You meet the love of your life in college, get married, and share the same political views. Everything seems perfect, right? 😍 Well, not quite. Our protagonist's wife was a mod for a popular online community, and as time went on, her political views shifted, and she became more and more involved in modding. As their life together began to unravel, our protagonist was left wondering if he was the bad guy for asking her to step back from her online life. 🤔 So, he decided to seek the opinions of the internet...

The Beginning of a Love Story 🥰

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

Politics and Love 🗳️❤️

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

2015: A Political Shift ⬅️

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

More Modding, More Problems 📱💻

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

Modding Takes Over 🌐

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

Job Loss and Life Changes 😟

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

The Only One Let Go 😢

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

A New Lifestyle 🏠

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

Weight Gain and Inactivity 😞

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

Attempts to Talk 🗣️

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

The Breaking Point 💔

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

We Don't Talk Anymore 🤐

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

The Ultimatum ⚖️

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

Dinner Disaster 🍽️

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

The Call for Food 📞

ThrowAwayModWife1234 | ThrowAwayModWife1234

A Marriage on the Brink: Modding or Divorce? 💔

Our protagonist's wife started out as a politically active, happy person who enjoyed modding a popular online community. However, as her political views shifted and she began modding more and more, their relationship started to suffer. She lost her job, gained weight, and became obsessed with her online life, leaving our protagonist feeling neglected and overwhelmed. 😣 After trying to discuss his concerns, he finally gave her an ultimatum: step back from modding or separate. Her explosive reaction left him questioning if he was in the wrong. 💥 So, what does the internet think about this situation? Let's dive into the top responses and see if our protagonist is the bad guy or if his concerns are justified... 🧐

Former Facebook group admin relates to OP's struggle with mod wife 🙏

Euphoric_Egg_4198 | Euphoric_Egg_4198

Redditor advises divorce from mod wife's financial burden 💔

dheffe01 | dheffe01

Redditor's wife develops an addiction. NTA but should intervene sooner.

Due_Marzipan_8561 | Due_Marzipan_8561

Self destruction online: NTA comments on mod's wife's obsession 😨

thelistman1 | thelistman1

Walking away from a social media addict 🙋🏼

TheWanderingMedic | TheWanderingMedic

Redditor's addiction to Karma pushes wife to the brink 😨

MonOubliette | MonOubliette

Is the mod wife the culprit behind this post? 🤔

Mountain-Click-8431 | Mountain-Click-8431

Spouse's political obsession leads to marriage problems. NTA.

[deleted] | [deleted]

Spouse's addiction causing trouble? Be honest & supportive for solution.

RiffRandellsBF | RiffRandellsBF

Redditor sympathizes with overwhelmed mod husband. Offers advice and support.

ISD-444 | ISD-444

Wife's addiction to moderation pushes husband to breaking point. NTA, seek help.

Dazzling-Mammoth-111 | Dazzling-Mammoth-111

Spouse's screen addiction and depression need treatment before job change 🚨

Emotional-Check3890 | Emotional-Check3890

Balanced perspective, suggests counseling, NTA judgement. Empathetic tone. 🙏

Prestigious-Arm-3835 | Prestigious-Arm-3835

The dangers of online obsession and its impact on relationships 💻

MayMaytheDuck | MayMaytheDuck

The struggles of being an unpaid internet moderator 😞

Firnin | Firnin

Politics can turn people into obsessed cultists. NTA for stepping away. 👍

Pixipoppi | Pixipoppi

Money struggles and Uber Eats – an unnecessary luxury 💸

IANvaderZIM | IANvaderZIM

Moderating can be overwhelming and push one to a dark place 😞

craa141 | craa141

A hilarious troll comment about a frustrating situation 😂

runfastdieyoung | runfastdieyoung

Advice on seeking counseling for wife's political obsession 💼💔

HotStraightnNormal | HotStraightnNormal

Redditors roast mod wife for embodying Reddit stereotype 🤫

FictionalContext | FictionalContext

Satire or not, OP's situation with mod wife is tough 😢

SubstationOperator | SubstationOperator

Former mod shares experience and supports intervention for addicted wife.

Jolez50 | Jolez50

Former mod sympathizes with husband's struggle and hopes for wife's recovery 🤔

Even_Speech570 | Even_Speech570

NTA for wanting wife to seek medical treatment for addiction 👍

squirlysquirel | squirlysquirel

Mod's power trip and personal issues lead to NTA judgment.

Fuhrious520 | Fuhrious520

User advises therapy for wife's possible depression and suggests couples therapy

GurProfessional9534 | GurProfessional9534

User suggests a possible mental health issue with mod wife.

Strange_Mine2836 | Strange_Mine2836

Addiction is addiction, even if not in pill form. Seek counseling.

Thorlicious62 | Thorlicious62

Reddit sympathizes with husband married to 'crazy addict' 😞

Countrygirl353 | Countrygirl353

Addiction is tough, but prioritizing self-care is important 💪

Fury9999 | Fury9999

Job loss caused spiral, needs therapy. NTA for husband.

MephistosFallen | MephistosFallen

"Social media addiction is real" - NTA comment

That-Account2629 | That-Account2629

Calling out fake post or am I missing the joke?

usernameidcabout | usernameidcabout

Reddit obsession leads to divorce. Cut her off, document everything. 😔

winterworld561 | winterworld561

Time to move on from the marriage, says commenter

The_Crown_And_Anchor | The_Crown_And_Anchor

Living with a Reddit mod is like... 😱🌱 NTA

whatever97452 | whatever97452

Online obsession can distort real life relationships. NTA.

cavoodle11 | cavoodle11

NTA denies blame for spouse's TDS-related death 💀

VolumeFar9174 | VolumeFar9174

A spicy clapback shuts down political trolling 👏

NoSpankingAllowed | NoSpankingAllowed

Toxic masculinity hypocrisy leads to thrown dinner, NTA's departure. 😕

Bilcifer | Bilcifer

Hilarious response to Reddit mod wife's obsessive behavior. NTA.

Imasuspect99 | Imasuspect99

Supportive comment urges help for wife's addiction and MH issues 🙏🏼

UniqueUser9999991 | UniqueUser9999991

NTA but the lack of support for her mental health crisis is concerning 🤔

marchcrow | marchcrow

When the hobby turns into an obsession... 🤔

Ignantsage | Ignantsage

Refreshing comment on lack of variety in recent posts 😊

mymycojourney | mymycojourney

Modding NextDoor takes a toll on mental health. NTA for leaving.

LankyGuitar6528 | LankyGuitar6528

Time to take a stand and consider divorce 📍💵

HumanityIsBizarre | HumanityIsBizarre

Setting a boundary with a mentally declining spouse. NTA 🙏

AZgirl70 | AZgirl70

Marriage on paper only and a terrible existence 😰

the_harlinator | the_harlinator

NTA's wife's Reddit obsession leads to divorce advice 😭

Nemrodh | Nemrodh

NTA. Reddit mod wife's obsession with moding takes a toll.

Raealina | Raealina

NTA. Obsession causing neglect of marriage. Drop her if necessary. 🚫

Peter_Nincompoop | Peter_Nincompoop

Communication breakdown in a relationship due to political differences. 🤔

HarlequinMadness | HarlequinMadness

Toxic political obsession pushed him to the brink. NTA, leave now.

Electronic-Disk6632 | Electronic-Disk6632

Encouraging seeking help for addiction can save relationships 👍

JET1385 | JET1385

Moderating on Reddit can become a crippling addiction 😨

Altruistic-Cell-6799 | Altruistic-Cell-6799

Modding obsession ruins marriage, NTA husband fed up 😔

cycophuk | cycophuk

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