Teen Slams Dad for Being a Better Father to Step-Siblings 😡💔

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Ever felt like you were robbed of a proper parent-child relationship? 😔 Our 17-year-old protagonist knows that feeling all too well. His dad was never really a 'dad' to him, always absent and prioritizing friends over family. But when his dad remarries and suddenly becomes a doting father to his new wife's kids, our protagonist can't help but feel bitter and resentful. 💔 He's determined to leave as soon as he turns 18, but his dad's new family isn't making it easy. When they try to force a sibling bond, he's having none of it. 😤 Let's dive into this emotional rollercoaster of a story...

Dad Who? 😒

Fun_Education_6505 | Fun_Education_6505

Absentee Father 🚶

Fun_Education_6505 | Fun_Education_6505

Vacation Priorities 🏖️

Fun_Education_6505 | Fun_Education_6505

Mom Gets Sick 😢

Fun_Education_6505 | Fun_Education_6505

No Change in Dad 🙄

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The Aftermath 💔

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Still Not a Good Dad 😤

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Enter Helena 🚪

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Dad 2.0? 🤔

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The Parent He Never Was 😠

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Forced Sibling Bonding 🙅

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Saying No 🚫

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Sibling Movie Night? 🎬

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Dad's Confrontation 🗣️

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Telling It Like It Is 💥

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Helena Steps In ⚔️

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Stay Out of It, Helena! 🚫

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Disrespectful? 🤬

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Dad's Second Chance: Too Little, Too Late? 😡

Our protagonist's dad was never there for him, always absent and prioritizing friends over family. But when he remarries and becomes a doting father to his new wife's kids, our protagonist can't help but feel bitter and resentful. 💔 He's determined to leave as soon as he turns 18, but his dad's new family isn't making it easy. When they try to force a sibling bond, he's having none of it. 😤 After a confrontation with his dad and new stepmom, he's accused of being disrespectful and a d**k. But is he really in the wrong here? 🤔 Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Sassy comment shuts down Helena's unnecessary input. 👏

74Magick | 74Magick

Savage response to judgmental stepmom, NTA 🤷‍♀️

Whorible_wife69 | Whorible_wife69

NTA, commenter offers support and gentle advice for healing ♥

Apart-Ad-6518 | Apart-Ad-6518

NTA seeks advice on how to approach step-mom about dad's neglect 🙏

Session-Special | Session-Special

Setting boundaries with step-siblings, NTA, healing takes time. 👍

babygirl101500 | babygirl101500

Teen calls out dad for favoring step-siblings over own child 💔

ihere4agoodtime | ihere4agoodtime

Dad neglecting child for step-siblings, NTA confronts him 😡

Apprehensive-Cow7814 | Apprehensive-Cow7814

Neglectful father gets called out by hurt and angry teen. 😡

myBOfuelsmissiles | myBOfuelsmissiles

Encouraging response to teen seeking validation and support 👏

Less_Ordinary_8516 | Less_Ordinary_8516

Father neglecting child for step-siblings, NTA for feeling hurt 😢

megancoe | megancoe

NTA comment calls out dad's manipulation and advises appreciation towards grandparents.

IforImperator | IforImperator

Helena should stay out of it and let the daughter be.

nylasachi | nylasachi

Step-siblings get better dad, teen calls out stepmom. NTA 👏

Leather_Fly_9110 | Leather_Fly_9110

Heartbreaking comment about favoritism and the need for therapy.

LemmytheLemuel | LemmytheLemuel

Father's neglect justified teen's resentment towards step-siblings 😡

Ginboy32 | Ginboy32

NTA. Validating the teen's feelings about being neglected by dad.

Electrical-Art-8641 | Electrical-Art-8641

Teen calls out dad for favoring step-siblings. #NTA 👏

WildlyDivine | WildlyDivine

Teen criticizes dad for favoring step-siblings over them. #NTA

No_Teacher_3313 | No_Teacher_3313

Teen acknowledges step-father's effort but wants better treatment. NTA.

Mysterious-Bag-5283 | Mysterious-Bag-5283

NTA. Refusing a relationship with step-siblings is okay.

SickDelirium | SickDelirium

Step-siblings emotionally distant, SM should stay in her lane. NTA 😜

Sad-Expression7697 | Sad-Expression7697

NTA. Ouch, that's a brutal but honest assessment. 🤨

Freya1957 | Freya1957

Disrespectful teen receives support for calling out unfair treatment. NTA 👏

flooperdooper4 | flooperdooper4

Father trying to use OP as a big brother for step-siblings 😒

juninbee | juninbee

Bio-kids deserve equal treatment too! NTA 👏

Responsible_Judge007 | Responsible_Judge007

Teen rightfully angry about dad's 'do-over' family, needs counseling 😡

CalaChao | CalaChao

Teen shares valid feelings of neglect by father to step-siblings 😢

bmyst70 | bmyst70

NTA. Tough situation. Make a plan, kill them with kindness 💪

leswill315 | leswill315

Encouraging NTA comment with advice on setting boundaries 👍


Teen struggles with dad's new family and unaddressed past issues 😢

ContributionOrnery29 | ContributionOrnery29

Difficulties in forgiving a father who was absent during childhood 😢

LittleWhiteGirl | LittleWhiteGirl

Neglected child calls out dad for favoring step-siblings 😡

Dogmother123 | Dogmother123

Teen shares frustration of being treated differently by stepdad.

No-Acanthisitta-2517 | No-Acanthisitta-2517

Taking a break from toxic family relationships 👋

AhOhNoEasy | AhOhNoEasy

Prioritizing mental health after family conflict 👍

Mundane_Primary5716 | Mundane_Primary5716

Questioning forgiveness and parental rights in a broken family 👉 NTA

No-Introduction3808 | No-Introduction3808

Step-siblings getting all the attention? NTA, prioritize one-on-one time 👏

peanutbutter_lucylou | peanutbutter_lucylou

Abandoned by father, step-siblings get everything. NTA for feeling angry 😡

Special-Parsnip9057 | Special-Parsnip9057

A heartfelt NTA comment about abusive step-parents 👏

sadisticbunni | sadisticbunni

Daughter accuses dad of favoring step-family, gaslighting her feelings. 😡

Guy-Buddy_Friend | Guy-Buddy_Friend

Dad plays favorites with step-siblings, NTA stands up for self. 👏

wonnable | wonnable

NTA. The commenter empathizes with OP's feelings of neglect and suggests a civil relationship with their father may be the best outcome.

KnaprigaKraakor | KnaprigaKraakor

Neglected by mother, now empathetic to nieces and nephews. Painful.

Kubuubud | Kubuubud

NTA, don't let them gaslight you. Stand up for yourself! 💪

NefariousnessSweet70 | NefariousnessSweet70

NTA: 17yo son struggles with dad's favoritism towards step-siblings. Therapy recommended.

xovrit | xovrit

Dad neglects relationship with me, expects instant blended family. NTA 👏

exscapegoat | exscapegoat

Father prioritizes step-siblings over his own child 🤬

Starry-Dust4444 | Starry-Dust4444

Dad prioritizes step-siblings over own child 😔 #NTA

RealHumanFromEarth | RealHumanFromEarth

NTA. Teen calls out dad's neglectful past and step-siblings' issues. 👏

FakinFunk | FakinFunk

NTA. The dad's gaslighting instead of an honest conversation 😡

Upset-Slide-6195 | Upset-Slide-6195

A heartbreaking NTA comment about a distant father figure.

BigAd8400 | BigAd8400

NTA. The father's lacking as a father when it came to you. 😡

Candid-Quail-9927 | Candid-Quail-9927

Focus on healing and being the man you want to be 🙏

buffalotrace | buffalotrace

NTA. Cut contact with your sperm donor and his do-over family 👊

Fierywitchburn333 | Fierywitchburn333

Choosing to not have a relationship with a reformed parent 🙌

Awesome_one_forever | Awesome_one_forever

Neglected child finds dad's new family unfair and hurtful 😢

Bmladd | Bmladd

Advice on dealing with unsupportive parents while building your career 👍

Talking_on_the_radio | Talking_on_the_radio

Redditor finds closure after toxic relationship with father 👏

Inevitable_Tell_2382 | Inevitable_Tell_2382

NTA comment roasts dad for being a lousy father 😡

spaceylaceygirl | spaceylaceygirl

Heartbreaking comment about the pain of a distant father. 😢

Katja1236 | Katja1236

Heartbreaking story of a neglected child. NTA.

AstroNerd48 | AstroNerd48

Step-siblings get better dad, OP feels disrespected. NTA! 👏

DatguyMalcolm | DatguyMalcolm

Supportive comment for teen struggling with stepfamily situation 👏

Deep_Rig_1820 | Deep_Rig_1820

Moving on after a dad fails to be a father 😢

Agile_Tumbleweed_153 | Agile_Tumbleweed_153

Validating the pain of absent parents with empathy 💔

Mental_Natural_2189 | Mental_Natural_2189

A heartfelt message about forgiveness and moving on. ❤️

Repulsive-Ostrich644 | Repulsive-Ostrich644

Setting boundaries and prioritizing mental health. 🙌🏻

LadyK8TheGr8 | LadyK8TheGr8

Don't let gaslighters win. Stay strong and independent 💪

Low_Echo6925 | Low_Echo6925

NTA slams dad for neglecting their relationship for step-siblings 😡

ACM915 | ACM915

Standing up for yourself is always valid 💪

More_Tomatillo2732 | More_Tomatillo2732

Validating NTA's feelings and offering support and advice 👍

Tiny-Dog9573 | Tiny-Dog9573

Advice on working through resentment and building better relationships 👍

the_prim_jackalope | the_prim_jackalope

NTA - Honest conversation with dad about how his actions affected you 👏

Rumpelteazer45 | Rumpelteazer45

Teen speaks out on feeling neglected by her father ❤️

Icy_Fox_907 | Icy_Fox_907

Heartbreaking experience of a mother, but a hopeful message for OP 😢

Competitive_Mark_287 | Competitive_Mark_287

Cutting ties with toxic family: a necessary move 💯

ThisEnvironment6627 | ThisEnvironment6627

Teen expresses frustration over unfair treatment by father 😔

clawsat077 | clawsat077

Teen sets boundaries with step-siblings, praised for not compromising.

Vrassk | Vrassk

Teen calls out selfish dad, suggests cutting him off 👊

Ok_Effect_5287 | Ok_Effect_5287

When someone butts in on a conversation 😑

RedFoxSupremee | RedFoxSupremee

Teen rightfully calls out dad for neglect and unrealistic expectations 👏

rantess | rantess

Teen receives advice to leave toxic family situation 💪

biilsd | biilsd

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