Husband's Constant Groping Leads to Unexpected Consequences 😱✋

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Hey there, Facebook fam! 👋 Have you ever had a partner who just couldn't keep their hands off of you? 😏 While it's great to feel desired, sometimes it can become a bit... well, too much. 😅 That's the situation one wife found herself in when her husband's constant groping led to an unexpected conflict. 🤯 So, buckle up and get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions as we dive into this story! 🎢

Groping Enthusiast Husband 😏

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

The Good and the Bad 🤗😕

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Groping = Hand Holding? 🤝

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Over-Stimulated Wife 😵

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Car Ride Conflict 🚗💥

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Desensitized? 😶

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

The Explanation 🗣️

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Both are True 🎭

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Intimacy Issues 😔

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Reassurance and Distance 🤗🚶‍♂️

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Avoiding the Boobs 🙅‍♀️

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Boob Appreciation 🥰

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Desensitized Dilemma 🤷‍♀️

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Time for a Talk 🗨️

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Update: Insecurities and Resolution 🌈

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Apologies and Understanding 😌

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Better Communication 📞

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Intimacy Importance 💞

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Stress and Resolution 🏠🌟

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Fondling and Communication 🤗🔊

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Thankful for Advice 🙏

Late-Salad7451 | Late-Salad7451

Groping Gone Wrong: A Touchy Tale 🙈

Meet our groping enthusiast husband and his over-stimulated wife. 😬 He loves to touch her chest any chance he gets, but it's become so frequent that it's lost its spark for her. 🔥➡️💧 One day, during a car ride, he asked why she wasn't more aroused by his touch. She replied that she was a bit desensitized to it, which led to an argument and him questioning their intimacy. 😱 Later, he stopped touching her altogether, causing even more frustration. 😤 They decided to sit down and talk about their feelings, insecurities, and how to improve communication. 💬✨ In the end, they resolved their issues and found a better balance in their relationship. 🌟👫 Let's see what the internet thinks of this touchy situation... 🌐💭

Wife enjoys husband's constant groping, but misses the intimacy 🤪

Marowo14 | Marowo14

Wife's different perspective on boobs leads to husband's groping. 🤭

depressedkitten27 | depressedkitten27

Suggests a clever way to deal with constant groping 😎

Dramatic_Seesaw7693 | Dramatic_Seesaw7693

Honesty is the best policy 😊. Constant groping is not okay 😡

Artistic-Race-1515 | Artistic-Race-1515

Couples retreat taught husband to read the room 😊

Aggravating_Secret_7 | Aggravating_Secret_7

Boobs aren't a stress ball or fidget toy 🤷🏼‍♀️

NursePepper3x | NursePepper3x

Reader finds husband's behavior strange and annoying 🤔

ImNotAWeebDad | ImNotAWeebDad

Mix it up! NTA suggests creative physical contact for gropey husband.

daphreak1 | daphreak1

Miscommunication and hurt egos lead to unwanted groping. 🤪

Manager-Tough | Manager-Tough

Different love languages causing issues with physical intimacy 💔

Anxious_droid | Anxious_droid

Power play, not foreplay. Groping at inconvenient times is unacceptable. 😱

DollChiaki | DollChiaki

Touching with respect is key for intimacy 👭👨‍👩‍👦👏

DichotimusRex | DichotimusRex

Can a tiger change its stripes? 🤔

woahwoah33 | woahwoah33

Communication is key for healthy physical intimacy in relationships 💋

Arbol252 | Arbol252

Groping is not sexy and being told how to feel? Gross 😒

Brutalplanett | Brutalplanett

When constant groping gets old but not in the bedroom 😉

MellyPothead394 | MellyPothead394

When chocolate syrup becomes too much of a good thing 😍

wharpudding | wharpudding

Embrace differences in intimacy preferences, communicate boundaries for healthy relationships. NAH

Kamikazi_Pie | Kamikazi_Pie

Sensitive boobs and constant groping - communication is key 📣

Stillkicking1996 | Stillkicking1996

Inappropriate groping and expecting arousal? That's weird and uncomfortable 😑

corianderjimbro | corianderjimbro

ESH but let's focus on helping OP and her husband 👍

Midtownpatagonia | Midtownpatagonia

Boundaries matter in a relationship 💎. Communication is key 📝

Pause-Intelligent | Pause-Intelligent

Boundaries in marriage & unwanted touching 🚫

Oopsie_Daisey94 | Oopsie_Daisey94

Respectful communication leads to compromise in groping disagreement. 👍

RecognitionBasic8663 | RecognitionBasic8663

A husband reflects on how his constant groping affected his marriage ❤️

Alone_Koala_8517 | Alone_Koala_8517

Setting boundaries in a marriage 👭👯

SpangingOfframps | SpangingOfframps

Personal space is important, respect boundaries and consent 👍

julzferacia | julzferacia

Prioritizing emotional connection over physical touch in the relationship 💖

lookn2-eb | lookn2-eb

Husband needs to learn boundaries. Groping can trigger past trauma 😡

Abject-Cream-5983 | Abject-Cream-5983

A commenter suggests a questionable solution, then quickly retreats.

Evening_Pause8972 | Evening_Pause8972

OP likes the attention, but not the timing. NAH.

Big_lt | Big_lt

Setting boundaries can be difficult but important. Educate your partner. 💪

worndown75 | worndown75

"Less is more." NTA's comment on constant groping 🙌

fly_you_fools_57 | fly_you_fools_57

Not all women are turned on by being groped. 😱

angelcake | angelcake

Big boobs, chronic pain, and marital love. 😍

GloomyEducation6110 | GloomyEducation6110

Honesty hurts, even when it's necessary for healthy communication 😢

WyrdBjorn | WyrdBjorn

Building tolerance: even too much chocolate can make you sick! 🍫

CrusaderinaHalfShell | CrusaderinaHalfShell

Unwanted groping led to divorce and a breakup 😭

[deleted] | [deleted]

NTA commenter sympathizes with OP's situation and offers a potential solution. 💭💡

BrokeLazarus | BrokeLazarus

Unwanted groping is dehumanizing 😡

cinnamonsconegrl | cinnamonsconegrl

NTA. Husband's groping may stem from need for intimacy.

Snoo3014 | Snoo3014

Framing the issue around the moment could help him understand 🤔

ThrowRA-eternal | ThrowRA-eternal

When sensual touch turns sexual without consent 😱

Rinkydink1980 | Rinkydink1980

Objectified and exhausted: when body parts take over personalities 😢

AuntPolgara | AuntPolgara

Context is crucial in women's sexuality. Communication is key. 👍

shexybeast_69 | shexybeast_69

Book recommendation for improving sexual communication. NTA vibes.

MaesterInTraining | MaesterInTraining

NTA. Context matters. Husband's sulking is not a healthy response.

Traeyze | Traeyze

Engaging in constant groping backfired, NAH but OP should be serious.

lolplsimdesperate | lolplsimdesperate

Unwanted groping while doing chores leads to anxiety and guilt 😔

Broad_Pomegranate_24 | Broad_Pomegranate_24

NTA and husband's lack of understanding leads to blaming and shaming. 😔

nmvalerie | nmvalerie

Groping is not foreplay, it's harassment. Good on you for leaving!

Hiraeth68 | Hiraeth68

Communication is key in maintaining desire in a long-term relationship 👨👩👰👱

MolaMolaMania | MolaMolaMania

Consent is key and boundaries must be respected 🚫

Smash131313 | Smash131313

Consent is important even in a marriage 👍🏼

IGotOverGreta | IGotOverGreta

Clear communication is key for physical touch in relationships 💋

TheSeaShadow | TheSeaShadow

Boundaries needed! Commenter annoyed by constant groping while busy. 😑

ChoosingMyHappiness | ChoosingMyHappiness

Couple's different love languages lead to unexpected topless Tuesday surprise 😱

Zleviticus859 | Zleviticus859

Communication is key for a healthy relationship 💍

Any_Fan5433 | Any_Fan5433

When 'desensitized' means your husband should stop groping you... 🤷‍♀️

Anantha1996 | Anantha1996

Clarification on consent and spicing things up in the bedroom 😏

wahoodancer | wahoodancer

A disturbing comment on husband's groping behavior. 🤨

Idkthrowaway195 | Idkthrowaway195

Communicate your desires for a better physical connection ✌

Super-Visor | Super-Visor

Wife teaches husband a lesson about groping using a broom 🤣

Maleficent_Scale_296 | Maleficent_Scale_296

The power of non-verbal communication in a relationship ❤️

El_Caballo_7 | El_Caballo_7

Context matters. Appreciation doesn't always equal arousal. 😍

Forward_Star_6335 | Forward_Star_6335

Use association to explain why his groping isn't sexy. 💡

vigourtortoise | vigourtortoise

Husband's groping lacks timing, wife not sure if he's 14. NTA.

jana_kane | jana_kane

Unwanted groping made partner feel like a cartoon character 😱

Megerber | Megerber

Wisdom on groping like playing a raffle 🎉

AppropriateVictory48 | AppropriateVictory48

Wife finds husband's constant groping amusing but not arousing 😂

ChelbyClaussen | ChelbyClaussen

Exploring the difference between sexy touching and just having them touched 😍

MMorrighan | MMorrighan

Open communication is key to a successful relationship 💍

lspr18 | lspr18

Wife frustrated with husband's constant groping in public. NTA.

nothingt0say | nothingt0say

Misunderstood for 10 years, NTA for setting things straight. 👍

Collective82 | Collective82

Better sex and a better world with responsive vs reactive desire! 😏

heil_shelby_ | heil_shelby_

Open communication is key in a marathon marriage! 👍

mostly_browsing | mostly_browsing

Communication is key to understanding each other's love language 💍

mokimokiso | mokimokiso

Respectful touches and hugs are preferred over grabbing 👍

Outrageous-Prior-377 | Outrageous-Prior-377

Context is key, grabby hands are like words. 🤚🤔

pairii | pairii

Respectful communication about boundaries leads to NTA verdict 👏

replikatumbleweed | replikatumbleweed

Boundaries must be set for playful behavior, communication is key 😊

Skillit1414 | Skillit1414

NTA. Advice: Keep it simple by saying 95% of the time I like it when I'm in the right state of mind. Let's keep flirting together and get to know each other more. 😊


Touchy-feely behavior leads to unexpected consequences.

LimpAd5888 | LimpAd5888

Setting boundaries and saying 'no' is important. NTA 👍

ImSoSorryCharlie | ImSoSorryCharlie

Partner's constant groping may have led to Pavlovian conditioning 🤔

buttbrainmcgee | buttbrainmcgee

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