Couple Confronted for being 'Too Touchy' in Hot Tub: Overreaction or Justified? 😲💏

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Picture this: you're celebrating your 15th wedding anniversary with your beloved spouse at a lovely hotel, enjoying some well-deserved relaxation in the hot tub. Everything is perfect until an annoying family with unruly kids shows up and starts judging you for showing some innocent affection to your partner. 😒 Would you stand up for your relationship, or would you let them dictate how you should behave? 🤔 This is the dilemma our protagonist faced during his romantic getaway, and he's here to share his story.

Anniversary Celebration 🥳

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Vacation Time 🏖️

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Annoying Family Alert 🚨

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Kids Gone Wild 🤪

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Cuddling Time 💏

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Family Intrusion 😒

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Parents Huffing and Puffing 🌬️

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Just a Kiss 💋

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Standing Our Ground 🛑

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Calling Out Their Parenting 🗣️

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Love Note 💌

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Heartfelt Message 💗

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Hot Tub Drama: Affection vs. Annoying Family 🏊‍♂️💥

Our protagonist and his wife were enjoying a romantic evening in the hotel's hot tub during their anniversary vacation. 💕 They were cuddling and sharing occasional kisses when an annoying family with loud, rambunctious kids invaded the peaceful scene. 😖 The parents, instead of controlling their children, decided to criticize our loving couple for their innocent display of affection. 😤 Our protagonist stood his ground, refusing to change his behavior and calling out the parents for their inability to keep their kids in check. 🗣️ Was he right to defend his relationship, or should he have toned down the PDA? 🤷 Let's see what the internet thinks of this steamy situation...

Jealousy or dead bedroom? Readers speculate on couple's behavior 🤷‍♂️

Hachiko75 | Hachiko75

No harm done. Just innocent fun in the hot tub 😊

Office_Sadist | Office_Sadist

Mixed feelings on touchy-feely hot tub behavior near kids 😱

FictionalContext | FictionalContext

Hot tub PDA makes some uncomfortable but is it overreaction? 🤷‍♂️

OddConstruction7191 | OddConstruction7191

Debate on public behavior in shared recreational space. ESH/NAH. 🤔

childproofbirdhouse | childproofbirdhouse

A commenter suspects the writer's motives and uncovers their history 🤔

sneaker_novel | sneaker_novel

Kissing in a public hot tub? YTA according to commenter.

Sorry-Independent-98 | Sorry-Independent-98

ESH couple's PDA is awkward but other family was annoying too 😒

makingburritos | makingburritos

Kissing in public hot tub? YTA. Find a private room 😒

Edlo9596 | Edlo9596

Couples PDA not cool in public places: Commenter calls them out

princessofslytherinn | princessofslytherinn

Couple confronted for PDA in hotel hot tub, deemed YTA 😲

Defiant_Ingenuity_55 | Defiant_Ingenuity_55

Public displays of affection in hot tub: YTA for ignoring others. 🚫

Ok-Cryptographer4257 | Ok-Cryptographer4257

Opinionated comment defends couple's behavior in hot tub incident.

Living-Amphibian-870 | Living-Amphibian-870

Couple criticized for PDA in hot tub during family vacation. YTA.

OwlFreak | OwlFreak

Hotel hot tubs are shared spaces. Keep it PG, folks. 🏊‍♂️💏

Constant_Tough7905 | Constant_Tough7905

Older couple felt uncomfortable with PDA in shared hot tub

ambroochia | ambroochia

Public hot tubs are not for sexual behavior. YTA 😒

Thequiet01 | Thequiet01

YTA for being too touchy in the hot tub, and doubling down on it. 😒

TrueSock4285 | TrueSock4285

Hot tub PDA? YTA: Find a private room for that.

billdizzle | billdizzle

PDA in public: YTA? A matter of opinion and respect 😑

TashiaNicole1 | TashiaNicole1

Adults upset over kids in public area: entitlement or overreaction? 🤔

pugapooh | pugapooh

Opinion on PDA in hot tub divides commenters 🤯

Delicious-Jaguar-543 | Delicious-Jaguar-543

A touchy hot tub situation: Navigating boundaries with tact

Quick_Government_684 | Quick_Government_684

Control yourself in public spaces, YTA 😒

JJQuantum | JJQuantum

Public hot tubs aren't for PDA. YTA needs manners 😒

ATaleOf2Kitties | ATaleOf2Kitties

Public hot tub is not a place for excessive PDA 😑

Beneficial-Remove693 | Beneficial-Remove693

Public display of affection in a hot tub - ESH.

Icy_Captain_960 | Icy_Captain_960

Opinion: Sitting on laps in a hot tub inappropriate? 🤔

cleois | cleois

Childfree commenter defends right to hot tub enjoyment. 😎

wharpudding | wharpudding

OP's hot tub PDA with wife in front of children questioned 🤯

Late-Fuel-3578 | Late-Fuel-3578

Were their displays of affection appropriate or not? INFO needed 🤔

Thro-A-Weigh | Thro-A-Weigh

Situation calls for respect towards others, especially when kids around 😒

Mission-Dance-5911 | Mission-Dance-5911

Rude hotel pool behavior: ESH and no one wants to see it 😒

turlian | turlian

Expecting a kid-free pool on a family vacation? Entitled much? 😑

Fun_File_3380 | Fun_File_3380

Touchy couple told to tone it down in public 🤪

Time_Error_7874 | Time_Error_7874

Pool PDA criticism met with YTA judgment. 😳

CatRiot2020 | CatRiot2020

Adults-only resort may be a better option 😉

WutsupwitchU | WutsupwitchU

Public hot tubs aren't for PDA, YTA 😒

Soulful_Aquarius | Soulful_Aquarius

Being open-minded but uncomfortable: the grey area of hot tubs. 🤔

MolassesInevitable53 | MolassesInevitable53

A commenter thinks the couple was being inappropriate in the hot tub 😲

Physical_Bit7972 | Physical_Bit7972

Public hot tub? Keep it PG or expect complaints. YTA 🤷‍♀️

Pand0ra30_ | Pand0ra30_

PDA in public hot tub: YTA or justified discomfort? 🤪

Aries_Bunny | Aries_Bunny

YTA for treating hotel amenity as yours alone and being touchy.

Mysconduct | Mysconduct

YTA called out for PDA and hating kids 😑

suitablegirl | suitablegirl

A little PDA is okay, but lap sitting is too much 😲

sillymarilli | sillymarilli

Hotel security would have asked the couple to leave. YTA. 🙅🏼👮💕

Ok_Stable7501 | Ok_Stable7501

A commenter thinks PDA is gross and uncomfortable in public.

pizzarina_ | pizzarina_

Public display of affection in a hotel hot tub - YTA?

Drspaceman1717 | Drspaceman1717

A scathing comment accusing OP of being self-entitled 🤨

Consistent_Squash451 | Consistent_Squash451

A commenter expresses discomfort with public displays of affection.

SuperSalamander3244 | SuperSalamander3244

A comment suggesting a private airbnb for hot tub cuddles.

Analyst_Elegant | Analyst_Elegant

Public hot tubs are gross and not for intimacy 🤷🏼‍♂️

Doofy_duckz | Doofy_duckz

YTA for making others uncomfortable with your PDA in hot tub 😳

he-loves-me-not | he-loves-me-not

Sit next to each other, not on each other. Find adults-only resorts 😏

Birdhairs | Birdhairs

Stern comment calls out couple's inappropriate behavior in public 😠

Jaclyn26 | Jaclyn26

Opinion on PDA and behavior in public places: YTA.

wazeltov | wazeltov

Confrontation over hot tub PDA and parenting styles sparks debate

poojob7 | poojob7

Opinions divided on PDA in hot tub. Context is key.

Welpseeulater | Welpseeulater

Public display of affection in a shared hot tub? 🤢 ESH.

blanchebeans | blanchebeans

Public hot tub PDA annoys parents, but no one's the a**hole.

Consistent-Pickle-88 | Consistent-Pickle-88

Public hot tub drama - ESH, no one completely right 😓

star_b_nettor | star_b_nettor

Live and let live: ESH verdict on 'too touchy' couple.

Connievdberg | Connievdberg

No kids, no PDA tolerance. Front desk intervention necessary. 🙈

shamitwt | shamitwt

Kids at hotel pool should be loud, couple should kiss. 😍

DeliciousOwl9245 | DeliciousOwl9245

Are they really just roommates? 🤔

BlendedGreyMatter | BlendedGreyMatter

NTA for cuddling, but AH for talking about kids. Let them have fun 👍

craignumPI | craignumPI

PDA in a shared hot tub: inappropriate or harmless? 🤪

Quirky_Compote_7333 | Quirky_Compote_7333

Resort worker explains policies on PDA discomfort. 😐

dyerdigs0 | dyerdigs0

Don't blame the couple for being affectionate in public 💏

mfsnyder1985 | mfsnyder1985

Book adults only resort, don't confront couples for PDA. ESH 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️

W00DR0W__ | W00DR0W__

A parent defends kids' pool noise, calls out PDA in hot tub.

Likeapuma24 | Likeapuma24

Parent defends PDA, calls out ridiculous request to change behavior. 👏

twrecks928 | twrecks928

NTA defends hot tub PDA and takes a hilarious dig.

M-O-Breezy | M-O-Breezy

YTA for excessive PDA in a shared space. Get a room! 😒

a_vaughaal | a_vaughaal

NTA defends couple's PDA from overreacting parents in hot tub 😍

julie524 | julie524

NTA defends couple's PDA, suggests therapy for uncomfortable individuals. 😘

Latter-Ride-6575 | Latter-Ride-6575

Being NTA for hot tub is good, but YTA for being upset with parents.

West-Ad3223 | West-Ad3223

A disapproving comment calling out a couple for their PDA.

Wish_Away | Wish_Away

YTA called out for PDA in hot tub. Awkward!

LittleRavenRobot | LittleRavenRobot

Being touchy in hot tub is ESH but kids can play 🤷‍♀️

kaijuumafoo1 | kaijuumafoo1

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