Dad Cuts Off Daughter's Financial Support: Harsh or Justified? 💸😱

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Picture this: a father and his 27-year-old daughter are in a heated argument over money. The father (58) has been through a tumultuous divorce and custody battle, but still managed to provide his daughter with a comfortable life. Fast forward to college, and the daughter turns down full scholarships to prestigious institutions, opting for a more expensive choice. Dad continues to support her financially, but soon realizes she only comes around when she needs money. 😟 When she asks him to pay off not only her student loans but her mother's as well, things take a turn for the worse. 😱 Let's dive into this family drama and see how it all unfolds.

Father-Daughter Money Drama 💸

Much-Inspector6005 | Much-Inspector6005

Custody Battle Woes 😓

Much-Inspector6005 | Much-Inspector6005

Mom's Bad-Mouthing 😠

Much-Inspector6005 | Much-Inspector6005

College Choices 🎓

Much-Inspector6005 | Much-Inspector6005

The Expensive Decision 💰

Much-Inspector6005 | Much-Inspector6005

Dad's Financial Support 🤑

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Only Showing Up for Money? 💔

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The Unexpected Visit 🏠

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A Generous Offer 🎁

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Helping Mom's Loans? 🤔

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Explosion 💥

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Cutting Her Off ✂️

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Update: Clarifications 📝

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Distance and Involvement 🚗

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Dad's Efforts 💕

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Ex-Wife's Life Choices 🤷

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Childhood Dreams and Sacrifices 🏰

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Providing the Best 🌟

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The College Dilemma 📚

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Not Just a Stepdaughter ❤️

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Love for Both Daughters 💞

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College Payment Issue 🎒

Much-Inspector6005 | Much-Inspector6005

Walking Away from Scholarships 🚶‍♀️

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Loans and Work-Study ⚖️

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Guilt and Money 💔💵

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Dad Cuts Off Daughter Over Money Dispute 💔💸

In a tale as old as time, a father and his adult daughter find themselves at odds over finances. The daughter, who grew up with a comfortable life thanks to her dad, makes a costly college choice despite having full scholarship offers to prestigious schools. Dad continues to support her, even after she graduates and moves on. But when she shows up asking for him to pay off not only her student loans but her mom's as well, things take a dramatic turn. 😳 The father, feeling used and unappreciated, decides to cut her off financially. 💔 But is he in the wrong, or is the daughter just being ungrateful? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation...

Daughter's poor choices don't make dad responsible for ex-wife too 👍

Spambot19 | Spambot19

Daughter turns down scholarship, uses dad for money. 👎

FitSprinkles6307 | FitSprinkles6307

Parent sets financial boundaries with entitled adult child. ❌👎

Broad-Discipline2360 | Broad-Discipline2360

Daughter's entitled behavior leads to dad cutting off support 💸🤷‍♂️

Devegas49 | Devegas49

Daughter treating father like a bank, NTA cuts off support.

userannon720 | userannon720

Daughter should put her degree to work to help mom. NTA.

KonradWayne | KonradWayne

Tough love or heartless? Dad cuts daughter's financial support 💸

tuna_tofu | tuna_tofu

User questions OP's relationship with daughter in financial dispute 👀

ThisReport877 | ThisReport877

Curious comment with no replies raises questions about the story.

Primary-Criticism929 | Primary-Criticism929

Daughter picks side, gets cut off. NTA response. 👍

Z-altacct | Z-altacct

Money can't buy love, but does it guarantee a relationship?

OkBoss3435 | OkBoss3435

Daughter's character not mentioned, YTA for valuing money over relationship 👎

Countcristo42 | Countcristo42

Sassy commenter calls out OP's grammar and wealth privilege 👀

VampireReader86 | VampireReader86

Curious about context and child support payments? 🤔

Math-Soft | Math-Soft

Divorced dad shares similar experience with entitled daughter and ex-wife 😔

BrainGiggles | BrainGiggles

Daughter needs to grow up and support herself 🙄

kesselrhero | kesselrhero

Parenting is complex and sometimes difficult, but communication is key 👍

Olclops | Olclops

NTA Dad suggests counseling to repair relationship with daughter.

MaeSilver909 | MaeSilver909

Money can't buy love. Tough situation for both parties 😔💸

Dangerous-Cod-562 | Dangerous-Cod-562

Daughter's entitlement challenged, cut off from financial support. NTA 👏

UnusualPotato1515 | UnusualPotato1515

No accountability? 😬 Parenting is a two-way street.

FillienotPhilly | FillienotPhilly

Daughter hates dad for not making her life comfortable and PONY? 😱

Dear_Masterpiece_316 | Dear_Masterpiece_316

NTA. Daughter needs to accept her financial responsibility 💵

HyenaShot8896 | HyenaShot8896

Curious commenter questions dad's motives in cutting off daughter's support

Slow_Ad_9051 | Slow_Ad_9051

Daughter takes ex's side, dad cuts support. NTA or harsh? 🤔

dncrmom | dncrmom

Divorced dad's tough love on daughter's financial support 💸

FlipMick | FlipMick

Ex-wife's college tuition? NTA, says comment. And we agree! 💯

SheepherderSuperb348 | SheepherderSuperb348

Daughter's financial responsibility: harsh or justified? 🤔

TraditionalStable431 | TraditionalStable431

Daughter demands financial support for ex's education, father refuses. NTA.

mcmimi83 | mcmimi83

Money is just a proxy for a damaged father-daughter relationship 💔

Shewhotriesherbest | Shewhotriesherbest

NTA stands by dad cutting off daughter's financial support. 😒

ApplicationCalm649 | ApplicationCalm649

Father criticized for cutting $200 allowance. YTA 🤦‍♂️

InfluenceTrue4121 | InfluenceTrue4121

Daughter's perspective on growing up with narcissistic mother and estranged father 👀

Actuallyashleyy | Actuallyashleyy

NTA sympathizes with the OP and supports the decision. 👍

sumguyoranother | sumguyoranother

Daughter chose mom, NTA. Can't spend all on ungrateful women. 💸

AlternativeWater6384 | AlternativeWater6384

Daughter turns down scholarships, now wants dad to pay loans 💰

Crazybutnotlazy1983 | Crazybutnotlazy1983

Daughter's financial support cut off, but should father cut contact? 👨‍💻

Great_Huckleberry709 | Great_Huckleberry709

Daughter's entitlement shocks Reddit, mom takes the blame. NTA 👏

Reddit-SFW | Reddit-SFW

Cutting off daughter's financial support: tough but necessary decision 💶

coatedpatriot | coatedpatriot

Daughter had chances, NTA for cutting off financial support 👏

Callitasiseeit19 | Callitasiseeit19

NTA. Daughter only wants money, acting selfish and entitled at 27. 🙅

jacksonlove3 | jacksonlove3

NTA, Ex-wife's influence and daughter's decisions not your problem 👍

uncreative_user_id | uncreative_user_id

Parental financial responsibility questioned with possible classism 🤔

amandathepanda51 | amandathepanda51

Tough love is necessary to prevent entitled behavior 👍


OP's parenting backfires, now upset daughter expects financial support. YTA 😒

This_Management_9972 | This_Management_9972

Daughter demands dad pays for ex's schooling, gets cut off. NTA 👍

lapsteelguitar | lapsteelguitar

Growing up poor and supporting ex's tuition, NTA 👏

caitcro18 | caitcro18

Spoiling your child doesn't teach self-responsibility. 🤑

[deleted] | [deleted]

Custody battle gone wrong? Commenter calls out father's actions. 🤔

[deleted] | [deleted]

Divorce can have a lasting impact on children's perception 😢

NefariousnessBadAzz | NefariousnessBadAzz

Surviving a narcissistic parent and supporting fellow survivors. 👏

R0l0d3x-Pr0paganda | R0l0d3x-Pr0paganda

Father cuts off daughter's financial support, offers love and guidance 💜

BeautyntheBreakd0wn | BeautyntheBreakd0wn

Daughter turns down scholarship, dad cuts financial support. NTA.

crimsonraiden | crimsonraiden

Daughter's allowance cut off, commenters debate fairness 🤔

XxBigchungusxX42069 | XxBigchungusxX42069

A tough love approach, NTA did the right thing. 👏

speaksthemindstruth | speaksthemindstruth

When a parent's tough love is justified 👏

today0012 | today0012

27-year-old daughter should be financially independent. NTA.

randomusername1919 | randomusername1919

Money can't buy love, but can it buy a good dad? ESH

Uncle_peter21 | Uncle_peter21

Daughter caught in the middle of vindictive parental battle 🤷‍♀️

Meteora3255 | Meteora3255

Daughter declined full scholarships and now needs money? NTA.

Grand_Wolverine6532 | Grand_Wolverine6532

Harsh, but some commenters agree daughter is entitled and ungrateful. 🤯

Professional-Tree-62 | Professional-Tree-62

Recovering from a similar situation, advice to love and set boundaries 🙏

onions21 | onions21

Father defends cutting off daughter's financial support, cites entitlement issues 😱

TrickyJesterr | TrickyJesterr

Confused commenter questions wife's daughter's age and birth order 🤔

LoddaLadles | LoddaLadles

Nuanced relationships can't be judged by one-sided stories 🤔

Devotion0cean | Devotion0cean

Father's motives questioned in cutting off daughter's finances 🤔

ryzoc | ryzoc

From homeless to upper middle class with or without a horse 🐴

Elizabetha_W | Elizabetha_W

Ponies and private coaches for the middle class? 🤔

Realistic-Taste-7660 | Realistic-Taste-7660

A fishing invitation after cutting off daughter's support 🎣🍺

Downtown_Tomato_3983 | Downtown_Tomato_3983

Independence is important, but is cutting off support justified? 🤔

Leahtarynn | Leahtarynn

Buying affection led to transactional relationships. ESH 👎

grated_testes | grated_testes

Daughter's entitlement at almost 30 yrs old. NTA.

seattleseahawks2014 | seattleseahawks2014

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