Newlywed's Honeymoon Cancelled: Wife's Shocking Betrayal at Wedding 😱💔

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Picture this: you've just married the love of your life, and everything seems perfect. But there's one problem - your spouse has a habit of making out with other people when they're drunk, and you've made it clear that you consider this cheating. You've tried therapy, counseling, and even issued an ultimatum. Now, imagine your horror when you catch them in the act at your own wedding reception! 😱 This is the story of one heartbroken groom who's considering divorce after his wife made out with her maid of honor on their big day. Grab your popcorn, folks, because this is one wild ride. 🍿

Meet the Newlyweds 😍

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

Sarah's Drinking Habits 🍻

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

Not Cool, Sarah! 😡

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

Time for a Serious Talk 🗣️

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

Promises, Promises 🤞

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

Caught in the Act... Again! 😠

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

Therapy and Counseling 🛋️

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

The Ultimatum ⚠️

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

The Wedding Day 💍

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

Drinks and Disaster 🥂

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

Caught Red-Handed... Again! 😱

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

Confrontation and Chaos 😤

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

Tears and Apologies 😭

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

Name-Calling and Blame 🤬

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

Is It Over? 💔

Specialist_Hour_2436 | Specialist_Hour_2436

Honeymoon Canceled, Divorce Looming? 💔

Our heartbroken groom thought he had finally put the issue of his wife's drunken make-out sessions behind them, especially after therapy and counseling. But on their wedding day, he caught her locking lips with her maid of honor, Brooke, right in the middle of the dance floor! 😱 He confronted them, causing a scene, and stormed out of the reception. Since then, he's canceled their honeymoon and is seriously considering divorce. His wife, however, thinks he's overreacting and even blames him for embarrassing her at their wedding. Can this marriage be saved, or is it time for our groom to call it quits? Let's see what the internet thinks of this situation... 🤔

🚩 Married despite red flags, wife needs help with alcohol 🍸

Glad-Entertainer-507 | Glad-Entertainer-507

Betrayed newlywed advised to get annulment. No respect shown 😔

McNuggeteer | McNuggeteer

Wedding embarrassment leads to honeymoon cancellation. NTA wins!

kadie0636 | kadie0636

User questions if husband will follow through with consequences for wife's betrayal.

ProfPlumDidIt | ProfPlumDidIt

Taking responsibility for one's actions - NTA wins!

PsychologicalPlum961 | PsychologicalPlum961

NTA, time to annul and move on. 👋🏻 She wanted the wedding, not you.

Illuminate90 | Illuminate90

NTA deserves better. 👏 Get an annulment and move on.

Dominique_eastwick | Dominique_eastwick

User calls out spouse for repeated cheating, blames himself too 🤷‍♂️

Ptronski | Ptronski

Setting boundaries is crucial in a relationship. NTA.

Th3LastG1ft | Th3LastG1ft

OP's wife repeatedly crossed a boundary, NTA for divorcing. 👏

Ali_Cat222 | Ali_Cat222

Did you know this about marriage licenses? 🤔

Jostumblo | Jostumblo

New husband shares valid reasons for annulment after wife's infidelity 😱

TryToChangeUsername | TryToChangeUsername

Supportive comment for cancelling honeymoon due to partner's betrayal 👏

FNFactChecker | FNFactChecker

Harsh truth: Marrying someone who disrespects your relationship is doomed 💔

Specific-Post4296 | Specific-Post4296

Wedding cheating: YTA if you stay married to the cheater 💔

Remarkable_Brief_368 | Remarkable_Brief_368

Bisexual commenter supports OP's boundaries against double standards 👏

louiselouxxx | louiselouxxx

Partner violates boundaries at wedding, NTA for ending relationship 👍

funguy2211711 | funguy2211711

User advises to have self-respect and not forgive cheater wife. 👍

Ashamed-Source3551 | Ashamed-Source3551

Legal way out? Comment suggests annulment may be best option.

butterfly-garden | butterfly-garden

Married a cheater, surprised by cheating - NTA but 🤷‍♂️

Chronox2040 | Chronox2040

Believe them next time: YTA for ignoring the red flags 🙄

Positivelythinking | Positivelythinking

Allegations of infidelity and a secret relationship. 🤔

Gljvf | Gljvf

A relatable experience with alcoholism and a call for support 🤩

Vast-Society7340 | Vast-Society7340

Dump her and move on, she has no respect for you 💯

Pure_Package8497 | Pure_Package8497

Wife cheated 5+ times, alcohol problem, not a healthy relationship. NTA 👍

annang | annang

Cheating at the wedding in front of everyone? NTA. Move on. 👍

mofuz | mofuz

Heartbroken groom receives support after wife's betrayal ❤️

tastylemming | tastylemming

Shocking wedding betrayal justifies an annulment. NTA. 😱

Misswinterseren | Misswinterseren

Annulment advice for shocking wedding betrayal 😱

you-sirrr-name | you-sirrr-name

NTA. Don't let her disrespect you. Divorce/annul and move on. 👍

neverenoughpurple | neverenoughpurple

Red flags ignored: Newlywed's wife makes out with random women 😱

cathline | cathline

Supportive comment suggests honesty and skepticism towards wife's betrayal.

According-Guess3463 | According-Guess3463

Harsh but fair advice for a betrayed newlywed 💥

Reasonable_Pass_7488 | Reasonable_Pass_7488

Wedding kiss only, not with the bridesmaid. NTA for annulment.

mela_99 | mela_99

Spouse cheats at wedding, ignores boundaries - leave ASAP 👋😡

Sensitive-Ad-5406 | Sensitive-Ad-5406

Beware of the dangers of excessive drinking at weddings 🍷

shhthisisthegoodpart | shhthisisthegoodpart

Red flags galore! 🚩🚩🚩 Drinking and cheating issues unresolved.

xchellelynnx | xchellelynnx

NTA, but it's time to move on. 👋

kaleidoscope_paradox | kaleidoscope_paradox

Alcoholism causing consequences: Cheating is a symptom, not problem 😕

Greedy_Argument_6996 | Greedy_Argument_6996

Friendship with 'side chick' causes cancelled honeymoon. NTA stands ground. 🙅🏻

Own_Can_3495 | Own_Can_3495

Harsh advice for OP to annul marriage after shocking betrayal.

My_Shattered_Dreams | My_Shattered_Dreams

Betrayed Newlywed Considers Annulment: NTA

kehlarc | kehlarc

Remorseless cheater ruins wedding, annulment and lawsuit suggested 💔

Hot-Dress-3369 | Hot-Dress-3369

Red flags ignored: Commenter blames groom, sparks no debate 👍

WadeWoski29 | WadeWoski29

NTA for ending marriage due to wife's cheating and lies 👍

Interesting_Mix_7028 | Interesting_Mix_7028

Skip the drama, annulment or not sending certificate works fine. 👍

redditreader_aitafan | redditreader_aitafan

Setting boundaries is important, NTA for standing up for yourself.

Lumpy_Reflection_909 | Lumpy_Reflection_909

NTA: Betrayed newlywed advises to annul train wreck marriage 💔

NoSpankingAllowed | NoSpankingAllowed

Respectful boundaries are crucial in a relationship 👍

sundaeswitch | sundaeswitch

Multiple chances wasted: how blind must one be? 🤔

Gideon9900 | Gideon9900

NTA comment advises to get out of the marriage now.

Grand-Ad-4669 | Grand-Ad-4669

Avoiding a honeymoon from hell with a quick loophole 🕵️‍♂️

Local_Gazelle538 | Local_Gazelle538

Supportive comment emphasizes the importance of respect in marriage 💖

Accomplished_Cod2434 | Accomplished_Cod2434

Setting boundaries is crucial in a relationship 💔

BeccaM861 | BeccaM861

Newlywed's honeymoon cancelled due to wife's immature behavior. NTA.

Bruised_Fruit_Band | Bruised_Fruit_Band

One betrayal too many? Cheating and second chances 😡

Traditional-Ad2319 | Traditional-Ad2319

Cheating wife publicly humiliated her husband. He deserves better 👏

Mountain-Key5673 | Mountain-Key5673

Wife cheats on husband at wedding, then calls him an a**hole? NTA

HomemPassaro | HomemPassaro

Cheating on the wedding day is traumatic. NTA for leaving.

sleepyylion | sleepyylion

User sympathizes but suggests annulment and finding new partner. 🤔

shontsu | shontsu

Is this a loophole or a recipe for disaster?

ChillWisdom | ChillWisdom

Walk away. She's shown you who she really is 👋

Significant_Fly1516 | Significant_Fly1516

Spouse's repeated boundary-crossing proves they lack respect for you 😠

Fresh_615 | Fresh_615

Stand by your boundaries. Devote your time and heart wisely. ❤️

FishHikeMountainBike | FishHikeMountainBike

Cheated on at own wedding, NTA, consider annulment instead.

TodayThrowaway1979 | TodayThrowaway1979

Annulment advice given for groom's betrayed honeymoon cancellation. 😱

Agitated_Zucchini_82 | Agitated_Zucchini_82

NTA: Commenter advises annulment and moving on due to repeated cheating.

bearbear407 | bearbear407

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